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Weeks Notice

Author: Gundamgurl84

Chapter 1:

      Ray's of sun shone through her windows as she brushed the last snarls out of her golden hair. She was dressed nicely in a blue business suit and white blouse, letting her hair stay down today, curling so gently at the bottom by her shoulders. Her azure eyes were bright today, though you could hardly tell it by the pained expression on her face. Her skin was pale and sweat drops were apparent on her brow.

      She placed her brush back on her dresser and closing her eyes took a few deep breaths. She sat there silently, regaining her composure and steadying her racing heart. She let it get a hold of her at night and in the mornings while she was alone because it just wouldn't do to have a coughing fit suddenly in the middle of a heated discussion. But it was getting harder to get control of it.

      A soft knock on her door brought her back to the moment and she opened her eyes. It opened a crack and Quatre's soft voice floated through. "Ms. Relena?"

      She gave a soft smile and put on the invisible mask that she wore everyday then said, "Yes, Quatre?"

      The tall, light blonde young man finished opening the door and walked in. He looked like just a boy but his blue eyes were mature even for a 20-year-old. "Miss Relena, the limo's here to pick you up. Are you ready?"

      She closed her eyes and sighed. Then she nodded at Quatre saying, "Let's go." She got up and followed him through the Peacecraft mansion to the front driveway where the limo was waiting to take her to the meeting place where delegates from the different states of earth were meeting to finish talks on some of the energy problems.

      Noin was already in the limo looking over papers while waiting for Relena. She smiled at two of the most important political figures today, who were also the youngest, as they both got into the limo. As the limo began to move she handed Relena some of the papers she had been looking at. The young girl smiled sweetly and began to examine them.

      It was amazing how alike Relena and Quatre were. They were both huge figures with an intense amount of pressure on them yet they were so upbeat and happy all the time. Even Noin felt like she wanted to cave sometimes. How is it that these two people, so much younger then she, could stand more pressure and seem happier for it?

      She smiled and shook the thoughts from her head. She knew, at least in Relena's case, that it was mostly the mask she wore to assure everyone that she was all right. Relena never showed off her true feelings. Sometimes Noin wasn't even too sure that Relena did feel anything. She could make her eyes sparkle with every sweet smile but if you spent enough time with her and stared her hard enough in the eye you could see that her smile never truly reached her eyes. But Duo could occasionally get a true smile and a real laugh out of the princess when he visited. But his visits were becoming less often and her true smiles when he came were becoming very few and too far in-between. She was always so concerned for everyone else and making them happy that if Noin and Quatre didn't bother her about it then she would neglect to eat or drink or even to sleep.

      Quatre, on the other hand, was much more open with his true feelings. He was a naturally happy person with an endless supply of patience. Whenever Milliardo couldn't be around he was there to be another brother to her. He was Relena's best friend and ally and her personal adviser who could take over her job any day that she needed some rest. Not that she ever did rest.

      Noins thoughts were interrupted when Quatre turned from the window to pose a question. "Do you think that Russia's cooled down yet? I thought that he was about to start a full out brawl with Finland yesterday, he was getting so angry." He started to laugh as he remembered it.

      Relena looked up with a smile and said, "I certainly hope so. All his yelling was giving even me headache and I'm used to it."

      "If it hadn't been for you, Ms. Relena, he probably would have started fighting." Noin put in.

      Relena chuckled as Quatre continued to laugh at the thought of the delegate from Russia yelling, purple faced, in the face of the usually calm delegate from Finland. No, Noin thought. She's not really laughing.


      It was late evening and Relena was sitting in her office in the Peacecraft mansion staring out of her windows. There was a mixture of purples, reds, blues and faint oranges as the sun set on the earth she loved so much. Her tall glass windows faced the east where there was a courtyard. She loved to watch the sunset from up on her balcony as the final rays of sun turned the jets of water in the water fountains to blood red rubies and other gems. But the meeting with the delegates today had taken a lot out of her and she watched this sunset sitting.

      She heard the door open behind her but didn't turn yet. Her mask had begun to slip and she needed a moment to don it again.

      "Ms. Relena, am I disturbing you?" came Quatre's soft question.

      She turned and said, "Oh! No, not at all. I didn't hear you come in, Quatre. Is there something you need?"

      He smiled at the girl he saw as his little sister, even though they were the same age, and said, "I just thought you'd like to know your brother's returned and should be coming in to see you soon."

