Chapter 1 New team mates
The same day with Galaxy High the team of Yoko and Brett are so upset why Josh joined that tv show . " That's why we need a replacement for Josh and Fluffy'' , said Yoko . Then Principal Kirk Patrick started to talk to Bernadette Winder and her ultra pet named Frozen that looked like Fluffy in girl form . Then Principal Kirk Patrick called Yoko and Brett down to the office and they met their new team mate and her ultra pet Frozen . Yoko said , " Another girl on this team yay and her ultra pet is cute" . Then Brett started talking to Principal Kirk Patrick and said, "Are we have the same hornet that Fluffy, Josh, Yoko, I used" . Principal kirk Patrick said , Yes and Now it's Bernadette, Frozen , Yoko and Brett ." We just got a call from Bobby's Hornet saying , "That Bobby had been kidnapped by villains and you guys have to save him . "That's your mission", said Principal Kirk Patrick. " Yes Sir", said the team . So they went to their Hornet and told Frozen to set to Bobby's Hornet .

Then Bobby 's teammates saw Josh's Hornet and call to the screen . Then they answer the call and saw a girl . Bobby's team said , "You're not Josh". Then Bernadette said , " I am Josh's replacement and Frozen is Fluffy's replacement" . Then Bobby's team was so happy to see Brett , and Yoko . Then we landed on the planet where Bobby is . We went into groups to find Bobby , Then I found Bobby and said , " Who are you?" . I answer to Bobby and said , "My name is Bernadette Winder and I am Josh replacement for Yoko and Brett's on my team" . "Also I have a ultrapet named Frozen and Frozen is Fluffy replacement". So Yoko said , " let's blast some villians". I and Brett said , "agreed" . I told Frozen "To start to turn them into ice". So Bobby and his team got the villians on his hornet . My team got on our hornet to get back to Earth where we belong . We left the planet at the same time . When we got back to Galaxy High . We told Principal Kirk Patrick what happened he was so glad that we helped Bobby out of trouble . We put the villians in jail. Me and Yoko started watching Star Wars The Clone Wars . So Brett and Frozen joined in . After that everyone is a sleep. The next day Bobby said , "Thanks to my team". So it was class time for the whole school of Galaxy High . Now to the studio where Josh is . Josh said , " I am so happy that I betrayed Team Galaxy and joined this show". So Fluffy agreed with Josh . Now back to Galaxy High where it is lunch time . " This class is so awesome" said , Bernadette . Brett agreed with me . But Yoko likes to be a karaoke Star . Yoko didn't know that I could sing . Then I sang the theme of Power Rangers Dino Thunder . "Wow" said , Yoko . Then Brett said , " you are awesome like Yoko". Thanks you two said , Bernadette . So they had two more class then school was over for the day .