Chapter 2

3rd Pov.

"Fighting with the McAshton boys out of all people." his Mother said.

"They started it Mom." Tony said.

"Be still Tony." his Mother said, "Still bleeding let me get another tissue." She went over pulled out a tissue pulled it apart and threw the bloody one away and stuffed the clean one up his nose. "You know, last night, your teacher called told me that you've been talking an awful alot about monsters. No wonder they keep teasing you."

"Not monster, vampires." Tony corrected her.

"Its all the same." his Mother said.

"No its not." Tony disagreed.

"You know, its gonna be rough making friends like that." his Mother said.

"I have a friend." Tony said.

Rudolph raised the lid of the chest so he can hear.

Tony's Mother looked surprised. "You do? Whats his name?"

"Rudolph." Tony replied.

"Where does he live?" his Mother asked.

"Not far." Tony replied.

"What is he like?" his Mother asked.

"He's very very cool." Tony replied.

"Well, I think you should invite him over for a sleepover." his Mother said.

"I already did." Tony said.

His Mother started sniffing the air. "Their it is again."

"What?" Tony asked.

"That smell." his Mother replied.

Tony tried sniffing the air but he couldn't cause of his tissue stuffed nose.

"I don't smell anything." Tony said.

Rudolph hid himself back into the chest.

Rudolph awoke to hearing his worry Mother and the rest of his family voices trying to speak to him. He wanted to let them know that he's alright but if he did and they find out he's here, no telling what they're going to do after that.

So Rudolph blocked his thoughts and planned on leaving once the sun starts to set.

Tony came home after going golfing with his Dad. He ran up the stairs to his room.

He kneels in front of the chest and opened the lid. "Rudolph!"

He wasn't there. Tony slams the chest shut and sat on it with his arms crossed a frown on his lips.



"What?" Tony groaned putting his glasses on sitting up in his bed.

He looked towards the window and saw Rudolph coming into his room.

Tony smiled. "Rudolph!"

Rudolph was walking towards him when he paused. He turned and walked towards his desk and tore out one of his drawings. He turned back and went over and sat on his bed.

"Can we go flying again?" Tony asked.

"No. its to dangerous. I'm only here because of this." Rudolph said lifting up the drawing of the stone.

"The drawing? You can have it." Tony said.

"Where have you seen it? It's very important." Rudolph asked.

"I'm not going to tell unless you take me flying." Tony said.

Rudolph rolled his eyes with a sigh before looking at Tony. A smile forming on his lips.

"Yippiee!" Tony cheered.

Rudolph pointed down at the cemetery. "We live down there."

"A cemetery cool." Tony said.

"So you didn't see the real thing then?" Rudolph asked after they landed.

"No why?" Tony asked taking a seat on the stone.

Rudolph sat next to him. "We can't say, its a secret."

"Who am I gonna tell? Who's gonna believe me?" Tony asked.

Rudolph thought for a second and decided to tell him. "Alright, It is the Comet Attamon." He looked up at the comet. Tony followed his gaze and also looked at it. "The comet of lost souls. It could mean the end of this curse."

"What curse?" Tony asked.

"The curse of being a vampire." Rudolph answered.

"It is the piece of the comet that fell to Earth, a great magician made it into an amulet of power, and we lost it three hundred years ago into the sea." Rudolph said.

"Yes I saw it!" Tony said.

"And Uncle Van tried to catch it and we never seen him since. From that night to this, our wandering has never ended." Rudolph finished the story.

Tony placed his arms on his shoulders. "Don't worry I'll help you find it, that must be what my dreams really means."

Rudolph placed his arms on Tony's shoulder as well.

"Yes, you are to join our quest. We'll truly be brothers now." Rudolph said.

They heard bats screeching. The boys looked up in the direction of the noise to see five bats heading they're way.

"My family's coming hide!" Rudolph panicked.

"But were brothers." Tony said.

"My Mother don't know that go." Rudolph said.

Tony ran behind a giant tombstone.

Rudolph watched as two of the bats transformed into..

"Grandmama! Granfather!" Rudolph ran over to them. They shared a hug and watched as another bat turns into..


Elayna Pov.

I descended down and turned into my normal form.


