Takes place after Edward dumped Bella in the woods.

Summary: Dying and being reincarnated into the world of twilight was unexpected. Regina has to deal with vampires, werewolves, and a brainwashed cousin. All the while trying to come to terms with her not so pleasant introduction into this new life, when will this nightmare end? Let's find out shall we? Voluri Kings x Oc

Disclaimer: Wish I owned twilight but I don't.

Life was hell. Bella sat in her room all day brooding like a fucking child all the while Regina and Charlie barely got any sleep. Speaking of lack of sleep a scream ripped through the night making a groggily 19 year old girl snap up in bed and stumble her way to the source. Waving of Charlie who stood at his bedroom door ready to do the same as she was doing Regina shook her head at him when he shot her that look.

"I've got it you have work tomorrow." Charlie signed but still shot her that look. "Be nice." Regina snorted and shook her head. "Sometimes tough love's the best love." Charlie seemed nervous at that but still stumbled his way to bed. He was slowly letting Regina take over the Bella situation after months of exhaustion and she honestly couldn't blame the man.

Opening her cousins door Regina walked over to the rocking chair and sat staring at her cousin who blankly looked off into nothing. "What was your nightmare about." Bella flinched and scolded at her. "It's none of your business." Regina sighed and messaged her temples.

"look sweetheart you don't like me I get that but you're keeping Charlie and I up all night and it's getting fucking old. Your dumbass boyfriend left you get fucking over it. Charlie has work in the morning, I have work in the morning, you have school sitting in bed all day isn't going to help you get over this." Bella turned away from her at that. "You don't understand without him i'm nothing."

Regina visibly held in her anger and stood. "Your a strong independent 21st century woman you don't need some asshole that left you alone in the woods to die. We are so worried about you Bella please just. Just try little cousin." Bella scolded before flash Regina a nasty glare. "Without him i'm nothing! You don't understand! They were perfect i was so close to having Edward forever! Don't talk about things you know nothing about Regina especially not someone like you."

Regina almost flinched at the volume key word being almost. "Hopefully i never meet Aro or were so screwed." Regina just shook her head at the girl easily shrugging off her venomous words, she'd learn to just ignore her cousins word they had gradually been getting more nasty and Regina blamed that completely on the Cullen's influence. Leaving the room she walked to her room and passed out in bed.

Time skip

"I totally jinxed myself didn't i?" Regina thought sitting in Alice Cullen's car flying through the streets of Volterra, Italy. She didn't even know how the Cullen's girl was able to convince her to come. She refused to come she remembered that she did, staring into Alice's eyes however for some reason she just had to do what the vampire said. Realization made her eyes darken and she glared at the back of the pixies head.

"The bitch dazzled me." white hot rage flooded Regina's system, she held it back knowing full well she wouldn't be able to take on a vampire even one as weak as Alice Cullen's. Scold now permanently set on her face she gave the vampire girl the stink eye until she shoved Bella and herself out the car.

Rolling her eyes Regina followed her frantically running cousin at a normal pace contemplating just getting lost in the crowd until time to go.

Regina almost snarled at Alice when she appeared from nowhere and forcefully dragged her to the place Edward and Bella stood making up. "Well isn't that fucking fantastic." she mumbled sarcastically as Edward and Bella shot her dark glares. "What's this another human?" Jane asked obvious disappointment in her voice.

"She doesn't know about us." Alice said confidently. "She's just someone the kings would love to meet." the enthusiastic tone didn't go unnoticed by Regina. "Very well bring the human." the girl inside the cloak aka Jane shrugged confidently walking away knowing they would follow her.

Rehashing the song that never ends in her mind she almost smirked when Edward flinched. Of course that was just the first layer of her thoughts behind that layer she was plotting on what to do and how to get out of Volterra alive.

"Aros so gonna kill me after he looks into my mind. Being slaughtered by the smexious men in the vampire world doesn't sound like such a bad way to go, maybe Caius will snarl in my general direction. Gods in such a fangirl sometimes. I wonder if the Cullen's will get the death sentence after this. They do pose a threat in the future. I wonder sometimes how much Aro really want their gifts I wonder if he knows that he doesn't necessarily need their bodies attached to their heads for him to use their gifts?"

Her hatred for the Cullen's coven wasn't completely unjust. In her mind they were spoiled rich kids that throw hissy fits to get their way. She had honestly liked them before she died and come to this world she liked Bella to. She loved reading Bella fanfiction but being around them, seeing how they really are ruined her vision on the perfect coven. The Vail had been lifted from over her eyes to put it bluntly.

She still loved Bella and the way the girl acted had changed completely after meeting the coven. She had began to think that not killing humans and sticking to the animal diet had shrunk their vampire brains or something. "They seemed pretty awesome in the books and movies but after being around the real thing behind the scenes as one would say completely ruined their awesomeness."