      She smiled, "Thank you Quatre. Tell him he can just come in." He nodded but still stood there as she began to look over some of the papers that had scattered themselves across her desk. She looked up again. "Is there something else?"

      He seemed fidgety now and looked to be considering something. "Well I… I just thought that…" He bit his lip.

      "Is there something wrong? Are you all right, Quatre?"

      "Oh no! I'm fine." He said with a smile. "But…" His face fell a bit. "I just thought you'd like to know that Heero's back in town again."

      Her composure fell at the mention of that name. She was excited and happy that she may get a chance to see him again but she was also scared. Why is he here? What is he doing here? What if he's just on another one of his missions, if he still gets those? He probably doesn't want to see me at all. It's been three years since he left without a word. Is he even still the same?

      "Miss Relena?" She looked up with a smile, regaining her composure.

      "Thank you, Quatre. I'm fine. Don't worry." He nodded morosely and walked out, understanding her unspoken wish to be left alone.

       She stood from her seat and walked onto the balcony for a little air. Suddenly her huge office seemed like a confining, suffocating cage. How is it that the mere mention of his name does this to her? Whatever he's doing here he won't be here for long. "Just don't get your hopes up Relena" she told herself. If he did come all he'd do was leave again. He never stayed. She could feel tears threatening her eyes. Why did he have to come back now when she was feeling so weak? She hated feeling weak.

      "Relena?" She spun around startled. She had forgotten about Milliardo. But at least my tears are gone.

      She made herself smile as her brother walked towards the balcony. He was very tall with long blonde hair and bangs that fell into his face. His hair was lighter then hers, and longer, but they both had the same azure blue eyes that sparkled with each smile.

      "Milliardo" She said and ran into his arms. "I've missed you so much, Milli!" She stated into his chest. He always made her feel so wonderfully safe and warm that a few tears from before slipped down her face.

      When they pulled away from the embrace he said, "I've missed you too, Lena." and then wiped away her tears with his thumb. Every time I look at her she looks more and more like mom.

      "How did it go? Did you get them to sign?" she asked getting down to business and heading back inside.

      He sighed and slid comfortably into one of the chairs in front of her desk. "Yes, they did sign after days of arguing. They won't be attacking the L9 anymore as long as L9 keeps from trying to piss them off." He chuckled in an exhausted manner.

      Relena was relieved that she wouldn't have to be going back up there anymore. She did enjoy the colony L9 but after the hundredth trip or so she got a bit tired of it. He looks the way I feel. He's good at doing that. "Well that's good."

      "And how did it go for you? I heard that they had to call you into that energy crisis meeting because some of the delegates were getting a bit too angry."

      "Yes they did. It was a nightmare! I can't even tell you." She leaned back in her chair. "Russia was complaining that the European states were withholding resources and when good old Finland went to defend them a fight nearly broke out and I had to warn them both to keep their tempers under control. Why is it that men are always losing they're tempers?"

      Her brother started to shrug then seemed to realize that she was speaking generally and he sat up with a sharp, "Hey!"

      "You do it too, you know, so don't you 'hey' me!" She couldn't help but smile as she scolded her indignant brother. He was about to speak when she said, "You're obviously tired from your trip so why don't you go see Noin and then get to bed."

      He sighed in an exasperated manner then said, "Yea, I guess your right. I'll see ya Lena."

      "Goodnight. And I may need you tomorrow so make sure you don't stay up all night with Noin."

      As he was walking out he turned and gave her a scowl and said, "That's enough out of you, missy." then left while she laughed.

      But as soon as the door shut behind him her laugh died and so did the mirth in her eyes. Her face fell as her thoughts wandered back to Heero. She headed out onto the balcony and stared at the sky, watching the stars come out. Her attention was drawn towards the right of the balcony as the sound of a motorcycle floated up to her ears. She went over to the right side of the balcony but couldn't see around the corner to the front of the mansion.

      She sighed and looked back up to the stars. Concentrating on one she began to chant softly the words little children often said to the stars. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight. I wish that Heero would come back to me but his time don't let him leave me." Her wishing star twinkled at her at her as she finished her wish.


      Heero pulled up in front of the Peacecraft mansion on his bike. When he came to a stop a flicked open his visor and gave it a skeptical look. Why had Wufei called him here? He got off his bike and walked in. How was he even supposed to find him? This place was huge! And she's here. He shrugged off his thoughts and began to walk around. But he didn't have to go far.

