"DOCTOR WHATS HAPPENING?" Ryan yelled. Currently the TARDIS was falling and shaking.

"Dont know yet Ryan! Still trying to figure that out," doctor yelled back,"Oh well thats not good" The TARDIS would stabilise.

"What was that" Yasmin said.

"Well...AHHH!" The Doctors atoms would vanish leaving nothing where she stood.

"Doctor?" Yasmin yelled.

"Yes?" said a voice from behind the control pannel. Yas, Ryan and Graham would turn around after hearing the male voice.

"You are not the doctor" said Yas.

"Yes i am! Im the doctor from the planet galifray." Said Dr10, " Now what's happened to my TARDIS." He would touch the control pannel and ky would change back to his TARDIS, like it did im day of the doctor.

"What did you do?" Ryan said shocked "fixed my Tardis." said 10.

Meanwhile with 13

What on earth..." 13 said looking around. She would be on a beach.

"no no way..." her face would havr a very worried expression on her face.

"This...its...its petes the beach...where i left rose..." (petes world is the alternet time line rose and all that got sent to)

"Oi! Who are you and where is the doctor?" A female voice spoke. The Doctor shot around.

"R...R...R...Rose Tyler! Its great but worrying to see you!" said the Doctor.

"No you're the future doctor..." Said Rose. The doctor would sonic the air.

"That is not all..." said thr doctor.