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"Nabiki what are you doing?" Kasumi asked as she watched her sister roam around her room.

Not even attempting to stop Nabiki continues to move around the room. "Kazuma's coming over he said he had something to talk to me about."

Kasumi's head next question came with a critical tone. "And the outfit?" a blush covered her cheeks at the sight of her sister.

"Just a little fun." the middle child simply said.

If there was one thing you could call Nabiki Tendo it was observant she notice everything that goes on in Nerima. The biggest being her surprising relationship with her "best" friend Kazuma and ordeal he was going through. You see thanks to his numerous duties of work, training, the friends he actually mangered to gain, and the random insanity of this town has caused Kazuma to neglect certain personal issue.

To put it simply Kazuma was horny. Unlike Ranma whose sex drive seemed basically nonexistant, Kazuma didn't have a father who forced them to ignore anything other then martial arts.

And what kind of friend would she be ...if she'd tease the hell out of him.

Rather then her any of her usual outfits Nabiki opted for a bright red tanktop hugging her like a second skin the girl's large DD-cup breasts jutting out showing off a decent amount of it was the same jacket she "borrowed" from Kazuma zipped uo to her torso giving a clear view of her 'assets'. Added to it was a pair of short skirt that was so short that one miss step would expose her baby blue panties that nicely hugged her shapely rear while also displaying her long legs and creamy thighs.

Coming to a halt the middle Tendo turned to her sister. "What's up sis?" her answer came as a blush slowly crept on her older Sister cheeks. "Still thinking about it?" she asked smirk forming on her face.

"Oh my." her blush grew darker as she placed her hands on her cheeks. "Why did I tell her that." Her sister was definitely crafty.


Saved by the knock the eldest sister quickly made her way to the door. Opening the door Kasumi sees her adventurer friend. "Oh hello Kazuma how are you today." the elder said as she moved letting Kazuma in.

"Fine you seen your sister she said she'd help me out with a-WOAH!" walking into the room Kazuma came into the sitting room before seeing Nabiki standing before him smirk on her face with her arms under her bosom making them look even bigger.

Her smirk only growing at the mesmerized look on Kazuma's face.


The sound of the door slamming both braking Kazuma's gaze and regained his focus. "Right uh Nabiki I need to talk to you." He said walking through the house missing the look Kasumi sent him.

"So what's on your mind?" Nabiki asked before drawing his eyes to her chest as she gave it a slight jiggle. "I mean aside from these." Much to her surprise Kazuma's eyes were locked soley on hers though he was clearly struggling with this.

Taking a deep breathe Kazuma began. "You see it started last night."


"WHAT!" was the chorus of shouts that echoed the common room of the apartment complex of his apartment. "YOUR CLOSING THE BUILDING!"

"You can't do that."

"That's not fair."


"Azusa you don't even live here."

"What is he today a member of the yatch club?! "


"QUITE DOWN!" the stern voice of the building owner roared calming the crowd. Now quited the owner sighed in defeat.

"I'm going to repeat one more time. The number of martial artists coming to Nerima has increased greatly since the days, the Tendo's were one of the only practicers around. While martial artists fighting in the street isn't necessarily a bad thing it is when those fights involve blowing up buildings!" he explained shouting the last part. "So it is with a heavy heart that the owner has decided to sell the building to the council, they mentioned tearing it down to make a parking lot hoping it'll draw them there."

"That's not gonna work." Kazuma interupted jumping to his feet. "Those idiots will try to fight anywhere they don't care about collateral damage."

"Well I'm tired of doing repairs everytime something blows up damaging the area around this place. YES Kazuma! They make the owner pay for everything done on, in or around the area they own and I got to fix them. So either they stop fighting or we do this. So unless someone else wants to buy the building themselves then the council gets it and I'm out lookng for a new job!" With that the landlord goes into his pocket drawing a flask downing it's contents.

Flashback End

"And that's what happened." Kazuma said leaning back blowing out a breath in annoyance of the situation.

"So you need a solution to this huh?" Nabiki asked rubbing her chin thoughts of teasing were immediately out the window as the prospect of making money quickly started forming in her mind.

To her surprise Kazuma shook his head as a smirk now covered his face. "No way I just need you to keep those idiots in one spot." Kazuma spoke as he rubbed his chin in thought. "I mean I'd rather just tie them up and leave them in a ditch somewhere.." at this Kasumi looked subdued.

"But I guess talking to them works to." Kazuma quickly added noticing the look.

"Oh my." Kasumi said actually impressed that someone was trying to use their words rather then their fist.

"FWEET!" Nabiki whistle just as surprised as her sister.

"So Nabiki think you can get those guys somewhere?"

