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"kakuja speak/yelling/murderous intent/etc."

15 years before Steel Beam Incident

Location: Unknown research compound, outskirts of Tokyo

A cold, damp cell is one of the bleakest things to wake up to. The smell of molds and other fungi that grew in spots on the thick stone wall permeated the entire room. The only way to enter or leave the cell, if one was able to, was a thick metal door made of indiscernible material, with a miniature door at the bottom. Light was allowed to filter in through a single window that was set at the back right corner of the room, though large bars surrounded them. Next to the window, pressed against the wall was a cot which harbored the cell's sole occupant.

Laying on the cot was a boy with western features who was about 10 or 11 years of age, though you would have believed otherwise due to his height as he was already past the 6 foot mark, wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue sweatpants. His hair was also a shade of silvery white, not normally found on adolescents. His face was shadowed by his bangs, leaving his eyes unseen, though he was indeed awake at just before dusk, despite the fact that, like most nights, tonight he had very little to look forward to.

A loud clang sounded throughout the cell as the door opened, to which the boy jolted upright to. Entering the cell was a tall individual in a dark long-coat, his face hidden by the clipboard as he jotted down quick. Lowering the clipboard revealed him wearing a full face clown mask, porcelain white and a big red nose, with stitches connecting from the mask's sides to a red lipped, closed mouth Glasgow smile. The eye holes of the mask were mismatched, the right eye open to allow sight, the left eye replaced with a cross shape covering it.

The older male tilted his head amusingly at the boy on the cot, who had immediately taken a stance on the bed not unlike the one a frightened cat would take when it was expecting an attack. The other boy finally addressed him in a voice that denoted him as a teenager.

"Hey baby brother, it's been almost a month since your birthday, didja enjoy your presents?"

No response, the younger boy simply tensed up further.

"Of course, by presents I meant the excruciatingly painful treatments, kukukuku."

He still received no verbal response, the younger boy only tilted his head upwards slightly, angrily baring his grit teeth.

"Remember that, how me and the doc injected you with all those test substances to see what would stick?" the older male eye smiled at his sibling with his visible eye. "Remember when I brought out the power tools? Fufu, those were good times".

The younger boy stood frozen in place, not interested in responding to his brother while the older boy attempted(terribly) to come off as a psychotic chuunibyou. He was simply waiting for his chance. The older sibling paced nonchalantly around the room as he continued to scribble away.

'Just need him to get closer.'

"Yeah, doc got a bit concerned when you had a surge, but everything is stable now, which looks promising. I'm pretty excited."

'Just a bit closer.'

"It is kind of annoying that your… that, hasn't been completed, but hey, there's still room for improvement."

'Get closer.'

"Seriously though, your several hundred points over the common max, yet it's still not finished. Pretty disappointing, but I'm sure with just a few more tests it'll-"


When the older male had finally gotten close enough, his brother struck. The other didn't fully realize he was suspended 4 feet above the floor until he looked down. Spearing him through the stomach was a thick, scaly, whitish-grey tendril, with crocodile-like scutes running down it evenly. When he tilted his head back, he followed the rest of the tendril to its origin point, just around his younger brother's tailbone.

Angling his head just a bit further, he saw his younger brother's eyes were no longer hidden behind his bangs. The left eye was normal, with a sky blue iris. The right eye held a blood red iris devoured by a midnight black sclera, the reddened veins accentuating the cold hatred his younger boy's eyes directed towards him.

The older boy simply looked back to his clipboard and jotted more notes down. "Tch, yeah figured this would come about," he muttered under his breath.

'Bastard, don't ignore me'

"Since your RC count surged just a bit past the "common" maximum amount, I figured we'd need to put more suppressants in your system to keep this sort of thing from happening," the older boy scribbled something on his notes, before tilting his head back. "I mean, the doc was all 'no no, just keep using the normal dosage, we don't need to worry, it'll all be fine, at worst his kagune will be sluggish', che! Shows what he knows," then the older boy's visible eye narrowed, the expression conveying the cruel smirk he wore beneath his mask. "As for this whole... homicide attempt right here, well… I thought you woulda learned by now, baby brother!"

