Chapter 1

A blur of orange could be seen speeding through the thick canopy of the forest surrounding Land of Rivers. Azure eyes were looking up, briefly catching his target every couple seconds before his form was hidden by the branches above him.

He had only been back for a day yet here he was, pursuing high ranking criminals that had successfully manage to not only kidnap the Kazekage out of his own village, but also extract the Bijuu from him which resulted in him dying. And if that was not enough, they didn't even allow them to take his body back to be buried.

He was pretty sure he even heard one of their members talking about eating him!

He wasn't going to let that happen though. He channeled a decent amount of chakra to his legs before bursting forward in a drastic increase of speed. His sensei who was also in pursuit was left behind as a result.

''Oi, Naruto!'' His sensei called out before clicking his tongue as he was forced to increase his own speed. While his student had gotten stronger than he was before he left, taking on a s-rank criminal was quite a jump from the spar he had with him and his teammate.

Meanwhile, as his sensei was catching up to him, Naruto had overtaken his target and he skidded to a halt as he reached a clearing. Staring up, he narrowed his eyes as he began molding chakra inside of his body while forming the hand seals he needed while waiting.


He came into his peripheral vision, flying on his clay bird while dropping small bombs behind him. If Naruto didn't know any better he wasn't sure if he had noticed he was no longer behind him.

He waited a bit longer and… now! He released his built up chakra in the form of small, almost invisible wind bullets that shot upwards the moment his target flew over him.

Even from his position on the ground, his enhanced eyesight allowed him to see his expression of arrogance morph into one of shock as one of the air bullets he had created punched a hole into the right wing of the clay bird he used for transport.

''This is going to be a problem, un.'' His enemy, a missing nin from Iwa named Deidara muttered as he watched his ride destabilize due to the hole its right wing now had. This was not how he expected it to go. The jinchuuriki was supposed to be brash, loud and easily goaded and according to the intel only knew how to use the Shadow Clone and the Rasengan.

There were no mentions of elemental chakra manipulation anywhere as far as he knew! So now Deidara could only think of what he could do next as he began losing altitude.

Kakashi had finally managed to catch up to his student, just in time to witness his student's masterful display of elemental manipulation. His sharingan eye tracking the chakra created wind bullets and noting they were created in such a way one would have to be a master when it came to wind manipulation.

It did raise some questions though. Mainly why Naruto had not shown his ability to use high ranking elemental techniques during their spar. And Kakashi could've sworn those blue eyes of his student seemed a bit more darker then usually.

He made a mental note to ask Naruto about it later, when they weren't busy going after s-rank criminals as he at least liked to know why.

Naruto didn't even spare his sensei a glance as he once more took off, running into the direction he estimated his enemy was going to crash. He was right as he reached another clearing. Though this one was not natural as several trees had been uprooted forcefully and branches had been snapped off from a few trees that were still standing around it.

He darted his eyes around before his gaze landed on the clay bird that had been used as transport. Due to it having crashed a part had broken off, revealing the body of the Kazekage that laid there limply with half of his body still covered.

Wordlessly and without any hand seals two clones poofed into existence and with a mental command they went over to the bird where they started digging him out.

As his clones were busy freeing the Kazekage, the real Naruto was scanning his surroundings with narrowed eyes. He couldn't have gotten far as the crash site was still fresh. Sniffing a handful of times, a metallic scent invaded his senses and he could smell blood, fresh blood.

His eyes catching sight of a trail of dark spots that lead towards the bushes and he guessed it was blood that had mixed in with the dirt. A glint entered his eye as he swiped his hand in a sideways motion.

To a civilian it didn't look like anything special but a shinobi, a well trained one would've caught the almost invisible blade of winds that was expelled by him. In Naruto's case Kakashi had indeed caught it but quickly understood what he was doing, even as more questions filled his mind.

The blade of wind he had created cut through the foliage with ease. Its sharpness could be compared to running a hot knife through butter as it continued its flight even after reducing the shrubbery to nothing.

Unfortunately Deidara managed to survive by throwing himself flat on the dirt ground. Though he didn't came out unscathed as part of his long blond hair had been cut off and he had a gash on his side which was bleeding by quite the amount.

