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Heroes from various agencies along with a bunch of sidekicks sat with their backs straightened in the conference room of the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Aside from police officers from public security, criminal investigation and organized crime control, there were drug enforcement agents from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as well, the total number of occupants present exceeding well over a hundred. In front of them were members of the higher echelon of the various law enforcement divisions seated, along with the Pro Heroes FlareFreeze, Lemillion, Ingenium, Creati, Marchioness IQ, and the Wild Wild Pussycats standing along either side of the wall.

The door opened and another tall young man walked in, dressed in an olive drab color jumpsuit with white stripes, metallic red gauntlets, a red utility belt and matching metal-sole boots with black lines running through them. A thin scar ran along the side of his face from the temple to his cheek and diagonally along his forehead through the left eyebrow.

The Pro Hero Deku was here, which immediately wound up the tension of the already tense atmosphere of the room. Any murmurs and chattering immediately ceased. Everyone seated in front of their superiors stood at attention.

While he was still not the number one hero in the country as far as rankings go, many consider him to possess the heart of one, making him some of the closest. His hand to help was outstretched to anyone, man, woman, child, young, old, Quirkless, and everyone else he saw or felt needed help, unconditionally, much like the retired All Might.

That paired with his undying determination to save people, protect them and the genuine care for the victims had earned him nicknames like The Redeemer, Tree-Green Troubleshooter, The Emerald Equalizer and The Viridian Vindicator.

Stifling a smile, he signaled everyone to be at ease and sit down. Clapping his hands together, he spoke. "Good to see you all. Let's begin. After three months of grueling work sifting through a bunch of B.S. paperwork of shell companies combined with the intel brought back from of our UCs of the MHLW organized by Marchioness IQ plus as an anonymous tip, we have an exact location of where the drug gang Monks' Hood operates out of. And I cannot stress this enough, but speed. Is. Key to this joint op." Izuku emphasized each word with a fist in the palm. "This fight needs to be over before they realize it's even started. There will be three teams, whose particular movements will be explained by the respective leaders. Starting off with our overwatchers from up on high, Team Sierra, led by Sensor Girl."

"Thank you, Deku." The gray haired bespectacled woman nodded as she stood up. "I will be taking position as Spotter 1. We've already done recon thanks to Anima but without much time to case the environment than we're comfortable with. This gang has a lot of money and firepower and they hate the law so there is a great chance they bulked up on security during the three months. Always be on guard. Spotter 2 is Tentacole. Anything or anyone that wasn't or shouldn't be there, let everyone know about it."

Shouji nodded from behind his mask as he clenched his many fists.

"Next up, Sniper 1 is Mr. Snipe. He's going to post up on the top of the highest tree with me, covering everyone's backs. Sniper 2, Chargebolt, paired with Tentacole. You'll be closer in at 150 meters, your max range. Until you are given the signal, do not fire, but once you have the go ahead, generators, security centers, alarms, and anything else with an IC that's not ours within your reach needs to be taken off the board permanently. Once they're deaf and blind, move around accordingly and give anyone else cover should they need it."

"Roger that, ma'am." Kaminari nodded with a smile, rubbing his hands together.

"Before we move on to the next team," Izuku stood up with a hand raised, "I'd like to make it known that there will be two more additions. Spotter 3 is Tsukuyomi. He'll circle the area from an even higher vantage point and keep in contact with the teams. Anyone who manages to give the ground force the slip is Dark Shadow fodder. Salvo 1 will cover a whole lot of range although he isn't here right now: Lucky Strike. He'll be giving them a scare with missiles."

"Team Perimeter will be led by me." Mirio stood up with a clipboard. "Recent reports from Anima says the place is riddled with booby-traps and landmines. Anima's helpers, Power Loader, Ectoplasm and I will be getting as many of those disarmed or out of the way as possible for the ground teams. Now, to pin them down on land, we'll have Mudman disable land and air routes. They've also got boats, which FlareFreeze will ice up. Froppy is in charge of sabotaging aquatic vehicles that aren't in plain view and secure whatever evidence you can find with a couple of sidekicks. Selkie's team, Gang Orca, Manual and coast guards already have a perimeter on the waters so they won't even make it out of the bay. Any sentries we take out as quietly as possible."

"And last but certainly not least, Team Scrimmage." Iida stood up with his helmet under his arm. "Uravity, Tailman, Red Riot, Real Steel, Battle Fist, Grape Juice and a joint group of sidekicks from the respective agencies will fan out as the last line of containment."

"Wait, back up a sec Ingenium. How should we break up the sidekicks in teams?" Tetsutetsu asked with a hand raised.

"How you divide them up into squads is within your discretion." Iida answered. "I'll be carrying Grape Juice on my back, circling the perimeter and pinning down anyone knocked out with his Quirk. Creati already handed out reinforced thumbcuffs and zip-ties and Hatsume's supplied enough gas-powered capture guns. Those that can't bind the criminals via Quirks, use one or the other."

"Remember, we need every single one of these guys secured for the paddy wagons and have them taken into custody. They're at least top ten in Giran's high-roller list of clients, so be on your guard. Any questions?" Izuku looked around and saw a lone hand in the air. "Yes?"

"What about you, sir?" A young sidekick asked.

"What about me?"

"Won't you be participating in this joint op?"

"I will. Anyone gets injured, I'm going to exfil so Team Nightingale can tend to them which is Creati and Recovery Girl. Sirius will have ears on the ground, and the Pussycats will stand guard as well as maintain contact with everyone via Mandalay to help everyone flexibly adapt with Marchioness IQ's input. But other than that, I'll be standing by for unforeseen situations. This was originally a plan FlareFreeze, Ingenium, Creati, Selkie, Snipe and Lemillion came up with the joint taskforce of the law. They asked me to come on board for a second opinion, so unless they got a pack of discount, off-brand Noumus up their sleeves we didn't know about, I won't really be taking too much part in the action."

"With all due respect, considering the firepower you have, can't you just….mow the lawn, so to speak? I mean, we've all seen what you can do. Won't you taking the field yield maximum efficiency?"

Iida shot stern look at the sidekick that spoke up. "Listen here, you――"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Iida, bro! Chill, man. It's just a question." Kirishima attempted to step in, but desisted as Izuku gestured to both of them to stand down as Shouto made his way to the one who spoke up.

"Listen carefully," he deadpanned quietly as he placed a hand on the young sidekick's shoulder who felt a slight pain as the icy fingers closed around it. His expression alone was more than enough to put the fear of God into the most hardened career criminals, but his eyes that were points of fire seemingly boring into their very souls is what made them soil themselves. "Deku is only here as a favor to us, you understand? What he's doing is called professional courtesy, something that you are making abundantly clear it's still far beyond your reach. Now keep your mouth shut, curb the attitude and show some respect or I will have you removed from this assignment. Do I make myself clear?"


"Good. Sorry about that, Iida." Iida simply nodded in silence to Todoroki's apology, returning one of his own through his expression.

"Alright then," Izuku clapped his hands together, "if there's nothing else, let's take these guys down, go home to our loved ones, shower and have a good night's sleep. I know you'll get scrapes and bruises, but let's keep major injuries and fatalities to a bare minimum. Recovery Girl does have a capacity which none of you want to overload. We tac up at 1630, be ready on the hour."

"Uh, Deku?" Everything was going according to plan with nobody on their side grievously injured or incapacitated until Kaminari's voice interrupted Izuku during a stretching exercise.

"What's the matter?"

"Remember when you said something about off-brand, discount Noumus? Well…..we might've got some on our hands."

"Okay, how many? Be specific."

"I only saw four. They're the size of giant orangutangs but I'm pretty sure there's more than that."

