Bella was panicking. I kept trying to help calm her down, but somehow she was rejecting my help. Finally, as a last resort, I placed my hands on her shoulders and sent her enough lethargy to knock her out. Picking her up when she collapsed, I took her home; I have no idea how she came to the conclusion she was a murderer, that threw me for a loop, of thousands no less, but whoever put that idea in her head was going to meet Ares. I was furious; someone could do this to such a sweet and loving young girl. I was meet outside by Peter and Charlotte; my sister came up to me and took Bella from me.
"I'll take her and put her to bed, stay with her too," Charlotte said softly to me; nodding my consent, I handed the sleeping girl over, watching as the women I considered sisters, family, went inside.

"Who is responsible for this?" I knew it took a lot to lose my calm, but hurt my family, Ares will rip you to shreds, and Bella was family. Peter was unusually quiet. Looking at him, he just shrugged his shoulders.
"Don't know what to tell you, Major, but I would start by talking to Rose," Peter advised, making my way inside. I noticed when Rose saw me come in, her eyes widened, and she and Emmett both became submissive; they have only ever met the Major; if Ares ever does come out, I'm sure they'll end up shitting themselves.

"Report Hale." I sneered at her; I could feel that Emmett was conflicted. He wanted to defend his Mate, but he knew not to fuck with me.

"Bella pulled Natasha and me up to talk in her room; she informed us both of the dreams she has been having, which started on the 1st of September; they were about a battle that happened last month in New York. Natasha said she needed to call in the new information, that 'if they had known about the battle earlier thousands of people's lives could have been saved,' Natasha implied that those lives that got taken were blood on Bella's hand directly, that she killed thousands." Rosalie informed me.

"What's going on here?" I heard the other woman ask.
"Ever heard of the God of War?" Peter asked her.
"He's a myth, a Ghost story, from back in the Civil War." So I heard the woman replied.
"No, he's not; he's in this house. And you pissed him off, be glad it's only the Major out right now." Peter said. I growled out and felt his apology.

"Sorry, Major." Peter apologised; he never apologised.
"Captain, what are you hiding from me?" I glared at him.
"We are going to have company. Edward is about to cause big trouble unless dealt with." Although, Peter said, before I could reply, I caught Edward's emotions enter the edge of my reach, concentrating on him, I dropped him, sent him enough lethargy that he would think he was dead, then sent Peter and Emmett to go collect the dipshit.

I would meet Peter and Emmett outside the back door, just if the little shithead decided to throw a tantrum worthy of Maria's Army. I honestly wanted him to. But, so that I could show him why people feared the Major and prayed not to meet Ares, I could hear Peter laughing his ass off, telling Edward to keep it up.

"The Major is gonna have fun with you both, boy, you and Pixie bitch there," Peter said as he and Emmett came through the tree line. Peter had a good hold on my ex-wife while Emmett had Edward and smiling certifiably.

As predicted, Edward was starting to throw a fit; Alice seemed to think I wouldn't hurt her due to some miss guided notion that I was in love with her. Once at the edge of the forest, I walked up to them.

"Turns out Pixie was just out of your range Major, we heard them planning on hurting Lil' bit back there," Peter informed me; looking at Emmett, he just nodded, looking like he was about to rip a head off.

"Start a fire Captain, this needs to get nipped in the bud," I said, smiling.

I decided to let her go after I dealt with Edward for Alice's benefit, but honestly, it was just a ploy to get her to spill the beans.

"Thank you, Jazzy." Alice smiled. I could hear Pete's laughter startup, as well as Charlotte's. They had both seen me implement this tactic when dealing with seers.

They all relied on their gift too much. I had also come across mind readers before; they were equally easy to deal with, feed them some shit about being jealous of their target.

"I can hear you; if you think I'm going to share that little slut, your wrong. Find your own." Edward snarled at me; he was protective of his kill.

"MINE," Edward growled as he tried to lunge at me.

Before he could get anywhere near me, I took him apart, watching Alice as I threw his limbs onto the fire; Alice still believed I was going to let her go. Instead, I grabbed onto her arms and sent her all the honesty she needed to spill her guts.

"I was going to lure Bella outside and handing her over to Edward. Before seducing and feeding on her father. I was to dispose of you back to Maria. I was to call her after Edward had Bella." Alice said she had always thought she was better than everyone else because of her gift.