As this went on arguing could be heard.

"Uncute Tomboy!"

Ranma and Akane shouted at each other as they descended the stairs catching the sight of the conversing trio.

"What are you doing here?" Ranma growled out glaring daggers at his rival.

"Nabiki what are you wearing?!" Akane asked as she caught sight of the erotically dressed middle Tendo.

Shrugging her shoulders. "Huh just felt like a change was in order." With that Nabiki got up walked over to Ranma as she leaned forward crossing her arms under her chest making them appear bigger. "What do you think Ranma?" she asked seductively.

"Ranma no Baka!" Before Ranma could retort he took to the sky via the SS Akane. With a huff Akane stomp away.

Nabiki smirked as she turned to Kazuma. "Yeah I think I got a plan."


"Well that went about as well as you'd think." Nabiki said with a smirk as the day before she convinced every high leveled Martial Artist in Nerima. This ended as one would except as the moment those idiots all wound up in one room words were quickly ignored as tempers escalated to the point were the room they were in was quickly destroyed as the idiots turned the meeting in a free for all. "Oh well."

With a shrug Nabiki continued on her mary way. "I just wish I coud have gotten an later time to practice tennis."

Unbeknown to the Middle Tendo walking that same street that morning was a relatively handsome young man no older then 17 of medium height with dark, shaggy hair, and dark eyes, which are rather thin and lazy-looking. He seems to have a modest athletic build as he was wearing tennis gear with a gym bag over his shoulder.

"Ah what a great day for practice, my last backhand curved at just the right angle." the youth cheered for himself as he pumped his fist in pride.

Any other thoughts froze as he caught a glimpse of the vision of beauty that walked across from him. What struck him the hardest wasn't her face or body it was the racket case on her shoulder a fellow tennis player.

"This must be fate. I...I must have her I am the King the Tennis and soon I'll make her my Queen." With the decision in mind the tennis player walked over to the unspecting girl ready to make her his.

"I wonder what Kasumi is making for breakfast?" Nabiki asked herself only to freeze at the feeling of being followed. Turning around Nabiki had to look-up at the slightly taller male standing before her. Raising a brow. "Can I help you?"

Much to her surprise the male grabbed Nabiki by the hand taking a knee. "My name is Kenta Fuji. Be my bride." he said with much enthusiasm smirking at the girl a twinkle appeared on his teeth.

"Nope." she quickly walked around him heading home. Don't get her wrong he was cute and probably would have been fun to 'date' but it would most likely not be nearliy...

Coming to a stop she pulled an about face. "Actually on second thought let's do it."

While at first Kenta was going to retort trying to plead his case he was shocked when his future Queen turned back on him with one finger up.

"If you want to claim my heart you must do one thing."

A fire burned in Kenta's eyes as he grabbed pulled his tennis racket from his bag raising to the sky like a sword. "What is it! Tell me what I must do to claim your heart for my own."

Nabiki could only smirk at the sight before her.


Nabiki could only frown at the sight before her. "What do you mean you won't do it?!" Nabiki shouted at her 'best' friend as Kazuma continued to walk down the street.

"Nabiki you've known me long enough to know that I'm way past the point of caring about half the insane nutjobs that roam this town. So why try to involve me in it?" he asked as he stopped at an ice cream stand.

Placing her order. "It was easier then telling him no." She said quickly eatting her frozen treat. "Or would you prefer I spend the next week dealing with a problem. Is that what you want me to inconvenience myself for that long, some friend you are." she finished with a huff only to order a second ice cream. "Shame on you."

"Yes I'm a monster." Kazuma deadpanned as he finished his treat. "So what you gonna do about this?" he asked emphasizing the you.

Before Nabiki could say anything a youth garbbed tennis gear ran between the two drawing his racket pointing it menacingly at Kazuma.

"So your the one I must defeat to gain the love of my Queen."

Hearing this Kazuma turned to Nabiki who had the decency to at least look embarrassed. "Queen?"

"Yes I Kenta Fuji am the mightest Tennis Player in all of Japan and on my way to the World Circuit so I have been dubbed the King of Tennis and what kind of King would I be without a Queen by my side." He said with pride missing the sarcasm.

Seeing this Kazuma looked to Nabiki who gave a cheeky smile behind the tennis players back. "Nabs you gonna tell him the truth or what?" he deadpanned.

"Nabs?" Having seen the woman he has romantic feel for interacting with a member of the opposite sex in a completely innocent way Kenta has a perfectly reasonable reaction.

"You can't talk to a first round pick like Nabiki, I bet you can't even return a buggy whip with some topspin so stay away from my Tennis Queen!"(1)

"WHAT THE FUCK!" was the collective thoughts of everyone in the area.

