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The four undead teens stood on the roof of the apartment building, panting as a cool wind blew past them. The three looked at Izuku and saw him looking off in the distance with narrowed eyes, "This has been strange, huh?" Kyouka questioned and Izuku looked at her, "Well…we met you a while ago, we learn that we're mates, we met Eri, you're caring for her, we were attacked and you were forced to turn us, later our parents and Tsuyu's siblings were in a similar situation, forcing the same and-"

"Yeah," Izuku sighed and shook his head, "And it's just getting weirder as the days go on. Two of my former schoolmates are Werewolves, my parents, Uraraka, Iida and their families are out to kill us, I turned Iida and Uraraka shortly af-" Izuku's eyes widened as he froze midsentence.

The three looked at each other before looking back at Izuku and Momo slightly frowned, "Izuku? Are you okay?" Izuku's lips started to twitch into a smile and Momo stepped closer to him, "Izuku? What are you do-"

"We've been going about this all wrong…I turned Iida and Uraraka against their will," he chuckled and shook his head, "Which means their will belongs to me and I have a right to claim it,"

Tsuyu tilted her head to the side in confusion as she arched a brow, "We don't understand. We've known they were turned for a while, why is this something new? And how exactly do you have their will?"

"It's simple, you three are my mates and I had to turn you or risk you bleeding, even if that wasn't the case, if you three had wanted me to turn you, I would've, and you would've kept your will because…well…your my mates, but Iida and Uraraka were turned out of their foolish actions. I turned them by accident, but they didn't accept the venom willingly, more like I transferred it to them and…well…in short, they work for me,"

"Okay…but…what are you so happy about? What are you planning to do, Izuku?" Kyouka questioned, crossing her arms and shaking her head, "All we got form that is we are still free willed because we're your mates and no matter how you turned us, we'd still be aware of everything, but since you turned Iida and Uraraka…they don't have a freewill?"

"I'm saying I'm going to force something on those idiots," Izuku smirked and crossed his arms, "And either way I'm going to win," the three frowned as Izuku turned and walked towards the door, "I'm going to call them out in a few days and meet up with them and it's probably best if I do it alone,"

"What?" Momo snapped and raced towards him, "Are you insane? That's suicide! Our parents won't allow it, we won't allow it, Eri won't allow it and-"

"I'm sure none of you will allow it, Momo, but it's best if I go alone and I'll be back before anyone realizes I'm gone," the three frowned as Izuku kissed Momo's cheek and continued to walk towards the door, leaving the three stunned.

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