"Does Maria know where I am?" I asked her. I was caressing her cheek, giving her a sense of hope, using my gift to nearly its full effect.

"No, she tried to get it out of me, but I didn't want that whore anywhere near me," Alice said, screwing up her face with a look of disgust. She thought she was better than anyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if she had plans to take over the Volturi at some point.

"Not gonna happen, Alice, just like Edward, I'm gonna dispose of you, but after you tell her father what you were both going to do to them," I called Emmett over and asked him to call out Chief Swan. Once out here, I had Alice tell him exactly. What was going on? With the fury he was giving off, I started to worry he would have a heart attack or something of the like.

"He would never hurt me; he loves me too much." Alice laughed at her, a child-like laugh.

"I might not, but I know a couple that would gladly, and Imma let 'em," I said to her, stroking her cheek one last time before I called Peter over and asked Charlotte if she wanted a piece of this; she stuck her head out the window and said Pete could have his fun.

He came over, clapping his hands together as what was about to happen register and in Alice's feeble mind. She started to fight my hold the closer Peter came closer, throwing her over to him; I just stood there and watched as he ripped her apart. Single limb, by singular limb. He disliked Alice, right from the moment she tried to shop for him in Charlotte's place. As I watched Peter have his fun, I listened to what was going on inside.

"I don't think it's true, Nat. I mean, that guy got created in the Civil War; he would be over 150 years old." Clint said I had to laugh. They had no idea how big the world was.

"I don't know, everything I've heard about the guy seems like it's just a ghost story made up to scare kids, now we are told the myth is real, and he doesn't look a day over 20, how? I know what Stark has said, they're vampires and all, but I don't buy it. But, on the other hand, I don't believe the girl is entirely innocent either. Something about her is off. I can't place it." Natasha said quietly; I didn't like this woman; she had zero care about others; from what I witnessed, she didn't care who she hurt, as long as the job got completed.

"Nat, just because Bella doesn't meet your expectations of what a teenage girl should be doing doesn't mean there is something wrong with her. Also, I think you're jealous." Clint said he hit the nail on the head with that one. She was extremely jealous of Bella; she wanted Clint for herself; she loved him. Clint held only feelings of friendship towards her. She knew this. As well as hated it. Once Peter had finished and Alice had utterly turned to Ash, I let Jasper come back.

Once the Major had released me, I walked inside and made the call to Carlisle and Esme.
"Hello, Jasper. I thought you might call." Carlisle answered.
"I thought I would inform you of what Edward and Alice had been up to," I said before he could say anything else, I continued.
"They had planned to kidnap Bella and kill her father. So Peter and I have destroyed them. Alice even confessed her plan to Charlie Swan; Edward offered to share her blood with me. I just thought you should know."

I informed him, even though the relationship I had with them, I thought they were better than that.
"I knew of their plan; Esme and I tried to talk them out of what they were going to do; I know you see Bella as family. So do Esme and me; we hope that we get to see you all before you move on, please." Carlisle said, his voice resigned to what happened.

"Thank you for letting us know, son," Carlisle said before he hung up the phone.

"Everything okay, Major?" Peter asked when he came inside; he had gone, collected Charlotte after the ashes had settled and fucked her on top of Edwards and Alice's ashes. He always said he would; I still shook my head as I had to listen to Alice's complaints about how he talked to her.
"Yeah, all good, just called Carlisle and let him know about Edward and Alice. You have some of them behind your ear, by the way." I smiled at him.
"Jealous? Just because I'm getting laid and your not. Don't judge, brother." Peter smirked at me.

My brother had a way about him as we walked into the lounge. I was glad to see Bella up, and she had me worried, though; she had curled herself up on Rose, who was trying to convince her that Bella didn't kill anyone, by the looks, she wasn't getting very far with that one.

"Clint, can I talk to you for a minute, please. In private would be best." I asked the man who had been making eyes at my baby sister nearly all night.
"Yeah, what can I do for you?" Clint said while he still looked towards Bella.
"Well, for a start, you can tell me why Bella seems to think she's a murderer. Just because she was asleep and dreaming about a battle six months before it happened, and why your girlfriend over there felt the need to put a thousand deaths on the shoulders of my sister, who on any given day will put the need of ANYONE over herself," I said to him wanting answers.