"Ahh sister i see you left for one and came back with two and two halves such a clever girl." Regina snapped out of her mosing and blinked a few times not even realizing they were already in the throne room. The song that never ends ended and was replaced by ac/dc. Glancing at Edward she almost smirked while he rubbed his temples and sent her a death glare. Giving him an innocent look the bronze haired emo seemed to shake his head at her probably questioning why she thought of such nonsense.

Regina stood behind Alice strategically when the three kings attention was drawn their way. "Bella is alive." Aro clapped his hands together and gracefully strolled their way. He practically yanked Edwards hand from Bellas and Regina almost laughed at her cousin's devastated look. That is however before Aro went stiff while holding Edward hand and she noticed from the corner of her eye how Marcus sat up a little straighter instead of his slumped down position.

"Brother." He mumbled and Aro released Edward's hand a mix of emotions in his eyes. Edward didn't seeming to notice. "Aro can read everything with a single touch." He explained to Bella then spoke harshly. "Now you know everything so get on with it."

Aro opened his mouth then closed it, shook his head before focusing his burning gaze on Alice. Regina stiffened trying to hide behind the pixie harder. "Please do move Mrs. Cullen's." Aro mumbled and Regina froze when her shield disappeared from sight.

"Well shit." she mumbled under her breath. Not noticing how caius and Marcus froze much how Aro had done seconds ago. "Mia cara, ti abbiamo trovato." Aro mumbled reaching for her face and stopping inches from touching her. (My dear, we have found you.)

Regina tried her best not to flinch she really did but when she saw his hand heading towards her face she couldn't not flinch, it was fucking Aro for goddess sake. He seemed to retract his hand as though he had been burned when she flinched. Sucked in a breath he didn't need and promptly spun on his heels towards his brothers who were staring her down in frozen wonderment.

"Marcus." Aro asked with an eyebrow raised and curiosity shining in his eyes. "It's what I believe?" Nodding Marcus held out his hand still staring at Regina intently. Aro disappeared then reappeared in front of Marcus taking his hand with enthusiasm. "Yes brother the bond is simply spectacular." Aro seemed to agree to Marcus unspoken words.

Caius dark voice seemed to stiffened the very air. "Brother the law breakers?" he seemed to be the last to snap out of his trans. He tipped his head slightly towards Bella and the two Cullen's thankfully he didn't seem to gesture towards her. "We deal with business matter first, personal matters can wait until after the trail when they are no longer present." Aro pouted at him but sighed and nodded nonetheless.

"Yes unfortunately you're quite right personal business should not be discussed in front of outside covens." He stared intently at Caius before a sly smile slipped across his face. "However the personal matters do interfere with the issue at hand." Caius seemed to narrow his eyes and watched Aro stalk unfortunately towards Regina who at the moment contemplated making a run for it. Fortunately for her he stood in front of her then spun towards the others in the room. Regina didn't dare speak or move not wanting the powerful kings attention back on her person.

"You're quite a soul reader yourself young Edward. However you can't read Bella i wonder would you do me the honor?" He asked extending his hand towards Bela and Regina rose an eyebrow he had completely picked up where had left of as though nothing had happened. Bella glanced at Edward as if asking for permission and Regina had to keep herself from scoffing. Glancing at the corner of her eye towards the blonde hair king a small smile twitched on her face when she saw he agreed with her thoughts.

Of course it didn't work on bella at all and aro look curious a frown mirroring his face when he turned away from her. "Excellent i see nothing." The Volturi seemed honestly surprised by this though they hid it well. "I wonder does your ability elude use all, Jane." Regina accidentally let a giggle escaped when Edward screeched then did that weird pose he did in the movie.

Bella apparently didn't hear it but obviously the vampires heard it and now she had every vampire in the rooms attention. Aro rose an eyebrow at her a small twinkle in his eye. Caius look please and Marcus also stared at her with an odd expression on his face. They were snapped out of it when Bella started to screech for them to "please stop! Hurt me!"

Regina felt like strangling her cousin but refrained when Arospoke. "Jane." she broke her concentration and looked at Aro in obvious respect. "Master." Aro nodded at Bella who at some point got held back by Alec. "Go ahead my dear." Jane nodded and mumbled pain while staring at an awkward Bella. The small smile on Jane's face slowly lowered into a frown and her concentration was broken by Aro clapping his hands giddily. "Magnifico. What to do with you now." Aro looked excited until of course Marcus and Caius butted in.

"You know what you will do Aro." Marcus began. "She's a liability." Caius finalized. Aro's giddy smile melted into a frown before it brightened and he turned towards Regina. "Ahh but she's related to our dear one here."