Izuku groaned. "All Spotters, I need eyes on the Noumus! Give me a headcount and their location! Salvo 1, if you have any missles left, use whatever you have and drive them into one area. After that, pull back, reload and stay with Nightingale. Spotter 1, help him adjust as necessary and guide me there."

"Salvo 1, roger. Firing!"

"Spotter 1, copy."

"Boy, do be careful out there." Recovery Girl's voice cautioned him with a rather touchy tone. "I am done fixing your hands for you."

"I'll use my feet and head then." Pressing his knuckles together, he took a short breath. "Here we go….55%...Full Cowling!" Izuku's body glowed as he crackled with energy. With a light bend in his knees, he jumped off a tree, broke his fall with a roll and propelled himself forward with that momentum into a sprint.

"Eastward, 500 meters! Still counting four." Sensor Girl's voice was frantic. "Oh damn…..two more….Northwest and closing in on Froppy!"

"That's out of my range!" Lucky Star shouted in frustration.

"Anyone close to Froppy, or has a shot, give her a hand!"

"Chargebolt here, closing in on Froppy's position! But I ain't seeing shit!"

"Lemillion here, I'm going too!"

"Ectoplasm, also closing in."

"Deku, 200 meters dead ahead! Get ready!" Sensor Girl warned.

"Ready as I'll ever be, Spotter 1." He saw them up ahead. Just as Kaminari described, they did look ape-like in physique, though their beaked mouth, lidless eyes, jagged teeth and exposed brain tissue screamed they were anything but. "65% DELAWARE SMASH: SALVO!" Rapid finger flicks with both hands powered by eight generations worth of holders that carried One For All hurled the air with the speed of a tank's cannon, sending the dirt high into the air upon impact.

"FlareFreeze, closing in on your position."

"Make…It…..Quick!" Izuku grunted as he flung a Noumu into the air with a well-placed uppercut. "Sniper 1, Beowulf! Hit them with your best shot!"

"All of them are my best shots, son." Snipe snorted over the earpiece. Three rounds whistled through the air, tearing the head and torso into pieces as it landed with a splat on the ground.

"Tsukuyomi here, Froppy is unharmed. Mudman and Team Perimeter seem to be having some trouble with the Noumus though. One's got venomous tentacles and the other seems to have a malleable body like putty."

"Physical attacks aren't doing jack shit! Lightning too!" Dark Shadow added.

"Mollusk or…rubber, maybe…..FlareFreeze, people might need you more over there!"

"Already heading there." Shouto replied, although he sounded none too pleased. "I'll regroup with you in ten. No, five."

"It's alright, take your time…oh, shit…." While Izuku was minding his surroundings, his face paled as one of the Noumus that was circling him began ravenously feasting on its fallen brother as well as the still healthy one, causing it to grow rapidly in size as well as range of ability. Crystalline protrusions began to emerge on its arms and shoulders as it hurtled towards Izuku with the intention of turning him into mincemeat. "FlareFreeze? Make that three. This one….miiiight be a bit of a pain."

"Scrimmage Leader here, we've pulled off any villains we have restrained away from the battle zone. Paddywagons are en route, ETA is fifteen minutes! We've got a couple wounded, but nothing life-threatening. Team Nightingale's tending to them."

"Copy that, that's what we like to hear! Tell the paddywagons to speed it up, we've got bootleg Noumus. I could use your help if you could spare it."

"On my way! Spotter 1, give me Deku's location!"

"Sending now. Follow my lead."

The Noumu swung its arms like a rabid grizzly as Izuku bobbed and weaved out of its way, the deafening whoosh making him sweat bullets at the thought of the damage he would suffer should he take a hit. Knowing that the Detroit Smash would be only a pea shooter, Izuku backstepped nimbly, squatted down and chambered his fist like a practitioner of karate would before punching. The blazing light of One For All intensified through the red gauntlet as Izuku gritted his teeth at the slight discomfort rising. "Here we go Melissa! 87%...DETROIT…..SMAAAASH!" Blasting the behemoth off its feet with the sheer windforce, Izuku jumped after it, further boosting himself into the air through kicks.

"FlareFreeze on site. Confirming visual contact. How do you want it?" Shouto asked, skating across the bridge of ice dozens of feet off the air.

"Welldone Plus Ultra!" Izuku shouted. "Ingenium, you close?"

"Scrimmage Team Leader, contact with Noumu in ten! Nine! Eight!"

Shouto straightened the fingers of his left hand, concentrating the flames as the frost sizzled into steam. He slowly drew his right hand back as if he were pulling a notched arrow back. "Almost….."

"Five! Four! Three! TWO! ONE! Afterburner…..RECIPRO STRIKE!" With the deafening sound of a screeching engine, the white armor-clad Ingenium with orange streaks at his heels unleashed a devastating spin kick at the Noumu, flinging it towards Shouto.

"BLAST HIM TO ME, SHOUTO!" Izuku shouted.

"Prominence Jet Flare." A hot, concentrated beam of fire erupted from Shouto's fingertips, tearing through the Noumu, followed by a heavy right haymaker encased in a block of ice, shattering on impact as the Noumu was flung into the air like a stuffed animal. "Izuku. Kick. His. Ass."

"CALIFORNIAAAAA…SMAAAAAAAASH!" With rapid somersaults in midair accelerating his fall, Izuku lunged out with his right foot, the full force slamming into the already weakened Noumu. Upon impact with the ground, it was reduced to measley, gelatinous pieces of protein that melted away into a matter of minutes. As the dust cleared and the smoke settled, the three young Pro Heroes knocked their fists together with a smile. "I say Team Problem Child went beyond Plus Ultra with that one. FlareFreeze, call it in." Izuku grinned.

"All units, all Noumus are down. I say again, all Noumus are down! Round up the wounded and get them to Team Nightingale. Anyone with a set of hands to spare, bring the villains up to the rendezvous point with the police. Once they're in the paddywagons, I want a squad of seven on duty for each. Do not let them out of your sight and firsk thoroughly. If they have something that could pick a lock, a suicide pill, I don't care. If it looks fishy, bag and tag."

"With gloves on." Iida added. "I do not want any of you to taint evidence. Until they're processed and in a penitentiary, keep your guard up. That's all. Over and out."

"Seriously, Izuku, you never cease to amaze me."

"What?" The green haired hero turned to his heterochromic friend.

"Saiko Intelli, aka Marchioness IQ. She's known for being…..rather picky with the cases she takes on, but I heard that she was going around different prefectures to solve cases gone cold for the past two years as a consulting private detective. And then you say that you managed to get a hold of her, not her employees, but her personally, and brought her on boad for this op. How'd you do it?"

"She….Believe it or not, she owed me a favor, so I called it in. One of several, actually. I did keep my best to ground the plan with what you guys already had, but her general expertise in deductive reasoning was a must for this. I mean, come on. You got an anonymous tip from a burner cell. That more often than not screams it's a trap."

"Izuku, forgive me for the….unsavory speculation but….you don't happen to be...well….i-involved with her, are you?"

"Involved?" Izuku raised a brow at Iida's question. "In-Jesus Christ…..First off Tenya, shame on you. How dare you, sir, insinuate such a thing? I set your brother up with Pixie Bob before I went abroad and made an uncle out of you."

"That has nothing to do with the question I asked, although I am grateful that I get to watch Tenkei grow up. But you….you're a married man."

"With two common law wives, I might add." Shouto pressed as he exhaled slowly, letting his body temperature slowly fall. "And I'm willing to bet that you have more."

"Well, I wanted to go to the ward office with two marriage registrations but bigamy isn't a thing in most first world countries, so I didn't have much of an option there. And you could at least give me the benefit of the doubt."

"When we were still in UA, maybe. But considering how well you've gotten at …handling ladies, I grew more and more apprehensive at giving you that." Iida folded his arms over his chest.

