I honestly didn't expect to write more for It's About Time. I considered ending it at Part 5, but then an epilogue was requested. I thought that would be the finale, but I received a suggestion to write their first time together and I ran away with it. I'd say, out of the whole series, this was my favorite part to write. I poured my heart and soul into the entirety of It's About Time, and I'm happy to finally leave it off with this last piece.

Again, this is about their first time together, so there will be some smut ahead.

Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate all the reviews, favorites, and follows I've received! It means the world to me. 3

Inuyasha turned the keys in the ignition, bringing the soft hum of the car to a stop, the silence surrounding them comfortable. Kagome was looking over at him, a soft smile curving her pink lips up, the color of her cheeks shadowed by the clouded sky blocking the moonlight. He reached over, gently tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, grazing his thumb along her soft skin, relishing in the look she was giving him. It was tender and calm, her eyes expressing contentment.

"Thank you for dinner." She said, leaning into his touch. "But, seriously, can I pay next time?"

"No." He said flatly, shaking his head. "I don't know why you want to pay so bad."

"To be fair."

"It's a date, Kagome. Men pay. That's how it goes; I don't make the rules." Inuyasha shrugged.

"Yeah well, jokes on you, manly man." Kagome said, scrunching her nose. "I paid the tab."

Inuyasha blinked at her, cocking his head in confusion. "I'm pretty sure I gave the waitress my credit card."

"Mhm, but my bathroom break right after wasn't actually a bathroom break."


"I met her at the register." Kagome smiled deviantly. "She knew the ropes; girlfriend has to secretly pay because boyfriend wants to seem like a gentleman even after their eighth date."

"Eighth?" Inuyasha cocked a brow, ember eyes staring at her skeptically.

"Close enough."

"Wait, but I got the receipt! I signed and tipped!" The half demon quickly unbuckled his seatbelt, lifting his hips to maneuver the wallet out of his back jean pocket.

Kagome tried not to laugh, but not even pressing her lips into a tight line could fight off the puff of air that left her lungs as she fell into a fit of giggles. Inuyasha's face had fallen as he examined the crumpled receipt he'd shoved into the fold of his wallet, noticing the small, black text just below the blank signature line on the customer's copy reading Kagome Higurashi.

"I was- oh my god- I was so surprised you didn't notice! I totally thought you'd throw the receipt at my face in the middle of the restaurant!" She clutched her sides, her muscles cramping from how hard she was laughing, the dull stare she received from Inuyasha making it worse. A short-lived crumpling sound pulled her slightly out of her reverie, and she opened her tear-blurred eyes in time to see the balled up receipt just before it hit her nose, bringing another round of light giggles.

"All you've shown me is I can't trust you to use the restroom anymore."


"Nope! You gotta pee, you better hold it till I bring your ass home!" Inuyasha huffed, crossing his arms over his chest while shrugging a shoulder.

Kagome crawled her upper body over the center console, loving how he never backed away from her no matter how mad he pretended to be, turning to welcome her kiss. She grazed her fingers over his jaw, following the sharp line of his face to meet his neck, curving her hand around the nape. She could feel his arms relax over his chest, opening up for her, his hands softly stroking her arms. She didn't mean for the kiss to be her partial undoing, her body tensing in a way to control her need to take more of him in as she tilted her mouth away and sighed out against his chin. "It's okay to… let me pay for things, Inuyasha. It's just me. I'm not someone you have to try and woo." Kagome leaned back, taking his hand in hers and pressing their palms together. "This is us, remember?"

Inuyasha shook his head disbelievingly, licking the taste of her off his bottom lip. "Oh, I'm definitely still gonna try and woo you."

"Fine," She smiled. "I'll wait you out. You'll exhaust yourself sooner or later."

