Hello! I'm back, this time with a Buffy story, trying my hand at one of the holy trinity of femslash fandoms :-)

This story will be definitely shorter than my Mass Effect or Harry Potter one, and like always femmslash. It will be mostly focused on the interactions between the characters rather than the fighting demons and whatnot. Some of the show's events or fights will still appear but only selected ones and mostly in the background.

Also FYI the introduction to miss Post is from the show proper. The after 'music intro' content is new.

Hope you enjoy.

01 The Meet

Faith loved nights like these. She and Buffy, kicking up a storm, with the surety of dancing in the Bronze afterwards with a shot or two in their systems, high on slaying. Ok, today Giles was cramping their style a little, but she guessed the British guy needed his fieldtrip 'watcher assessment' or whatever done sometime. She didn't mind. He sure as hell won't be going to the afterparty, that was scoobies only.

The vampires started in a group of five but they made a fast work of the first three, now playing with the two remaining. Or rather, playing it up for Giles. Finally, when the man refilled his cup from the thermos, the slayers did their job and the vampires were dust. He smiled as the girls high-fived and stashed their stakes.

"Synchronized slaying" Buffy smirked triumphantly.

Faith responded with a wild grin "New Olympic category."

Both slayers turned to the watcher "What do you think?"


Giles, Faith and Buffy turned towards the new voice, all of them wary. The only reason the weapons didn't come out again was the fact that there were no 'wiggings' ergo no vampire or demons.

"You telegraph punches, leave your blind sides open," the business-style dressed woman continued in her crisp British accent, "And for a school-night slaying you take entirely too much time. Which one of you is Faith?"

All three of them blinked. Faith was first one to react, her eyes narrowing "That depends. Who the hell are you?"

"Gwendolyn Post. Miss. Your new watcher"

"My new what now?" Faith exclaimed loudly.

Buffy wrinkled her nose and nodded "What she said."

"I must confess myself puzzled as well" Giles stood up from the marble tombstone and frowned in confusion.

The woman, miss Post, smirked almost imperceptibly "Your new watcher. Faith's new watcher that is, miss Buffy Summers has mister Giles. Two slayers, two watchers."

Giles opened his mouth to say something but Faith was faster "Hey, how come I'm not 'miss'? And I don't need you, thanks. Doing just fine right here with B."

Miss Post hummed "You are indeed correct, miss Lehane, my apologies. We'll see about getting to know each other tomorrow. Perhaps over breakfast? Mister Giles, you also work as the local school librarian if I am not mistaken. At the library then?"

"That would be best," the man moved up his glasses, "We usually meet before school starts."

"Splendid. See you all tomorrow, we'll talk logistics then"

The new watcher turned on her heel and walked right off, not caring about the possibility of vampires in combination with her definitely-not-for-running shoes.

She was long gone when Giles feebly replied "Bye."

"What's her deal?" Faith fumed.

"She's British" Buffy shrugged.

"Yes, thank you Buffy" Giles sighed and took off his glasses to clean them, "Well, I suppose I am only Buffy's watcher. The arrival of a new one for Faith it is ultimately unsurprising. I wonder why I wasn't informed though."

"Yeeeah, I don't think so" Faith scoffed, "I don't need Mary Poppins to look over my shoulder."

"It might not be that bad. Giles is useful on occasions"

"Yes, thank you Buffy"

Faith shrugged "Whatever. Won't say no to breakfast, other than that…"

"I guess we'll see tomorrow" Buffy nodded. Then she cocked her head to the side "Wait, your name is Lehane?"

"Slow much? What of it?"

"Nothing. Just thought you didn't have a last name. Like Cher"

"I am a star"

"Girls" Giles sighed long-sufferingly, "I think this patrol is over. Get some sleep. After all, big day tomorrow. Apparently. They really could've sent a memo at least." The last part was mumbled but still crystal clear to slayer ears.

The brunette slayer smirked and nudged Buffy "Nah. Let's go slay a few more vamps and then its Bronzing for us."