As his clones returned with Gaara on his back, a buildup of chakra was sensed coming from the crashed clay bird. This time Kakashi jumped in action as he was in front of Naruto in a blink of an eye, his hands already moving through a set of hand seals which he slammed into the ground as a earth wall rose and covered both himself and Naruto from the explosion that followed.

The earth wall did take a beating but it did its job as it left the two unscathed from the attack. The dust that had been kicked up settled, revealing Deidara who looked rather disappointed that his surprise attack had failed and clicked his tongue.

He needed to get out of here and fast as the wound on his side was still bleeding and he could feel himself getting a bit dazy. His chances of surviving went down by quite a bit as several chakra signatures were sensed before Guy and his team appeared, looking a bit roughed up but fine otherwise.

''It appears you have this under control.'' Neji commented as he looked at the roughed up enemy who was frowning in turn.

Naruto nodded in acknowledgement but other than that kept his focus on his target, ready to act at a moment's notice. His danger senses tingled as from all of the reactions he expected he would get off his target, seeing him smirk was not it.

Naruto tried to warn them as he saw his smirk widen and subtle movement of his right hand that was near his back but he was just a little too late.


''Get back!'' Naruto just managed to get his warning off before Deidara's body bulged in a rather grotesque manner as he exploded in an enormous ball of flames that covered the entire cleaning.

They all backed away with the exception of Kakashi who stood his ground. He channeled chakra to his left eye where his sharingan lay which had begun to spun and evolve. ''Kamui!'' His voice was drowned by the sound of the explosion before the space in front of him began to distort.

Tears of blood began running down his cheek as Kakashi somehow managed to warp away the explosion. To both himself and his comrades it felt like it took forever when in reality it was happening in only a few seconds.

Naruto too couldn't help but show his surprise as it was rather fascinating to him. However, his expression changed into a narrow eyed one as he saw something happening near the explosion that was currently being taken care of.

It was weird. It looked to be some kind of tear that was just there, floating and completely ignoring both the explosion and whatever technique Kakashi was using. Yet, that was not the only thing that gotten his attention.

He glanced down and his suspicions were confirmed as he noticed he was leaving drag marks and that he was being pulled closer. Quickly looking around he noticed that the others were having the same issue as well though they seemed to not have noticed.

Frowning as he went over what could end up happening, namely Kakashi losing his balance resulting in the explosion that was still not completely taken care of reach them and likely end up with them either dead or wounded as he himself had a good healing factor.

Flickered his gaze between Kakashi's technique and the weird phenomenon he could also feel it call out to him somehow. Knowing what must be done he turned his face behind him with a small smile. ''Tell Tsunade I'm sorry.'' Was all he said, confusing them but before they could ask what he meant he sprinted forward.

''Naruto!'' They yelled, even Kakashi though he kept his focus on keeping them all safe.

Lee tried to run after him but was stopped by Neji who put a hand on his shoulder. He wanted to protest but Neji merely pointed, finally having noticed where Naruto was running towards before pointing at the ground near their feet. ''Look, whatever he's going to do might have to do with that over there.'' As he had also noticed he was being pulled forward.

They could only watch Naruto's back as once close enough he leaped upwards but were still surprised as the tear in space just swallowed him after which it disappeared without a trace.

Neji even activated his Byakugan to see if this was some sort of illusion but he couldn't find any trace of Naruto anywhere not could he sense his chakra around.

By now Kakashi got done with warping the explosion away and covered up his sharingan eye which was burning from use as he looked around. ''What happened? Where's Naruto?!'' He shouted, surprising them before Guy walked up to his friend and rival and much like Neji had done with Lee before placed a hand on his shoulder.

''Kakashi, he's gone.'' Guy told him in a serious tone. ''I don't know where he is but he disappeared after jumping through something.''

''Sensei, I think Naruto saved us.'' Neji's voice rang out as he gestured for them to look down which they did.

''How?'' Kakashi asked no one specifically as he noticed he wasn't in the same spot he was in when he started his technique as it seemed as if he had been dragged through the dirt for several feet without even noticing.