The half demon exhaled roughly, closing the space between them to kiss her some more. Good lord, this woman drove him crazy. She was as equally stubborn as he was, compassionate, unfairly gorgeous, and wildly independent. He'd learned so much about her since they first held hands just over three weeks ago, confirming they were soulmates, quickly making them inseparable, and he found himself eagerly wanting to know more. He wasn't sure if the whole fated part of things played a roll in this, but he was unnaturally excited whenever she was near, his body physically aching to be directly beside her, content with whatever sort of contact he could get. He could easily get greedy, as could anyone in his situation, but it was also so easy to feel wholly satisfied. With Kagome, holding hands was enough. Hugging thrilled him. The small kisses he'd receive in the halls of their college when they crossed paths as she ran from one class to the next had him melted into a pathetic puddle on the floor. He'd never had the pleasure of feeling this way before; thoroughly happy and unafraid of judgement. This is us. No, to him it was just her. He couldn't bring himself to reach, even as she began to get more and more into their kisses each and every time, little-by-little, their tongues exploring one another's mouths, her hands steadily grazing over his skin, starting at the neck and stopping at his shoulders, growing more courageous night after night and dipping her fingers beneath the collar, or even tickling the skin just above his jeans. The things she did to him with that breathy sigh and her curious fingers. The things she did to him with the blushed, bashful looks and swollen lips. He was so fucking lucky with exactly what he had.

"You need to get inside." Inuyasha said, inching away as she inched forward. He chuckled as she whined, their foreheads now pressed together, mouths so close but not touching. At first, she shook her head, playfully denying him, but he granted her one last, tantalizing kiss that she sighed into, her hot breath dancing down the skin of his cheek, and she finally nodded.

"Come on." He smiled, opening his door. "I'll walk you up."

No matter how many times she'd tell him he didn't have to escort her from the parking lot to the fifth level of the apartment complex, Inuyasha wouldn't listen. In fact, Kagome was pretty sure he was literally never listening when she told him not to. He wouldn't respond with one of his infamous grunts, wave her off, or tell her to deal with it. This was one of the only things her boyfriend would actively ignore while proceeding about his business, wrapping an arm over her shoulder and leading her up the staircase. From the get-go, Inuyasha was more protective than she'd initially expected. Maybe because of the situation he'd found her in when they first got together, or maybe because that's just how he was naturally. Truth was, she hadn't figured it out yet.

It was quiet on her floor, the clap from the heel of her boots muffled by the old, brown carpet. This was the part she hated; unlocking the deadbolt, saying goodnight, the last kiss of the evening, watching him walk away, that dull ache that resided in her chest when he wasn't next to her anymore. Tonight, it was worse. The saddening sensation began to grow in the car, grew worse inside the stairwell, and had sunk into her gut by the time her key was in the lock twisting it open. She told herself it was normal. It was a new relationship. They were in the honeymoon stage. All she had to do was swallow the feeling and it would dissolve by the time she changed into her pajamas, but tonight everything felt so different. Kagome wanted more from him; not that what she was getting wasn't enough. In fact, everything had been so completely wonderful and intoxicating that she found herself wanting to see how long it would take until she was addicted.

Apparently, she was standing at the border.

The apartment was dark and empty, the soft meow from Sango's cat sitting on the head of the sofa greeting them. She looked back at Inuyasha, the small grin on his face sending a flurry of flutters through the entirety of her abdomen. She desperately didn't want to hear him say goodnight, but she knew the words were about to come from his mouth. Quickly, she leaned onto the tips of her toes, ever-so-gently grazing her lips along his bottom one, stopping him mid-word.

Inuyasha looked down at her, the pink on her cheeks subtly growing brighter as her chocolate eyes looked back at him with an emotion he couldn't quite determine. Her mouth was slightly parted still, the fluorescent light of the hallway shining off the fine sheen on her plump lips. His voice had faded away completely, and he knew there was absolutely no chance of retrieving it now. On their own accord, his fingers had threaded into her thick, dark hair just behind her ear, gripping gently, bringing her up to meet him half way as their mouths pressed together in a kiss so sweet, so slow that even he grunted softly into it.

Kagome pulled him closer, grasping at the front of his button up, the warmth of her body seeping through her dress like liquid through cloth. It was almost too much to handle. The faint vibration of her mewl against his mouth knocked the remainder of the air from his lungs, and he had to pull away, no matter how bad he didn't fucking want to.

