Chapter 18

Lying in bed, Naruto stared up at the ceiling while reminiscing about the wonderful evening he had with Yasaka. The blonde in question was lying curled up against him, an arm thrown over his chest while he had one of his own on her bare back.

Man, he never thought sleeping naked could be something he actually took pleasure in. But was now thankful to her for introducing him to the concept. Though, he guessed it would be a bit more awkward if he'd be sleeping in the bed just by himself.

Still, he had been in for a surprise when he had visited the onsen with her earlier.

The way the candles had set the mood upon entering, immediately getting a romantic vibe especially with the sun starting to set. He wondered if she had set it up beforehand or had someone else do it for them.

Nonetheless, it definitely did its job when he along with Yasaka lowered themselves in the water. Ah~, even now he could still feel the warm water as it had been doing wonders to his body the moment it made contact with his skin.

It had been some time since their last visit.

After lowering himself and taking a few deep breaths to get used to the sudden heat he, together with Yasaka had found a not too deep spot where the couple made themselves comfortable and sat down.

She resting her head on his shoulder as the water in the onsen was deep enough it kept her breast partially submerged, more than enough to make it an alluring sight to his eyes. There was something about the way it kept her partially exposed however that made it all the more exciting.

Though, it definitely helped that he was the only to have seen her without anything on.

While he had gotten used to her naked form quite a while ago it didn't mean he didn't appreciate how she looked. It was quite the opposite in fact. He could stare at her for hours whether it be nude or clothed and cherish her for she was still the most beautiful woman he'd laid his eyes on.

And Yasaka knew this as well for he was pleasant to her eyes as well. His workout giving him more defined abs, nothing ridiculous or overdone but enough for her to appreciate it and feel it when roaming her hands over his chest.

The first couple minutes in the onsen went by in silence as they simply took comfort in the other's presence and warm water. Then, slowly but surely their hands started to wander the other's body; arms, legs and stomach. What had started with light touches quickly became more as they began fondling another and their feet started rubbing the other's legs.

And without either paying much attention as to exactly how, Yasaka was soon straddling him. Her arms around his neck as she pressed herself against him, burying his face in between her breast. He wasn't complaining, though he doubted she would've heard him if he was.

She had soon started gyrating her groin against his own and he didn't bother keeping his own groans in as Yasaka let hers out. His own hands seeking out her behind as his fingers dug into the flesh as he gave each cheek a firm squeeze.

The remaining time was spent with some heavy petting that had left the couple much more lighthearted as to when they entered the hour before as they made their way home with smiles as she leaned on him.

After a quick check up on Kunou where they made sure everything was alright they decided to simply head to bed. While it was relatively early, he and Yasaka had enjoyed just cuddling together with a bit of kissing here and there.

Though, during their walk back he had been thinking.

They have been together for some time now. She had welcomed him in her home from the moment they'd met, never treating him with any sort of distrust. Quite the opposite in fact. A relationship soon blossomed between them and they even had a daughter together.

They were a couple, boyfriend and girlfriend but he'd be lying if he didn't want them to be something more. Naruto was sure, a hundred percent sure he was completely in love with Yasaka and couldn't imagine living the remainder of his life without her.

He had actually been thinking about this on and off for the past couple of days before it came back to him after their fun in the onsen.

He wanted to marry her. Marry Yasaka. Take the next step. Raise their daughter Kunou as a married couple. Make it so everyone would know she was completely off the market so there wouldn't be anyone that tried anything as you'd never know with some of the people, especially those higher up.

''Arhm~.'' A soft moan brought him out of his thoughts as he looked down to see Yasaka lifting her head and her bleary orbs of molten gold seeking out his face. ''Naru? You're still awake?''

''Not for long Yasaka-chan.'' He spoke softly with a warm smile as he leaned down and pressed his lips to her temple. ''Sleep my dearest, I'll join you shortly.''

Yasaka complied as she laid her head back on his chest, her lips curling in a small smile as she soon returned to the land of dreams. Naruto watched her for some time, liking the peaceful expression she wore before he carefully made himself a bit more comfortable so he could join her.

'Got to visit the jewelry stores in the next couple of days..' With that final thought he allowed his own eyes to flutter close.

A disappointed sigh left Naruto as he exited yet another jewelry shop empty handed. That was the fifth shop he visited today.

It was annoying. Not just because he had no luck so far, but also due to him being rather known throughout Kyoto. Everyone by now, the Youkai at least knew that he and Yasaka were together and even had a daughter that was born not too long ago.

So when he entered a jewelry store and began looking at wedding rings rumors were no doubt going to circulate. At least he pleaded that they'd keep to themselves so as to not ruin the surprise to Yasaka.

He had initially thought about using a henge but discarded said option which he kind of regrets now. And he had nothing to show so far. For while there was a wide variety of wedding rings, none of them had stood out to him. He definitely wanted something unique as opposed to a simple ring with diamonds.