The older sibling then released his own bikaku kagune, a larger, bone white skeletal tail covered in spines. The spined tail wrapped around the lighter colored tail, and made a quick flicking movement. With the tail spearing through his torso no longer present, the older sibling fell on his feet and quickly looked back at his handiwork. He watched as his younger sibling sailed through the air, his flight given an unceremonious finish as he collided with the cell wall, breaking off small chunks of stone.

The young half-ghoul, clearly winded, coughed and gagged trying to catch his breath. The older brother smiled wider under his mask, angling his kagune over his younger sibling. With a quick movement, the spined tail pierced the younger boy's side, eliciting a yelp of pain. The older boy ditched his clipboard and slowly approached his younger sibling.

"It looks like some… disciplinary action is in order!"

The boy grabbed his younger sibling's right arm by the wrist, and twisted it roughly.


"See baby brother, the thing is… doc and I had a meeting tonight with these dudes, really high on the metaphorical, and literal, food chain, and I was hoping to join, even brought it up last meeting."

The older sibling pulled his brother's index finger back till he heard several cracking noises, then did the same with his middle and ring finger.


"SO I really, REALLY wanted to make a good impression with them. Their 'talent scout' seemed genuinely interested. That's why I got a nice suit under my coat and all."

He then moved his hand to the boy's forearm, and made an offhand flick. A sickening crunch sounded throughout the room, resulting in the younger boy's radius and ulna sticking out of the skin.


"But then SOMEBODY had to go and impale me in the stomach, ruining both my favorite coat, AND my nice suit which cost over like, ¥40,000. But hell, I really should have expected this sorta thing from you though, Right?"

The older boy moved his hand to his brother's upper arm, then pulled it out of its socket. He squeezed until he heard the younger boy's humerus crack. He leaned down to his sibling's face, observing he was silently crying, then moved to his ear.

"You just can't stop being so damn selfish, can you baby brother?"

He heard his younger sibling mutter something under his breath, and tilted his head at it.

"Hmm, what was that?"

"(pant) I said… (pant)," he angled his head slowly, showing a hardened look. His single kakugan and his normal blue eye locking onto his sibling with a hateful gaze "FUCK YOU!" a sentiment he soon punctuated by spitting in his older brother's face.

This only earned him another flight into the wall on the opposite side of the cell, courtesy of his brother's kagune.

"Would you chill the fuck out, at worst for you that would take like… I dunno, an hour to completely heal. Don't be such a pussy," the older boy reclaimed his clipboard, and started towards the door as he scribbled a bit more on it. "I'm gonna go see if I can salvage this suit, maybe get a new one in time," he muttered the last part mostly to himself. "The guards will come with your meal, make sure to take every last bite, Kukukuku."

The heavy sound of the metallic door slamming shut signified the older ghoul's departure. The younger boy Crawled onto his cot while holding his arm, then attempted to set it as best as possible so it would heal properly. The boy grit his teeth as he put his bones back in place as well as he could, giving a grunt of discomfort when he had to pop his arm back into the socket.

'He's leaving tonight?'

Looking up to the window, he saw night quickly approaching.

"Tonight, it happens tonight!" he stated with conviction.

In an hour or so, the guards would come with a piece of meat(most likely human) spiked with sedatives and RC suppressants, in order to keep him both weak and more "complacent" when the next day rolled around and his insane brother and his mad scientist mentor were ready to start more tests. He wouldn't eat it this time, he had learned from the last escape attempts.

He lifted his cot off the floor, and retrieved a pack. Inside were the only keepsakes he had left of her. Included were three books, The Trial, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and a mask. The mask looked like a mix between a ghostly face and masks used in Noh theaters, porcelain pale and lacking a nose, the mouth slightly agape in a blank expression, the eyes of the mask sporting somewhat furrowed brows. Looking down at the mask and books, bile welled up in his throat and he could feel the sting in his eyes as he remembered an event from years before.