"I should go." He said, pushing her bangs aside and placing one last, scant kiss to her forehead.

Kagome leaned against the door frame, watching him head toward the stairwell, his long, silver hair swaying slightly with his strides. Before she knew it, she'd opened her mouth. Before her nerves got the better of her, she managed to speak confidently enough that anyone would think she'd rehearsed it.

"Inuyasha," He turned around mid-step, a dark brow arched in question. "Stay."

The half demon smiled, suddenly overcome by a happiness he hadn't expected to feel at her request. It didn't take a signal from his brain to tell his feet to head back to her immediately; Kagome was like a magnet drawing him in. As soon as he was within arms reach, he grabbed her, their lips colliding in the kind of kiss that would make passersby think they hadn't seen each other in months. Her feet stumbled backwards inside the entrance of her apartment, Inuyasha's solid footing keeping her from tripping any further as she wrapped an arm around his neck and threw the door shut with the other.

They were breathing heavily, brought on by the build up of their excitement, Kagome's fingers traveling down his arms and to his hands gripped at her waist. Her deep brown eyes gazed up at him as she took her bottom lip between her teeth and led him the remainder of the way to her bedroom. He hoped he didn't appear as nervous as he felt, glad she wasn't the one with the heightened senses and wouldn't be able to hear the sound of the palpitations behind his ribcage, but if she put a hand to his chest, she'd no doubt be able to feel it, and whatever cover he was managing to pull off would be blown.

Slowly and gently, Kagome nudged Inuyasha to sit on her bed, backtracking slightly to close her bedroom door. She turned on the light on her desk, preferring the softer hues it gave off to the harsh ones of her overhead light, glancing back at the half demon behind her.

"Are-are you sure, Kagome?" He asked, ember eyes piercing her, looking for the honesty he knew she'd give.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life." She answered without hesitation.

"I'm serious. We don't have to do anything if you aren't ready. We could just lay here… Sleep."

"Inuyasha, I want this. I want you." Kagome assured him, moving to stand in between his legs, her fingers stroking back rogue strands of hair from his face. "Is that okay?"

"You have no fucking idea how okay that is."

"Good." She whispered, her breath teasing the ear atop his head.

Kagome stepped back, creating a distance he couldn't easily reach her in, his ember eyes following her every move. She bent forward, unzipping the small booties at her ankles so she could kick her shoes off, swallowing the nerves that built up as she removed the cardigan from her shoulders. Her hands reached to the back of her neck, slowly sliding the zipper down as far as she could before re-situating her arms behind her to drag the metal clasp to the small of her back, the loosened, black fabric falling effortlessly from around her arms. Kagome pushed the cocktail dress down her hips until she was able to shimmy it to the floor, toeing the puddle of cloth to the side and allowing her boyfriend to look her over.

Inuyasha had to flex his jaw to make sure his mouth stayed closed, swallowing thickly as he took her all in. She stood before him in only her bra and panties, the colors of the undergarments matching, while the lacy designs on her bra differentiated them. Her creamy skin looked so bare, so touchable, that he found himself worried his rough hands would mar her skin insidiously in his enthusiasm, but as she approached to take up her former position in between his legs, he found his arms opening to welcome her in, gliding his palms around her thighs to hold her from the back. He never wanted to see streaks of red painting her perfect body, never wanted to be the cause of any blemishes or marks, but as she bent down to place a sweet and heartfelt kiss to his lips, he fully understood that when she said she wanted him, she meant it.

She wanted all of him, demon claws be damned.

She quickly found herself breathless as his large, warm hands traveled up her body, feeling everything he could as her fingers fumbled over the buttons of his shirt, pushing the plastic through their respected loop and moving onto the next, traveling down the thick, plaid long sleeve until the front opened to show his black undershirt. The thin material helped Kagome feel more of him, her hands openly roaming over his chest, observing the muscles that twitched beneath, bringing her to eagerly push the button up from his shoulders and down his arms. The half demon helped her along, following her silent demands and taking it a step further as he pulled the black tee over his head, tossing it to the floor behind her. Before he could crush his mouth to hers again, she gazed down, taking the sight of his bare torso in, the ridges of his toned abdomen so defined that she couldn't help but softly rake her nails over them.