"Good grief" the man sighed, seeing his official charge very much in agreement with her sister-slayer, "Just try to arrive on time. And… be presentable."

"You don't like my wardrobe?" Buffy asked the Brit playfully, going for her best pout.

"Could do with more leather, girlfriend" Faith winked.

"No leather, please" Giles said while cleaning his glasses again.

"Here I thought you knew me by now G-man"

The watcher put his glasses back on but his eyes were still closed in exasperation "Unfortunately I do. Should I both expect you tomorrow wearing those impractical trousers?"

"Yep" Faith grinned widely, "And they are practical. Durable against vamps and jumping over tombstones."

"The California heat makes them especially appropriate" Giles replied sarcastically.

"It's fall" Buffy shrugged, eyes twinkling.

"It is getting chilly" Faith mocked a British accent with a broad grin. At Giles' resigned sigh she grinned even wider "Come on B, let's leave the old man and go slay."

"See you tomorrow Giles. Bright an early" Buffy waved at him.

When the two slayers left Giles picked up his thermos again to pour himself a cup. He sat back down on the stone and signed one more. "Oh, boy."

Faith was very amused despite herself – the new Brit was only half-listening to Giles talking up the work the newly introduced scoobies did on the Hellmouth and instead she was watching with mild disgust, mingled with morbid fascination, Xander who was currently devouring the last doughnut of the box, his third one overall, and had powdered sugar all the way up on his nose and liberally sprinkled all over his shirt.

G-man was finally winding down his speech and took his glasses off to clean again, clearly uncomfortable, "I know this is quite unusual but I found that…"

"Yes" Post interrupted, finally tearing off her eyes from the supremely satisfied Xander who was only just noticing his state of dress, "This set-up clearly works." The 'no idea why' was unspoken but quite clear as the new watcher looked over Xander again, the boy now trying to get the sugar off him. Faith chuckled at that. It got her a brief glance from the lightly-haired watcher as she continued "You have beaten the Master and even Angelus. Quite a feat indeed."

Giles eyed the desk before him sadly "It wasn't without casualties."

"Yes, I have read the report. My condolences"

Faith noticed Buffy being all wiggly and weird but didn't have time to ponder as the bell rang and the scoobies started collecting their things. She of course stayed put, waving casually at Buffy and gave her a 'see you later for slayage later' look.

When the rest of the teenagers filed out, Faith was left alone with the two watchers. The newcomer gave her the smallest of smiles "Excellent. I wanted some time to get to know my charge."

Giles nodded "My cue to leave. I received some new books anyway. I shall be in my office should you need me."

"Very well"

Faith nodded at Giles who smiled encouragingly and refocused on her new watcher. She crossed her arms and waited for the woman to speak.

Post finally sat down, she and Giles were standing a little apart while they were having their little briefing, and casually wiped at the table in case the sugar or something made it all the way to her. Deeming it acceptable she directed her attention back to Faith.

"Miss Lehane…" she started but didn't get very far.

"Call me Faith" the brunette rolled her eyes, "I was just shitting with you before. I never use Lehane anyway."

Post pursed her lips at the language but didn't comment "Very well, Faith then. I suppose you may call me Gwen." She didn't look all too thrilled about that either.

"We'll see" Faith said in challenge – she was not going to be buddy-buddy with a chick that will want to order her around. And maybe even *shudder* go to school.

The slayer was surprised that Post didn't huff or anything and instead gave her a genuine smile, the first one she had seen on the woman. "I see Diana was fairly accurate in her description of you."

"You knew D?" Faith exclaimed and despite herself uncrossed her arms and leaned forward, eager for more information about her previous watcher.

"I did indeed" Post confirmed, her smile turning sad, "Before her… death… she sent me letters once in a while. She had been ecstatic to be selected as your watcher and she spoke of you often."

"Yeah" Faith mumbled, bitterness rising in her throat. Diana meant a lot to her and she let her down. If she had just been faster! Or just stayed home that day.

Post thankfully interrupted her thoughts as she continued "My request to be appointed as your new watcher was most likely granted only because of this. The council is very much a boys club still."

