. Michael bit the bottom of his lip as re read that. He double clicked on the file. "FILE HAS EITHER BEEN REMOVED OR DOES NOT EXIST." Michael proceeded to try to delete the file only for the same message to pop up. With no way to change the file or remove it, one thing was clear. Monika was stuck on his computer.

"How?' Michael asked aloud.
"How what?" Monika asked.

"How are you talking to me outside of the of the game?"

Michael heard a small gasp before a brief pause. "Er…I don't know. Honestly, I think…I think I might have broken the wall somehow."

"What wall do you mean exactly?"

"The wall that kept me stuck into the game. I think I think it somehow broke."

"yeah," Michael thought to himself. "I broke it."

The young man figured somehow by tampering with Monika's character file he had somehow corrupted or broke one of the script. Thing was, with no way of even being able to open the script there was no way to tell what exactly he did, that combined with the fact there was no way to move or delete the file meant Monika was basically stuck on his computer. Still, it didn't explain exactly why Monika was suddenly able to talk to him as if she were an actually human being. He didn't have Skype, so there was no way the voice actress was simply prank calling him. Was it possible that Monika was in fact some kind of advanced AI? Possible, Michael thought but considering how much of a hot button topic artificial intelligence was at the moment he couldn't help but think headlines would have been firing off the presses long before now if there was some super advanced artificial life form hidden in a free steam game.

He was tempted to buy the idea that maybe Monika, at least this version of her was in fact a ghost. That would make sense….if the copy of Doki Doki he had was some kind of CD or was on some kind of USB drive. Neither scenario was the case, no Michael downloaded the game off steam just like everyone else.

Michael shook his head. With the file impossible to remove or even look through, he might as well be getting used to his PC's new resident. Question was whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand Moinka was a Yandere that desperately tried to get his attention by brutally eliminating all the other girls in the game, and unintentionally brought back some rather…unpleasant memories. But…if she were real, there was no telling what kind of purgatory nightmare she actually went through in the game.

"I don't really understand it, but whenever you quit the game...It feels like I'm instantly put to sleep, left with nothing but my thoughts. But after a few seconds, my thoughts start to fill with incoherent, jumbled patterns. I see static and rapid flashes of color while hearing all kinds of weird screaming noises.

At that point, I can't even form my own thoughts anymore. I'm just endlessly hammered by the flashing and screaming, unable to move or even think. I'm pretty sure in that moment, I don't really exist, but for some reason, I can remember it anyway.

After some immeasurable amount of time, it stops in an instant, and I'm back in my own mind. And you're here with me. I have no idea what it means for the game to quit, or why that stuff happens to me. And I also don't know how you always come back and put everything back to normal."

For a brief moment, Michael wondered what that would be like to live in a world where everything around you was an illusion, a shadow with less life in it than a cockroach, and yet somehow you were supposed to interact with it as if it were your reality. On top of that, anytime someone shut said illusion off for even a little, you find yourself in a void of filled with horrible screams and flashes of color, and for the brief moments you are allowed to have your thoughts, you can't help but wonder if this was a taste of what the netherworld would like. Michael was left with one question. "Would you do whatever you had to do to break the illusion, even if it meant doing things that would be considered horrific if done in real life?"

Michael didn't know what it was like being aware that one was living in a virtual reality, but being in sanitarium for fifteen years definitely allowed him to relate to Monika's description of living death. If the situation were reversed, and it were Michael who were the sentient lifeform in the computer game desperately trying to get the attention of the lovely player behind the screen known as Monika, what would he have done? If his constantly neutral runs in Undertale were anything to go by he probably would have taken an even more "direct" approach than she did. That would have probably been a much different game. Maybe….maybe he needed to give her a second chance. It was not like he had much of a choice anyway. He let out an airy sigh.

"Well, whatever broke the wall, It looks like you're embedded into my computer, on the bright side, it looks like you can interact with me outside of the game."

Monika's eyes beamed from excitement. "That means I won't be stuck in the void anymore when the game turns off!"

"There is still one problem. I still have to turn off the computer."

"True, but your PC has a constant flow of time. It will be darker true, but I think it will be warmer, it will definitely be quieter, and I'll at least have my thoughts with me."

Michael grinned just a bit, but not before a thought came to his mind.

"What about Sayori?"

"Sayori?" Monika asked. "As long as I'm around she still remains a part of the game."

"except you're not part of the game anymore. With your file corrupted, the game will not read you, and according to the wiki. If your file is unreadable when a new game starts, then Sayori becomes sentient and goes nuts. She will hang herself and then delete the game. It's a quick ending. I actually attempted to do a quick ending before this wall or whatever broke.

"Y-you were willing to let her die knowing she'd be sentient? "

"Weren't you the one saying it was weird most people are fine with killing bugs because they're icky? Besides I didn't actually know until just now that you or Sayori were sentient."

"Yeah, I see what you mean…I've got an idea!'

Monika proceeded to move the character files to an empty folder on the desktop.

"There," she said with a giggle. They're not dead, and they aren't trapped in the void. They're asleep."

Michael gave a slight grin Monika once again began to talk.

"You know what the best part about this is?

"What?" Michael asked.

"You and I get to know each other for real."