Chapter I: Vice City in Liberty

The blades of a black Maverick helicopter cut through the clear skies of Vice City, the dull, repetitive whirring of the engines approaching the roof top of the center mansion in Starfish Island. Blowing dust off the center of the landing pad, Tommy Vercetti set the helicopter down in the middle of the circle surrounding a large capital "H". Stopping it and getting off, he began to walk towards the rooftop entrance to his mansion. As he was about to step underneath the roofed hallway leading to the stairs, he heard a synthetic ringing and felt a dull vibrating in his chest pocket. Reaching his right hand into his chest pocket, he flipped open his cell phone and pressed the earpiece to his right ear. "Hello?" he muttered, figuring that it was probably Paul or Sean again, whose voices he knew all too well - and disliked just as much. "Yeah, it's Tony."

Tommy stopped walking, dead in his tracks, lifting an eyebrow. "Tony? Tony Cipriani? What do you want?" Tommy assumed that the Mafia from Liberty City wanted him dead, and, shrugging, continued into his mansion, which he affectionately titled the Vercetti Estate. Spinning the Colt Python he was carrying in his hand, he knew that he had enough backup throughout Vice City to withstand a gang war between him and the Mafia. "It's-it's the Triads. They're taking over Liberty, Tommy. I need your help because I know you're the only guy out there that can handle this."

Tommy shook his head, half doubtful and half suspicious, setting the phone between his ear and his shoulder, putting both hands on the bar of the lower floor of the Estate. "Let me get this straight. First of all, you once said indirectly that the Triads would never get away with messin' with you. Second, I thought that time you had me car-bomb the Triad Fish Factory put an end to the Triads. Third, I killed Don Salvatore Leone, remember? Even if YOU want me back working with the mafia, I don't think everyone else will take that too well."

The line fell silent for a moment and all that could be heard was an occasional car zooming by Tony, the engine sound lowering pitch as the Doppler Effect took place. Tony finally cleared his throat and spoke, his rough voice only made worse by the bad reception from Tommy's phone and the long distance call from Portland to Vice City. "Tommy - a gang never dies, it just goes into submission for a while. Eventually it grows back and the gang mentality returns. As for everything else, I can understand that, and I'm willing to take that chance. You're a bright man, and you can always come up with some kind of crazy scheme that ends up working somehow. You'll figure out how to do it, Tommy. There's a huge load of money in it for you if you can bring an end to the Triads and put 'em back in submission again. - And this time, we'll be sure to keep 'em under control. The biggest gang wars are at midnight. We should be able to hold up tonight, but I expect to see you tomorrow at midnight, Tommy!" The phone clicked and Tommy hung up, putting the phone back into the chest pocket of his green Hawaiian shirt. "Back to Liberty it is. Now how the hell am I supposed to find enough people and firepower to waste that many Triads.?"