He looked at me like he didn't know what I was talking about, looked over at his girlfriend, and without even answering me, started to question her.

"What did you dream about last night, Nat? The guy over can read minds; I think you should come clean." Clint said to her; she got embarrassed for a second.
"She wasn't any good for you, Clint, and I'm the one that is always there. Didn't you ever wonder why women never call you back? I get rid of them." Natasha said in a hushed tone.
"You get rid of women I date, you dreamed about killing my dates, well that is on you then, unlike anyone else who has no control over their dreams and unconscious mind, like Bella, for example. She dreamed of the fight in New York, dreamed about all of it, but did not kill a single person. Unlike you, who has killed hundreds of people without a care about their families." Clint shook his head in disgust; it was pouring off him. I was glad that I no longer had human functions.

"Once we get back, I'm reporting you to fury. You have no right blaming someone for something they had no control over; you may as well blame me for everything Loki did as well if that's the case." Clint said, getting right in her face. He turned away from her and came back over to me.

"So you had no idea what happened, that's good to know, but I will warn you, stop making eyes at my sister while you're in a relationship with the redhead, considering at 166 years old, I can still kick an ass 100 years my junior, without even trying and without laying a finger on you." I smiled at him.

"I don't believe your that old; I've met God's, you're not," Clint said, cocking his head to the side.

"Well, I'm well preserved." I smiled back, sending him all he would need to believe me.

He just nodded sceptically in my direction. He still wasn't denying that he was seeing the redhead, which pissed me off. I waited for it, though, but it never came; he walked away from me, feeling cautious every time he looked in Bella's direction. Bella, though, was not getting any better, and Charlie was getting beyond concerned; he walked up to Rose and asked her what was going on. Rose just looked at me. Why I wasn't sure, it was her call. She was never one to ask permission, so I didn't know why she was starting now. I just shrugged and let her make up her mind. She ended up telling Charlie what was going on. Again he was furious, ended up kicking Natasha out of his house. Natasha complained that nobody should be talking about anything until Director Fury, whoever that was, could brief everyone.

"Get the fuck out of my house; you don't blame a child for something they can't control, like a dream. You need to do some serious growing up as a young lady if you think you can. I'll call Nick myself, I know him personally, and I'll be laying a complaint about you, Miss Romanoff. Now get your belongings and get out of my house and out of my town." Charlie said towards her; she felt she was right; Charlie was correct though Natasha had some growing up to do if she sincerely believed that she could do that.

She looked at Clint expectantly, he just walked over to Bella, asking if she needed anything, and I got my answer. He was not dating the redhead. As the door closed, Charlie got on the phone to, who I assumed, was this Nick Fury person; there was a general state of shock coming from the human's, not including Bella, that Charlie seemed to know this person.

"Jazz, what do I do? she's not calming and still muttering about being a murderer." Rose asked me. I walked over and pulled Bella up to standing, deciding how to pull her out of this funk.

"Isabella Marie Swan, clear your mind for a second. I need you to pay attention to this; you got me?" I asked, still holding on to her shudders. She nodded her acknowledgement of what I said and felt her try to clear away her current emotions.

"Right, I know what an actual murder feels like when performing the act. I want you to tell me if you have ever felt any of the things I'm going to send you, even in the slightest, understand?" I asked her; she nodded again before I asked her to close her eyes.

I began with the delight of finding their target, the joy and malice of stalking that person, knowing what was about to happen. The depraved, Malicious pleasure of capturing the subject before the final act. Then sent her what the actual murder itself would feel like, Heavy. Weighed down but ecstatically aroused at drawing blood from a fellow being watching as the life drained from your victim, the feeling of plunging the object of choice into the person making the final killing blow, and seeing their life-force leave your target, hearing the final plea that I do not do this to them, they had a family, hearing them try and appeal to any human I might have had. Not realising it was a lost cause. I got ripped away from Bella violently, then meet with Peter's fist, pulling me back to the present, forcing me to look at the scene around me.

"You were projecting Major; she's just a human girl, not Maria's plaything. Emmett, take him to feed." Peter said, taking control of the situation.