"Not surprised" Faith snorted, casting a look at Giles' closed office doors, regaining her strength with a new topic at hand. Then the words registered "Wait, you asked for me?"

"I did"

"Huh" Faith shrugged disinterestedly although she was secretly pleased.

"I have read Diana's watcher diary regarding you, as well as her reports. That combined with what she wrote in her letters gives me a very basic understanding of the state of your training but I will want to see for myself"

"Didn't you see yesterday?" the girl smirked in challenge, remembering full well the 'sloppy' comment.

"See, and subsequently improve upon"

"Whatever" Faith rolled her eyes.

Post's mouth quirked minutely upwards and she continued "I was thinking of having morning training while your… team, is in class. Then some demonology study after lunch. Do you currently patrol every night?"

"Usually, yeah" Faith nodded dismissively and refocused on the more interesting part for her, "So you're not forcing me into school?"

"Heavens no" Post's eyebrows shot up, "As I understand, miss Summers is only in school because she wants to. It is definitely uncommon. The Council is decidedly unhappy with it in actuality, but it is tolerated since she gets results. Slaying, while it is a calling, is ultimately a job. A full-time job."

"Awesome!" Faith grinned, "Because me and school, definitely not a good relationship."

"I will still be teaching you history and geography as pertinent to demons and the paranormal. Same as Diana did" the watcher reminded her with an arched eyebrow, "Languages wouldn't go amiss either, especially Latin, but I guess that can wait."

Faith deflated and sulked in her chair "I knew it was too good to be true. Listen, lady…"

"No" Post interrupted, her tone suddenly hard, "I will be taking over for Diana and you will be the best bloody slayer that ever slayed, understood?"

The girl was taken aback but immediately crossed her arms again, her eyes narrowing. Post sighed and made an uncertain gesture "My apologies. Nonetheless the goal is the same – keep you alive despite all the vampires and demons that will want you dead. I shall give you the tools for that."

Faith wasn't mollified at all but let it go for now "Whatever. So, since slaying is a job and all, am I getting paid?"

"B, ready to motor?"

"I've got Mr. Pointy and new shoes, so yeah!" Buffy grinned.

"Nice!" Faith grinned right back and started them on the road to the nearest cemetery.

"So, how did things go with the female and more critical version of Giles?"

Faith didn't respond immediately. She wasn't really sure herself what she thought of the woman as of yet. When Buffy started to look weird at her silence, she shrugged "Dunno, might give it a chance though. She is shelling out money."

"You get paid!?" the blonde exclaimed, stopped walking to look at her.

"Looks that way" Faith shrugged again, "Not much though. But I'll get food and weapons out of it too, so cool."

"Not fair!" Buffy huffed, "Giles never gets me anything!"

"Post said the slayer's watcher gets a stipend for slayer-related stuff. I guess Giles just gives it to your mom or something"

Buffy's eyes narrowed "I bet that's where all his new books come from!"

The younger slayer started laughing "Yanno, what? I think you're right! But I guess that is still a 'slayer-related' expense. Lucky you!"

"Do you know how many clothes I had to throw away because of vamps!" Buffy pouted, "Like that super-cute top last week. Giles should totally buy me a new one."

"I would pay to see that" Faith laughed again, "G-man all awkward, cleaning his classes before racks full of sparkly girly tops."

"I propose we make him go shopping with us!" Buffy smiled deviously before a movement got her attention. She twirled on the heel and with one leap she was face to face with a vampire who now looked confused "Excuse me, we are having a conversation!"

"Uuuh" the vampire frowned. Then he obviously decided to continue what he was doing and vamped out at which point Buffy stabbed him sharply with her stake.

"Good one, B" Faith winked, "Musta been a fresh one. There should be another two around here."

"I don't feel them. Where are they?" the blonde looked around.

"Don't feel them either" Faith shrugged, "Post said there would be three new vamps active around here. She made me read the newspaper, especially the obits."

"Homework?" Buffy snickered.