Sneaking around the man Kazuma leaned close to Nabiki. "I think Kenta might be an insane person." he whispered getting a subtle nod in return from the bobcut girl.

"Well good luck with that." Kazuma said again this going over Kenta's head as he grinned with pride. "Kay Nabs catch you later." He said as he began walking away he was stopped as a hand gripped the back of his hood.

"Where do you think your going, my queen has made it perfectly clear the only way to gain her love I must defeat the strongest person she knows."

"So I Kenta Fuji challenge you to Martial Artist Tennis." Kenta challenged as a fiery aura surrounded him as he glared at the younger man.

"Martial Arts Tennis that's a thing?" Kazuma asked not expecting such a ridiculous thing. "Not happening." he slapped the athlete's hand away.

"No I'm not dealing with this so I'm outta here, talk to you later Nabs." faster then the eye could see Kazuma jumped to the rooftops and away.

Turning his head Kenta hoped to see a smile that covered his Queen's face only to be disappointed at the head shake she gave. This act made him drop to his knees in despair.

"Don't give me that look, you know the deal you win I'm yours." she responded shoulders shrugging as she spoke.

Kenta started to glow with new found conviction this was from over.


"I Strike!" Kuno shouted swinging his sword forcing Kazuma to backflip landing on the rail of the empty lot. He quickly jumped over another sword slash kicking his foot out blocking another swing.

Ducking under an slash he runs forward getting in his guard tossing the swordsman over gis shoulder. Righting himself in the air Kuno landed, eyeing his opponet his sword at the ready.

Jumping back Kazuma planted one of his feet in front of the other into the ground.

"I CHALLENGE YOU!" a voice shouted as a green object blasted past Kazuma's head into the ground. Before anyone could react the object revealed be a ball bounced off the floor backwards blasting Kazuma in the face.

Jumping on one of te rails was none other then Kenta racket pointed at Kazuma. "Kazuma I chal...AH!" he didn't get the chance to finish as Kazuma sent a ball of chi blasting him away.

"So" Kazuma got back in his stance. "ready to go?"


"Martial Arts Tennis that's a thing?" The amazons asked. When Kazuma went to work the next day he relayed the day prior only to be met with confused looks from the staff of the Neko.

Kazuma stopped cleaning off one of the tables to turn to the group arms raised high. "That's what I said!" Releasing the breathe Kazuma walked over to another table picking up some empty plates. "That's what he said challenging me to something involving that but I wasn't concerned so I left."

"Well rookie its best you prepare yourself becuase in Nerima it's not over until somebody fights." Cologne said already planning the food stand for the inevitable.


The matriarch who simply smirked in response. "You needed a nickname and Sonny Boy was taken."

Rolling his eyes in annoyance at the giggling going on behind him. "So what should I do?"

Rubbing her chin in thought Cologne could only find one solution. "In my many years as a martial artist there have been a number of times something of this nature has occurred and I've learned one thing..."
"BAM!" Just as she was about to release this game changing information something burst from the entrance drawing eyes to the figure being none other then the residental Tennis Star looking a little more worse for wear.

Seconds later Nabiki trailed behind him, she gave a small wave before taking a seat at one of the stools.

"You!" he point aggressively at Kazuma as he stormed into the resturant racket in hand. "I finally found you!"

Kazuma gave him a deadpan stare. "Wow you managed to find a guy with a job at work." with another roll of his eyes Kazuma return back to work.

Seeing this Kenta saw red. "Don't ignore me!" Going into his pocket reaches revealing...a tennis ball throwing it into the air Kenta jumps along with it the Tennis Ace spikes past Kazuma's ear into the ground. Before anyone could react the ball bounced off the floor backwards blasting Kazuma in the face.

Laying on his back Kazuma looks up at his purple haired friend. "Shampoo." he called get the amazon girls attention.

"Did I just get hit in face?"

"Uh huh."

"With a tennis ball?!"


Smacking his lips at the confirmation. "Good to hear." he quickly jumped to his feet as he turn to the Tennis Ace. As if by magic Kazuma all but teleported into Kenta's guard before driving a punch right into his stomach.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH!" everyone winced at the act all holding their stomachs.

Kenta fell toward the ground to stop half way as Kazuma grabbed by the front of his shirt giving him a death glare.

"What! Do! You! WANT?!" Kazuma spoke, each word an underline threat.

Taking a deep breath to steady his nerves Kenta looked at his now enemy. "I Kenta Fuji challenge you the winner becomes Nabiki's fiance." He challenged only to yelp as Kazuma pushed him into a chair... on the other side of the room.