What the fuck was he thinking? He spent over a century under Maria's thumb, and then he projects to a human girl what a newborn's first kill feels like; I should be out there ripping him a new ass hole.

"Lieutenant!" I shouted for my Mate when she appeared in front of me; I ordered her to help the humans. I was going to be taking Miss Swan with me.

"Yes, Captain," Charlotte said, nodding with a sexy smirk; I pulled Bella out of the house and went to find my stupid fucker of a brother. It didn't take long to find them; Jasper was sitting on the forest floor, deer dead in front of him, looking pretty depressed. Bella pulled away from me and ran over to him, pulled him to her with all her human strength and comforted him when he just traumatised her minutes ago.

"I've never felt like that, ever, was that what it was like for you?" Bella quietly asked him, not letting go of him. Little did she know. He was the most feared vampire in the world, even more, feared than the Volturi, and here he was being cuddled by an 18-year-old human girl directly after he has fed; I knew she would be fine, but I was starting to question her sanity levels. So we all stayed out here for a while; Emmett and I joked around making fun of the feared Major and God of War having cuddle time with his human sister.

"Get him Jazz." Bella just said sweetly up to him, from where she had a tight hold on his leg, where she sat next to him. I looked over at Emmett about to prepare him to go left when the ass tackled me to the ground and tried to make out with me as if I was the Ice Queen he was married to. As I was about to push him off me, I started to feel instead turned on by the giant lug, forcing myself to push him away; I reluctantly got up. I lunged at my brother, who was cracking up laughing with Bella, who had her phone out, clearly recording what was happening.

I didn't know if I should be pissed, proud or planning. Deciding to go with planning, War had been announced! Let the prank war ensue. Considering everything seemed to be fine now, I pulled Bella up and throw her over my shoulder and made my way back towards the house and Mate, leaving Jazzy-poo to follow after us. Bella was screaming at me to put her down, or she'll sick her big brother on me. It was the funniest thing I had heard in a while. Once we got back to the house, I could listen to my beautiful Mate laughing and knew she had worked her magic.

Entering the house, I placed Bella directly in the lap of one Clint Barton; those two were going to be fantastic together; I never knew a human girl could blush as vibrantly red as Bella was at this very second. He placed his arms around her waist to hold her steady When she started to fall off his lap.

"Wouldn't want you to fall, now would we?" He said quietly to her.

"I wouldn't mind," she replied, clearly not realising what she was saying.

"She looks better," Rose said to me as she walked up to Emmett.

"Yeah. She saw the toll it has after a century of killing for the hell of it; I think she may be insane, though. He had just finished feeding, and she runs up to him and cuddles him. She never felt like that, though. So, Bonus! She needed a boost, though, and a lap." I said to the three of them.

That girl needs to get laid. I looked over at my Mate, who just slapped the back of my head.

"You said that out loud, moron," Charlotte said to me as she crossed her arms under her bountiful and beautiful breasts, lifting them beautifully. I grabbed her, and like the caveman she sometimes accused me of being, I threw her over my shoulder and ran off into the forest so I could fuck my beautiful wife and Mate. Pushing her up against a large tree, I ripped her clothes off unceremoniously as Char removed my belt, dropping my jeans in the process. Lifting her, she wrapped her legs around my waist before I could grab my Cock to line her up; she grabbed him out of my hand, proceeding to impale herself roughly on me, then continued to fuck me senseless as I watched her glorious tits bounce wildly; as she rode me. By the time we came up for air, I had looked around, seeing we had destroyed nearly a dozen trees and cleared a decent size section of land, pulling Charlotte up off the ground, gave her the shirt I surprisingly still had on and went off in search of my jeans and boots.

After searching the clearing and surrounding area for twenty minutes, I found my clothes near where we started our little romp in the proverbial hay; after getting dressed, I walked back over to Charlotte and just watched her for a minute. That woman could put a Rodeo Cowboy to shame, with the way that woman could ride a man. It got me hard just thinking about it. There started the next round. Walking up to her as I undid my belt and zip, I picked her up, only to lay her down on the ground, making my way down to her feet. I started kissing up her legs, making my way up slowly to her hips, listening to her moaning every time my lips touched her skin and hearing her annoyed growl when I bypassed where she wanted me the most, to carry on up her body.