"Got a burger for it and some of it was actually funny. Some lady was actually found eaten by her cats a few days ago and the writer really went to town on that"

"Not a cat-shaped demon? Could be cool to add to the slay collection"

"Regular cats are creepy enough, B"

"Word. Hey, loser number two!"

"Dibs!" Faith sprang into action with a mad grin and dashed towards the vamp.

Buffy shrugged and turned the other way "I guess that leaves me with loser number three with the super lame haircut. Really, it's just putting him out of his misery."

The taller girl laughed gleefully "That's us, B. Public servants."

"Public servants are getting paid. Oh, right"

Faith just laughed again - B was a riot on patrol. Or more like when her school buddies weren't around. She had doubts at first but then she saw how Buffy could lose herself in the slaying, just like her. Miss prim and proper had fire.

"My shoes! You are going to pay for that!"

Yep, sometimes about weird things too.

Seeing the now pissed Buffy dispatch the vamp that scuffed her shoe, Faith stopped playing and after evading a sloppy grab she pivoted right inside his poor guard and jabbed her stake right into his chest. The vamp dusted quickly and Faith turned to wink at the pouting sister-slayer "Clean-up at isle four!"

"Oh there will be much more cleaning up. Shoe-ruining vampires are in some serious need of ass-kicking" the blonde huffed.

Faith chuckled "Might need to try the next cemetery, this one's dead. And not in the fun-for-a-slayer kind."

"I do like to have fun" Buffy nodded sagely.

"Alright!" Faith showed off her dimples, "Stake some more vamps and dance it out at the Bronze! And if you'll be still bummed about your shoes I'll even get us a boilermaker."

"A what now?" the blonde cocked her head to the side.

"Beer with Jack. Or any whiskey really. Amps you right up" Faith smirked and shimmed as if they were at Bronze already.

Buffy frowned "I dunno. Alcohol, Faith? I actually have school tomorrow."

"Don't wimp out on me now, B. Think of the shoes!"

"How about we just dance. And maybe one beer"

Faith sighed theatrically "Alright. But you better dance real close to me. Nobody but you can really keep up."

"Not even the studs you always talk about?" Buffy scrunched her nose.

"Nah. But you know, H&H. And I don't really care for low-fat yoghurt" Faith shrugged with a laugh.

The other girl rolled her eyes "Ugh. Just don't leave me alone on the dancefloor for some loser."

Faith pulled Buffy for an one-armed hug and laughed "No way. You and me B. The Chosen Two."

"I'm holding you to that"

"But we're drinking" the brunette bargained resolutely.

"One beer then. Only beer" Buffy agreed, "How do you even get it anyway? You are just as underage as me."

"It's the girls, B" Faith smirked and crossed her arms just under her breasts to make them really pop.

Buffy's eyes slid down at the presented goods.

"Just like that, B" Faith smirked, "Thanks for the demonstration."

"Oh grow up" the blonde rolled her eyes.

"Nah. Then my back would hurt"

"Didn't mean your boobs!" Buffy huffed.

Faith smirked "Who mentioned them. Really, B. So fascinated by my tits."

The blonde gritted her teeth, actually blushing "You know damn well th… ugh, whatever. Let's dust some vamps"

"Boring. Boring. Boring" Faith mumbled as she switched the channels on her crappy tv, "And more boring. Who the hell even watches this."

A knock on the door interrupted her fabulous afternoon plans. Faith shut off the tv with a sigh and let the controller bounce on the mattress as she stood up to answer the door. Stake in hand, of course.

"Miss Post" she greeted and let the woman enter the motel room.

"Faith" Post nodded at her charge as she entered, "Good job bringing the stake. But what if I was a demon instead?"

"Ram it in harder?" Faith shrugged and closed the door.

Post hummed pensively "Might work, I suppose."

"Great. Might even go pro at this, huh?" the slayer rolled her eyes.

"Quite" the woman's lips quirked upwards.

Faith actually felt a little better at that, showed her new watcher was just British instead of a robot. "So, what brings you to this love-nest?"

Post scrounged her nose and looked around the dingy room "This love-nest actually."


