1998, Iraq. 23-year old reporter Clark Kent is riding down the road with a military convoy. The radio in the car was playing *Remy Zero - Save Me*. Clark pulls out his tape-recorder. "So, General," Clark began asking, "you saw the power LuthorCorp put into the Chronus Missile. What do you think would happen if our Saddam Hussein got ahold of one of these?"

"Mr. Kent, I can honestly tell you that if Saddam Hussein got ahold of even one of these LuthorCorp missiles, the entire Middle East, from Egypt to Pakistan, would be under his control."

"Alright then, I just about asked all the questions Perry wanted me to ask, so, once we get back stateside, all you need to do is have our photographer, Jimmy Olsen, take a picture of you for our front page. By the way General, one more, thing, how long do you see Saddam Hussein's reign lasting?"

"Five years at most." That is when they hear an explosion from the Jeep in front of them. The Jeep stops. The General and two of his men grab their guns and head out, but are killed as they get out the door. Clark Kent made his way around the vehicle and made a run for it. He needed a chance to change into Superman. But he sees a rocket hit the ground five feet from him. The label on the missile said "LuthorCorp". Before Clark could react, he was caught in a green explosion. He then looked at his chest and saw himself bleeding. Superman was bleeding. Superman then realizes that the LuthorCorp missile was a special one with Kryptonite mixed in.

The next thing Clark saw was himself tied to a chair, surrounded by armed guards and Red Sun Lamps. There was also a camera. One of them was speaking to them in Arabic, a language Superman was yet to understand. Superman didn't know what he was saying, he only knew that he was in trouble.

A few hours later, Superman wakes up a few hours later, in a white tank top and black jeans, strapped down by kryptonite bonds. He takes a look and sees his chest completely healed. He looks over and sees an individual with short red hair. The individual presses a button which releases Superman from his restraint. He gets up only to realize that the lights in the room are Red Sun Lamps. The individual helps Superman to his feet. "You alright?" The individual asked.

"Yeah." A few minutes later they sat down talking. "So, who are you?"

"My name is Henry O'Ryan."

"O'Ryan. Where are you from?"

"Not here. I was sent here to neutralize enemy forces should they come. Guess I got something."

"My captors…"

"Black Zero, a group of foreign fighters bent on taking down superhumans, i.e., you."

"What do they want with me?"

"You have the power to take down the governments of the world, not get a scratch and do it in under an hour."

"And they want that power?"

"No, they want to destroy it. They believe that you are a threat to their God."

"Allah, you mean."

"No, not Allah. He goes by a different name, the God of Evil, my people call him. They worship him and believe he will come and end the world. And they do not want anyone standing in their way when he comes. They call him Aljanib Almuzlim. As for the group itself, well, I've only been here a short while, but I've learned to translate 47% of the languages they speak."

"They don't just speak Arabic?"

"No. They also speak Hungarian, Mongolian, Russian, name a language, they got it." They then hear a pounding on the door. Then 6 armed guards came in with what appeared to be their commander. Henry and Clark both had their hands behind their heads. The commander started talking to them but Superman couldn't understand. "He says welcome Kal-El, last son of Krypton."

"They know who I am, how do they know who I am?" Henry asks them that in Arabic, the commander replies.

"He said, our anonymous partner told us. And that you have certain weaknesses, and that your crystalline fortress up north contains alien technology with power that with your knowledge, we can bring Aljanib Almuzlim to Earth. I am speaking for myself at this point, but I told them that the technology needed to bring their God hear requires the help of an alien species."

"So grabbing me was your idea."

"More or less." The commander starts speaking again. "He says they have schematics to Kryptonian weaponry, received from our anonymous source. They want you to build this Kryptonian Missile. He says that our anonymous source tells us that you know how to build these because all Kryptonian knowledge is in your head, compliments of Jor-El."

"I refuse." They dunk Clark's head in a tank of water, to force him to comply. Under normal circumstances, Clark could go through this no problem, but under Red Sun Lamps, he is as mortal as the next guy. A minute later, he complies. Clark walks outside with the commander and Henry.

"He wants to know what you think."

"I think you got a lot of LuthorCorp weapons." The commander starts to speak again.

"He says they have everything you need to build the missile, and once you are done, they will set you free." The commander extends his hand. Clark shakes it.

"No he won't."

"No he won't."