''I'm not sure,'' Neji mused as he investigated with his Byakugan. ''It seems whatever it was that swallowed up Naruto was pulling us towards it as well. It looks like he jumped into it to save us as it was pulling us towards it and could've caused you to either trip or lose focus.''

Guy nodded in agreement with his student's assessment as he came to the same conclusion after getting the information he was missing.

''I understand. It's just..'' Kakashi didn't finish his sentence but Guy understood.

''Let's just meet up with your other student and bring the Kazekage with us. We can look further into this after we're done.''

It was two days later when Kakashi and Guy along with their team reached Konoha though they all looked rather distraught. They hurried themselves towards the Hokage tower, wasting no time for pleasantries as they had to report on what has happened.

Just making their way towards their destination they could overhear a few whispers as those who had seen or heard of Naruto's return noticed he wasn't among them.

Reaching the tower they went inside and headed upstairs where the office belonging to the Hokage was located. Kakashi knocked on twice on the door before opening it as he entered followed by the rest.

Looking at them from behind the desk, Tsunade had her fingers crossed as she glanced at each person in her office. She frowned however and did a double take as someone was missing. A certain orange clad blond to be specific and wasted no time addressing his sensei.

''Kakashi, why is Naruto not here?'' She got no reply as the man averted his eyes downwards. ''Kakashi.. answer the question.''

''Naruto… He, he's gone, Tsunade-sama.'' He eventually replied as he found the strength to meet her gaze with his own regret filled one.

The silence that followed after that was more than enough to make a lesser man feel afraid as Tsunade was frozen from where she was sitting.

''Kakashi, you best be telling me a joke or there will be trouble.''

''He's not lying Tsunade-sama.'' Neji took a step forward as he came to the man's defense. ''With the exception of Sakura we all saw it happen but couldn't stop him in time. Wherever he went i can tell i'm not the only one when i say that his action may have saved us as we wouldn't be here in your office otherwise.''

''I second my student's words Hokage-sama.'' Guy spoke up without his usual antics to show how serious he was.

Seconds passed in silence as Tsunade just stared at the group in her office, making more than one rather nervous as they all knew how close she was to Naruto. Eventually she opened her mouth and made them swallow in fear of what she might say. ''Leave. I.. I need some time alone so just leave. I uh, I want a report tomorrow of everything. You're dismissed.'' She held back the tears that threatened to spill.

''Leave!'' She yelled as she couldn't hold back her emotions any longer after seeing them all still in her office. As they scurried out and left her alone she leaned back in her chair and let her tears flow. ''...Why Naruto…''

Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep…

''Mmmhg..'' A groan left his lips as the annoying beeping sound he heard woke him from his calming sleep sleep. He kept his eyes closed for the moment as he tried to move arms and legs, only to wince he felt his body hurt all over.

Beep… Beep…

He growled as the sound didn't stop as he wouldn't mind going back to sleep, especially as the bed he was currently on was the most comfortable thing he had ever felt. Nothing even came close, not his own bed or the ones of the hotels, motels he had stayed in during his trip with Jiraiya.

It was only when he remembered what had happened that was responsible for his current state that he opened his eyes, his deep blue ones staring at a strange machine that was responsible for the noise.

He frowned as he stared at it, not recognizing what it was for right as they didn't have these in Konoha. No, it looked much more technologically advanced even Spring Country which is known for its advanced technology didn't have machined such as these.

After inspecting it for a while he came to understand that it would beep in sync with his heartbeat after which it pulsed. Rolling back onto his back with a grunt he darted his eyes around and noticed he was in a rather decent sized room that had little inside of it.

There was the bed he was currently resting on, a cabinet next to the bed on the opposite side of the machine and a couple painting that hung on the wall far away from him. It looked very strange, even the paintings as he couldn't recognize what it was of.

His ears twitched as he heard the sound of a door being opened and looked to see a young woman walk into the room. She was quite pretty with her light brown hair and forest green eyes that were currently focused on some papers she was holding.

''..H-ello..'' He greeted, his voice sounding a bit hoarse from being dehydrated.

The woman looked up from her papers before letting out a gasp upon seeing him awake. ''A-ah.. Wait here for a bit.'' Not waiting for a reply she turned around and left the room, leaving him once more by himself.

