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The Many Dates of Danny Fenton

Chapter 1: Prologue

It was a typical Summer's day in the town known as Amity Park. School was out and many teens were either out on vacation or just enjoying themselves at home. In a certain high-tech home in this town, a pair of boys were doing the later, just trying to do something to occupy their time...

Though they can't seem to be agreeing on a certain matter...

"No way Tucker, out of the question...'Danny said with his arms crossed.

"Come on Danny, what's the problem?..." Tucker asked as he held out a form.

It was a form for a dating service called "You + Me= LOVE!", Danny just sent a frown at it...Just how corny can you get?

"Tucker, I have done a lot of things with you, but I think this is where I draw a line...'Danny said.

"But what's wrong with signing up for a teen dating service?...'Tucker asked.

"One, those things are usually just scams...Two, you never know the kind of people you get paired up with and three, it's seems a little bit desperate...'Danny said as he listed off his reason's for not wanting to do thing with his fingers.

"Come on Danny, I already checked the sight and it's legitimate, you just have to fill out a form, put some basic info on yourself, your age and interests and they are guaranteed to set you up with a total hottie in a few days...'Tucker said.

"Or a weirdo spazz who can't get a date on their own...'Danny said sarcastically, causing Tucker to send him a frown.

"Come on man, my folks won't let me do this if they think I'm the only one doing it..."Tucker pleaded.

Danny sighed, finding this whole thing to be troublesome.

"Even if I agreed to this thing, how the heck are we going to get the money for it, I don't think my parent's will say yes to this..." Danny said with a sigh.

Tucker however had a smirk on his face...

"They will if they think my parents are okay with it...'Tucker said, causing Danny to send him a look, already knowing what he is suggesting.

"Come on Danny, the place has a guaranteed, they will pair you up on dates with several different peoples until you find a match but if you can't find someone you really like in less than a month, you can cancel and get a refund...and you can drop out at any time before then...not to mention the dates are in public places, so you don't have anything to worry about..."Tucker said as he showed the information on the sight.

"Still seems like an unusual service...'Danny said.

"Come on Danny, please...just do the first trial date, and after that you can quit, it only costs $20 fee for the first month..."Tucker pleaded.

Danny sighed, hating that he is doing this to him...He wished that his friend Sam was here but her parent's had dragged her on to a month long cruise to Europe against her will. They won't be able to see her until August. If she was here, she probably would have found an excuse for him not to do this and get Tucker to give it up.

Unfortunately she isn't here and Danny is beginning to break due to Tucker's pleading look on his face until-

"Ugh, I can't believe I am doing this...Fine, one date but then I'm quitting, understand and you're paying back my twenty if they don't give me my refund...'Danny said seriously.

"YES! ALRIGHT! Thanks man, you're the best!..." Tucker said happily as he handed him an extra entry form.

"We'll fill these out and then head to the place tomorrow before it closes...Now come on, let's go ask our folks first...'Tucker said eagerly.

Danny sighed, wondering if he has done the wise thing...


Danny was in his bedroom, filling out the entry form for the dating service. To his surprise, both his parents and Tucker's parents had given them permission to participate in it after they did some investigating and saw that it's legitimate.

Danny sighed and found himself filling out a form for dating service he didn't even want to take part in. The things he does for he sake of being a good friend.

"Name...Danny Fenton...Age...14...Gender...Male...height 5"4'...Weight...120 lbs...Star sign...Aries...Home town...Amity Park..."Danny muttered as he filled out the blank spaces. ..

That takes cares of the easy stuff, now onto the descriptions ...

"Average 14 year old Caucasian boy with black hair and blue eyes and a slim built. ..."Danny thought as he wrote that down on the part that said Physical Description.

Now for personality...

Danny thought hard for a while on how to describe himself without sounding like he is trying hard to impress or coming off as bland...After awhile, he figured out how to go about this...

"Simple, easygoing teenage boy just interested in getting to know someone who shares my interests..."Danny muttered as he wrote it down since that is as honest as he well get...

Now onto likes and interests. ..

"Bowling, listening to rock music, particularly Dumpty Humpty ...Astrology and NASA ...Video games, telling jokes, animals, especially dogs...nice, peaceful days..."Danny muttered as he even chuckled at the last one...He continued adding some more until he reached the final part of the form...

Describe the person you wish to date...

Danny rolled his eyes and scoffed. Even if he gave a full description of his perfect woman, he knew this dating places chances of producing her is slim to none...since the kind of girl he wold want wouldn't need to join one of these...

Danny sighed and decided to just get it over with since he figured he would be done with this after the first date...

"Okay...smart, friendly, independent girl who likes animals, has a nice sense of humor and likes listening to music. ..."Danny thought as he wrote down the description.

It's pretty short and a little broad of a description but he figured that it was enough to get him somebody that wasn't a major she-jerk or Were-spazz. ..somebody he can at least have a decent conversation with...

"Hopefully..."Danny thought as he finally finished the form and placed it down.

Tomorrow they would drop of their forms at the service and then they will select the most compatible girls they had available to go on dates with them until they found a match for them or it's a money back guaranteed.

Danny yawned and decided to get some sleep, he had a feeling he's going to need it in order to get this whole thing over with...though maybe he is being a bit dramatic here ...

I mean, how bad could a blind date be, anyway?

-To be continued-

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The first date

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