Watching her study him, watching her seemingly enjoy nothing more than staring was pushing him over the edge. He couldn't just sit back anymore. He needed more of her. Kagome was going to be the death of him, and there was no better fucking way to go. He stood from his seat, her body only pushed back minutely by his rising, his mouth hovering just above hers as he dragged his fingers up her sides, following the curve of her waist until he grazed the band of her bra, switching directions and following the path around her back. Meeting in the middle, just above the dip her muscles created at her spine, he pinched the clasp, the garment coming loose immediately.

Kagome licked her lips, unexpectedly loving how his breath teased her cheeks. He was so close, all she had to do was arch her chin upward and they'd meet, but the hazy, half-lidded gaze he was giving her was too beautiful to look away from. She shrugged her shoulders, allowing the straps from her bra to fall, his hands guiding them down her arms and creating a faint trail of pebbles on her flesh along the way. Before Inuyasha looked down, took in the sight of, admired, what have you, he kissed her. He was steady and sure, his skin hot against her own, making her wish she could be pressed chest-to-chest with him for the remainder of the bitter winter.

Inuyasha wanted to feel every inch of Kagome. He wanted to taste her, explore her, and figure out everything that made her tick. He wanted to erase the fine creases her clothes created, the pads of his fingers tracing what her bra had formed, running from the middle of her back, under her arms, and just below her breasts. He felt her shudder as his thumb tickled the delicate skin, a sharp inhale coming from her nose as he moved to feel more, bringing his palms up around the side to feel the swell of flesh that was pressed so solidly against him. He kept inching upward, feeling her chest rise and fall with her slow, heated breaths, the sharp line of her collar bones, her throat, and ending at her jaw, his hands cradling it perfectly.

For the first time, he could feel himself becoming greedy. Inuyasha wanted to hear more of those little noises that escaped her throat when he kissed her harder, or slid his tongue against her own. He wanted to see how hard she would grip the belt loops of his jeans to pull him impossibly closer if he inched away, and he wanted to see just how powerful that heady scent she gave off would grow to be. This was her body's response to him and it had him throbbing, aching to experience all of her as slowly as he could. Inuyasha would drag this out as long as he needed to, just to make sure he took every tiny, minuscule part of her in.

He was guiding her, turning her, the backs of her legs now bumping the edge of the mattress as he gently tipped her onto it, the two of them skillfully crawling their way up to the heap of pillows at the top frame of her bed. They never lost contact, Kagome made sure of that. As soon as her head met a pillow, Inuyasha was pressed against her, his hands roaming up and down her sides, nails slightly catching on the edges of her panties as he traveled around her hips and down her leg, hitching a thigh around his waist as he wedged himself in between. His jeans chaffed wonderfully against her, catching at her skin as he rolled into a slow grind, her soft moan muted by his thick grunt. She wanted more. She didn't want anything dividing them. She wanted his body to leave an impression on hers, wanted the heat radiating from within his clothes to seer her through. Inuyasha was undeniably bringing her to the brink with nothing more than simple touches and and rugged grunts.

Kagome's hands fumbled along his sides, his hips twitching slightly as she accidentally grazed a ticklish spot at his ribs, quickly moving along to push at his jeans so he'd get the hint. The half demon shook his head, breaking the kiss, dipping to pay attention to her jawline and neck, painting the sensitive skin with licks and flicks of his tongue, his hot breath causing her to inadvertently open up so he wouldn't stop. Good god, she never wanted him to stop. Not once had she ever felt like this before. Not once had she felt so wholly succumbed and entirely entranced. Inuyasha was so good to her. For her. How did she get so lucky? How did she get gifted with something- someone so wonderful? Kagome understood that the how and why were inexplainable, but she planned on never taking him for granted. She was still getting familiar with what it felt like to have a person that was yours and yours alone; not as a piece of property, but as a heart that completed yours and made you experience what it was to be alive. Every glance he'd given her over the last few weeks had her reeling. Every touch and connection had her indescribably happy. Kagome was falling- hard and fast. She was terrified and elated. Anxious and thrilled. She couldn't stop. A muffled thought told her to hold back, but there was no way she could control this. The more Inuyasha touched her, kissed her, learned her, cared for her, the quicker she slipped to her rapid downfall.