He hoped the one he was heading towards next was going to be the lucky one. It's supposed to be a small but older shop compared to the previous ones he had visited. There was a larger chance to come across something unique that's for sure.

Making his way over, he noted it didn't really look anything special from the outside. It was cramped in between two bigger buildings with only a small board hanging above the front door.

Entering, Naruto noticed it was rather dark. The windows had dust on them which limited the amount of light that could enter though he saw that there was a small lamp right above the cash register that gave off a dull light. There was no one else in the store with him though he did see a half open door that was behind the desk.

Nevertheless, Naruto walked over and began looking at what was presented in the display cases. Immediately he saw greater variety than before. Different color gems and rings that strayed from the standard design.

There were also necklaces present but it wasn't what he was here for as he continued to look.

''Oh? A visitor, haven't had one come by in a while..'' Naruto perked up as he heard a bit of a shaky voice speak. Looking to the source he saw it being an old man, looking to be around his late sixties, early seventies if he'd guess.

''Ah, hi..'' He mumbled a bit awkwardly.

''Mhm. You're looking for a ring?'' Naruto nodded as the older man hummed before pausing and getting a better look at the potential customer. ''Oh my, how unexpected to see you here. Giving that you're looking at wedding rings I take it you're going to propose to Yasaka-hime?''

''Yes.. Don't spread the word though as I want it to be a surprise. Already had no luck with earlier shops I visited.'' He sounded a bit disappointed as he said that.

''I see, I see.'' The old man mused before waddling over to where he was still looking. ''And what is it that you're looking for exactly? Seeing how you've been to other shops I can assume you're looking for something special.''

Naruto nodded. ''Yes. I've had no luck so far. I'm looking for something a bit more than just an average ring. I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to do this with a ring that has a meaning to it.. I'm not too good with describing it but I want it to be unique just like her.''

The old man listened to him speak with his eyes closed, nodding to his words before he simply turned around. ''Wait here for a moment.'' He said as he left the room with that very same door he came in with.

Alone, Naruto moved over to a different display case. It was weird how no one was in this shop given the quality he was seeing of the crafted rings and necklaces. The different gems that were used gave it a more lively color as opposed to the simple gold ring with a diamond that filled the previous stores.

He wasn't left alone for long however as Naruto perked up at the sound of footsteps as he looked to see the old man returning, only this time he was holding a small wooden box in his hands.

''I knew I still had this around somewhere.'' He spoke as he waved the blond over the wooden box on the counter. With a raised eyebrow Naruto complied, watching as the small box was turned his way before being opened and allowing him to see its content.

He marveled at it. It was perfect. Exactly what he had in mind when he wanted something unique for Yasaka.

They were beautiful golden rings reminiscent of a fox head. The band of the ring curled around much like a tail as the ring was open as opposed to normal with the end being thicker than the middle. The tail part, much like the headpiece would be on the top part of her finger and was covered in small orange diamonds. Those same diamonds also covered part of the fox's head as its eyes and nose were black diamonds that seemed to be almost sucking in the surrounding light and a beautiful contrast to the orange.

It was obvious this one was meant for the woman and the one beside it for the man as it was lacking the orange diamonds but kept the black ones giving it a much simpler look.

Naruto didn't even need to look any further as he found the ring he wanted. ''I want it. It's the one, I can feel it. Price doesn't matter as I won't leave without them.'' He looked the man right in the eyes.

Instead of answering, the older man grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote something down before sliding the piece of paper over to him. Reading it, Naruto's eyes widened as he glanced at the rings and then towards the man before nodding.


Naruto left the small shop with a triumphant smile, in his hand the small wooden box that held the rings he had chosen. He was happy after his failure with the previous jewelry stores.

Stil, he looked behind him at the shop once more, he never heard of it being there. His research, little as it was admittedly showed that there shouldn't be one. Not that he was complaining though!

Oh no, the opposite in fact as he managed to get his hands on these rings.

Naruto made his way back to the home he shared with Yasaka and their daughter. Now that was done, it was a matter of when he was going to propose. Also to hide the rings from her which was going to be a bit harder since Yasaka could be quite nosey if she wanted to be. It probably didn't help that it was hard for him to say no to her.

Especially if she were to use more.. persuasive tactics. Ones that had to do with their private time.

It wasn't a long walk as with the use of alleyways and his general knowledge of where he was and where he needed to be he cut down on a large amount of time. Turning the corner he soon arrived at the Youkai Palace that was his home.

Naruto admired it. Despite having laid his eyes on it hundreds of times, it was still a bit strange to be living in a place like this.

Entering its perimeter he made his way to the main building where he, Yasaka and Kunou lived. Fox Youkai with a single tail were walking around, some tending the garden and other simply conversing with each other. They were all wearing shrine maiden outfits, a more modest version compared to Yasaka's though that was mainly due to the size of her chest.