"I am sure that it comes to no surprise to you that property is very cheap in Sunnydale"

"No!" Faith exclaimed theatrically with an amused smile, "The city of twelve cemeteries and a worse life expectancy than a slasher movie?"

"Very cheap indeed" Post did the almost-smile thing again, "If we are to be staying here a while, we might as well do it in better accommodations."


"I have too many books to live in a motel" the watcher hummed.

Faith looked at her suspiciously "Was that a joke?"


"Damn lady, didn't think you had it in ya" the brunette arched an eyebrow, "And what is that 'we' you were talking about."

"You and I," Post clarified redundantly, moving to what Faith really wanted to hear, "I have a few prospects you might want to look at. I have scheduled two of the house visits for today as a matter of fact. It will not be permanent, same as with our sojourn in Sunnydale, but it will be long enough. Your input would naturally be appreciated as you would be living there as well."

"And what if I don't want to?" Faith challenged.

Post made a show of looking around the room "Then I would seriously consider questioning your sanity."

"Not the Plaza, but alright enough" the slayer shrugged with a nonchalance she didn't really feel. The motel really was a dump.

"I could argue that point but rather I shall make another – motel rooms are not homes. With everything that it entails. Especially here on the Hellmouth"

"My undead visitors get to see that stake you scoffed at in action"

"I would expect nothing less from the slayer" Post nodded, "Nonetheless the first showing is today at 3."

"Vampire time or human time?" Faith smirked, quite amused at herself.

"Droll" Post replied dryly but her lips twitched again, "From your response I take it you will join me?"

"New digs would be nice" the slayer shrugged, "The Library is getting a little cramped for training anyway."

"Indeed. I am quite partial to polearms so a yard is a must" Post sniffed imperiously.

Faith cocked her head to the side "Like a staff or somthin'?"

The Brit nodded "Staves, spears, glaives and so forth, yes. Tad impractical, I admit, but quite handy anyways."

"Not my speed but whatever floats your boat" Faith shrugged, eyeing her watcher of no more than average height, trying to picture her with the weapons.

"Speaking of weapons, how about some practice?" Post proposed.

"You got a scythe stashed it that purse of yours?" the slayer chuckled.

"No. Just throwing knives" Post did the smile thing once more and daintily reached into her purse and withdrew three, displaying them nicely between her fingers.

"Wicked!" Faith grinned widely and hopped up from her bed to take them.

"Ah-ah-ah" Post took a step back and actually smirked fully, "These are mine. You can have this set."

The slayer swiftly yet carefully took the newly professed knives and examined their edge "Damn, lady! You know what? We might just work."

"Glad to hear that" Gwendolyn nodded, visibly satisfied with herself, "Now we should find ourselves a target. If we threw at the walls we might just kill somebody."

"Is that a dig on this motel and its paper-thin walls?"


"My new room better have real walls and not be pink"

"It better not be black with drapes that obscure all sunlight"

"Weapon racks?"

"A must in every household"

"I believe we have a deal"


"So let me get this straight" Xander started, "You voluntarily want to go under adult supervision? Out of your own volition?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes "Please. It got her out of that hooker motel. For free. Giles should have actually come up with it sooner."

"Is that… care? For a fellow human being?" Buffy said in a ditzy voice. Cordelia just waved her off imperiously.

Faith half-smirked "There weren't no hookers there anyway – first day there I staked a coupla johns and that was it for business."

"Charming" Cordelia sniffed.

"Indeed" Giles chimed in as he arrived from his office Gwendolyn Post in tow.

"And it is either 'there weren't any prostitutes' or 'there were no prostitutes'" the woman said in a tone much like Cordelia's.

"What are we talking about?" Willow asked uncertainly as she just came into the library with Oz.

"Hookers" Faith, Cordelia, Buffy and Xander replied at the same time.

"Huh" Oz commented and sat down at the library table.

"Are the… hookers, demonic?" Willow tried to make sense of things with a blush on her face.

"Can we please stop talking about prostitutes?" Giles said quietly and started cleaning his glasses.

"I was speaking about grammar" Post shrugged daintily. Faith and Xander snorted at that.