Wiping tears from his eyes and swallowing as he forced the memory down, he thought about his escape plan. The meat he could feign eating, that would (probably) be the easy part. It was the metal door, which was made to be nearly impossible to be broken down by ghouls, that would be the tricky part. The last escape attempts involved slipping out the door with trickery and subversion, he had never broken it down.

'I guess I'll have to use that,' he felt bitter at the thought of it. Looking up at the window, he saw the sun was practically down, the last bit of light glowing from the horizon. He turned back to the floor and dragged his hand through his hair, his face conveying his deep thought. 'Guess I'll figure it out when it comes up...'

Just an hour after the sun fully set, the smaller mini door opened. A piece of human meat was slid into the cell on a metal tray. The boy looked over and sniffed at the air slightly, the scent of Diprenorphine and some other unknown substances flowing into his nose.

'Just like always.'

He picked it up, and squeezed a small amount of the blood inside it onto the floor. Cocking his left arm back, he flung the tainted piece of meat out of the window, honing his senses just in time to hear a soft, far away "splat". He turned back to the blood stained floor, fighting a grimace at the pain in his right arm.

"Time to get started."

Hours later in another part of the facility, four clown masked ghouls, three men and one woman, were sat down around a table in a sort of rec room. All of them hold playing cards in hand, with the main deck in the center. One player, a jester mask wearing ghoul, is hiding most of his face behind his cards, and is focused intently, analyzing his opponents as best as possible.

'So close, just need to get four of a kind, they'll never see it coming.'

One of his fellow players, a man wearing a mime-like mask, looked up and turned to his associates

"Got any fours?"

'Wait what?!'

A chorus of "go fish" rang out from the other two players

"Hold it! Guys what the hell?!"

Every other clown turned to him

"I thought we were playing poker."

The other clowns just stared at him in pure bafflement. The female of the group, who is wearing a tramp mask, spoke up.

"What the hell do you mean 'I thought we were playing poker'? Was your dumbass trying to roll out a royal flush this entire time?"

"Actually I was gonna get four of a kind pretty soon, I was really excited, hehe."

The woman just tilted her head, then grew devilish smirk beneath her mask. "Got any sevens?"


A chorus of laughter rang out at his expense as he relinquished the three cards.

"Serves your dumbass right for not paying attention!"

A tick mark appeared on his forehead and he mumbled angrily.

He was about to ask "got any twos?" but then a thought struck him. "Hey, how long ago did the doc and his apprentice walk out to their big meeting?"

One of his male coworkers, who wore a harlequin mask, looked up at him to answer. "About three or four and a half hours ago, why?"

"How long ago did we feed the kid?"

The harlequin masked ghoul scratched his head for a second in deep thought. "Uh, about an hour and forty-five minutes ago, why?"

"Did anybody check if he ate it yet?"

The other three ghouls looked at him quizzically, and the jester masked ghoul sighed.

"Look, the doc usually likes him to be out of it so he can't fight back when they're poking at him, and sometimes when we give him meat he ignores it entirely," the jester ghoul rubbed his forehead in frustration. "If we don't check on him, we might end up having to force feed it to him in the morning, and I really would like to stress that despite being only… huh... 11, he's 6'2 with a monster sized bikaku, and he goes absolutely berserk when you try to hold him down."

Every other ghoul at the table grimaced under their masks.

The mime masked ghoul stood up and waved to grab everyone else's attention. "I'll go check on the brat, I gotta go take a leak anyway hehe."

Two of the other clowns blanched, while the jester ghoul just sighed. "Thank you for sharing that piece of information with us, it was definitely necessary!"

The mime ghoul simply uttered a "shaddup!" as he walked out.

'Jeez, don't know what that idiot was on about, the kid was out on the floor like a light.'

The mime ghoul had checked on the boy's cell to see him on the floor asleep, and judged by the small amount blood on the floor that he had indeed eaten the laced meat given to him. After confirming that yes, they boy was completely out cold, he left to relieve himself.

