'Alfred, would you go to prom with me? I know you must think I'm joking but I'm... gay? And.. I really like... you?' "No…"

Kiku crumpled the script he was writing. He was planning to ask his crush out to prom tomorrow. Unfortunately, his crush, Alfred was straight.

But it wouldn't hurt to try… right?

"Kiku!" Kiku's older brother, Yao called through Kiku's door. "Ivan and I are going to eat dinner at a restaurant outside tonight. Take care of yourself."


Ughhh. Ivan again? Kiku was pretty sure that he had not had a proper meal with his brother since Yao met Ivan. He wondered why Yao had not turned to him but his friends when their parents passed away. Sometimes, Kiku thought nobody cared about him. He wished someone could at least fret over him. Picking up his pen again, Kiku started a new script, reading it out loud as he wrote.

'Alfred, can you do me a… a favor? I know you're not into boys but… I've been feeling down lately.. So will you go to prom with me?'

No, this is terrible.

Kiku hopes that if he keeps trying, Alfred would be so touched that he would accept.

The next day, Kiku barely ate anything. He sat through all his lessons looking like he was in a trance. Well, all of his classes except swimming, the last class of the day. Sitting on the shore because Yao never signed his permission slip, he watched as Alfred effortlessly sliced through the water. In his eyes, Alfred's hair was like woven gold, his eyes as blue as the ocean.

Before he knew it, class was over and everyone had retreated to the changing rooms. Kiku sighed. Waiting outside the men's changing rooms, he prepared himself for what was about to happen. As Alfred stepped out the changing room, Kiku nervously approached him.

"Alfred, uh… can I… I mean I want to...ask you something…" Kiku stuttered, a rosy blush forming on his cheeks. "I.. I… Ireallylikeyousowillyougotopromwithme?" He felt a huge weight start to lift from his heart as he blurted his proposal..

"Dude, is this a joke? We can't go to prom together!" Alfred looked confused for a second, than noticed Kiku's reddening blush and pieced everything together. "Dude, I'm sorry but I'm not gay. I'm gonna have to reject your offer. I'm sorry!"

Kiku's heart stopped. The weight thudded back to its original place. He felt tears well up in his eyes. Not wanting to break down into tears and make the situation even more awkward, he fled from the scene. Running down the hallway, he- wait a second, is that Feliks helping Toris out of a locker? Nevermind. Continuing his run of shame, he dodged into the bathroom.

Slamming the door of the toilet cubicle behind him, Kiku finally broke down and sobbed. Tears streamed out of his eyes, forming a puddle next to him.

Nobody cared about him. Nobody cared about his feelings. Not his brother, and certainly not Alfred. He bet Yao won't even be worried if he never went home! He lost all sense of time as he sat in the stall, crying his eyes out.

"KIKU! Is that you?"

Kiku felt his cubicle shake by someone banging against the door. "W-Who's that?" Kiku shakingly answered.

"It's the awesome Gilbert! Come on, open up!"

"We've been looking for you since the end of swimming class! This is Arthur by the way. Where did you go?"

"Nowhere! Now leave me alone!" Kiku screamed. He didn't want Gilbert and Arthur to know about his crush on Alfred. They'd tease him for all of eternity if they found out. After all, if Yao didn't care about him, they wouldn't either. "Have you been in here the entire time? We were so worried!" Arthur exclaimed.

Kiku felt his heart stop for a second. They were worried?

"By the way, you better not be peeing because Gilbert's about to pick the lock." Kiku saw the lock turn. The door opened and he looked up at his friends.

"Tell us everything." Gilbert demanded, seeing his tear-stained cheeks.

The dam holding in Kiku's words broke and he told them everything from start to finish, from how much he wished Yao cared about him to how he spent hours pondering on how to ask Alfred out and how he approached Alfred.

Gilbert and Arthur were stunned. They had no idea their friend felt like this. Whatever they were expecting Kiku to say, it certainly wasn't this. Kiku, however, took their expression as one of disgust. Stupid me. Should have known they won't care either. He slowly inched away from them, wishing they would hold onto their promise.

Arthur and Gilbert approached him and wrapped him in a giant bear hug.

"It's okay, Kiku."

"We don't mind."

"We care about you."

Kiku realized there were people that cared about him the whole time. How could he be so oblivious?

He smiled and sank into the embrace.