"Whatever" Cordelia shrugged and stood up, "Is there a demon of the week I should be worried about or can I go meet not-loser people?"

"Nothin' on patrol but shitty vamps for me" Faith shrugged in disappointment. It had been slim pickings lately. "You, B?"

Giles frowned "Wait, you weren't patrolling together?"

"Split up" Buffy explained. Faith was a little bit peeved about that but the blonde insisted. But whatever, she got to practice some new moves that would now just need a little bit of polish. B will be impressed next time they went out. On patrol.

"I'm splitting too then" Cordelia waved, "Xander, pick me up at lunch."

"Will do" the boy said to the retreating back. He shrugged at Willow's arched eyebrows and skeptical expression.

"Buffy, you too did not encounter anything of note?" Giles asked.


"Don't be all so disappointed" Willow spoke up, "No ancient evil around or vicious monster. Good news I'd say."

"That is discriminatory to vicious monsters" Oz said in his usual manner.

"Right" Faith snapped her fingers and looked at her watcher, "Oz is a werewolf. A cool one though. "

Post nodded "I have been informed about mister Osbourne's condition and of his responsible approach to it. Thank you though."

"Cool" both Oz and Faith chorused.

The bell rang signalizing the students were to get off their asses and go to class pronto. Faith found weird that Willow actually lit up and hopped up while the rest were understandably less than enthusiastic. Well, who the hell knows what Oz was thinking, like ever. He didn't count.

"Faith" Post caught the brunette's attention, "Rupert has in his collection the Twilight Compendium – we should start on it."

"Like reading?" Faith whined while Xander snickered as he collected his things. Buffy gave her a look that clearly said she found it fair that the brunette would be practically in class too. It sucked.

When she was presented with the huge tome she rethought her position – it sucked major ass.

Faith tentatively opened the tome, leafing through it. Normally she would do that really quickly, but the pages were thick and smelled a little bit musty. In the vein of giving Post a chance she handled the pages carefully. She smiled internally when Post glanced toward her from where she had been talking with Giles and gave the slayer a small grateful nod. It was nice to be appreciated. What was decidedly less nice was the fact the book had zero pictures and the lines upon lines of writing were thick. She closed the book with a sigh, getting attention from both Brits. Post arched an eyebrow in question.

"Just getting some soda" the girl shrugged and got up, "If I'm really expected to read this I need some sugar."

"How about some tea?" Gwen asked, almost smirking.

"Gee, thanks. Maybe later" Faith laughed dismissively.

Post nodded and turned back to Giles and resumed their rather hushed conversation. Faith surprisingly wasn't that curious about that, she actually filled her quota when she snooped through Post's stuff. Really, Post had asked her to help her move into their new house (realtors in Sunnydale worked quick, mostly because they wanted to close the deal before their client either got eaten or wizened up), and that was practically an invitation to snoop.

The Brit didn't bring a lot of stuff considering they were here to stay a bit. And most of it was books anyway. Some weapons too. Those boxes really required slayer-grade strength.

She arrived to the snack machine, the one that was actually farther from the library because it had better stuff. She looked up and down the hallways to make sure she was alone, sure it was class but one never knew, and struck the machine just right. About half of the goodies inside shook free, giving her a nice selection. She stuffed the sugary treats into her pockets and then applied the same treatment to the soda machine.

With her bounty in hand, she returned to the library. Both watchers acknowledged her with raised cups of tea. Not mugs, real cups. All fancy and shit. She rolled her eyes and sat down at the table with yet another sigh.

Post put down her cup and approached her "Not to worry. While we indeed will be going through the entire book, today I only ask for the first five creatures. It should not be more than fifteen pages in total."

"Awesome" Faith said, her voice laden with sarcasm.

"It is, isn't it" Post ignored the tone, "The Twilight Compendium, while not as thorough as some of the other books, provides a sufficiently detailed overview of the creatures a slayer might encounter in her mission."

"Great" the girl mumbled and reopened the book on the first page.

"Excellent. I need to discuss some matters with my fellow watcher but then we will go through what you read together."