Now he was walking back down the hall to the rec room, absentmindedly hoping his coworkers didn't mess with his hand. Rounding the corner, he passed by the destroyed cell door and made his way to-

'Wait, hang on WHAT?'

He immediately backtracked to the boy's cell, finding that the door had been destroyed, the quinque steel torn asunder as if a wild best had charged through.

"W-what the hell is thi-*SQUELCH* GAAAH!"

He didn't even get a full sentence out before his chest was speared through by an armored, charcoal-black crocodile-like tail. The mime ghoul twitched erratically and his eyes began to roll up into his head

"Guuh, how did you-"


The mime ghoul looked back, just barely seeing a horned, spike covered silhouette behind him, a single unfocused red eye peering at him from the dark

"You brought out your kakuja? How are you-*Cough* uggh..."

While the ghoul coughed up blood, the kakuja behind him moved closer, a sickening ear-splitting grin stretching across half-ghoul's face

"hUnGrY, eAt, hAvE tOEAT!"

With a mad snarl, the young ghoul launched himself mouth first at the neck of ghoul he had speared on his kakuja tail, ripping apart the ghoul's carotid artery, tearing through his trachea, and shredding the vocal cords, leaving the ghoul dying and unable to scream. The boy, lost in his uncontrolled kakuja state, removed the dead ghoul from his tail and moved his kill to the floor. Then, with several animalistic growls, began to further rip apart the body in his maddened state of hunger.

"So… it's been twenty minutes since the guy left, anybody else creeped out or what?"

The other ghouls gave the tramp masked ghoul a passing glance, not really caring.

The harlequin masked ghoul spoke first. "How bout, 'or what'. Seriously, dude probably had to take more than just 'a leak' as he put it, he's fine. The worst thing that could happen was if his dick got stuck in a urinal" he stated, as he snickered at his own joke.

The tramp masked woman responded with an angry growl. "This is serious, the dude could have been taken out by a trap or some weird ass machine thingy the doc has around the lab."

The jester masked ghoul let out an exasperated sigh then stood up. "Oh god, I'll go look if you're really getting that fucking paranoid," he said, muttering a "jeez" under his breath as he moved to the hallway to find their missing coworker.

The quickest route to the restroom went just past their charge's cell, so it wasn't too far fetched to be paranoid about it. Due to design flaws, the boy's cell did not have its own built in toilet, so the mad scientist's apprentice was always the one to escort him. The one time the boy was escorted by somebody else, it ended in chaos and disaster.

'Didn't help that the kid was lying about needing to go to the bathroom', the jester ghoul thought.

As he rounded the corner, his thoughts on one of the boy's many escape attempts were put to a complete halt as he took in the sight before him. He stopped to stare in abject horror at what was before him, taking note of three things.

1. The huge quinque steel door to the boy's cell had been completely decimated

2. His mime masked coworker was on the floor, throat ripped out and body mostly eaten

and 3. There was some… Monstrous thing standing over his friends prone body, further mutilating it with it's bare teeth

As he took all this in, he glanced up at the monster eating his friend's corpse. In between its chewing, he could hear it utter such things as "so hungry", or "Mother, I'm so sorry". It was after looking at it for a few more moments that he realized just what the thing was.

The boy's kakuja, while incomplete, looked like some demonic reptilian monster. Stopping just around the boy's mouth, forming over it what looked like sharp teeth, was a mask with a single glowing eye hole in the center. It formed cat-like ears that pressed against the side of the boy's head, and just above them a pair of straight backwards facing, two pronged antler-like horns.

Beginning at the back of the mask head were sharp, crocodile-like scutes evenly placed down his neck and back, the ones placed over his spine proper longer and more pointed, like the monstrous spikes reminiscent of a kaiju from old movies. The boy's tail had grown thicker and more armored, and the scutes on it had grown and sharpened. Armor coiled lightly around his limbs and chest, and as he ate it seemed to grow ever so slightly. The color of his kagune had changed from greyish-white to charcoal-black, not unlike the ground around an active volcano.

