Chapter 3

Elayna Pov.

Gregory shoved the boy off while Rudolph rushed over and helped him up.

"Tony are you alright?" Rudolph asked.

I heard a rustling up from up above us. I shifted my gaze to see Rookery looking down with a small stake gun in hand. "Look out!"

With the boy in tow, we sprinted off hearing the trigger go off. We made it to the main room of the crypt when we saw the flickering lights lit up the while place.

I grabbed Rudolph by the arm and we hid by the wall.

"Woah!" the boy said in awe.

As soon as the lights dimmed down, we emerged from our spots.

"What you did was foolish!" Uncle Frederick snapped while marching up to the boy.

Aunt Freda stood beside him. "Foolish, but brave." She smiled at him.

I noticed the boy eyeing my ruby crystal necklace the magician gave me when he named me the guardian of the stone way before we lost it. I continued to watch as he walked up to me and slowly reached up and grasped the crystal in his hand. I grabbed his hand as my eyes rolled to the back of my head.


Everything was all a red blur at first. Until I noticed a sunset out in the distance. The boy was there as well looking confused.

I saw a young red haired woman riding on her white horse.

"Who's she?" the boy asked.

I shrugged my shoulders not looking away from the scene.

The woman came across a cave so she hopped off her horse entering the cave. We followed behind.

In the cave lies Uncle Van on the ground with his eyes closed. By looking at her expression, she felt concerned for him. She took off her cloak and knelt down and placed it on him. Looking closely on the cloak was her family crest. She looked and something caught her eye. In his hand, she took what seemed to be a stone. The woman studied it before her hand was grabbed tightly by the now awakened Van who was now a vampire.

End Vision

I snapped back into reality. Blinking a couple of times. "We shared a vision."

"He has a sympathy for our kind." Aunt Freda said smiling once more.

"What was it about?" Uncle Frederick asked.

"Young Van found the stone, then he made his way to Culross, plucked from the sea by a merchants ship." I explained.

"Just as rumor had it." Uncle Frederick caught on.

"Then he could still be roaming free." Aunt Freda said with hope in her voice.

"Their was a woman I've never seen before, she wore strange coat of arms." I described.

"We must find out who she is and trace her crest." Uncle Frederick said.

"I can help." the boy said.

"'s to risky to involve mortals." Uncle Frederick denied.

Rudolph walked a bit. "What have we got to lose? We've been searching for three centuries."

I agreed with his point. We have been searching for so long and hadn't gotten any close to finding it.

"This is what comes from contact with mortals! Disrespect! Insolence!" Uncle Frederick snapped.

"Umm, Uncle? Rudolph does have a point." I pointed out.

"Alright, help if you can *steps close backing him up to the stairs* But do not think to change your mind and betray us to our most hateful enemy, or my wrath will be revealed. Am I clear?" Uncle Frederick said.

The boy slowly nodded. Uncle Frederick gave him a look. He frantically nodded his teeth showing.

Aunt Freda stepped forward. "Ok, since you already know Rudolph. How about we introduce ourselves? I'll start off first, my name is Freda."

"I'm Frederick." Uncle Frederick introduced himself.

Anna came up and smiled flirtatiously. "I'm Anna."

Gregory just grunted.

I walked up and smirked. "My name's Elayna, Rudolph's Mother."

We shook hands.

"My name's Tony." Tony introduced himself.

3rd Pov

"He is a monster." Tony said as he and Rudolph walked out of the crypt.

"But you don't understand what it's like for us vampires to be so tormented." Rudolph said.

"Oh yeah, happens to me everyday at school." Tony said.

Rudolph froze and looks at Tony with an angry look. "Who dares torments my friend!?"

"There's these two boys at school, the McAshton twins and they never left me alone since I moved here." Tony explained.

An idea popped in Rudolph's head. "I got an idea."

"What?" Tony asked.

He and Tony discussed the plan in hushed tone not knowing Elayna was coming up behind them.

"What are you two gibbering about?"

They both jumped and turned to her.

"Uh, nothing Mum." Rudolph lied.

"Nothing at all." Tony added.

Elayna raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure there's nothing I need to know about?"

"Positive." Rudolph said.

Elayna felt her eyes glow as she stared at her son.

Rudolph found himself in the staring contest feeling his eyes glowing as well.

Elayna doesn't do this to him on purpose, but when she knows he is lying and not telling the truth, she does it and when he admits, then they both find a way to fix the situation.

Tony shifted his back and forth at the two.

Rudolph gave in. "Alright, I'll tell. We were going to scare the gits who have been tormenting Tony."

The two boys were scared on how she would react, instead of being all snappy she asked.

"Scaring who?" Elayna asked.

"The McAshton twins." Tony replied.

Elayna growled a little when Tony said they're name. She was not fond of the family, all because the former leader of the Vampire hunters was a McAshton named Barnabas. He and the hunters attacked them all those years ago during the ceremony which did not end well.

Elayna closed her eyes for a brief second before re-opening them. "And how are you going to do that?" crossing her arms.

They told her the idea.

"That's good so far, but to be honest your going to need to add more than that." Elayna said.

The boys shared a look of confusion before looking back.

"What do you mean by add more?" Tony asked.

Elayna resisted to roll her eyes. "You'll see."

McAshton Manor

"Here it is." Elayna whispered as she and the boys approached the twins window, "Come on."

Using her telekinesis she flicked her wrist and the window swung open. The three of them crawled in. Elayna noticed a torn out notebook page. She picked it up and read it. 'Plans on making Tony Thompson's life miserable.'

"Those pricks." Elayna thought to herself she crumbled it up and tossed it aside. She flicked her wrist again and the window swung shut wakening one of the twins.

"Nigel! Nigel! Wake up!" one of them said.

Elayna gave Rudolph a signal by giving him thumbs up. Rudolph nodded and lifted Tony up by his ankles and placed him on the board of the bed. They watched as he used his arms to waving his cape around.

"I am the Lord of the Underworld! I am your master!" Tony said in his scary voice.

Things were working out..until the lighting struck outside revealing Tony's glasses.

"It's Tony Thompson!" Nigel exclaimed.

"Get him!" the twin said.

Elayna immediately grabbed Tony with her super speed and placed him on the floor while Rudolph jumped on the board of the bed glaring at the brother's.

"I don't think so." Rudolph said in a dangerous tone.

Both of the boys started screaming. Rudolph gave them the hush motion with his fingers. The brothers immediately went silent.

"I am the feindish friend of Tony Thompson. If you do not treat him with respect." Rudolph started, "You will feel my anyone what you just witnessed and you'll be bat bait."

After that he hissed with his eyes glowing growing bat wings from his ears. Lighting struck outside.

The boys screamed once again.

"Woo! That was so awesome!" Tony cheered while him, Rudolph and Elayna were on the way to his house.

"They won't be bothering you anymore." Elayna said while paying attention to her flying.

Elayna waited out on the balcony. Tony and Rudolph were saying there good-byes.

"Bye dude." Tony said.

"Bye dude." Rudolph said and shared a high-five.

"By the way, you have a cool Mom." Tony whispered.