"Where's my box, Deeks?" Kensi asked as she climbed into the passenger seat of the Audi as they left the bar.

"I know where the box is, Kens!" He insisted. "I told you I was joking when I asked what happened to it."

"Ok, then where is it?"

"Not to be a stickler for details, but isn't it technically my box? You gave me said box, so now it's mine and I don't have to divulge its whereabouts to you." He winced in anticipation of a punch.

"Where's the box, Deeks?"

"What's in the box, Kens?"



"Stop answering my questions with questions?"

"What do you mean, Sugar-bear?"

"Martin Deeks!"

"Oooh, the full name. Are you getting mad at me baby?"

"You lost my box!"

"Technically, my box." He stated. "Technically not lost."

Kensi rolled her eyes, then her eyes turned sad. "Do you really not know where it is?"

"It's been five years Kens, besides you told me everything I ever wanted was in that box. That can't be true, because you're everything I've ever wanted, so what's in the box is a mute point." He grabbed her hand tightly as she tried to pull away.

"I guess," she huffed. "Why did you never open it?" She said with a deep breath. Her curiosity got the best of her. She had sent the box to herself in order to drive the Shaggy haired detective insane, which worked like a charm. She then gave him said box, and yet he never opened it, even after she opened the first box for him. He left the second box fully intact, five years later.

Deeks shrugged. "Maybe I was scared."

"Of what?"

"Baby, come on. Does it really matter now?"

"Kind of," she said looking at the ground fiddling with her imaginary engagement ring. Every night she wore it to bed, but removed it as they started their work day.

He squeezed her hand a little tighter still holding it after her pull away efforts failed.

Deeks ran his hands through his mop. "It was before we admitted our feelings. The whole "thing"," he air quoted. "And then I let my emotions get in the way, the night after we first made love. Which led you to being sent to Afghanistan, and when you came back, damn Paul Angelo and his three hearts scared me again. I knew I was in love with you," he paused. "Hell, I've known I was in love with you since I laid eyes on you. But I didn't want to risk losing you. I came so close when my heart won over my head, I never thought in a million years bad ass Blye could love me back. I don't know opening the box meant Maybe you were in love with me too. Maybe you could actually love the best LAPD could do," he smirked making Kensi blush. "I didn't want to make you choose. You didn't want to choose. I was afraid of losing us, what we were, afraid of what could be. Maybe it would have gotten us where we are sooner, where we were always meant to be, but we still got here."

"But, I even opened the box for you?"

"The first box, you devilish woman."

Kensi couldn't help but laugh.

"Which inside was another box! One I regrettably chose not to open that night. I missed you so much when you were in Afghanistan, I was so glad to have you back, but I was also scared to have you back."

"I get it, I suppose."

"What's in the box, baby?"

"I guess you'll have to find it to find out."

"Touché," he grinned. "The wonder twins are going to back track security footage to see if we can find it."

"Are you going to open it if they do?"

Deeks thought for a minute. "Should I, I'm still kinda scared."

"Of what?"

"I can't think of anything I want more than you, except maybe you to be ready to give me a litter of ninja assassins."

"A litter?"

"Alright, I'd settle on one for now."

Kensi shook her head, "find my box and maybe you'll get your wish!"

"Really? Baby are you serious?"

"Find the box!"

"What's in the box?"

"If you find it, you'll see" she smirked.

"Can I make it up to you in the mean time," he gently caressed her leg.

"We'll see." She winked.

When they arrived back home, Deeks quickly shot Eric a text. "Brother, I need you to find the box! It's a matter of life or death!"

"Kensi threatening to Kill you, huh? How do you lose a box dude? That box was so important!"

"Eric, I don't need you to tell me that. It was an important part of our thing, I just need you to find it, give it to me and DO NOT TELL KENSI if you find it!" Deeks responded.

"Who you texting?" Kensi questioned her beau.

"Huh? No just typing some notes, baby."

"Mmhmm," she knew he was lying. "Retracing your steps over the past five years."

Deeks ignored her in a bad decision and continued texting Eric, "FIND THE BOX!"

Kensi grabbed his phone in a ninja like move and placed another text to Eric, "and give it to Kensi when you do ;)"

"Um Deeks? Are you sure, you just said not to tell her if I did?" Eric texted back confused.

"Oh, I did, did I. Must have been my brain injury resurfacing." Kensi sent as Deeks grabbed the phone back in a sly maneuver.


"Deeks?" Eric was puzzled more than ever as the texts stopped.

"Whatcha doing Beale," Nell walked into OPS.

"Looking for Deeks' box that I may or may not be giving to Kensi if I find it?"

"Ok?" Nell questioned.

"Don't ask. Wanna help?"

"Sure," Nell pulled up her chair that was finally vacated by Rogers. Her phone buzzed as she took her seat.

"Find the box, give to me! Best Maid of Honor Ever. Xoxox K." Nell grinned ready to assist Eric and make sure Kensi got the box before Deeks.

"So you and Rogers starting up a bromance?" She brought up to distract her boyfriend.

"If you can't beat em join em. Plus he loves fortnite and is soo good! Who would have thunk."

"Ok then. Guess it's Time to activate Wonder Twins power and find this box!"

"We are giving it to Deeks? Right?" Eric questioned.

"Well it is Kensi's box, so we should give it to her."

Eric shrugged slightly, "Technically, it's Deeks' box. Kensi did give it to him, therefore making it his box."

"Which makes it Kensi's originally and hers since Deeks never opened it."




"You know what, I think we should look for the box on our own!" May the best person win," Nell grabbed her surface and left ops.

"Nell Wait!" His voice trailed as the OPS doors shut. "Deeks, if Kensi doesn't kill you, I might!" He continued shuffling through footage rapidly.

"Game on Beale," Nell whispered outside the doors while performing her own meticulous search.