Regina stiffened slightly. "From Dear Edwards memories she knows nothing of our kind and yet she had been silent this whole time." He presented his hand and gave her a beautiful smile. "What say you Cara mia, care to share your thoughts?" Regina's eye twitched mainly because the other two kings were practically sitting on the edge of their seats now looking a bit to excited.

"Welp i'm going to die now might as well go out in style." She shrugged and placed her hand in aros. Though instead of hunching over her hand he bring it to his mouth and kissed it.

What normally takes seconds took Aro a full minute to receive all her thoughts. A dark gleam entered his eye's and his mouth pulled back into a dark snarl. The room seemed to stiffen once again and Regina didn't know why but instead of simply running away she reached out her unoccupied hand and cupped Aros cheek a sad smile pulling onto her lips.

"I'm aware it isn't the prettiest life but it's mine." she didn't know why but for some reason she needed to reassure him. To her surprised he immediately relaxed while Regina had an internal war on what the fuck was happening. "Why the fuck am i reassuring him what the fuck is wrong with me? I swear this is so fucking terrifying they're going to kill me now shit shit shit. He's still holding my hand."

Much to her relief after she came to this realization Aro let her panic and snatch her hand away quickly. She gave Aro a narrowed eyed look as he chuckled at her. "You won't be dieing cara mia your cousin on the other hand." Aro snapped his gaze to bella and glared darkly at her making Bella's eyes widen with shock. "Cara mia why don't you go get better acquainted with Caius?" Regina grumbled but walked over to the blonde haired king nonetheless. One does not refuse when Aro tells them to do something they simply obey and hope his attention stays on someone else.

As soon as she was within grabbing distance she find herself settled onto the blond man's lap as he sighed a content sigh much to her mortification. She stiffened at first but slowly relaxed as he drew small circles on her hand and let his head rest on her shoulder. Neither of them spoke but they did watch in fascination as aro turned to Edward and Alice bluntly.

"Regina has quite the strategic mind. In her mind i found an alternative to what's happening." Alice suddenly released a gasp of shock and Edward snarled while trying to run at Aro only to find himself on the ground by Felix. "You have two years to change the girl. Should she not be changed by the end of the years then your coven as well as the girl will be claimed by the law. You may leave the castle as soon as the sun is down. The Volturi will be watching and do remind my old friend Carlisle the volturi don't give second chances " he waved his hand as if to say dismissed.

Bella bravely stepped forward. "What about Regina?" She sounded concerned Regina didn't doubt that she was Bella had always been a worry watt. Caius's arms tightened around her not enough to hurt but enough to get the point that she wasn't going anywhere across to anyone that looked their way. Aro scoffed at her. "That is none of your concern." Bella seemed to panic. "She's my cousin i won't leave her here." Bella stomped her foot and Regina was slightly reminded of their old fights when they were children. "Seriously just leave why you have the chance." Regina mumbled and bella obviously heard.

"Idiot ." Bella hissed turning to Regina and pointing at her startling everyone in the room. "You're coming back with me what would charlie say? I can't leave you behind! Stop trying to be so stubborn they're not like the Cullens they will eat you!" Regina truly believed that Bella had forgotten she was in a room full of vampires at that moment. Only an idiot wouldn't understand the situation. It was pretty obvious to her that she was mated to the kings with the way they acted only an idiot wouldn't know that.

"Alec." Aro mumbled, Regina watched with an eyebrow rose as Bella was picked up by the throat and forced to kneel in front of herself and Caius. "Apologize to your queen." Alec hissed fiercely in her ear while Aro took a seat in his throne. " Q-queen?" Edward screeched much more fiercely and Felix Made it seem like the vampire was doing nothing as he boredly held Edward in place. "Yes your queen, you insulted her apologize before I go against Aro's wishes to let you live." Caius snarled and Bella shivered while Regina contemplated what all this meant for her.

Bella began shaking. "I'm sorry Regina please, please forgive me." Everyone in the room looked toward Regina who stared down at her cousin silently. "You're forgiven. Don't let such a thing happen again." She resigned herself to the role she was to play easily. She would be dead soon anyway so there really wasn't any reason not to.

The Cullens seemed relieved as Bella was chunked to Alice who caught her with a small flinch. They left the room quickly. Once they were no longer within the room caius stood with Regina in his arms only to disappear from sight aro and marcus following behind him quickly after giving demetri a quick. "Should anyone disturb us they will be met with death."

So what did you think? Should i continue this story let me know. Also i know there is a lot of bella being a bitch but i like her and i'm going to have the cullens dazzling her and some characters are slightly out of character but i tried to keep them as close to character as possible with giving them a touch of evil or a touch of care. How do you guys think i did? I imagined Alexandra Anna Daddario as Regina if you don't know her just google her she's gorgeous. Also who should our dear bella end up with? Constructive criticism is always welcome. Till next time.