This story had a rather convoluted genesis. Those following The Cauldron or Zelretch's Collection of Alternates will have seen King of His Heart, my first attempts at doing a Harry/Arturia story since Ex Umbra in Solem (which hasn't been abandoned, people). That hasn't gone anywhere, though I intend to return to the basic concept, inspired by Dis Lexic's 'Awaken the Dragon' challenge. I decided to do a challenge of my own, with Dis Lexic's permission, 'Mordred's Second Chance', and found it more enticing. Combining it with my 'Taiga! Taiga!' challenge also brought in a new angle: Harry raised by Taiga Fujimura.

Another source of inspiration was sakurademonalchemist's Mordred-centric Potterverse crossover A Tale of Two Swords, though due to differing character development, Mordred here is a little more mellow, at least where her gender and her father is concerned, than her canon counterpart. She's still very much a tomboy, and despite not being a Heroic Spirit, she's going to kick arse, side by side with Harry, and Arturia. Hopefully, you'll like what happens.

Anyway, time for the usual disclaimers. Firstly, there will be spoilers for both Harry Potter and Fate/Stay Night.

Secondly, there will be heavy annotations, as is usual for my works. You have been warned.

Thirdly, this is an M-Rated work. There will be coarse language, violence, and sexual references. Again, you have been warned.

Finally, the following is a fan-written work. Harry Potter and Fate/Stay Night are the properties of their respective owners. Please support the official release. Otherwise, Mordred will run you through with Clarent…