      "Heero!" he turned at the sound of his name to see Quatre walking up to him. The blonde youth was out of breath but still smiling. "I'm so glad you came. Wufei was worried you wouldn't."

      He shrugged nonchalantly. "What is this important thing that he was talking about?"

      "You'll find out soon enough." Quatre replied.

      He became angry that he refused to tell him but soon dismissed it. The sooner I get out of here the better. They walked down countless hallways and went up and down so many stairways that Heero became thoroughly lost. Finally they stopped in front of a black door and Quatre poked his head in.

      "Wufei? Heero's here."

      He distinctly heard Wufei's gruff voice, "Good."

      Quatre opened the door the rest of the way and stepped aside for Heero to go in first. But as soon as they were both in the door was shut behind them. It took a moment for Heero's eyes to adjust but he soon saw he was in Wufei's bedroom. At the far side of the room there was a pair of glass doors that opened onto a small balcony. On the right side of the room was a bed with a small bedside table next to it. On the left was a desk where Wufei sat in front of a computer with papers scattered all over. The only light in the room came from the computer, illuminating Wufei's features and showing Heero that his dark eyes were studying something very hard, his black hair carefully slicked back.

      Quatre slipped past Heero to peer over Wufei's shoulder. "What happened to the camera in the princess' room?"

      "She keeps turning it off. This time she somehow managed to lock it up and I can't figure out how to free it. You need to talk to her about that."

      "I did but she said that she didn't like the idea of someone watching her all the time." Quatre responded. No one had better be watching Relena in her room Heero thought.

      "Anyway, Heero I need you to do me favor." Wufei said turning to him.

      "What makes you think I'd ever do you a favor?" his voice was deep and toneless with a faint, permanently threatening air to it.

      He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Well, technically it's more or less a favor for the princess, Ms. Relena. Just listen for a moment." He grabbed some papers off of his desk and reclined in his chair. "A couple letters have come recently threatening the princess' life. Now, that's nothing unusual because a lot of people have problems with the things she does and says. But these recent threats just seem a lot more serious then the others and they have us worried. I personally would feel a lot better knowing that she had some extra protection."

      "And you want me to do it?" he asked, not really wanting a response. He thought for a moment trying to curb his emotions. Just the mere thought of anyone hurting her enraged him to the point of losing control. "What makes you think I'm the one for the job?"

      "It's a bit obvious, Heero." Quatre answered. He suddenly wondered if everyone knew like Duo. What if Relena knows?  "You are the perfect soldier and you're very good at protecting her and saving her life." No. They're just talking about my reputation. They don't know.

      He thought about it very carefully. He didn't want to find himself in a bad position with her. But he wanted nothing more then to protect her and keep her safe forever. "What would I have to do?"

      Quatre smiled, knowing that was the best consent they would get out of him.

      "You would need to be her personal body guard." Wufei told him. "She won't be happy about it at all so you'll want to hang back a lot but make sure you're always keeping an eye on her. It means you'll be spending your whole day watching her every move and you'll find yourself alone a lot with her. From the moment she steps out of her room in the morning to the moment she goes to bed you will always be with her."

      "Who watches her at night?" He hated the idea of anyone else watching her sleep.

      "Well, if she has her way with the camera then no one will. But this place is very well guarded that it would be difficult for anyone to assassinate her at night. Besides, they'd probably prefer to make a public showing of it."

      His confidence in the fact that no one would murder her at night makes her all the more vulnerable. I'll just have to keep a close eye on her. "Would I be staying here?"

      "We have a room prepared for you." Quatre said. He couldn't express how happy he was. He had been so worried about Relena of late and now not only was her brother back but Heero was here to watch over her.

      He nodded. "Fine. I'll be back first thing in the morning." And with that he left. He wandered around until he found a door going outside. It turned out to be the courtyard but he could figure his way out from there. As he walked to where he figured the front driveway was he looked up and saw a very large balcony overhead. "Relena" He whispered to the night air. He sighed as he turned the corner of the building and saw his bike up ahead. If he was going to spend so much time with her then he needed to learn to keep his emotions under better control.

      He pulled his helmet back on and drove off as the stars wheeled overhead, and in their secret councils they knew that fate was about take an evil twist.


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