''Huh?'' He blinked as he watched her leave. What was all that about? He thought she would check up on him and not leave!

Oh well, nothing he can do about it right now as he felt his chakra start taking care of his aches. He furrowed his brows together and managed to tilt his head so he could look at himself. The reason for this was because he felt his chakra move in a more controlled manner. Not only that but the quantity he held felt like it was much more…

He didn't get to mull over it as the door leading to his room was once more opened and someone else walked in. Turning towards the newcomer, he looked only to immediately fight down the blush that covered his cheeks upon seeing the inhuman beauty, he already forgot that nurse from before, make her way towards him with soft steps.

She had long blonde hair done in a loose ponytail that went down all the way down her legs and ended in a spiral. It was paler than his own and seemed to have some sort of shine to it. Her face was perfect with delicate features. Her eyebrows were cut short but it only amplified her beauty and her eyes were a sparkling golden that looked at him with an almost smothering intensity.

Her outfit consisted of a white haori with over it a red hakama that did little to hide her curvaceous figure though he did his best not to stare.

Hell, if Jiraiya had been in his place he was sure the man would've died from blood loss upon seeing her.

Yet, as he roamed over her form he somehow managed to miss certain features of her that caused his eyes to widen.

Behind her, swaying gently with each step she made were not one but nine golden furred bushy tails along with a pair of fox ears that were on peeking out of her hair. While it was quite shocking it only made her appear much more..

''..Beautiful..'' The word left his lips before he knew what he had done and it only caused his still rosy cheeks to darken and his eyes to widen. She too had heard what he called her. At least he assumed so as he took note of the pink that dusted her cheeks.

He wanted to apologize but was beaten to it as the blonde woman spoke up, having pushed down her blush from the rather unexpected compliment that he had graced her with. ''You're up much earlier than I had expected.'' Her voice was both soft and soothing and caused his heart fluttered at the sound. ''Tell me, what are you?''

He opened his mouth to reply but paused himself and blinked. Hold on, did she just ask him 'what' he is and not 'who'? That made no sense, right? Though, his eyes flickered over to her tails, that was something he hadn't seen before during his travels with Jiraiya. ''Um.. excuse me but what do you mean by that? '' Curiosity laced his voice as he asked her that question. He had expected her to ask for a name first.

The woman narrowed her eyes slightly at him, looking him in his eyes to see if he was playing with her or speaking the truth. After a few seconds of looking into his eyes her expression shifted from accusing into a soft smile. ''My apologies but I wasn't quite sure. What I mean is that I can sense chakra from you but seem to be a Youkai. Likewise, I could sense something quite malicious coming from the area near your stomach but I could tell it wasn't your own either. So once more I ask, what are you?''

''I.. I'm human?'' He answered though the way he made it sound was like he wasn't quite sure of it himself. He had panicked for a brief moment when she mentioned she was capable of sensing the Kyuubi sealed inside him but was relieved when she could also tell it wasn't him that radiated such malice.

He actually wondered if she was related to the Bijuu but threw that idea out as it sounded ridiculous even to him.

At his answer he was subjected to a scrutinizing stare of those mesmerizing golden orbs for what seemed like forever before they softened and she nodded. Though it didn't mean he was off the hook.

''Very well. I'll accept that for now. What's your name?''

''Naruto Uzumaki, what is yours miss…'' He trailed off and looked at her expectantly as she hadn't told him her own name.

''Ah!'' The blonde brought her hands to her cheeks that held a light blush of embarrassment upon realizing she hadn't even introduced herself. ''I am Yasaka, leader of the Youkai here in Kyoto.'' She gestured towards the tails behind her that swished back and forth gently.

Naruto stared at those appendages with awe as he wanted to reach out and touch them as they looked really soft.

''Ahem!'' She cleared her throat which also pulled him out of his transfixed state and he blinked before realizing he had been staring.

''Ah.. Sorry Yasaka..'' He apologized as he scratched his cheek with one of his hands. She waved her hand as a sign that it was okay. Though inwardly she was surprised by lack of a ''sama'' or ''dono'' suffix added behind her name. Not that she minded however, it was rather refreshing to hear someone call her simply by her first name.