Pretty much any Miko was a Fox Youkai. Naruto never wondered why that was though he assumed it was due to Yasaka being one as well except with nine tails as opposed to one.

Continuing his way, he was greeted by those who saw him. Some with smiles and others with a slight bow in his direction while he simply waved back while keeping the wooden box secure.

Once inside, he took off his shoes and made his way towards their bedroom. He normally would greet Yasaka and Kunou if she was awake and with her but given that she undoubtedly would ask questions as to what was inside the box he carried he'd do that afterwards.

He really didn't want to risk it as he already know he'd give in if Yasaka tried to get an answer out of him.

She was his weakness. Simple as that.

Naruto entered the bedroom and quickly glanced over at the crib that was on the opposite side of their large bed to his left. It was empty which meant that Kunou was with Yasaka. Looking around for a spot where he could hide the rings, an idea came to his mind. Instead of going out of his way to hide it, it would be better to put it somewhere like their dresser.

If, by chance Yasaka would stumble upon it, it would raise less suspicion than if he had gone out of his way to hide it. It helped that she respected what was his.

So he settled for putting it in the drawer that held some more of his stuff. Though he still placed some other items in front of it.

Satisfied, Naruto then decided to look for Yasaka and their daughter. He moved through the hallways of their home and it wasn't long that he heard the faint cries along with Yasaka's worried voice coming from where their living room was located.

Arriving there, he entered to see Yasaka holding Kunou in her arms, gently moving from left to right while humming a soft tune while Kunou's wails continued. She was quick to notice his presence as she looked up and to him, sending him an awkward smile as she was unable to make her stop.

Noticing her distress, he hurried over to her and gave her a quick kiss on her lips before asking, ''Want me to take over?''

Yasaka nodded. While a bit disappointed with her failure to make Kunou stop she wasn't sure what to do. She wasn't hungry, she checked. She didn't need to be changed either so she carefully handed her over to her father who sat down beside her.

Kunou seemed to take note of the shift of her own position as she parted her eyelids, her cries not subsiding but her golden orbs that she inherited from her mother scanning his face.

''Hey there little one. Why are you crying? You're making mama upset.'' Something akin to recognition sparkled in her eyes as they shifted from his face over to Yasaka. With the worried expression she sported, they were surprised when Kunou's cries slowly but surely began to quiet down.

Naruto send her a proud smile whereas Yasaka let out a sigh of relief as she let herself lean against her beloved blond. ''Thank you.'' She mumbled as a small smile formed when Kunou started to reach out to Naruto with her small arms while making babbling noises. ''She has been crying for the past fifteen minutes. I tried everything I could think of but couldn't make her stop. I'm not sure what I did wrong as she listened to you without any issue.'' A hint of envy seeped in her voice.

''Ah, don't worry too much Yasaka-chan. Who knows what goes on in her mind, huh Kunou?'' He rubbed her cheek with his finger. ''You're a great mother who's doing her best. As we said in the beginning; we're both new to this and are doing this together. Maybe she simply missed me.''

''I know. It's just-.'' He silenced her by softly pressing his lips to hers.

''There's no reason to beat yourself up for something this small, okay? For all we know she could've simply not felt well. You did what you thought was right which is important.''

Yasaka buried her face in his neck at his words, feeling a bit bashful. ''When did you get this good with your words?'' She muttered and heard him give a soft chuckle.

''Hehe. You know how I am. I still speak before thinking sometimes, especially when it comes to you.''

''You do…'' He could feel her nod. ''But, I don't really mind. At least not when it's like this.'' Kunou then took the opportunity to reach out to nudge Yasaka's breast with her hands, making her pull away and move her attention towards her daughter that was still in his arms.

''Oh, you're hungry Kunou?'' Yasaka moved her close to her breast. Further loosening the already revealing custom black yukata she wore that was decorated with beautiful flowers. She only wore it in private due to the amount of cleavage it showed.

Her beauty already drew a lot of attention when she was out, either walking around or attending one of the many shrines. Having even more eyes on her was not something she was actively seeking out. And, as she had told him when they had made their relationship official, Yasaka only allowed Naruto to see her as she was now.

No one else.

She was brought out of her musings when Kunou wasted no time and latched onto her nipple and started to suckle. ''Good girl.'' Yasaka cooed while lightly rubbing her back as Naruto had wrapped an arm around her and joined her in watching Kunou feed.

''So, where have you been?'' She asked of him as she made herself a bit more comfortable. It seems all the crying has made Kunou very hungry. It at least felt like it.

''Hm? Oh… I was just getting some fresh air.''

He looked away. Staring at the wall to his side which had suddenly become much more interested. Doing so he missed the dry look Yasaka sent him as she wasn't convinced one bit.

