Chapter 3 The attack of Cosmic High Then other students aka teams with the teacher about to walk to the set . Josh and Fluffy saw them and said , "Hey guys what ups" . "Nothing much" said the teacher . Then Josh asked "the teacher where is Yoko, Brett? " . The teacher said , " They not here because on a mission with Bernadette and her brother". " That okay that alright" said , Josh . Then Yoko and Brett and I with my bro we are spy on Cosmic High . Frozen came up and saw Fluffy look at her . I said , " Frozen don't look at Fluffy because he is Josh ultra pet". "You are mine and my sister ultra pet Frozen " Said , Chad . Someone saw us and said , "Galaxy High is here to destroy your set". We said , "Don't tell Josh that we are here". They keep quiet for a large bit of time . Now back to the other students in the studio . Bobby and his team mate said , " Josh is act weird then normal". Then David and his team mates said , " agreed " . They heard the show getting ready to go on set . I text them to go on Netflix to watch Star Wars the clone wars . Even the teacher start watching the series and the teacher said , "I like this series more then Cosmic High ". Then Cosmic High heard it and said , "'Which series is it?" . Other students aka David and Bobby team said, " Star Wars the clone wars". Cosmic High said , " I used to watch that show when it was on Teletoon or Cartoon Network". Back to my team with my bro in other part of the studio .

Then i heard someone said , " They used to watch on Teletoon or Cartoon Network". Then I said , " I used to watch on Teletoon and Netflix". "I miss that show " Said , Chad . We heard a sound from the a laser gun that the head one from Cosmic High. I saw her pointing gun at the teacher. I told Frozen to grab the gun from the head one . She saw my team and said , " Wow Team Galaxy is here". Then the other teams took their clothes off and show their uniforms from Galaxy High . She said , " Well your school will be destroy by Me and Josh . All teams said , "Don't think so". "We have been training for years for this" said , all teams . Josh said , " Well you all here expect my dad we will destroy Galaxy High". Fluffy went back to Yoko and Brett even Me and My Brother . I said , " Chad you got a ultra pet again now it's Fluffy". Then we said , " All ultra pets attack Cosmic High". We got in your own hornets and we started fighting for Galaxy high . We got Cosmic High in a few attack . We save the rest of the crew members only two member were bad . Then we won the attack . But Principal Kirk Patrick was not happy at his son . Josh became so evil that he couldn't came back to Galaxy High . So I stay with his old team for the rest of the time . Even my brother Chad got a promotion to became the new principal of Galaxy High . So I became the new vice principal of Galaxy high . Even the team went different ways and we still talk to each other . Now been years since it happened .

-The End for now -