"Don't need no supervision eating and reading" Faith rolled her eyes.

Post sighed minutely "Double negative. Again. Yankees."

"The New York baseball team?" Faith asked with false ignorance.

"Dear god" the watcher sighed once more, catching Giles' eyes. He just shrugged in a 'what can you do' manner.

Faith counted that as a win and hid her grin behind her soda can. The Brits retired into Giles' office, presumably to not disturb her, and she was left alone in the library with her book. Succumbing to the inevitable, she started reading.

Quite surprisingly, the first three creature overviews were quite interesting and she got through them quickly. The fourth one made her stop reading. It had been a demon she and Diana, her first watcher, had encountered and defeated. Her very first non-vamp actually. It brought back memories, good ones though - when they had confronted it Diana had told her that she would be able to defeat it easily and that she believed in her. Faith of course killed him dead, or more dead, whatever, but that unshaken faith, heh, it her made her feel... worthy. It had been a wonderful feeling, one that she before then had only sparingly. Sure as hell her mother didn't make her feel that way. When she was sober and remembered she actually had a daughter that is.

Hopefully Post could be something similar to her. Diana could never be replaced, even though she only knew her what? six months? The arrival of professor Dormer marked a new era for her and, despite everything she knew about people that approached young girls with tales of a home, she hadn't been fucked over.

Her giving Post a chance was much to do with that fact.

The fact that the two fellow watchers knew each other was a big bonus though. She did verify that, she was no genius but she was street-smart. That was what the snooping she had done at Post's office was for. Mostly. She hadn't found the letters the two wrote each other about her but did find a photo of them together - a lot younger and a lot happier. Maybe Brits just got sourpuss once they hit thirty or something.

"All done?"

Faith nearly jumped up in surprise but managed to catch herself and reply nonchalantly "One left."

"Carry on then" Post nodded and gently took the empty can Faith finished and with pursed lips turned it to the content table.

"The one next to it is unopened if you wanna" the girl offered, looking forward to the face her new watcher would pull.

She wasn't disappointed. "No, thank you."

"No prob, miss P"

"Miss P?" Post pursed her lips, "B, D, G-man, and now miss P. Are we playing Clue?"

"Miss P, in the library, with..." Faith smirked, "Weapon's lady's choice."

"I see Colonel Mustard is getting uppity" the woman said with slightly narrowed eyes.

"I ain't no mustard" Faith scoffed.

"I ain't" Post shuddered as the repeated words passed her lips, "And Miss P, really. I already told you the options."

"I'll keep thinking" the Bostonian shrugged.

"Miss Post or Gwen. One syllable each. No need for any further abbreviations" Post sighed but didn't seem all that put out.

"Nah. I'll find somethin"

"Grand" Post said sarcastically.

"Ah, that really hit the spot" Faith exclaimed in satisfaction when she finished chewing her second burger.

Buffy, who was daintily poking her Caesar salad, rolled her eyes "How do you stay so thin, I'll never know."

"I get plenty of exercise" the brunette slayer laughed and took a long draw of her non-diet! coke, "We're slayers B! Live a little!"

"I live plenty, thanks. Actually, I'm on my second life already in case you missed that" the blonde shrugged.

"All the more reason to let loose" Faith smirked. She added a wink as she leaned closer "Although..."

"Although?" Buffy arched an eyebrow.

"You disappear an awful lot recently" the Bostonian continued, "You got a secret loverboy stashed somewhere? Or lovergirl? As long as it ain't a vamp, I won't judge!"

Buffy squirmed in her seat just as deliciously as Faith expected "WHAT! No! Of course not. Nobody stashed anywhere, no sir."

"Real believable B" Faith smirked even if she was kinda disappointed - she liked patrolling with Buffy alone and didn't need some macho guy in the way. It was enough Red and Xan-man occasionally came with them. She and B could never let loose then, always watching over their shoulders to check their non-powered companions were alright or in need of some prompt saving.

"No, really, I..." Buffy started but then she frowned and cocked her head to the side, "Wait, lovergirl? What's that about?"