"There was also that incident during the graduation party at the nightclub." Shouto deadpanned.

"Alright, fine. You've made fine points. And yes, Kyoka and I have had flings with her in the past."

"Wait, what?" Shouto's eyes widened in shock. "Kyoka and I? Am I….am I hearing you right?"

"Yes. But why does it matter?"

Now Iida's eyes widened, only this time in disbelief. "Of course it matters! Do you have any idea the kind of backlash you would suffer? The backlash that heroes in general will suffer!? You already had the press and tabloids all over you barely a week after you came back from the honeymoon!"

"And we sued each and every one of them, made some print retractions and had public apologies written, thanks to Momo's family lawyer. But I've violated no laws nor caused any damage to anyone. As far as I'm concerned, anyone bitching about how my family do things are jealous and are spiting us because they don't have the balls to ask out their crush on a date. I'm living my life how I want, and I'm not breaking any laws. The way I see it, they can either accept it or go eat a triple-decker shitburger."

Izuku took a deep breath to dial back his temper that flared up. He shouldn't be angry at Tenya or Shouto about this. They were the first ones he confided in about this and were more accepting than anticipated. They're his best friends, his brothers in arms. "I understand where you're coming from, Tenya. I really do. And I appreciate your concern and judgement as always. But we discussed this before. I'm not going to be ashamed of saying I love both Kyoka and Mei and my kids. You can dare me to shout it at the top of my lungs from the Tokyo Tower, and I will make sure Tibetan monks will wake up when they hear the echoes. We've had some bumps along the way, sure, but that's standard procedure for any family. And for twelve years now, we've managed to get this to work. I am not about to let anyone compromise that just because my family deviates from the standard monogamy when a golden standard of a family composition is such a subjective concept. Besides, it won't change what I do. Or who I am. I'll always be the Tree-Green Troubleshooter and your best man."

"Tenya, he does have a point there. You might as well drop the issue now. It won't matter one way or another. He's a family man through and through, meaning he's too kind and smart to go behind their back. If he's involved with Intelli or anyone else at all that's not married, it's likely that he has permission or something…..Damn, it's weird saying that out loud….. And I need to nap on Momo's lap….." Shouto sighed as he rubbed his eyes with the heel of his palm.

"True….I'm sorry…I'm still such a hardass at heart." Iida scratched his head in annoyance.

"It's fine. If you weren't the straight-laced class rep that insisted on doing things by the book, we'd have a problem. You're a moral compass like Tensei that keeps everyone honest, and having that malfunction is…..not good. Anyways, I need to go prep for an anniversary dinner, so can I leave you and everyone else to handle this? I'll do my part of turning in statements and such tomorrow."

Shouto nodded. "Yeah, that was the plan. Thanks for coming to help on such short notice on an important day like this."

"Hey, you know me. In a crisis, I can never say no." Izuku shrugged with a chuckle.

"For better or for worse, yes." Iida gestured him to hurry on home as he pushed his glasses up to his face. "Go on then, say hi to them for me. And to your children."

"I will. Great job today. Oh and before I forget, could you give this to Manual?" Izuku pulled out two books from one of the pouches on his belt.

"The Quirky Guide To Significant Other-ism Volume 5: Married Life and The Sentinel Initiative. These are your books. Why would he…..oh….."

"Mandalay asked me. He hasn't read it, and she wants to spice things up and wants another baby. The other one's for Ragdoll. Her husband wanted a copy. Anyways, thanks. I'll see you all tomorrow."

"Let's see….Oven's got the baguettes in it, the salad's done, side dish is done, soup is heated, the wine is chilled, and flowers are in the vase…..alright." Now all he needed to do was cook the main course, an orthodox marinated steak, but he could do that in less than three minutes while his ladies and kids could enjoy the appetizers.

Flinging himself onto the couch, Izuku let out a groan as he let his body relax. While he managed to get out of the fight unscathed aside from a scratch and bruise or two here and there, he was absolutely exhausted as the week's worth of fatigue accumulated through planning the tactical assault as well as coordinating with the law enforcement came screaming at him. Staring at the rings on his left hand plus a signet ring that the three of them share, Izuku smiled.

It had been fifteen years since he met All Might. Fifteen years since he met Kyoka and Mei. "Perpetual uphill battle indeed, Mr. Aizawa." Izuku muttered to himself as his eyelids grew heavy. The sensation of his muscles atrophying corroded his body like venom, but the sound of the doorbell ringing snapped his eyes open as he saw his family at the front door from the window.

Opening it, Izuku saw the five people he would give their life for. Kyoka, clad in her upgraded hero costume, Mei in her tricked-out jumpsuit which may as well be a costume in its own right, his twin daughters and a son. With a smile Izuku leapt off the windowsill, did a somersault, and landed in front of them on one knee, utilizing the so-called superhero landing. While dressed in a plain black shirt and blue jeans made him look presentable, he was barefoot and the apron made it seem more surreal.

"Welcome back. Happy anniversary."

"See mom? I told you dad's cooking! And I told you he'll jump out the window!" The green haired five-year old boy with crosshairs in neon yellow irises said smugly under the red hat sporting two horns. While it most likely was decorational, a pair of goggles dangled around his neck.

"Okay, fine. You were right, Akihisa. You little know-it-all, you." Mei ruffled the boy's hair with both her hands and poked at his sides, tickling him, making him squeal as she tossed him up in the air for Izuku to catch him.

"Jesus, Akihisa, you're getting heavy. You working out already? Huh?" Izuku playfully nuzzled his son's head.

"Hey Aki! No fair, you hog!" The freckled girl with straight and short green hair with several purple soundwave-shaped streaks running across it jumped up and down in her black denim overalls with red buttons. Her small jacks barely half the size of her little finger pointed accusatorily at Akihisa, wide green eyes thinning in jealousy.

"Daaaaad, carry us tooooo!" Another girl with purple messy hair much like Izuku in his younger days with more haphazard streaks outstretched her small arms and her jacks toward Izuku clad in a black DEEP DOPE T-shirt and a bubblegum pink skirt while giving him the puppy dog eyes that she undoubtedly learned from her mother.

"Okay, okay, gimme a second here…..aaaand upsy-daisy, princesses!" Scooping the girls up with one arm, they crawled on top of his head and shoulders like a couple of cats. "So, how was the Incredibles?"

"It was AWESOME! We're just like them!" Hibiki bounced up and down on his shoulder.

"Yeah, not the powers though. But I can totally see uncle Shouto having that fight with auntie Momo." Akihisa snickered.

"Ah yes, the supersuit schtick. They actually had that argument before, believe it or not, except it was about what to name their kids."

"Really?" Minori's eyes widened in amazement. While she loved her parents and knew how much they loved each other, she considered Shouto and Momo as a match made in heaven. To think that they would have any sort of dispute ever was…..unthinkable.

"Oh yeah. Shouto and Momo has had their fair share of fights…..ones that involved Quirks to an extent…..it was…not pretty."

"But you saved the day right?"

"Eh….we did. Your moms and I. We actually helped a lot of your friends' parents too."

"Like Shouichi?" Akihisa piped up. Shouichi Aizawa, born between the still active Eraserhead and Ms. Joke was someone he befriended and have been friends ever since, along with Nurse Hero Nightingale aka Eri Aizawa, studying under Recovery Girl who spoiled Shouichi and Izuku's children like her own siblings with candy apples at the ready.


"And Reina?" Minori asked as well. Reina was the daughter of Masaki Mizushima aka Normal Hero Manual and Mandalay that were brought together through Izuku making the introductions. Eventually Kouta warmed up to him on account of having similar Quirks, and gave Manual his blessing in his own way, becoming quite protective of the girl like abrother.


"Tenri too?" Hibiki asked excitedly.