Again, Kagome pushed down his jeans as much as she could, the button still holding them firm to his hips. The half demon wasn't budging. He stayed firmly against her, his pelvis giving a small grind as he sucked at her collar bone, driving Kagome wild. She whimpered, feeling powerless and helpless to his taunting ministrations. Inuyasha chuckled against her skin, giving a small kiss to the area he'd been working on before pressing himself up to look at her.

"Are you sure?" He asked again, voice low and gruff. Kagome couldn't tear her eyes away from his, the beautiful hues swimming with something that absorbed her entirely. She smiled, nodding slowly.

"I'm sure."

Inuyasha kissed her lips, her chin, the front of her throat, the dip between her clavicles, her chest, and sternum before sitting upright to unbutton his jeans. He stopped halfway down his zipper, really taking in the sight of her for the first time since he'd removed her bra. She looked almost shy, like she was trying to resist her initial instinct to hide her exposed parts. Her arms were folded inward, her fingers nervously trekking over the opposite forearms that laid on top of her flat tummy, causing her breasts, plump and full, to squeeze together. Her shoulders were flexed upwards, one a little closer to her cheek than the other. Her skin was fair, barely any freckles, the fuzz on her arms so light, you'd hardly think she had any. There was a scar on her waist, sandy-colored, and he'd have to remember to ask her about that later but for now he just wanted to cover every inch of it in sweet kisses. Her stomach was toned, hips curvy, and thighs beautifully thick.

"Fuck, Kagome, you're gorgeous."

It took all of his willpower not to dive back down and continue where he left off, glad she was about to fill the atrocious gap for him as she sat up, taking her knees from the side of his legs and kneeling in front of him. Kagome's mouth went straight to his shoulder as her hands wandered over his abdomen, moving down to push the loosened denim below his butt. Her hands grazed the front of his hips softly, running over the cloth of his boxers and treading over the band that kept them secured.

Kagome enjoyed, more than anything so far, the way Inuyasha's defined muscles tensed beneath her touch, and the way his breath hitched a certain way when her fingers splayed out and reached closer to his hardened length. Moving slowly, she kissed up the side of his neck, using her tongue at the spots that caused his hands to tighten their grip on her hips. As soon as she reached his jaw, Inuyasha moved in, claiming her mouth, groaning as she rubbed his cock through his boxers.

He broke away as he gasped, a husky sound, but she quickly silenced him with another kiss, their lips moving in perfect synchrony. His hands went to the back of her neck, holding her to him as he moved against her heatedly, sighing out through his nose as Kagome reached into the waistband and skillfully tugged his length. His entire body shuddered, his pelvis rolling into her hand, his flesh scorching her palm and causing her to whimper out as his tongue shot into her mouth to taste her own.

"Please." Kagome muttered. The ache within her had become so powerful, so overwhelming, and she desperately needed it to be satiated.

Inuyasha didn't have the right to deny Kagome when she sounded this way. Without hesitation, he backed off the bed, kicked his jeans and boxers carelessly to the floor, and then pressed his body back into Kagome's, guiding her to lay against her pillows once more. Kagome fidgeted slightly, lifting her hips and shifting her panties down until she could flick them away, welcoming his body between her thighs. Inuyasha wanted to spend more time on her; kissing, tasting, teasing, exploring, but his time was up and they were both at their threshold.

He wanted to ask if she was comfortable, wanted to make sure she was ready, but the mewl from her throat and the way she grabbed his sides to press them together had him reeling, forgetting how to speak altogether. Inuyasha shifted, sliding inside of Kagome, slow and controlled. She arched her back the further he went, sighing out in what one would guess was relief. He swallowed her breath, crushing her lips with his own, moving against her while he propped one of her thighs above the line of his hip, thrusting in deeper, relishing in her gropes and muffled moans.

