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Burden of Pain

He'd been here for a week, in this unknown dimension within the city everyone around him called New York. He could still remember awakening here like it was yesterday, he remembered how he climbed out of the garbage bags he was lying in, brushing his pale black hair to free any trash stuck in it, and stumbled towards the exit of the alley he'd awakened in. He remembered walking out into the open and seeing the amount of people through his dark grey eyes, coming to the shocking realization that he was missing the massive two hundred-pound gauntlets and his thick baggy clothing that kept him from hurting people without proper cause, leaving him in a plain black shirt and grey sweat pants revealing his lightly-tanned skin that was covered in scars. All of this came with the sudden urge to hide away from the people walking by in fear of hurting them, however he never got the chance as someone brushed up against him.

The reaction was instant, the man who brushed by suddenly let loose a blood curdling scream as he collapsed to the ground seemingly trying to hold every part of his body before he went both silent and still. Then came the screams, oh the terrified screams that haunted him for the first two sleepless nights as he thought about the man's family and the grief he'd inadvertently caused them.

After that first incident he figured he'd stick to the shadows and only move at night, when everything was silent, and few people walked the streets. He, however, learned quickly that even the night wasn't safe to move during as the first night he tried he was attacked by several black hounds. The hounds attacked him on first sight and met the same end the man from before did as they howled in pain before exploding into a fine golden sand. He would later figure out that these creatures were Hellhounds and, that for whatever reason, nobody else seemed to notice them.

So here he was, on a beautiful Friday after-noon sitting against an alley wall as he stared at his hands in absolute loathing as he hugged the warm pelts left behind by the Hellhounds closer to his body. With a sigh he leaned backwards as he pressed himself further against the brick wall he lay against, only to jump at the sound of a can being kicked over.

Stumbling to his feet he walked towards the sounds origin to find a woman that reminded him of both a librarian and a teacher with brown hair and grey eyes starring at him, seeming to try and dissect him without spilling his guts and solve some big problem that has been on her mind for a while. He froze when she looked him directly in the eyes as he could feel the amount of power she held from gaze alone.

"How did you do it?" She asked with a stern tone as she looked him over before continuing "you carry no weapons of celestial bronze, yet you've killed several Hellhounds."

He froze when the hounds were mentioned "You can see them?" he said as he let the pelts fall to the floor and started edging into his personal fighting stance "are you another of those creatures?" he continued as he flexed his hands only to freeze as the feeling of power coming from the woman became more powerful. "Crap, you're a god" he said before leaping backwards to avoid the spear point aimed for his gut.

The woman grimaced "How did you know, I'm using the bare minimum power I can without attracting the other gods and monsters, so how?" the goddess asked with an even voice as she stabbed at him again while looking him up and down expecting him to pull a weapon.

He barely avoided the stab before reaching out and hitting her arm and just like that, a gurgled scream erupted from the goddess as she backed away with stumbling steps. After a moment she stopped screaming and took several deep breaths to regain her normal breathing while staring at him with wide eyes as she seemed to have found her answer.

The goddess's breathing finally evened out as she let the spear disappear before scanning over him again. "So you don't use a weapon because you don't need it" she started as she started to walk in a small circle around him "Instead you use some sort of ability that targets the nerves and brain to simulate pain without causing physical damage to the body isn't that right" she finished causing him to stand up straight and look towards her.

"You're the goddess Athena aren't you" He stated simply as he watched he pause for a second, seemingly trying to think on how to answer his question. He, however, didn't give her the chance to answer before continuing "It would explain how you figured it out so quickly, but tell me, do you know how I killed the Hellhounds then?" he questioned to see if she had him fully figured out.

She looked down and seemed to go into deep thought for before looking back up with a look of realization. "The amount of pain delivered to the body causes it to completely shut down and go into circulatory shock, but that doesn't explain why the Hellhounds died so quickly" Athena said as she seemed to sink back into thought before suddenly widening her eyes. "The amount of pain put so much stress on the brain that it ruptured from trying to process it all" she said with a horrified look.

He gave short laugh "as you can see the ability of mine is both a blessing and a curse, one that I have little to no control of" He said with a small somewhat sad smile before grinning happily. "Only time I can truly act like myself and not this depressed mess is when I have something keeping my ability from killing others" he mentioned over he shoulder as he turned to walk away after picking up the Hellhound pelts and wrapping them back around his body with a small shrug.

Athena stared at the back of the teen walking away from her with mild interest before disappearing in a flash of light leaving him to whatever he was going to do.

(A Few Hours Later)

Walking along the streets of New York with the pelts wrapped around his body, in an attempt, to lessen his abilities affects, he gave a small sigh as he looked towards the empire state building feeling the power that seemed to radiate from it. "If gods exist then demigods might just be a thing and with the monsters running around, I'm guessing they tend to end up dead before adulthood due to their growing power" he said aloud to himself before looking down at his hands with a small smile. "Perhaps I can do some good in this world" He said happily before starting to walk again.

Let it be known, that a protector of demigods was born that day and pity should be given to the monsters that met him, as for the name he gave to those he saved…it was Grave.

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