"Oh, yeah. Tenri's parents were actually one of the first ones I helped get together." Tenri, the son of Tensei and Pixie-Bob came to be before they got married. With his mother's hair and attitude, his father's good looks and sense of righteousness and both of their Quirks, he was a rising star at UA under the tutelage of his strict uncle.

"Hey hey, settle down now, rascals. Hibiki, Minori, daddy still needs to cook so get off him and go wash your hands. With soap. And dry them off properly!" While Kyoka had a stern voice, she had a smile on her face as she watched her children, their children, squeal and laugh giddily as Izuku pranced around with them on his shoulders, laughing along with them.

"You too Akihisa, stop stepping on your dad with dirty sneakers! You're ruining his shirt!" While Mei never really stopped being the fun-loving, tinkering genius, she was the stricter of the two women and enforced much of the order within the home, though both had no qualms of putting their foot down firmly when necessary.

"Awwww, moooom!" The kids whined in unison.

"It's fine, don't worry. But I do like this shirt, so take off your shoes at the front door, okay?"

"Okay. Sorry dad!"

"Okay, dad!" Izuku peeled them off one by one and set them down.

"Race you to the sink, you chumps!" Hibiki said as she took off for the unlocked front door. Her siblings followed suit to wash their hands. Hopefully.

"And I better see a neat line of shoes next to the others when I get there!" Once the three little rugrats had disappeared from view, Izuku heaved a sigh. "Oh Jesus Lord, protector of all that is good and holy, deliver me from the hyperactive attack of the five year olds."

Kyoka and Mei wrapped their arms around him tightly and gave him a quick smooch. "Hey, it's only been five years and I think we're doing alright. Wait until they're teenagers."

"Oh…..don't even start, Kyoka." Izuku hungrily claimed her lips, the rush of adrenaline sustaining his consciousness.

"Whew….Thanks, I really needed that after the long flight bodyguarding Mei."

"Glad to be of assistance. I needed that to stay awake as well. How'd the presentation at I-Island go, Dr. Hatsume?"

"Well, suffice to say, I think you, Melissa and I changed history since we somehow discovered a new element by some miracle or another."

"Oh, yeah, there was that. What'd you call it?"

"Melissa and I settled with Ultronium." Mei answered with a broad smile.

"Okay, that is a badass name and I love it. We're getting copyrights for that." Mei jumped at Izuku to kiss him as well, only she wrapped a leg around his waist. "Hope you're hungry. Appetizer, soup and salad are ready. The entrée will be done in a couple minutes."

"Seriously, you are too good for us and I love you for it." Giving Izuku's behind a smack and a squeeze, Mei sauntered off back to their home.

"So, dear husband," Kyoka asked, trailing a finger around his chest, "how'd the joint op go?"

"Monks' Hood is no more. I need to give the police my statement tomorrow morning."

"Guess being a chivalrous manwhore has its benefits, huh?" Kyoka giggled as she caressed his ears and neck with her jacks.

"But tonight is for family only. No calls, contacts, or distractions." Izuku ran his fingers through Kyoka's hair which she grew out slightly and lightly permed.

"Mmmmm…Good. As long as you have your priorities straight. Oh, also, mom's coming to pick the kids up for a sleepover so we'll have the house to ourselves."

"Kyoka, keep it in your pants for a couple more hours. We still have to keep things PG, as much as I hate that label right now…."

"Oh, relax. C'mon, I'm hungry."

"So bossy."

"Hey, Mei and I said you can take your time to come back and we can cook for you or go out to eat. You insisted on cooking."

"I have and I will, don't worry." Walking back into the house, he saw that the kids and Mei had already started without him, to which Kyoka gave a jokingly indignant growl as she took her seat and joining in.

"Izuku, why are you such a good cook?! Mmmm, god!" Mei groaned in satisfaction as she washed the shrimp and vegetable ajillo down with some wine. "I can figure out any machinery or program, but I still can't figure out fine cuisine. Why!?"

"Haaa, mom's jelly!" Akihisa laughed as he dipped a baguette in oil before taking a bite. "But your carrot cake was so good though!"

"Awww, thanks lil genius." Mei's cheeks warmed as she gave him a smooch. "I did have help though."

"Mom, why is dad so good at everything?" Minori asked as she took a sip of orange juice.

"Of course dad's good at everything, Minori! Dad's Deku! A hero!" Hibiki boasted as if she were him.

"Well, daddy likes being good at a lot of things, especially if he thinks it's fun or important to be good at. So he's good at drawing, writing books, playing music, singing, exercise, cleaning, cooking and anything else that'll help people and make them smile."

"And playing and making friends," Akihisa added.

"Yes. Yes, that too." Mei winked at Kyoka.

"Sooo many friends." Kyoka chuckled. "But not everything. Daddy may be a hero, but even he needs help with things. So I want you three to eat lots, grow big and strong, and help mommy and daddy and your friends however you can, okay?"

"You know I can hear all of you saying all that, right?" Izuku said from the kitchen as he seared the sides of the steaks, counting down for thirty seconds.

"Why do you think we're saying it out loud, silly?" Mei chuckled as she cleared the table for the approaching main course.

"Alright, here you go. Medium rare steak hot off the pan." Like a professional waiter, Izuku began setting down the plates in front of everyone before finally taking a seat himself.

"Whoooooaaaaaaa!" The children's eyes widend as they shouted in awe at the sizzling piece of sliced sirloin that smelled absolutely divine. "IT LOOKS SOOOO GOOOOOOD! THANK YOU DAD!"

"You are very welcome. It's hot, so be careful and chew it a lot before swallowing. Like, fifty times per bite." The steak disappeared from all the plates relatively quickly. Hibiki, Minori and Akihisa relaxed on the couch watching TV while they let the food digest and their parents cleaned the dishes.

"Hey, that dinner was amazing. When'd you learn how to make ajillo?" Mei asked as she dried off the last of the plates.

"When I studied abroad, hero work wasn't all I did. I worked in cafés, bars, garages, and did TA sessions just for the hell of it. Money was pretty good. Aside from being a TA, I almost always got a raise. And hefty tips."

"Uh, yeah, because you're hot." Kyoka hissed, lightly kicking her husband in the shin. "God, if Melissa and Mei didn't keep you in line….."

"I was always in line, are you kidding me? I let Melissa put a chip in my neck to monitor my vitals and my location which you had access to so you'd ease off my back. Remember that?"

"I know, and I'm sorry…I was…..I was lonely…."

Izuku wrapped an arm around her and nipped her ear. "Well, I've been here since we've turned twenty-two, and I'm not going anywhere without all five of you."

"Good to know."

At that moment, a sound of a car pulling up stopped the kids from catching another episode of Looney Tunes. Looking out the window, they immediately figured out who the car belonged to. "GRANDMA AND GRANDPAAAAAAA!" The three rascals burst out the front door and tackled Mika with a hug, almost toppling her over while Kyotoku caught her from behind and picked Hibiki up.

"Hey you little munchkins. Goodness, you're all so big now! You ready for your sleepover?"


"Thank you so much for doing this." Izuku smiled apologetically as he shook his father-in-law's hand. "I'll try not to make a habit of it. Here's their dessert. It's chocolate lava cake." He whispered.

"Oh, I might have a piece of that. And don't sweat it son, the house gets too quiet nowadays with our only daughter getting hitched with you. But I must say, having a son…..isn't that bad. These little firecrackers are exactly what we need. Makes us both feel young again like when Kyoka was their age."

"Kyotoku, honey, what did we say about mentioning the subject of age in front of me?" Mika smiled as her heel drove perfectly onto her husband's big toe.

"Ow, ow-ow, Mika? Mika, Mika, dear, I need that foot to work the gas and brakes so stop applying the pressure with heels please….I'm sorry..." Kyotoku pleaded as his big toe got crushed underfoot.