I swift my head to the direction to see my baby boy running my way. I smiled relieved kneeling down and hugged him tight.

"Rudolph! Thank the lucky stars that you are safe!" I said. "You mustn't stray from the road afar alone without one of us with you."

"But Mother, I was only taking the road less travel." Rudolph said.

"Aww, and you got lost my poor child." I cooed hugging him once more.


Rudolph and I shifted our heads to see Anna standing on top of a large boulder.

"Anna!" Rudolph cried and ran up to her giving her a hug.

"Nephew, darling! Your the nerdy one, sneaking off like some day walker." Anna said.

"I wish." Rudolph giggled.

He turns to Uncle Frederick. "So Grandfather, did you find the stone?"

"No, but I'm sure we're on the right path." Uncle Frederick replied.

"Because-" Rudolph started but he cut him off.

"We still have fourty-eight hours." Uncle Frederick said getting into his leader mojo.

"You see-" Rudolph started but he got cut again.

"Gregory?" Aunt Freda called out interrupting them both before Uncle Frederick could blow up steam.

Rudolph and I turned to see Gregory hissing at a small boy.

"No Gregory he's my friend!" Rudolph shouted shoving him back.

His, what now?

"A mortal!" Uncle Frederick exclaimed and strolled up to him.

I pulled Rudolph away from him and protectively wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

"I-I'm Rudolph's friend." Tony stuttered, "And he even gave me a bite proof guarantee!"

Uncle Frederick placed two fingers under his chin and lifted him up to his eye level.

"You could be anything to my grandson, victimizer, slave, dinner pherhaps, but you will never be his friend." Uncle Frederick snapped.

"He don't mind vampires-" Rudolph said, "He dreams about us."

"Am I in your dreams mortal?" Anna asked fanning herself while batting her eyelashes at Tony.

"And he knows about the amulet." Rudolph added.

"Then he must be a spy of Rookery's knaves." I spoke.

Uncle Frederick lowered the frightened boy back to the ground. He popped his neck.

"He doesn't look like a spy and besides, dear Rudolph couldn't make up such a story." Aunt Freda said.

I looked down at Rudolph. "You wouldn't make anything up would you honey?"

Rudolph shook his head while doing his puppy dog look.

"Mortal or not he's only a boy, but if you insist on eating him go ahead." Aunt Freda said giving Uncle Frederick's hand a kiss.

"I never said I would." Uncle Frederick said, "It's impossible. Leave I say!"

"But Rudolph." Tony said looking at him.

"My grandson should have never befriended you." Uncle Frederick snapped, "Leave!"

When the boy wouldn't, Uncle Frederick jumped toward him showing his fangs scaring him. The boy ran out screaming.

My family and I heard a machine whirring. We looked towards the gate to see Rookery pointing a big stake gun at us.

"Freda, Elayna get the family! Go!" Uncle Frederick exclaimed.

Aunt Freda and I ushered our children into the crypt.

"Mum, my friend is still out there." Rudolph said, "I-"

I shook my head."Your not going out there."

"But Mum." Rudolph whined.

"Rudolph, I am not losing you again." I said.

That's when I found myself exiting the crypt to save the human.

3rd pov.

"Leave my family alone!" Mr. Sackville-bagg yelled, "Do your worst!"

Rookery pulled the trigger. The stake dropped to the ground. He and Frederick both started at it in confusion.

"The age of chivalry is not yet dead." Anna said.

Freda came and covered her mouth pulling her back into the crypt.

Rookery turned and saw Tony holding the cord, he dropped and took off running. While Tony was running up the hill, Rookery appeared with the glowing cross and waved it in his face.

"What kind of bloodsucker are you?" Rookery asked confused.

"The pissed off kind you moron." They heard a feminine growl behind them. Before any of them can see who it was. Rookery howled in pain as his arm that held the crucifix was twisted and then swept onto his back. The attacker appeared to be Elayna as she cracked the crucifix with her feet and kicked Rookery in the ribs.

She looked at Tony. "Run."

They ran until they reached a hole in the ground. Elayna dived in. Tony was hesitant.

"Just jump!" Elayna's voice echoed from below.

He did and ended up landing on Gregory's back.

"GET..OFF..OF..ME!" Gregory growled his eyes flashing.