''Wait!'' He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. ''Kyoto? I haven't heard of a village called Kyoto before.. Where the hell did it send me.. Are we still in the Land of Fire?''

It was Yasaka's turn to be confused as her tails paused their swaying. ''Land of Fire? And Kyoto isn't a village but a city in Japan. Are you sure you have never heard of it before?''

A nod was her answer and she could tell just from his expression he was telling the truth.

''I see. This only brings forth more questions I have though I also have some theories already in my mind. You appear in one of the field near the outskirts covered in blood with your clothing in tatters and apparently have never heard of Kyoto or Japan it seems. Yes, most definitely strange since you speak perfectly Japanese..''

A frown marred Naruto's face as she spoke as he tried to understand where exactly he was. No matter how hard he raked his brain he couldn't come to an answer aside from that somehow, as weird as it sounded whatever it was that he jumped into sent him to another world? Yeah, even in his mind it sounded unbelievable.

''So... what now?'' Naruto eventually asked as he looked at her. ''Can I at least leave?''

''Well~.'' He let out a yelp as Yasaka took a step closer before pulling the covers off of his form and revealing his naked upper body. ''Oh my..'' He heard her mumble in thin-veiled amazement as she looked him over. His cheeks heated up and he shivered as she trailed her fingers over his form. They were soft and so was her touch as her digits moved from his stomach upwards over his lightly muscled abs before coming to stop on an area just beneath his heart. ''Not a single scar present aside from this one..'' He felt his own fingers twitch as hers traced the edges of the only scar he had on his body. The one that had been given to him by Sasuke when he had shoved his chidori charged fist through his lung.

''Yesss, I heal rather quick.'' He got out in a small hiss accompanied by a light chuckle to which Yasaka nodded her head while continuing to run her fingers over his chest. ''So you think I can leave? I really, really hate hospitals you know?'' He grumbled as he tried to focus his mind on something other than those fingers of her that kept tracing his scar.

She giggled softly at his words and he found the sound of her laughter quite hypnotizing before she pulled back her hand, making him suppress a small whine as she straightened herself after having lost focus on why she was here in the first place.

''Yes~ You can.. but! I'd prefer it if you'd stay in Kyoto for now.'' At his confused look she elaborated. ''While it's true that you seem fine, which you explained is normal for you, you can never be too sure, correct? For all we know you might have some internal wounds you aren't aware of. Aside from that I'm also curious about you.'' She sent him a look that made his cheeks heat up. ''You said you are human but that shouldn't be possible since humans can't use chakra. Like I said before I have some theories despite how weird they sound, especially with your sudden appearance here in Kyoto and no signs of how you've arrived though I won't go into those until I have a better understanding of who you are, Naruto Uzumaki.''

For Naruto, his choice was clear the moment she had told him he was in Kyoto, Japan, both which were places he hadn't heard of before. That, combined with the advanced technology he had seen, the lack of chakra present in humans and the blonde fox woman in the room here with him, a Youkai as she referred to herself... Well, he had an inkling of an idea he was no longer in Fire Country. Hell, he had suspicion that with the weird phenomenon that happened back with Kakashi and the rest had sent him to a whole different world completely.

Strangely enough, as he thought about his current situation he couldn't find it in himself to be sad. In fact, it was the opposite as a massive weight seemed to have been removed from his shoulders. A weight that had been placed on him by the presence of the Akatsuki that were kidnapping Jinchuuriki's such as himself. Here, in this world they didn't exist. He didn't have to fear that a group of s-rank criminals was coming after him as he very much doubted they'd be able to come here. He had no illusions that this world was without its own conflicts but at least they didn't revolve around him.

He paused as his thoughts started to derail before looking at Yasaka to see her staring at him in wait for his reply. ''I.. I would like that. Especially since I'm unfamiliar regarding where Ii currently am. Thank you.'' He flashed her a smile as he spoke.

Yasaka clasped her hands together at his answer which was accompanied with a beautiful smile of her own. ''Great! I'll make sure you'll be good to leave while I'll also have someone bring you some clothes. We can talk in private then.''