"Good. Age is just a state of mind, you'd do good to remember that."

"Yes ma'am…." Kyotoku smiled weakly. Even in her fifties, Mika was a strong, beautiful and independent woman, shimmering like the slightly crazy, punk-loving diamond girl he was immediately smitten with all those years ago.

"Alrighty, boy and girls, just like your sleepover at Uncle Shouto's. It's grandpa and grandma's house, you do what they say, be polite, have fun and you'll get dessert." Smothering their children with hugs and kisses, the children waved to their parents as the car slowly turned a corner, its taillights disappearing.

"I still can't believe that I'm a father." Izuku sighed with a smile.

"Hey, you're doing fine okay?" Kyoka reassured him as she squeezed his hand. "Hell, you're doing great. They fucking love you!"

"But I do think you spoil them a liiiitle too much, if you don't mind me saying so. The in-laws cover that area sufficiently. Kyoka, we coulda asked them to move in with us, you know? We have the space." Mei stared at their home, two four-story high buildings connected by corridors, with one being wider in scale than the other. The bigger of the two was made of reinforced concrete while the other was red brick much like Mei's home.

Kyoka shrugged. "Hey I did ask them, but they said it's too big for them to live in, even with all of us. We may have gone a little overboard though in terms of housing. Kids might expect too much from other people."

"Kinda like Momo when she said the dorm room was the size of her shoe closet?" Izuku laughed as he reminisced the prim and proper pure-celeb.

"Oh yeah, that brutal honesty was funny. But we did scale it down to moderately humble proportions thanks to the expertise of Ochako's parents. Big enough for comfort and small enough for coziness."

"How's she doing? I haven't heard from her in a while."

"Helping out in the Tohoku area with Satou, Sero and Shiosaki. They got their hands full."

"Sounds about right."

Mei's phone beeped and she smiled her crazy smile as she stared at the message on her screen. "Kyoka, it's almost time."

"Oh, is it already?"

"Time for what?"

"Your…or rather our anniversary present." A car closing in could be heard from the distance, and a black Lincoln Navigator pulled up in the driveway. Setsuna Tokage stepped out of the driver seat in her her costume, giving them a wave. The passenger seat opened to reveal Marchioness IQ, aka Saiko Intelli dressed in a double-breasted English suit and a wool flat cap.

"Setsuna? Saiko? What….why are you here?"

"Oh, relax. We're not here to crash your anniversary. We're just couriors dropping your present off for you."

"We did it as a favor." Saiko squinted through her gold rimmed monocle with her iridescent bluish-lilac eyes. "And while I do respect your position as a family man with priorities, I do not appreciate abrupt departures without a proper farewell." She poked a gloved finger at Izuku's chest.

"And I will apologize for that. It was….ungentlemanly of me. But to be fair, I had to cook dinner and I was slightly pressed for time."

"So you say." She sighed. "But at any rate, your gift is in the trunk. Take a look for yourself."

"Okay…." Izuku walked towards the car cautiously. The rear compartment had a rather large box with a red bow on it, which made him wonder if this was an elaborate prank. Was there a jack in the box that would jump out at him? A glitter bomb? Someone dressed as Freddy Krueger? A flashbang?

"Go on then, undo the bow." Saiko urged, nudging him with her foot.

Izuku pulled the ribbon off in one quick tug, and the box fell apart, revealing a dirty ash blonde-haired woman about the same age as him, bound and gagged with paracord. "Oh my fucking god, you kidnapped someone. You four kidnapped a civilian."

"No we did not, actually." Mei chuckled.

"Look closer. She should be someone veeeery familiar to us."

Izuku's breath stopped upon closer inspection. The light blush on her cheeks, rather defined canines, messy hair buns, and the cat-like eyes glowing with glee upon seeing him despite the position she was in….it all came together at once. "No….oh my fucking god, no. Himiko Toga!?"

"Yup." Kyoka nodded. A muffled squee came from Himiko as well, giddily rocking back and forth upon hearing her target of obsession recognizing her and saying her name.

"And she is a present to me how, exactly?" Izuku frowned in utter confusion.

"She's been out on parole for about a month now, and we decided to take the responsibility of….rehabilitating her. In our custody."

"Rehab-She's going to live here?!"

"We have extra rooms. Plus, we'll be monitoring her 24/7 vial ankle monitors.

Mei's ankle monitors."

"That doesn't make it any better and it's not explaining anything."

"My goodness, despite your acumen in various fields, you can be quite the dunce, can't you?" Saiko snorted. "We brought her here for you to tame her, so to speak."

"Tame….you….You girls are joking, right? Please tell me you're joking."

"You still suck at lying, but because we're married, now I suck at lying too." Kyoka replied smugly. "So, no."

"In-freaking-deed, no we are not, Greenie." Tokage flashed a devilish smile. "She's yours to toy with as you please. Which you've done with a number of girls that you aren't married to periodically since you first slept with them. Hard." Saiko cleared her throat as she attempted to hide the rising blush in her face.

"You do know how risky and downright illegal what you're suggesting is, right? I-We are supposed to be overwatching her conduct while she's on parole if we do this, and that is a big if. We have to observe and report pretty much every other day to her parole officer. Breaching that will get our hero license revoked or worse."

"You're starting to sound like Iida, seriously. It's frightening. And besides, that's only the case if someone finds out about it, and we will all keep our mouths shut, because we're smart like that. Besides, I know for a fact feminine wiles won't cloud your judgement because we're here, among others. It may not be right ethically, but that's a really subjective concept that you've thrown out the window since you started dating two girls, married them and knocked them up while fucking others on the side." Izuku opened his mouth to rebut, but there was nothing that he could say to refute anything Kyoka said.

"She's not a fugitive but an ex-con. There's a difference. She's single, and if it's consensual, I say she's fair game. Plus, you just have to….convince her to not tell anyone, which should be very easy, considering her well-known borderline psychotic infatuation for you which is formally documented in her dossier in the police database. One that you compiled, if memory serves. She'll be less inclined to run off which is a win-win for everyone."

Izuku scratched his head in an attempt to figure this conundrum out. "Okay. Fine, your argument's solid. Any particular reason to why she's tied up and gagged?"

"She said it's okay." Tokage shrugged as Himiko nodded in agreement. "Plus it's kind of your thing, isn't it? At least it was for psycho-bitch here. Pun intended."

"Excuse me? How dare you slander me with such vulgar language?!" Saiko screeched as she turned on Tokage. "If anyone that is female and unhinged here, it's you! Who on earth would….e-engage in….in a public bathroom stall!? At a water park? Or on a rooftop during a stakeout?!"

"Ah, good times. Part of the reason why I'm still single. And that's rich, coming from you. Vulgar language? What was coming out of your mouth when I had you at my mercy on your bed at home while your parents were there, that was vulgar. Or how about your twentieth birthday at midnight on a beach with him several vodka and tequila based cocktails later? That was infinitely nastier than anything I've ever said underneath Greenie. Or on top." She smacked her lips and winked at Izuku.

"That was….that was a spur of the moment. I was coerced to say that! And I was drunk!"

"Can we please stop talking about this out in the open!? Fucking hell!" Motioning everyone to follow him inside, Izuku hoisted Himiko and her duffel bag of personal effects over his shoulder like a bale of hay and marched back into his house.

Izuku had special rooms in each building which he dubbed the RRR chambers, both of them existing on the top floor. The Rs stood for Rest, Relaxation and Recreation, giving a place for the adults to have some time to themselves away from everything for a while, including each other and the children.

One corner had a rather large bed, several couches, a bar, surround sound system with a small TV monitor, instruments, a pool table and other knick-knacks complete with a balcony and a rather nice view.

