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Chapter SIX

Mothers and Fathers

"Why are you smiling like that?", John asked and gave his wife an amused look.

She looked up from her book, that she had been holding for what felt like hours without turning over the book pages, "I just have to think of what Little Red said to me."

"What did she say?", her husband asked and crawled closer.

Anne gave him a sided look.

"She said she wants me to be a mother to her one day.", Anne smiled even wider, "I think a woman can never get a better compliment than that."

"Oh thank you!", John laughed.

He took his wife's hand and gave her a cheeky kiss on her knuckles.

His fingertips stroked over her palm, "Isn't 'I love you' a better compliment?"

Anne smiled, "It gets close."

John chuckled at that and pulled his wife's hands onto his lap.

They sat like this for a long time; She with the book in her lap and the glasses on the tip of her nose, staring through the thin glass onto the pages of her book, smiling, not only over the ridiculously romantic nonsense in the book, but over her husband stroking her hand and kissing her knuckles, trying to get her attention

She would let him wait, she said to herself and her smile deepened.

Only when the sun had set completely and the candle had burnt down almost completely with the was dripping all over the wooden desk's surface, Anne turned around and closed the book.

"Finally.", John said through a heavy breath and Anne laughed.

She snuggled closer to him and buried her cheek at his chest.

Slowly, he ran his fingers through her brown hair.

Some moments passed away until he raised his voice.

"Are you still having nightmares?"

Anne nodded, "Of course. But I seem to finally be able to control over that screaming."

It had meant to come out as a joke but her voice was all dry.

John frowned deeply, "Anne, please. If you have nightmares, wake me up. I do not want to sleep with the knowledge that you are suffering from a bad dream not getting any sleep at all."

His wife just roled her eyes, "I'm not 'suffering' from any bad dream, John. I'm fine."

But instead of answering, the Baker just pulled his wife closer to him and kissed her gently onto the red lips.

"I love you.", he whispered against her cheek.

"I love you too, dear. But we need to get at least a few hours of sleep before little Georgia over there is going to need to be nursed and the night is over."

With that she closed her eyes with her cheek still resting on her husband's chest.

"...And I've heard that the giantess turned out to be a dwarf in the end, isn't that a silly thing?", the voice of a teenage girl echoed through the bakery when a bunch of school kids entered, chatting and gossiping.

"Oh it is, indeed.", another girl added, "'Cause think about all the meaningless deaths."

"I'm fairly sure that the whole giant-thing was made up by the families of the victims. They just didn't want to be made fun of because their loved ones were killed by a one-feet-high dwarf."

The Baker looked up from his work and shut the teenagers a cold look.

"Stop making fun of such a serious thing.", he said.

One of the girls turned around rather quickly.

"And why" she started,", pray tell, should we hear to you?"

John felt the fury raising in him, "Because my wife almost died during that attack!"

The girls broke out into a laugh.

"Oh, Mr Baker.", one of them giggled, "You're such a funny guy."

John frowned, "There's nothing fun to it. I almost lost her to that giantess."

One of the girls stepped closer and bent over, a cheeky sparkle in her dark eyes.

"And how did that stupid giantess come into our beautiful kingdom?", she asked, her voice lowered to a whisper.

The Baker bent forward in just the same way that the girl did. His nose almost touched hers.

"Over a beanstalk."

The girl threw her head back and laughed out loud.

The Baker clenched his fists under his apron.

"Good morning!?", Anne's voice sounded from the stairs, "John? Where are you?"

The Baker visibly relaxed at the sound of her voice.

"Down here.", he shouted and turned around to watch his wife enter the bakery.

She looked like always; the brown hair in a perfect, neat bun on the back of her head, the dark-red dress covering her ankles and a blue apron over it.

"Mrs. Baker.", the girl in front of John greeted her with a smile, "You must know that your husband is such a funny guy. I really had a good laugh right now."

Anne frowned, "And about what did you laugh so much?"

She stepped in front of the oven and slowly pulled out the loaf of bread waiting in there.

It had become perfectly brown. As always.

"Oh.", one of the other girls said quickly, "About the giantess-attack."

Anne whirled around and stared at her husband.

"John!", she scolded him, "Why would you make fun of that?! You know how much Little Red and Jack are suffering from it!"

John left the table he had been working on behind and approached his wife.

"I know that. And I know hoe much you are suffering from it too, Anne."

Shivers ran down her spine at the memory of her fall and she grabbed her husband's arm to not break down.

"Why are you making fun of it then?", Anne said whilst the Baker steadied her and slowly led her to the small chair in the corner of the room.

When she had sat down, the girl's voice sounded again.

"Could we make our order now? We have to get back to school in time."

The Baker whirled around, the anger raising in him once again.

"Don't get so cheeky!", he burst out.

"John...", Anne started but the Baker didn't listen to hear.

He stepped behind the table, "You wish?"

The girl rolled her eyes, "Finally. We would like to have an apple pie."

John's eyes widened, "A whole apple pie?"

The girl nodded, "Of course, silly. Otherwise I would have said I wanted just some slices, right?"

"Don't get so cheeky.", Anne said, but it sounded much nicer and more gentle than it had when he'd said it.

The girl just laid some coins onto the table and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"You should tell your husband that he really must stop the lying.", she said when the Baker handed her the pie, carefully wrapped into a white cloth.

Anne frowned, "What lying?"

One of the girls took the pie from the girl's arms and put it into a basket.

"He told us that the giantess-dwarf came here over a beanstalk and that you got almost killed during the attack."

Another shiver ran down Anne's spine.

John shot her a quick glance.

"Probably the gaintess-dwarf pushed her against a tree and she hit her head pretty hard.", one of the girls giggled.

Anne tensed up in her chair.

"Or", another girl started, "it pushed her off a cliff and-"

They all whirled around when they heard a dump bang and all of their eyes widened when they saw the Baker's Wife laying on the ground.

She had fainted.

John quickly was at her side, "Anne? Annie, come on."

She didn't move or react in any way.

"Cinderella!", John shouted, "Cinderella, come quickly!"

There was another bang on the stairs and then Cinderella entered the bakery.

Some of the girls gasped.

"It's the princess!"

"Don't tell anyone!", Cinderella shot, "That's an order."

The girls curtsid before her but Cinderella didn't spare them another look.

She neared the Baker and his wife on the floor and got on her knees next to them, "She really isn't stable yet.", she said slowly, "She shouldn't work or walk around, I told her before but..."

"But she wouldn't listen.", the Baker finished, "She knows we need more hands than just two to bake so we can sell more. We are needy for money, but you can tell..."

One of the girls stepped closer, "From what is she suffering?"

The Baker turned around rather quickly, "From almost dying! And now leave the bakery! I've had enough of you when you firstly entered the room."