He thanked her once more before watching her turn around and leave. His eyes following her swaying tails that were moving with such grace with each step she took until she left the room and he was once more alone.

Letting his head fall back onto his pillow, he shifted his gaze so he was looking outside. Unfortunately due to the room he was in he wasn't able to see much when looking outside of the window as the only thing he could see where trees and the blue, cloudless sky for as far as the eye could see.

He didn't even seem to notice his body heat up as his eyes slowly fluttered closed.

Naruto blinked as he found himself standing in dimly lit hallways of the seal. He hadn't been here in quite some time he almost forgot what it was like.

He ignored the way his feet were submerged in the ankle deep water and began walking. He had been forced here as he sure as hell wouldn't have come here out of his own. The only way else was to be in a situation of life or death and he wasn't last time he checked.

So with that in mind he trodden forward through the hallway until he arrived at his destination. It was a large room in which several massive golden bars could be seen and he made his way closer.

''Naruto…'' He heard his name being growled before a fist twice the size of him slammed against the bars. He didn't show any reaction though as the fist retracted itself before two blood red eyes filled with anger aimed solely at him revealed themselves. ''You've made me angry, Naruto…''

''Huh?'' He got out as he was unsure what he had done. ''And how did I do that?'' His answer came in the form of the Kyuubi moving closer to the bars and allowing the dim light to shine on its form. He looked the being over, seeing nothing wrong as he looked from its head down to its six long tails..

Wait! He blinked at looked again and indeed there were only six tails as opposed to the nine it supposed to have.

''You noticed. Now look down..''

''Alright..?'' He muttered as he still wasn't sure what it had to do with him. Shifting his gaze downwards he spotted his reflection in the water and raised a single eyebrow as he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to see. Until he saw it.

There, flittering behind him were three golden furred tails much like Yasaka's own he had seen with two fox ears peeking out of his hair which were ignored for now. ''EH!'' He yelped as his head shot back up and he turned to grab a hold of them but was met with failure as the tails moved with him.

The Kyuubi watched with an unreadable expression as its jailor began to chase after his own tails, literally before he had enough and roared. ''See what you have done! My tails, my beautiful tails! My pride, gone! You've stolen them from me, Naruto, and I'm truly angry…'' Its roar was accompanied by a dose of malice that caused the boy to stop moving.

''B-But how? I.. I didn't..'' He muttered as he continued to glance down at his reflection, taking note of other small changes he hadn't noticed before. Mainly that he was taller than he remembered and he looked a bit more mature judging by his face which had lost its baby fat and was a bit more angular.

''It's because of your actions! You know how much of my own chakra I had to use to keep you alive?! What kind of fool jumps into a literal tear in space without a plan? Traveling dimensions, even for an Uzumaki is very taxing on your body. I don't know how but somehow you've absorbed my chakra!'' If looks could kill Naruto would be dead ten times over as even his previous meetings with the chakra beast hadn't been like this.

''A-absorb? But- Wait, if I have tails how come Yasaka didn't comment on them? She even asked what i was and-'' He rattled on though he didn't miss the Bijuu confirming that he was indeed in a different world as incredulous that sounded

''That blonde fox woman you seem to be crushing on?'' At his nod the Bijuu continued while ignoring the blush on the boy's cheeks and indignant sputtering. ''Simple, unlike the other small changes your body underwent you need to 'will' for them to show or else they're hidden in the outside world.''

Naruto widened his eyes at that before closing them and focusing. Reopening them, he turned his head and the Bijuu was right as he could no longer see the tails behind him. ''Hold on, is this also why I feel like i have much more chakra than now?''

''Of course stupid boy! Now leave my presence!'' With another deafening roar Naruto was forced out of the seal as he regained consciousness.

He let out a groan in annoyance upon being forced out. His eyes opened before he sat up, noticing the neatly folded clothes that were lying on the foot of the bed.

Kicking off the remaining covers and seeing he was clad in only his underwear, no doubt his remaining clothing ended up destroyed if Yasaka were to be believed.