Sitting everyone down on the couch, Izuku prepared some Golden Tips Imperial tea (which Saiko was particularly happy about) before sitting down himself with a glass of single barrel bourbon from the top shelf.

Everyone except Himiko stared at him in bewilderment. While Izuku could hold his liquor relatively well, he never went out of his way to have a drink except for three reasons: it was a celebration of some sort like a wedding anniversary, he needed to think late at night, or when he needed to calm his nerves that were strung at an all-time high.

"Soooo, nice roomy sex dungeon you got here…"

"Setsuna, I swear to god, I have never killed, but if you call this room a sex dungeon again, I will lock you in the cellar for a whole night with a remote control vibrator in your vag and a hair iron jammed up your ass until you die." Kyoka glared.

"Well, it can be if we want it to. It's part of the design." Mei shrugged.

"Mei, not helping." Izuku deadpanned before guzzling the amber liquid as it burned his innards. "So….everyone else in this room knew and is on board with this….except me?"

"Mmm-hmmm." Himiko nodded.

"Okay…..let me clarify a couple of things. Himiko, where do you work as of now?" Izuku asked as he took the gag off.

"Local butcher for about two years now! I don't mind the mess, so….and I'm good at it too. Hee-hee."

"Of that, I have no doubt." He poured another glass which was gone in about five seconds. "So I won't have to worry about her earning her keep. Second question: how are we going to explain this to the kids?"

"We just tell them that she needs our help to getting back on track and she's also working part time as our housekeeper. We don't know if they wanna become heroes in the future, but if they do, coming into contact with an ex-con doesn't seem like a bad idea."

"Yeah, when they're like another five to eight years older! I know they're going to get mixed up in our line of work sooner or later, but I prefer the latter than the former. They should be allowed to….be kids! When life is supposed to be simple and fun, not looking over your shoulder for the next shitstorm to come screaming around the corner. You can't ask me to take that away from them."

"Nobody's taking anything away from anyone." Mei said firmly. "As mentioned before, the ankle monitors are designed by me. She's also got a contact lense in for surveillance. Anything she sees, we see. If she tries to take it out, use her Quirk, goes anywhere she's not supposed to or tries to harm someone, we'll see it, record it, and hit her with fifty thousand volts before tossing her back in solitary. With no parole. We're just asking that you give her a second chance. And we're asking you to help her take that chance. Very few people are beyond saving. Your words, Redeemer."

"If she so much as jaywalks-"

"She won't. My AI will make sure of that. She'll have a schedule to follow. Religiously."

After a pause and another drink, Izuku drew a long breath before answering. "Alright. Let's do it. But keep her away from the kids for the first year or so."

"Wha-just like that? You're okay with it?" Tokage asked. "I mean don't get me wrong, I'm all for you totally railing her since I brought her here for that, but I figured you'd want to deliberate for another half an hour before you feel even remotely convinced."

"Today's meant to be a day of celebration for my family. I'm not about to rain on my own parade or let your good faith go to waste. As Ernest Hemingway said, true nobility is being superior to your former self. It's called manners maketh man. I'm trying to rise above my own narrow mind of thinking I know someone that I've had almost no contact with for over a decade, so stop questioning it."

"I guess I taught you the know-how of being a gentleman well." Saiko nodded approvingly. "Now that we've delivered the package, I do believe it's time for us to take our leave."

"Mm-hmmm. Like I said before, we're not here to crash your anniversary. Unless you're in for a hoedown-throwdown right now, which we will happily oblige."

"Nice try, but not tonight. Buuuut, the least we could do for you taking time to deliver is give you a parting gift." Izuku closed his eyes and shut them tight at Kyoka's sultry words.

"Well, don't mind if I do." Licking her lips and sashaying her hips with a little more emphasis, Tokage beckoned Izuku over. After three fingers of high-proof bourbon consumed in a span of mere minutes, the libido that Izuku had quelled down was surging back up, baring its fangs. Closing the gap between them in no time at all, he pulled Tokage up by her face and kissed her, turning her brain and body into goo with a thorough tongue-lashing.

Peeling her lips off and shaking her hair out of her eyes, she rasped, "Oh fuck that hit the spot. I can go work a couple more hours now. I swear, you're like the only reason I'm still okay with being single, because just kissing you is like doing a line of coke. Not that I would know what that's like. Your turn, psycho-bitch."

"I am not-hmm?!" While Tokage merely melted into the kiss, Saiko burst into flames and turned to ash as she felt her soul was getting sucked out through her tongue, esophagus and tonsils. She gasped as she felt Izuku's strong hand steadily increase its pressure on her buttock enough to leave a print on her skin. "Haaah….I….um, I-I guess I should forgive you now for not saying goodbye after the op…?" She panted, readjusting her monocle.

"That would be nice. Thank you, Saiko."

"Alright, we'll see ourselves out. Thanks for the tea. I'll look forward to a hoedown throwdown on the 4th of July or your birthday or something. Have a nice night, you four."

Once the door closed, a sadistic and downright predatory smile flared up on Izuku's face that sent chills down the remaining three womens' spines. The roaring flames in his heart was now concentrated like an acetylene torch. "Now then, shall we begin?"

"Um….Izuku?" Mei inquired.

"Yes, dear?"

"Why are Kyoka and I cuffed to the headboard? And to each other?" Izuku had pushed them down onto the bed, touched them, kissed them and worshipped them as he always would. But while they were reveling in carnal pleasure as he slowly stripped them down to their skimpy lingerie undoubtedly in preparation for the nighttime extravaganza, he promptly cuffed them together and each of their remaining hands to the corners of the headboard.

"Consider this your punishment for making me rain on our parade for even a minute. You could have at least told me about having Himiko released into our custody instead of springing it on me on our wedding anniversary like that. I will do anything at all for this family, but that was pushing it too much. Even telling me yesterday before bed would've been fine. But now…..I'm going to have to spice up this anniversary my own way so I can feel better."

"It was meant to be a surprise gift! That's what you do with a surprise! You don't tell them until you tell them!" Kyoka insisted.

"Yes, with a cake!" Izuku retorted. "A brand new watch! Matching piercings! Cufflinks! Or even a pair of freaking Aviators! Not an ex-con to be used as a human fleshlight! So, you get to watch me…take my time taming her."

"Izuku. Don't. You. Fucking. Dare." Kyoka growled as she pulled against the cuffs. But she couldn't resist the small seed of fire that had ignited like a spark catching onto a small ball of wood shavings.

"Oh, come on, Kyoka. You and I get off on watching Izuku fuck another girl and then we join in. Or the other way round." Mei would've kissed her in an attempt to calm her nerves, but the cuffs made it impossible to do so. "There's nothing different that's happening here than the last several dozen times. Tokage, Saiko, Ragdoll, Melissa, Pony, Bubble Girl, Sirius, Ryukyu and almost even Kashiko and Ibara. Don't you want to see how he would fuck a former criminal, his first catch ever in his career? How he'd break her into submission like he did with you? Me? Us? Everyone he's slept with?"

"I think that speech just earned you a free hand." With a click, Mei's right hand tied to the headboard corner was freed.

"Wha-you favorite-playing son of a bitch! Get these chains off of me!"

"I will, just not yet. Mei, would you mind babying her a little bit?"

"Of course." Izuku rewarded her with a sensual kiss and a soft, kneading grope of her breast before separating, keeping his eyes open and locking them with Kyoka, rubbing her knees together. "We'll get our turn, you know we will. We always have. Our Lusty Ladykiller always delivers. Let me show you a good time like I do when he's away. At least however much I can with one hand."

"Fine. Show me…..and them what you can do."

Izuku chuckled as his wives began to kiss, and turned his attention to Himiko still bound and strangely silent while everything was happening. "So….been a while."