Kagome felt like she was burning up from the inside out. His body fit so perfectly against hers, rolling tantalizingly, meshing wonderfully, bringing her to experience a high she'd never had before. The half demon grunted thickly, biting into the curve where her neck and shoulder met. She couldn't help the whimper that slipped from her lips, trying to meet him thrust-for-thrust but failing to control her muscles as they began to tense and tremble. She was to the point where she didn't know what to do with her hands. They gripped the comforter, nails scraping the fluffed designs in the material, fumbled over the ridges of his back muscles, clutched his grinding hips, touching whatever she could as she was pushed closer and closer to climax with each and every second that passed. Finally, her hands found their home pressed against her mouth, trying to keep her voice down as an overwhelming sensation flooded over. Inuyasha had propped himself up on his hands, taking her at a different angle, quickening his pace and hardening his thrusts.

A shrill carried through her from her toes to the crown of her head, body writhing uncontrollably, thighs tensing against the half demon. He dipped his head down, whispering something sweet into her ear that made her orgasm all the more invigorating, her whines and cries seeping through her fingers as if they weren't even muffled.

Inuyasha was barely hanging on, the thread keeping him together thin, hardly sustainable, about to snap. He bucked against her harder, his murmurs turning into hoarse grunts as he crumpled over, every nerve ending in his body engulfed in electricity. Kagome sighed out his name, her voice like scissors to the string, and everything in him went completely ridged, his voice catching in his throat as he came.

The whistle from the wind outside seeped through Kagome's closed window, the sound noticeable in the silence of her bedroom. She should have been asleep. Her eyes would close on their own accord, comforted by Inuyasha's deep, steady breaths and unbelievably warm body pressed solidly against her back, but she didn't want to let her consciousness slip. He'd told her before that as a half demon, he didn't sleep much; he didn't need it nor want it. He didn't get worn out or fatigued easily like humans did. Yet, here he was, sleeping soundly while holding them together. She was enjoying his hot breath drawing patterns along her skin, the small twitches his body gave as he dreamt, the feeling of his arm tucked sturdily around her waist. Whenever she opened her eyes, they focused solely on that arm, his skin tone muted by the darkness. Kagome didn't want to sleep. She wanted to bathe in the absolute happiness she felt in this moment.

Ever since they began talking through their skin, Kagome kept a pen at bedside. The pen hadn't moved, even though those effects had faded away the moment their hands touched. If anyone asked her, she'd be more than willing to admit she missed the sensations. There were times where she felt faint tingling; when Inuyasha was approaching and even sometimes as they walked hand-in-hand, but nothing that resembled the prickling she felt then. It was fun communicating the way they did. It was exciting when she'd wake up to little messages on her palm.

She reached for the pen and scratched the cap of it against the heel of her hand, tickling the thin skin at the edge of her wrist. These sensations guided her to her soulmate. She felt so lucky, so thoroughly contented, so filled with something that was too soon to speak that although she missed the little aspects of the beginning of their relationship, she was also grateful he wouldn't receive her message.

Inuyasha stirred behind her, sighing out against her neck.

"What are you doing?" He mumbled, voice thick from sleep.

"Nothing." Kagome whispered, slowly drawing out the words with the ballpoint end.

"You're writing something."

She stopped, slightly taken aback that he knew, wondering for a moment if they'd actually faded away and slightly fearful that he'd see.

"I can still feel when you draw on your hands. Not like before, but still." Inuyasha continued, snuggling into the curve of her shoulder, his arm holding her tighter. "What did you write?"

"Nothing." She whispered again, keeping her hushed tone as soft as possible, relieved that it was only the sensations that kept them connected. She finished the third word, looking satisfyingly at her shadowed palm before rubbing her thumb to erase the context. "Just a reminder for tomorrow."

He grunted before placing a kiss to her naked flesh. Kagome sank into him, cradling her closed hand to her chest and finally allowing her eyes to drift shut.