He hopped out of bed and almost immediately fell on his face as he confirmed his earlier suspicion that he had indeed grown taller as he wasn't used to his added height. Not much but definitely an inch or two, maybe three.

Thankfully it didn't gave him that much trouble as he pushed himself up and with slower than usual steps reached out and grabbed whatever clothing had been left for him to put on. He unfolded it to reveal a black kimono decorated with dark grey leaves and a burnt orange sash to go with it.

Aside from that there was a dark grey hakama that went in tow along with a pair of wooden sandals. He managed to put it with a bit of trouble securing the hakama properly but once he had done so it fitted quite well.

He then put on his sandals and spared the room one last look, thankfully that he did so as he noticed the green necklace he had gotten from Tsunade still on the cabinet and quickly put it on and hid in inside his kimono.

Making his way out of the room, he saw Yasaka there waiting for him, her eyes lighting up as she saw him arrive as she looked him over. ''I was right when I thought you'd look good in those clothes.''

''You picked these clothes?'' At her nod he looked himself over and nodded. ''I like them. They're comfortable and fit really well, even if I did have a few issues putting it on. Though, how did you find out my size?''

''Oh that? I had someone measure them while you were asleep.''

''...'' He had no retort to that.

''Well, let's head towards somewhere more private so we can talk.'' She said with a smile before she took his hand in her own and began leading him out of the hospital. He didn't have much of a choice but follow her as he enjoyed the direct contact between the two of them. His gaze would drift over to those bushy tails of hers that swished around and sometimes brushed against his arm.

It reminded him of what happened back in the seal and that apparently he now too had tails of his own. They were only three of them but it were three more than he had been born with. He was surprised at himself that he hadn't freaked out now that he thought about it, but figured it was mostly because he could actually hide them.

Heh, guess those names he had been called as a kid by the civilians of Konoha were true now.. A dry chuckle left his lips at that.

As they walked through the streets of Kyoto, Naruto let his eyes roam around as he took in every bit he could see. It actually reminded him of some of the villages he had traveled through during his training trip but at a much larger size.

And everywhere he looked he could see people with certain animal features, others more noticeable then some and they all came in different sizes. He didn't miss the looks sent their way as he and Yasaka made their way through but figured it was normal. After all, he remembered her saying that she was the leader of these Youkai here in Kyoto and Kyoto itself and thus assumed it wasn't everyday they saw her walking around with someone especially not this close even if she didn't mean anything by it.

Strangely though he didn't feel unwelcomed by their stares. Their gazes held nothing but curiosity which was already an improvement compared to his earlier years in Konoha and he couldn't help but wave at a group of small children that were pointing their fingers at him.

After walking for a couple more minutes in which he was treated to more of the city they came to a stop as they had arrived at their destination.

''Whoa…'' Naruto whistled in awe as they stood in front of what he could only call a palace of what would normally belong to a Daimyo. In fact, it brought forth memories of that one mission he had gone on when he was younger which involved investigating a haunted castle such as this one. Though unlike the one of that mission this one consisted of multiple buildings.

''This is the Youkai Palace and also where I live.'' Yasaka told him once he was done gazing at the palace before she tugged on his arm. ''Come on, I'm taking us to a room we can talk.''

Right now he was in one of the rooms of the main building that was part of the palace which Yasaka had lead him to. He was on his knees in a seiza position with Yasaka opposite of him and she too was in the same position.

A small table was in between the two of them with on that being two cups of tea for each of them.

''Do you wish to start or should I?'' Yasaka asked him as she tilted her head cutely, her tails that were splayed on the ground twitched every now and then which was actually kind of distracting. Though that wasn't the only thing that was distracting. With how she was currently positioned combined with her outfit which he understood was a more revealing version of the usual kind she showed off her cleavage like that.

Perhaps the changes to him brought forth his hormones as he had a hard time meeting her gaze instead of shifting his eyes downwards.

''I guess I'll start as you've been so supportive of me so far. I'm sure you have figured it out already or at least had your suspicions but I'm from a different world… Yeah, I know it sounds unbelievable..'' He muttered that part mostly to himself as her expression didn't change with the exception of one of her short cut eyebrows that rose.

