Clark Kent and Henry O'Ryan quickly put together the UV Device for Superman. Superman kept it close to his chest and well hidden within his shirt. The next part of Superman's plan was put into action, disabling the Red Sun Lamps which kept his powers at bay. Whenever the Black Zero people were watching them put together the missile, the reality was all Clark and Henry were doing were building was a piece of junk which didn't do anything. However, one afternoon, their leader, a man named Mazhab al-Yasir, saw them working on the computer and saw that as they were doing this, one of the Red Sun Lamps started flickering on and off.

A minute later, several armed guards entered the room where the two of them were working. Mazhab walked in. "The bow and arrow once was the pinnacle of weapons technology. It allowed the great Genghis Khan to create an empire stretching from the Pacific to the Ukraine. An empire twice the size of Alexander the Great, and four times the size of the Roman Empire. Now, if one were to get ahold of alien weaponry, he rules the world." Mazhab then started speaking Arabic. "Why have you failed me?"

"We are working." Henry replied.

"I let you live. And this is how you repay me? What are the two of you planning?" Henry remains silent. "Hold him down." Two armed guards hold Henry down and press his face to the table. Mazhab takes one of the embers and prepares to stick it in Henry's mouth. "What are you planning?" He kept asking.

"We are working on your missile." Henry kept replying. After asking the third time, Mazhab was ready to put the ember in his mouth. Finally Clark couldn't just stand by anymore.

"Wait, don't hurt him!" The guards point their guns at Clark. "Please. I need his help." Mazhab thought about this for a while, and put down the ember.

"You have till tomorrow to assemble my missile." The guards left the room. Clark got on the computer and the security cameras and the Red Sun Lamps.

"How long till your back at full power?"

"Five minutes."

It was two minutes when Black Zero realized something was wrong and sent some guards down. Henry was worried. The guards came down the room but Henry didn't speak the language they were speaking.

"I am not at full strength, can you stall them?"

"He's speaking Urdu, I don't speak Urdu!"

"Do you know any of it?"

"I haven't gotten around to learning it yet!" In the next minute the screaming guards tried opening the cell door only to be blown away by an explosion. Henry could hear multiple guards coming down the hall. So he picks up a gun and starts shooting at the Black Zero. That was until he was surrounded. Fortunately for him, Clark Kent had regained his strength. He came zooming out the door. One of the guards started shooting at him, but Superman grabbed the gun and destroyed it. He then punched him to the ground, knocking out the guards. As he walked down the halls, Superman saw a Black Zero member, and threw him to the ground. Many Black Zero members saw this and ran from Superman.

Superman chased three of a group of four into a bulletproof room, leaving the fourth guy shooting at Superman to no success. Superman grabbed the AK-47 he was holding and destroyed it. The then punched the Black Zero soldier in the gut, knocking him down. Superman then ripped open the bulletproof doors with his bare hands. The three of them ran for their lives. Superman grabbed the backs of the shirts of one of them, and threw them at the wall. One snuck up behind Superman with a pistol. He shot Superman in the head, but the bullet ricocheted of off Superman into the guy's left ear. Superman walks away from him.

Superman walks into the room where Henry O'Ryan is. Superman sees Henry lying on his back on top of a bunch of bags full of sand. "Watch out!" Henry screams. That is when he sees Mazhab al-Yasir in front of him with a rocket launcher. He fires it at Superman, the blast destroys his UV power source but it doesn't damage Superman. Superman uses his heat vision to destroy the rocket launcher, but causes an explosion that sets Mazhab on fire. Superman then uses his super breath to blow him into a wall. He extends his hand to Henry O'Ryan.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, I am good to go."

"No offense, but how are you still alive?"

"A story for another time."

"Stay behind me."

"But the UV Emitter…"

"No longer necessary." A minute later, Superman and Henry step out into the burning sunlight and sees many armed Black Zero soldiers waiting for him. They start shooting at him but have no effect. "My turn." He says to them. Superman uses his super speed to run up to them, knock them out and them pile their knocked out bodies inside the cave. He then uses his heat vision to destroy their stockhold of weapons, this caused an explosion powerful enough to be seen from a nearby military convoy. Superman grabs Henry's arm and flies east only a few yards away from the military convoy. Superman put on his glasses as the military convoy walked over to him.

"Gentlemen," one of the soldiers said, "I am Captain James Henderson. Might I ask who you two are?"

"Clark Kent."

"Henry O'Ryan."

"And what are you two boys doing out here in the middle of the desert?" As Clark Kent and Henry O'Ryan told them that a group called Black Zero had held them hostage and that they managed to escape, the two of them realized that this was not over yet.