Welcome to the second part of the trilogy.

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This is rated for language, violence, lemons and a few other things. I also want to point out my own mistake. Kyoka's father's name is spelled K-Y-O-T-O-K-U. I want to apologize for that in the first installment. Enjoy the first chapter.

Tsuyu, Momo, Kyoka and Izuku sat on the roof of the apartment building, staring up at the night sky. Izuku looked down at the three and frowned, "A-are you…you three okay?" the looked at him in confusion and Izuku rubbed the back of his head, "Well…it's been a little over a month since I turned you three and-"

"We're fine, Izuku," Momo took a deep breath and looked back up at the night sky, "We're still getting used to the Vampiric lifestyle," Izuku sighed and nodded, "Don't beat yourself up over this, Izuku. If you hadn't, we would've died and you would've gone Rogue and probably scare Eri-Chan…speaking of, where is she?"

"In the apartment with our parents and my siblings," the three looked at Tsuyu and she looked up, "Should we head in soon?" the others sighed and nodded as they continued to stare up at the night sky for a few mote moments.

The four walked back into the apartment and saw that Momo's mother, Kyoka's parents an Tsuyu's parents about to leave. Tsuyu looked at her siblings sitting on the couch with Eri before looking back at her parents in confusion, "Satsuki and Samidare aren't going with you?"

"They want to stay here," her mother answered before looking at her oldest daughter and the other green-haired Vampire, "Can we speak to you two before we leave?" she looked at Kyoka an Momo before continuing, "In private?" Tsuyu nodded and Izuku shrugged his shoulders before the followed Tsuyu's parents into the other room.

The four stood in the kitchen and Tsuyu looked at her parents in confusion, "What's wrong? You can't be mad that Izuku turned us, it's been over a month and-"

"It's not that," her father spoke, "Your brother and sister and that little girl have been getting closer than normal," the two looked at the large man in confusion, "Well we were-"

"We were wondering if it is the venom in Eri that has chosen them or if it's just them having fun,"

Izuku sighed and shook his head, "It's hard to say right now. Eri's too young to take on a mate, but then again Vampires do mature very quickly, so it is possible,"

"But Satsuki and Eri are both-"

"The venom doesn't discriminate gender, race, age or religion," Izuku explained, "Remember, the venom selects the mate to carry out the Vampiric venom and continue the line…just because your daughter and Eri are both female doesn't mean anything to the mate…but, if you feel uncertain about this, I'll call Tokoyami tomorrow night and see if he can't shed some light onto this little question," the room fell silent and Izuku arched a brow, "Something else is bothering you…don't try to fool a Vampire,"

"The…the kid is in your care, and-"

"Yeah…Eri's been in my care for a little over a month, why?" the two adults looked away and Izuku took a deep breath, "I won't threaten your son or youngest daughter if they are Eri's mates. I might give you're a son an empty threat like if you make her cry they won't find the body or something to that extent, but I won't carry it out,"

Beru and Ganma stared at him with wide eyes and Tsuyu rolled her eyes before smacking the back of his head, "Worth it,"

"We'll call Tokoyami tomorrow to see if he can help us understand this a little better, and Izuku isn't going to do anything stupid," the four looked out into the living room and sa the three children sitting on the couch, nuzzled close to one another, "And I'll make sure Samidare and Satsuki get to be tonight,"

"We know you will, dear," her mother slightly smiled and nodded before she and her husband walked out of the apartment.

Momo and Kyoka walked into the kitchen while Eri, Satsuki and Samidare sat in the living room, quietly watching TV. The two stared at the green-haired individuals in confusion and Momo shook her head, "So…what was that about? Why did your parents need to talk to you, Tsuyu?"

"It's…it's nothing to worry about," Tsuyu explained and two stared at her in confusion, "They just asked a question about my brother and sister and about Eri-Chan," the two stared at them and Tsuyu shook her head, "It's nothing to worry about…Izuku said that it might not be possible, but we're going to call his friend Tokoyami tomorrow to see if he can help us,"

"If you say so," Kyoka took a deep breath and stared out into the living room at the three children, "So where are we going to put them tonight when they go to sleep?"

"We'll think of something," Izuku said and the three sighed and nodded before the four of them walked back into the living room.

Okay, I know this first chapter is a bit fast, or slow, paced, depending on how you look at things. For now, please enjoy everyone and please let me know what everyone thinks.