''Now, the reason as to why I can use chakra and why it caused you confusion is because for some reason everyone can use chakra where I'm from. Even civilians if they train with it though they often do not. We can use it to augment our bodies, think of increasing out speed or strength though it's mostly used to create Jutsu.''


''Yep! I'm not sure how to properly explain it but with it we can form attacks of different elements. We do that by molding our chakra in conjunction with certain hand seals. They aren't needed always though as there are some Jutsu that don't require them but for a majority they are necessary. Um, you want me to show you?''

''Show me?'' She repeated to herself before giving a slow nod. Seeing that he smiled at her before he brought one hand up over the table with his palm facing upwards. He channeled chakra towards his palm and Yasaka watched as within a seconds a swirling blue ball was formed in his palm.

Yasaka marveled at the blue ball in his hand. It was indeed chakra, she could sense it but it was different from the chakra Youkai used. She could feel it was much more pure, potent yet free-flowing at the same time, even when compared to her own.

She reached out with a finger in an attempt to touch it but before she could make contact he pulled his hand back. ''Don't.'' He saw her send him a questioning look that was rather adorable. ''The way it works is that it grinds away at whatever it touches so if you like to keep your fingers i wouldn't do that.''

As he explained this he kept his rasengan alive by continuously feeding it chakra. He was actually surprised himself that he was able to do it so perfectly in such a short time and with one hand no less! Seems that despite the increase of his reserves his control had improved by a lot as well.

''I see. While it sounds hard to believe, the existence of another world that is, I can tell you were telling the truth. Seeing that Jutsu in your hand only confirms your words as while I can tell it's indeed chakra, it has several differences between our own. So now we got that sorted out would you mind explaining why we found you on one of our fields in the condition you were in?''

Naruto saw no problems in that and so he did. He explained to her that he was on a mission retrieving someone important from several powerful criminals. He even went to explain what sort of occupations the people of his world held upon her asking so. That during the end, when he and his team leader had cornered one of the criminals he had blown himself up in a last attempt to kill them. He told her how his leader used a certain technique to warp away the explosion when the tear in space happened. How he jumped into it to assure the safety of his team and that the only reason he had managed to survive was due to his healing factor.

''...Then I woke up here in the hospital and you already know what happened after.''

''That's very admirable of you. To sacrifice yourself in order to ensure the safety of your team not knowing you would make it out alive.'' She said softly with a small smile on her face. And she truly meant it.

''Thank you Yasaka. Is it your turn now?''

Yasaka nodded as she was satisfied by what she had been told. She also really liked that he called her simply by her name.

''Okay then, can you give me a quick rundown of the history of this world and how things work? I think that information would be most helpful as I could read books if I wish to know more of that at a later date.''

Another nod as Yasaka gave him a brief rundown on important events that happened in this world. She even told him about the other factions that existed aside from Youkai and their leaders.

Throughout her explanation his eyes were wide open, especially when she told him about the existence of actual gods that were living.

''Wow… That's.. wow. Where I'm from we only have a single large continent that's split up in four with several small villages spread through the lands.'' He mused which was rather surprising to Yasaka before he turned serious. ''So what now? I mean I need a place to stay but have nothing on me currently and you said you wanted be to stay in Kyoto for now.''

''Yes that. I would like to offer you to stay in one of the guest rooms here in my home for now until we can get you something better, if you wish to stay in Kyoto that is.''

He blinked at her. ''Really? You're offering me to stay here, just like that? We just met. Aren't you worried I lied or anything.''

The kind smile on her face told him she wasn't. ''No, I'm not. I can tell you are a kind person just by talking to you. You also have a warm presence around you that makes me feel safe for some reason.''

''I do?'' He asked with a light blush. ''I heard someone else tell me that before but thought they were just speaking nonsense. So I guess we're done here?''

''Correct.'' She rose for her kneeling position with him copying her shortly after. ''Come, I'll show you where you can stay after which i will make us some lunch as I'm sure you are hungry.''

Naruto didn't get to form a reply as she wrapped one of her tails around her arm and lead him out of them room. Though he wasn't sure if he could he actually wanted to as he allowed himself to be dragged around by her.

End Chapter!

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