Despite being on the other side of the room Kazuma locked eyes with Kenta glaring at him not a word was spoken. He walks over to where the tennis ball layed picking it up tossing it up and down. After what felt like hours Kazuma finally spoke.

"Fine you want a fight... As the ball landed back in his hand Kazuma threw the ball across the room embedding it in the wall an inch away from Kenta's head. ...you got one."


Days Later

When word got out about a martial arts challenge the usual crowd couldn't help but swarm to the event. When they heard it wasn't Ranma but Kazuma people were even more excited at the prospect of seeing how this new fighter deals with his first Nerima challenge. Currently everyone had gathered around of all things a regulation tennis court chalk lines, net and even a referee sitting in a high chair. At the half way point of the court was Nabiki sitting on a throne of sorts.

One of the spectators in front of everyone is Ranma hoping to see if Kazuma used any pure chi. But before that Ranma couldn't help but whistle at the sight before him. "Wow for the first time it's not me in one of these stupid challenges." Ranma casually said arms folded behind his head.

"I know it's weird." Walking up beside him was other then his father the Panda holding a sign.

"Will you get some hot water if your going to be here." Glaring at his animal parent. "I swear one day a poacher is going to hunt you for sport." he muttered so only his dad could hear him.

Response Genma held up another sign one that explained his entire thought process.

"They can try." as if by magic Genma without moving a muscle slid backwards merging with the crowd much to Ranma's shock.

As this was going on Kazuma sat on a chair on one end of the Tennis court standing behind him was a stern looking Kuno.

"Thanks for being my corner man Kuno. I don't know a thing about tennis and since your rich I figured you could give me advice." Kazuma explained as he eyed the youth across from him smacking a ball against a wall with his racket.

"No thanks are necessary my young companion for granting me strength that only furthers my own impressive might I Tatewaki Kuno shall aid you in your plight. Kenta Fuji a rather arrogant welp always believing himself to be better then thou is." Kuno explained missing the look everyone gave him.

RRRRRRRIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG! as they continued to talk a ring echoed throughout the area signaling the match.

Getting to his feet Kazuma did a few quick streches. "Well wish me luck." he ran off the field his own racket in hand.

"GOOOOO KAZU-K OH ELOISE! " Azusa cheered only to be distracted at the sight of Kenta's racket, as she and a disgruntled Chiot were dressed as cheerleaders.

Seeing the match about to start the Ref rose to his feet. "Everyone the rules of Martial Arts Tennis are simple both combatants are to stand on their side of the line. The objective is for each combatant to either score a point, make the opponet miss a serve, hit the foul line or knock the other down. You may use as many balls or any object you desire." the ref explained as the two nodded in understanding. "First to get a set wins."


"Since your new to this I'll first this off easy." Smirking wickedly at his opponent Kenta threw the first ball into the air as he took to the sky. With all his might Kenta slammed his racket into the ball sending it rocketing away from his opponent.

Kenta could see it now a flabbergasted Kazuma staring in shock as the ball zipped past his head. Struck with fear Kazuma would drop the racket bow to him in fear before admitting defeat running away.


Kazuma leaned slightly to the left and with a light smack the ball bounced back over the net landing on Kenta's side.

"FWEET! Point Kazuma." the ref said flatly with a blow of his whistle. "15 Love."


No said anything not even a cricket chirp.

Kenta's face was placed in shock as his head went down obscuring his face vision from the rest of the world. He replayed the serve in his mind his form was immaculate, power was precise and aim pinpoint. Everything was perfect so how could his serve be blocked, even more so that he actually got the first point.

"It has to be a trick a fluke yeah that's it there's no way someone who apparently didn't even know a thing about tennis could actually score much less get the first point." Kenta thought angerily.

"So is it my turn?" Kazuma asked missing the aces thought process. To him the ball was moving in slow motion in fact he simply thought Kenta was holding back as an act of intimidation. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth Kazuma intended to take advantage of that confidence.

However the ref shook his head before pointing to a still distracted Kenta. "I'm sorry but in Martial Arts Tennis the one opponent who doesn't scores serves.

Shrugging his shoulders Kazuma waited as Kenta remained quite. "AAAAAHHHHH!" Kenta screamed in anger head shot up with a look of pure fury now on his face.

Kenta just like last time threw the ball into the air as he jumped to the air.

"Triple Shot!" he shouted the moment the the racket hit the ball it rocketed to Kazuma only for the ball to split into three identical balls.

"Thud!" "Thud!" "Thud!"

And just like the first serve Kazuma bounced them all back remerging as they flew over the net.

"FWEET! Point Kazuma! 30 Love."