"Don't change the subject B, who you got stashed where?"

"I am meeting a friend. Just a friend" the blonde finally admitted, stressing the word friend.

"Friend got a penis?"

"Faith!" B exclaimed in a hushed tone and looked around to see if anybody heard the brunette, "What does that even mean?"

It was Faith's turn to raise an eyebrow "Real simple. I just asked if you were meeting a boooooy? Cause 'penis friends' always want to stick it somewhere. Not judging B, as I said."

"That's kinda jaded" B frowned.

"It's realistic B" Faith shrugged, "I bet even Xan-man has already imagined us with him, or with Cordy, or with each other. At least a dozen times to boot."



"Don't say stuff like that. Especially in public"

"You're such a prude B" Faith rolled her eyes but shrugged.

Buffy seemed to calm down as she took it as acquiescence to her request. But then the blonde chewed her lip and ultimately couldn't help herself "What's with you and girls anyway. Especially Cordelia, because ewww."

"Queen Bitch is hot" Faith shrugged, "Even you have to admit that."

"You said Giles was handsome, I don't believe your taste" Buffy scrunched her nose, "And some of those boys you pick up at the Bronze are... I dunno. You can do better."

"Thanks B" the brunette smiled genuinely, "And Giles is not bad. For an older dude."

"I repeat - ewww. And he is really old."

The younger slayer shrugged "He's not even forty B. And you banged a 200 year old vampire. That is old."

The way Buffy froze made Faith almost curse - after their chat about Angel Buffy seemed ok, normal, but it appeared she wasn't at the place where she could easily joke about it. Not that Faith really understood that particular predicament - see vamp, stake vamp. Her 'relationships' ran in a much similar vein. Only she wasn't doing that particular staking, heh.

In an effort to correct her blunder Faith zeroed on the topic that's proved Buffy would reply to and in the process hopefully forget about her ill-fated rendezvous with a vampire "So, the girls don't do it for ya? No down tickle whatsoever?"

"What? No! Why would you even ask that" Buffy latched onto the change of subject.

"Your loss, B"

"Wait, you mean you..." Buffy's eyes were wide.

Faith shrugged nonchalantly "Made out with a few chicks, yeah. Some over the clothes action, but never went all the way."

The blonde hummed, both pensive and kinda impressed "And you plan to?"

"Why, you offering?" Faith smirked, her amusement practically handed to her.

Buffy actually blushed. In embarrassment but still rather precious. "No, thank you."

The brunette's smirk only got more devious as she continued to tease "Don't knock it before you try it, B. I've got some moves."

"Nope" Buffy seemed to recover and replied in the same mischievous tone.

"You gotta admit I'm hot B. And as a fellow slayer we could let loose with all that slayers strength and stamina" Faith winked.


"A pity" Faith sighed dramatically, ignoring the slight twinge of disappointment because she and B would be hot together, "Well, I satiated one hunger and now I'll head to the Bronze for the other since you turned me down. You with me or meeting your friend?"

Buffy eyed her sister slayer with narrowed eyes to which Faith arched an eyebrow. The then blonde shrugged "I'll go meet my friend. Alone."

Faith chuckled and leaned back into her chair "No worries. Your boy, your thing. Not gonna follow you B or whatever you're thinking, got better things to do."

"Thanks" the blonde gave her a small but genuine smile, "God knows Xander would probably be too curious to resist and would talk Willow into it too."

"I can see that" Faith snorted in amusement. Those two were surprisingly determined and not afraid of going out in the night despite knowing full well what was out there.

Seeing the younger slayer finish her soda Buffy put down the paper napkin she was fiddling with and stood up "I'm off then. Good luck at the Bronze. Patrol again tomorrow?"

"It's a date!" Faith winked.

"Here I thought you don't date" Buffy smirked.

The brunette grinned "Might just make an exception for you B."

Buffy snorted and turned to leave, waving at her in goodbye.

"You should be flattered B!" Faith called after her with a smirk.

The blonde cocked her head to the side and hummed pensively "I actually am. Huh. See ya tomorrow."


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