"I know. Over ten years. You've gotten hotter." Himiko giggled. "I still remember those cuts and stabs." Her tongue slid over her canines and lips that curved into a Cheshire grin.

"Yeah, red's not my main color as I've made abundantly clear after crashing through half a dozen windows with you to finally get you arrested. But you sure about doing this?"

"Yup! I've made it work, and I can definitely make it work with you. Plus, the chance to get with you without any plexi-glass in between us? I can't pass that up. So I've been a reeeeaaaallly good girl to see you."

"Hm," Izuku mused as he tore the paracord off with one hand. "But just so you know, if you try to ingest my blood or anyone else's, I will make you vomit it up with a gut-punch."

"Ooooohhh, scaaaryyyy." Himiko snickered, but she knew well that he would follow through on his promise. "Soooo? I'm all yours now. Whatcha gonna do?"

Izuku slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a section of his torso covered in scar tissue which made the ex-con chomp down hard on her lower lip till she drew blood. If he looked attractive all those years ago, that was nothing compared to now. He looked like somone that every deity pertaining to love, sex and virility had an orgy to create him. "I'm thinking a trip down memory lane with you."

What's more, some of the scars were hers. "I'd like that." Himiko unbuttoned her red plaid flannel as well, revealing a lack of a bra and her ever-pale skin with scar tissue here and there, glowing slightly pink in anticipation of what would happen next. "See all this? From playing cat and mouse with you?"

"Yeah. Remember these?" Izuku lifted his shirt slightly to reveal his sides with jagged scars running across it, almost to his navel. "Liver, across the abdominal aorta, and a light graze of the kidneys before Shigaraki almost got my leg. Then you almost got my carotid artery and lung too from behind on January."

"So, sooooo close…How about this one?" Himiko held her left hand up as she took a step towards him, the back painted with a scar in the shape of an X.

"Open articular fracture. You had a knife in your hand I punched it." Izuku took two steps, already putting each other within arm's reach.

"You remembered. How about…..this one?" Her flannel hanging on her arms like a shawl now and exposing her upper body, her Himiko traced two vertical scars starting at the end of the sternum, running down the solar plexus and stopping just short of her navel.

"I hate that one." Izuku growled as he stroked the scars gently with a fingertip.

"The one time….you almost lost control. For me." Holding his hand down, Himiko applied pressure to the scar, the heated tingle sending shocks through her body as she wiped away a line of saliva from her chin. "You did save my life. And brought Tomura to his knees with that kick. If I weren't so bloody and about to pass out, I would have made love to you right there and then."

"I'm right here now. No suit, no armor." There noses were almost touching. "And you….no cuffs, no cells, no knives, no blood, and no disguise. Just…..you."

His voice made her teeth chatter. The pleasant, delicate aroma of the bourbon and his natural male scent were making her mouth water, brain explode with arousal. And his touch. God, his touch! A touch that seemed to linger and innately understand. The pain-pleasure factor. Her. Everything. Himiko felt her heart beat at an uncontrollably accelerated rate that made her feel she would pass out from the sheer spike in her blood pressure, but even that pain was undeniably sweet, causing her nether mouth to water even more. One more push. No, a prod. A poke. Then he will come. For her. "Yeah-huh. Just me. And I….am….aaalll….yours."

The second Himiko's flannel fell to the floor, Izuku flung his shirt to the side like a used towel and hungrily claimed her like a wild animal. His fingers, teeth and lips wandered, explored every crevice, every surface of her body, brusquely stimulating every scar, every last square inch of skin. Catching her before she collapsed on the floor, Izuku tossed her onto the bed where Mei and Kyoka were taking a quick break to enjoy the show, though one was a little green with envy than the other.

But they were having an impossibly difficult time looking away from Himiko screaming in pleasure as she relished every caress, every grope, kiss, suckle, and bite that was mercilessly foisted upon her as her libido pent up for over a decade had finally gone off, yielding an orgasm, a true, explosive orgasm with the force of a thermobaric missile salvo.

"More….Yes! Yes! Yes! More Izuku! More! More, More, More, More! FUCK YES, MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!" Izuku just kept going, permission be damned as he wreaked havoc upon Himiko's body and mind. And she was loving every second of it, screaming as her mind was shattered and put together again at his whim. Releasing her nipples from his teeth that bit down hard enough to think he was going to tear them off, Izuku tugged at her pants soaking through with a downright obscene amount of her love juices.

Peeling them off, Izuku crawled onto the bed. Realizing what he was going for, Himiko backed up until her her back was against the headboard, right in between Kyoka and Mei.

Izuku closed in on her, lapping up her juices on the inside of her legs as more flowed forth, making Himiko giggle and squirm at the gentle tickling sensation, a polar opposite from the category 6 hurricane of lust that thrashed her mere seconds ago. That, however, was where the carpet-bombing of carnal pleasure screeched to a halt. Himiko then realized her hands and fingers were tied together above her head with zipties. "Aaand, there we go."


"Really?" His voice was cold, the smile replaced with a stone-cold expression, blank as a sheet of ice. "You really think I was just going to bed you? Before Mei or Kyoka?"


"While here, you are at my mercy. I am all yours. Your words, Bathory. So how and when I….indulge you and take from you and when I don't is for me to decide, you understand me?" The lightning of One For All spritzed across his body for a second as he pressed down on his index finger with the thumb, eliciting a cracking noise. Turning to his wives, the expression was replaced by that of a mischievous child as he uncuffed them. "Payback. Surprise, bitch."

"You…..motherfucking….sadistic…..conniving….BASTARD OF A HUSBAND! I OUGHTA STRAP YOU TO A GOURNEY, WATERBOARD YOU AND CASTRATE YOU WITH A BROKEN BEER BOTTLE!" Despite her cursing and pulling against the cuffs though, she did love that childish side of him that applied tactical awareness and ingenuity to his advantage to basically almost every aspect of his life. It made life interesting in the best and worst of ways. The area where Kyoka was cuffed to was sopping wet, leaving a giant puddle, and the same could be said with Mei, biting down on her lip so hard that it was bleeding.

"Aaaand for giving me attitude like that, I'm uncuffing you last."

"Izuku, you're hard to love, but you're impossible to hate. You might wanna uncuff her first though, before she decides to actually follow through on the threat. I don't know about you, but I like my Ladykiller intact."

"If you say so." With a quick breath, he undid the cuffs, starting with Mei and then Kyoka, who rammed a hook into his liver and kissed him, pulling the six foot-three man down by his hair, drinking in the long awaited taste of her husband with vigor. Taking his hand, Kyoka made him touch her, do everything he did to Himiko and more.

Mei shucked his pants and boxers, admiring the extremely toned ass of a man with a single digit in terms of body fat percentage as he slowly spread Kyoka's legs, panting in anticipation. Just as he closed his face into her crotch, Izuku felt a hand stop him. "Are you fucking kidding me? I do not need anymore foreplay after what you put me through."

Without another word, Izuku thrust his hips forward, hard. Kyoka felt her toes curl to the point where she felt like she pulled several muscles, but she didn't care. Nothing could possibly matter more than having her beloved inside her, making her scream his name as she gnawed on his neck and shoulders, drawing blood as she glanced over to Himiko with a lusty grin.

――That's right bitch, you're expendable. He is mine.

Grabbing both of her ankles, Izuku pushed them forward and stood up on the bed in a squatting position, thrusting downwards with the power of gravity on his side. All Kyoka could gasp, moan and whisper was the name of the man on top of her. Izuku, Izuku, Izuku, Izuku, her friend, her lover, her confidant, her boyfriend, her husband, her Green Muse, her hero.