It was a bad lie even for him. Though also made her a bit worried as he hadn't lied to her since knowing him. She didn't let it show however and her attention was quickly stolen by Kunou who was finally done feeding.

''Finally done huh. Mind if I…'' Naruto asked her as he gestured to Kunou and then his lap.

Yasaka's nod told him it was alright as he lifted her from her arms and onto his lap where she was now lying.

She was adorable, especially with the fox onesie Kunou had on and Naruto took her small hands in his own, playing with her as she made what they would say were joyful noises. Her legs were kicking around as much as her onesie allowed.

While Naruto was having fun with their daughter, Yasaka's golden orbs flickered over to a clock not too far away, noting it was just past 12 in the afternoon. ''Hey Naru, since Kunou has had her food are you up for some as well?''

''Erm... '' He briefly paused to give her a nod. ''Sure. When am I not when you're making food? Kunou needs to head back to her crib soon as well I think. She seems tired.''

''Yes, she woke up abruptly so I can see why she's still tired. I'll make us something to eat while you do that then.'' Yasaka leaned down and kissed her daughter on her cheek and forehead, Kunou's hand reaching out to her when she pulled back as she pecked Naruto on the cheek as well before getting up.

''I'll come by once I've put her to sleep.'' He said as he moved Kunou back into his arms as she curled up against him and got up as well but made his way to their bedroom as opposed to the kitchen where she went to.

Reaching their bedroom, Naruto entered and then walked over to the crib. Kunou already seemed tired, her eyes closing for several seconds each time. Leaning down he gently lowered her onto the soft mattress, not before kissing her on her forehead as he wished her a good sleep.

Once she laid in her crib, he straightened himself and peeked down on her. She looked adorable with her fox onesie on. A very quick sleeper as well, his guess had been correct. He watched her for a bit longer before eventually turning around with a small smile. Softly closing the door behind him as he went towards where Yasaka was.

He saw her humming in the kitchen as she was making.. he sniffed a few times and the aroma entered his nostrils and his eyes lit up. Ramen! His favorite food, especially when it was made by her hands.

Silently he walked closer to her, not making a single noise with the careful application of chakra to his feet. She didn't seem aware of his presence and he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind, the small jolt she gave confirming that she hadn't sensed him though she quickly melted in his embrace as Yasaka let herself lean back.

''Smells good.'' He whispered softly while pressing his lips to the side of her head.

Yasaka wondered if he meant the food or her. ''..Both.'' Came his voice as if he heard what she had been thinking. She didn't say it out loud, right? ''No, it was just a guess, like right now though I think I know you long and good enough to have somewhat of an idea.''

She could almost feel the cheeky smirk he wore and Yasaka let her tails and ears out and coiled the former around him to keep him in place.

''Oh?'' An amused chuckle left him and she squirmed when he blew on her ears which twitched in response.

''Ah~ Don't! I-I'm trying to make us food Naru~.'' Yasaka whined and she looked down to see his hands about to reach for her breast and gave them a light swat. ''Down!'' Giving a satisfied 'hmph' when he complied and went back to just holding her. ''Did something happen? You're awfully affectionate.'' There was a curious tone to her voice as she asked him this.

''Wha? No? I mean, I'm always affectionate with you… right?'' He sounded confused. Yasaka loosened the grip her tails had on him before she turned around and reached up to cup his cheeks with her hands.

''I was just kidding Naru~.'' Yasaka leaned up and moved in for a kiss which he returned. ''You're always affectionate with me, it's why I love you.'' Her words were mumbled when she broke their kiss and rested her head on his chest.

''And I love you as well my beloved vixen.'' He gave her ear a light nip which made her breath hitch. ''..Though I think the food's about to burn…''

Yasaka quickly disengaged from her embrace to watch the food she was preparing and began stirring for he was right. Well, almost at least as it wasn't burnt just yet but a minute later and it would've been.

''Hm. How about you set the table?'' Yasaka suggested as he wasn't doing much aside from still holding her.

''..Hah?'' Naruto had been lost in his thoughts before her words brought him back. ''Oh! Uh, sure I'll get to it.'' He gave her one more kiss to her cheek before he went to set up the table for them to eat.

''Oh, Naruto?''

''Yeah?'' He looked back at her after she called his name.

''You know there's a festival happening next week? One we'll be attending.''

''..Uhm, I do now?''

''Mhm. I read about it earlier while you were gone and it just popped up. We're very important guests so don't go overboard during training as I prefer you being in one piece.'' She said with an accusing tone. ''There's more information but we can go over it after we had lunch, I can tell it's as good as done.'' Yasaka turned off the stove and looked satisfied at the food.

''Sure.'' Naruto nodded before continuing what he was set to do. Inwardly he was cheering. It couldn't have come at a better time as it would be the perfect opportunity to propose to her.

The festival couldn't come sooner.

End Chapter