"That's it play times over it's time you see the power of Martial Arts Tennis! You see why those around fear the name Kenta Fuji!" Kenta roared to the heavens no more playing around time show this upstart whose really in charge.

10 Minutes Later

"FWEET!" Kazuma wins!" the ref deadpanned not sure what he saw. Kazuma just looked bored not really invested at all in the event.

"GO KAZU-KUN!" Azuza jumped around cheering happy for his victory.

15 minutes that's was how long it took, every spike, trick shot or finishing move Kazuma slapped back like it was nothing. A sweating panting Kenta glared at the younger man who looked just as calm as he started talking to that Kuno guy as a girl dressed as a cheerleader holding a clearly irritated thing sat on.

"How?!" he loudly asked getting his competitor attention. "I've trained from dawn till dusk honing my skills to stand at the top of the tennis world. So how is some wondering martial artist able to match me in skill?!"

Kazuma looked between his group of friends before throwing his racket into the air before balancing it on his finger. "I think you answered your own question." Kazuma countered, he then pointed to Kenta. "Best in Japan at only one thing." he then pointed to himself.

"Traveled the world and became amazing at multiple simliar but still different things. So my stats overcome your experience." Kazuma simply explained

With that Kazuma placed his racket down and started to walk away only for a hand gripping his shoulder. Turning around Kazuma was about to confront the person only for a pair of lips to press against his. After a few seconds and a little tongue a light pop serperated the two allowing Kazuma to finally get a look his serial kisser.

Kazuma's eyes bludged out as a familair brunette came into view.


"Hello to you to Darling." Nabiki said cheeky smile plastered on her face.

"Darling?!" everyone said together.

"My Tennis Queen why?" Kenta said tears already flowing.

"What do you want from me, Shrugging nonchalantly Nabiki pressed herself close to Kazuma. "The agreement was the winner becomes Nabiki's fiance. So time to honor the bet." she turned to Kazuma. "And know that I want a ring big enough to give me back problems."

Kazuma shook his head no. "That ain't happening."

Nabiki leaned in for another kiss only to catch air as Kazuma was already in the arms of an outraged Soun.

Soun quickly shoved Kazuma away as he struck a stance. Kazuma eyed the man before him as he said what everyone was thing.

"Are you sure about this?"

Soun's head hung low face covered by his hair. "Young man I've been have very patient with you until now." everyone sweat dropped at the claim. "But that changed the moment I saw your actions toward my little girl!" he growled in anger.

Kazuma looked Soun up and down. "Did you miss the fact she kissed me?"

Soun was to far gone to care as he lunged at Kazuma throw a barage of punches and kicks Kazuma easily weavd through before punching him in the gut knocking the breathe and a little bile out a him.

Soun hit the ground hard, laying there Soun could only see Kazuma shaking his head in shame before darkness overcame him.

"Well that was anticlimactic." Kazuma said as a pair of arms wrapped around his arm.

"Nice work... Darling." Nabiki whispered in the adventurers ear as she made sure to sandwich his arm between her breasts. Before he could responsed his other arm was being pulled.

Looking down Kazuma flinched at the pout covering Azusa's face who at some point had Kenta's racket strapped to her back. "Azusa I.." he didn't the chance to finish as Azusa pulled his arm down while jumping giving her enough lift to latch herself on his shoulder as she leaned in catching him in a kiss herself.


"Huh.." Cologne watch the last few minutes as she rubbed her chin. "She really does like him." the matriarch watched as her new employee was surrounded between a smirking Nabiki and pouting Azusa.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

Smirking as she looked to a certain purplette. "Sure you don't want to go over there. Might be your chance to stake your claim."

"No." the amazon spat a little to quickly.

Shampoo pouted at the accusation the nerve of her Great Grandmother to think she would do that. Sure she admitted that she liked Kazuma a lit.. okay a lot more then anyone else in Nerima and yes they have fun together, there's a clear attraction between the two and there was the kiss but. What was she talking about oh right they were only friends and nothing more.

But as she watched Nabiki playfully pull on Kazuma's arm kissing his cheek as Azusa did the same, she couldn't help but feel a familiar feeling in her chest.

Elsewhere Dusk

On the outskirts of Nerima a cloaked figure kneed on the ground as a finger was placed on the ground. Moments later they rose before walking back to their campsite ready to venture into the city preparing to deal with a certain adventurer.

Author's Notes

Yes this was a Nabiki chapter. And yes this

(1) YuGiOh GX- ep 15

I always found it weird that Ranma never just used his natural speed, strength and martial arts abilities to simply outmaneuver all the very specific martial arts that exist in that world.