Each orgasm brought back flashes of their past, meeting each other for the first time, learning takedowns, teaching him music theory, their first date, their parents losing their minds about their involvement, the insults thrown at Bakugou, losing their virginity together, and going to the airport to pick him and Mei up after their graduation. Upon arriving at her apartment, Izuku apologized on his knees, only to stand on one as he produced a diamond ring, one for her and another for Mei. He stated loud and clear that he would make up for lost time for the rest of his life in exchange for the honor and privilege of them making him the happiest man that could possibly exist in the multiverse. If any woman were to say no to this proposal, they would have to be a blind, deaf, and comatose lobotomy patient.

Feeling her body leave the bed only to be straddling him and looking down at his sweat covered smiling face, she snickered like it was her first time all over again, kissing his body to lap up the salty taste. "God I love you so much, Izuku. You scruffy-haired, nerdy manwhore."

"I love you more and I only regret not meeting you sooner." Painting Kyoka's insides white as he gripped her hips and girated his own, he gently pushed her off and beckoned Mei to him who eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist for his cock to penetrate her, keeping her off the ground and fucking her against the wall, listening to her gasps pleading not to stop and begging him to work his lusty magic.

The path of life a support item inventor trod was a cutthroat one, and more often than not it was just her against the world. However she happened upon a comrade, Izuku, someone just as socially incapable for different reasons, primarily due to his lack of confidence (which was remedied quite obviously by a certain snarky purple-haired girl, but he's the more important one in this context) while she toed the borderline of a high-functioning sociopath. That, however, didn't offput him in the slightest. In fact he volunteered to help her throughout the years for the betterment of her babies purely out of goodwill. She appreciated him for it, admired his tenacity and even came to respect him for his ever chugging engine of a brain, pumping out ideas for her to tinker with.

It didn't take long for that to bloom into something else as interactions increased. Something…more. And they both accepted it. Her. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. Those words that only Izuku could make sound like a magic spell no matter how many trillions of times he repeated them. He was the only man that she knew intimately in her life, but she knew he was the one. He became her Muse, her partner in crime, her friend with benefits, her boyfriend, her husband, and now a father to her children and Kyoka's. "Izuku, you're the best miscalculation that's ever happened in my life, and I will always love you. More than my babies."

"Mei, your craziness has saved our lives more times than I care to mention, and I absolutely love you for throwing in the monkey wrenches to make my life a heavenly hell and a hellish heaven. Don't ever stop." Bending her over the bed and ramming his hips against Mei making the impact of flesh on flesh louder and faster, he bit down on her back with a final thrust and sprayed his load all over her insides with a low, hard growl, ceasing his movement only when the surging in his cock did. Izuku laid her out on the bed next to Kyoka as he took a breath.

Common sense, fatigue, soreness and other such hindering senses were shut out by the pure lust that continued to motivate him, driving him to force his cock in their mouths, between their breasts, essentially using them to pleasure himself, but they offered no resistance. In fact they welcomed it. It was beautiful. Amazing. And utterly, utterly frustrating for a certain blonde to not be a part of who had not been touched for the past hour and a half or so.

Izuku heard a tiny whimper from the headboard, from Himiko, beads of blood mixed with saliva dripping from her lips, foaming at the mouth in desperation to get what they got from Izuku. "Oh, yeah….forgot about you."

Her wrists were turning red from pulling against the restraints so much. "IzukuIzukuIzukuIzukuIzuku, please….please…..I want you….." She was on the verge of tears. Izuku could visualize her spirit as a thin sheet of metal, bending, warping, permanently into shape. The shape that he desires.

"Oh, don't you worry. You'll be doing what they did soon enough. Give me a moment." Walking over to the bar, he opened a cabinet and pulled several jars from which he pinched out its contents and mixed together along with zinc pills, two cloves of garlic, some honey and a raw egg. Throwing that into a food processor with a can of Red Bull, he downed the concoction and washed the taste out of his mouth with water. "God that tastes awful. I usually don't use this unless I'm up against at least four ladies, but I'm going to make an exception for you."

Leaping over the bar counter and landing on the bed, Izuku tore the zipties off, licking the red welts on her wrists, lapping up the blood in her mouth, gentle as a lover. Moaning loudly into the kiss, Himiko submitted. "Yes…..please…..Izuku, please….I need you to fuck me right now, please! AH!" She writhed as a fully conscious Kyoka's fingers lightly scratched her G-spot with a feathery touch. The light jolts of pleasure only drove her further to the cliff of insanity. She needed something stronger. Far, far stronger.

"You are not in any position to give my husband any orders. If you want him to do something for you, I need…let's call it a guarantee of compliance. Mei, baby?"

"Way ahead of you." Mei had a choker tangled in her fingers, a simple one made of long interwoven leather cords and a silver charm in the shape of a guitar pick dangling from it. "This may look like a nondescript choker that you can find at any sextoy store, but once it's on it'll never come off, short of decapitating you. Put this on, and he will treat you like a goddess…..periodically. But unless you put it on, willingly…..you get nothing but foreplay from us and a view of what he could do to you. But he will never fuck you. Ever."

"So Himiko? What's it gonna be?"

"Well…..that was a crazy motherfucking turn of events on any wedding anniversary we've had." Izuku mumbled with sleepy eyes, his libido finally quelled. He lay on the center of the bed with Kyoka laying on one arm, Mei on the other, and a very satisfied looking Himiko with her brand new collar curled up into a ball near their feet.

Mei let out a tired chuckle as she turned to the side to face Izuku. "Indeed. That was fun though, right? I mean, you certainly seem pretty okay with it right now compared to several hours ago. And you certainly looked happy fucking her brains out. Happier than her, if that's possible at all."

"Sometimes I hate myself and the kinks that turn me on…..Especially at this age. I'm freaking thirty years old already."

"Hey," Kyoka growled softly as she kissed Izuku on the shoulder, "this is a no kink-shame zone, self infliction included. Besides, Mei and I love you for it. As do a lot of other women that we giftwrap for you. In this case literally. I wouldn't be surprised if she named herself your official side chick at some point."

"That….may raise a couple of problems…..and let's go open that can of worms never." He shuddered at the prospects and the chaos that would ensue if Himiko or anyone were to actually say that.

"Also, you're not thirty already. You're still thirty. There's a difference, get it right."

"Okay, fair enough. Hey, Kyoka, Mei…..are you two happy? Right now?"

"What kind of a question is that?" Kyoka chuckled. Of course she was, it was a no-brainer. Every single moment up to now (including all the times they had sex of course) was nothing short of the apex of happiness. She had nothing to complain about, unless it was meant to be banter.

"Really, that is kind of a dumb question." Mei giggled, lightly pecking his cheek. A reason she knows this marriage would work, no matter how unorthodox was simply due to the fact that they all knew each others' faults and how to cover them in almost every situation. "Humor me. Before I pass out."

"Yes. I'm happy. Call me corny, but first love turned high school sweetheart and now three kids? I'd say I've attained happiness as a person for the most part. I just have to look forward to more."

"I would have to agree. Romance was….not something I really had anywhere near top ten priorities, but now…..I wanna slap myself for even thinking that. And now we have babies. Our babies. So I am most certainly happy as well, thanks to you two. And hero or not, I just know our kids are going to grow up into a bunch of badasses while we go in and out of retirement in our fifties."

"Great. As long…..as you're…..happy…." Izuku's head sank further into the pillow as he began to lightly snore with a smile on his face.

"Sweet dreams, nerd boy." Kyoka and Mei whispered in unison, kissing him and closing their eyes as well.

AAAAAAAAANNNNNNND DONE! Hope the ending was a satisfactory one. I did my best to turn it into a big bang and yet mix a happy ending into it.

I have a couple of half-baked ideas that I might want to work on like an actual story or one-shots (series or otherwise), so I will see you again in those. Again, thank you for sticking with me to the bitter end of this fic. Your support is greatly appreciated.