The boy suddenly stopped eating, and stiffly turned his head to the new arrival. The jester masked ghoul went stiff as a board and paled under his mask. Hoping to escape as quickly and safely as possible, he backed away slowly in hopes he could remove himself from sight. When heard the monstrous chewing start up again, he ran as fast as he could back to the rec room.

By the time he had gotten back he was visibly out of breath. His surviving coworkers barely noticed his reentry, having gone back to mindlessly viewing their cards. His harlequin masked associate looked in his direction. "So, you free the guy's foot from the shitter or what?"

The jester ghoul took in a deep breath, and steeled himself for his statement. "...The kid used his kakuja to break out of his cell and is eating our friend."

"Cool man, real cool"






Both of his coworkers had jumped up to their feet after the realization hit them. The jester ghoul led his two coworkers out to the halls, and backtracked to the kid's cell. Sure enough, he was still there, just finishing up his meal. The three ghouls stared at the half-breed in terror, unsure of what to do. The jester ghoul moved forward slightly, intent on trying to come up with a strategy.

"Alright, we need to come up with a plan of attack-"

He was cut off as the tramp masked ghoul ran past him, spiny ukaku erupting from her shoulder blades.

"I've got your plan of attack RIGHT HERE!" she yelled.

She got about within two meters of the boy before his massive tail swung in her direction, the sharpened end meeting her neck.

The other two ghouls could only stare wide eyed as her head rolled past them. The harlequin brought out his own beetle-like ukaku... and promptly turned to run.

"Screw this man!"

The jester ghoul had to bring his segmented rinkaku out to prevent the harlequin from escaping. "Listen to me! If we play this smart, we can take him. As long as we don't get too close we can- HOLY FUCK!"

He barely got his full plan out edgewise before the vicious kakuja threw himself on all fours, bounding forward and then pouncing at them hands first like a giant cat. When the boy's hands found grip on their throats, his deranged mind began to concentrate on his RC cells present in them. The two ghouls in his grasp felt the sensation of burning around their throats, unable to scream as they were overwhelmed with searing agony. By the time the boy had removed his hands from their necks, the skin around them had been horribly burnt.

Placing his fingers to his teeth, the boy let out a mad giggle at having three new meals

"EheEheheE, sO hUnGrY, HaVe to EaT…" then he gripped his head in his hands, a lone tear trailing down his cheek from within his kakuja mask. "Mom... Mom I'm so sorry".

By the time the boy had woken up, he was covered in blood, and surrounded by bits of meat and bone he didn't remember being near. As he noted the indescribably awful taste in his mouth, he blanched as he put together as best as possible what had really happened. His mouth turned up into a smile, as a feeling of giddiness welled up inside him at the realization of what happened.

'I actually got out,' he thought. Looking around, he found an arm (most likely leftovers from the ghouls he had eaten) with a watch on it. Removing it from it's former owner (what was left of them), he found that it was in working condition, and affixed it to his own wrist. Checking it, he found not too much time had passed after dusk.

'I still have time to get going!' he realized. He stood up and, after quickly retrieving his pack from the cell, he ran around the nearest corner to get a good feel on the exit. When the smell of fresh, non-sterile air filled his nose, he moved as close to it as possible. Coming upon an unlocked steel door, he emerged from oppressive, stone-walled hallways, finding himself in an extravagant lobby of sorts, with a fancy wooden exit just within reach.

"Yes! Finally, time to ditch this hellhole!" he shouted out, jumping towards the door with his leg stretched forward, kicking it completely in half. When he looked around, he found the surrounding area was a massive expanse of woodlands. Taking in a breath of fresh, pine scented air, he smiled, and shed a tear as he looked upon the outside world for the first time in over six years.

Looking back at his former prison, her sneered angrily. Outwardly, it looked like a fancy mansion that would be bought, then completely ignored by its owner, aside from bragging rights and one-time only dinner parties. He wouldn't really be surprised if that were the case.

"Hehe, I hope those bastards die, I'd burn this whole damn place down if I could," he growled out, before smiling to himself and whispering. "I promise, they'll never get me back!"

With that, he ran straight into the woods, not looking back once.

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