Chapter 6

"What have you done to me…"


"So your name would be Tala Mikage." 


"I said, your name would be Tala Mikage." Tyson repeated as he waltz around the room, enrollment paper in hand.

"Why would I want to be Mikage?" Tala asked, looking puzzled.

"Cause you don't have a surname and you needed one and I don't know any Russian surnames!" Tyson exclaimed, putting on a mock pout. "Hey, at least you could pretend to appreciate it, I'm only Japanese." He pouted deeper.

Tala blushed. "But I do appreciate it, sending me to school and all…" he muttered.

"Well good! So you'll be Tala Mikage!" Tyson said, immediately replacing his pout with a grin. He took a ballpen, scrawling down the given name on the form. "So what's your age?" he asked, sucking at the end of the ballpen with his mouth.

Tala almost had a nosebleed from the exotic sight; fortunately, he caught himself on time. "I—I'm s-seventeen!" he stammered, at the same time swiping a box of tissue. (A/N: Poor Kai, not having to see this… u_u)

"Really? No fair! You're a year older than me!" He yet again pouted in mock anger, but wrote down the given information. It had only been for about a few more minutes before they had finally completed filling out the form.

"There! All done!" He proclaimed, grinning at the red head, "All we've got to do now is give up the form and everything and then were through!" He cheered happily.

Tala was watching him, a dazed expression on his face. It seems as thought his life would brighten up everytime he looks at the younger youth… Truly… maybe he would be the one who would lift him up from his despair… and give him the hope to renew his life…

Monday morning:

"The school uniform really looks good on you!" Tyson complimented, grinning at the flustered member of the Demolition boys. Both he and Tala were already in their school uniform, already prepared to head for Hiroma.

"You really think so?" he asked, trying to keep his cool. (A/N: ^_^)

"Yeah! You're the man!" he joked, bringing back a bit of his childishness.

"Yo, Tyson m'man! You and your buddy over there might want to scurry off now or you two'd be late for school!" His grandpa shouted from the kitchen.

"Yeah gramps, we were just about to leave." The blue-haired teen answered as both he and Tala entered the kitchen to retrieve their lunch. "Gramps! You know I'm allergic to these~!!!" He whined as he looked over the contents of his lunch box. And you guessed it right: takoyaki.

"It is?" his grandfather questioned as he shot his head up from the rice balls he was currently working on.

Tyson moaned in frustration, putting his hands in his forehead, "Never mind…" he said, taking three peaces of made rice balls from the dish and replacing them with his lunch.

"Hey! Those were suppose to be mine!" His grandpa suddenly took out his kendo stick out of nowhere, pointing it at his face threatingly.  

"Well it is your fault for being a scatterbrained old man!!!" Tyson shout back, holding the lunch box against his chest protectively as he also took out a kendo stick out of nowhere.

"You asked for it!" his Gramps shouted as he lounged for him. Tyson let out a battle cry as he ran forward, making his first move.

Tala sweatdropped, watching intently at the two battling kendo fighters hitting sticks at each other from the clouds of dust.

There really are some things that could never change…

After the rather childish rice ball incident, both he and Tala were rushing out of the house, not wanting to get late for school. If you were wondering who won the rice ball challenge, it was obvious that it was his gramps. But he gets to have the rice balls anyways! Want to know why? Dunno either… just invent one cause I can't think of any. All I know is that they just snuck it out of the house with the help of his new secret admire Tala… ya.

Tyson suddenly counted, " three, two… one—"

"TYSON!!!!!!!! COME BACK HERE WITH MY RICE BALLS!!!!!" his grandfather shouted from the house.

He smirked, then suddenly gesturing to the red head, "Run for it!" he exclaimed as they both picked up speed.

When they had at last reached their destination, both boys were panting and sweating. "Well that was tiring…" He panted, trying to compose himself as he leaned against the school gate. Tala meekly nodded, too tired to respond.

 "Hey, Tyson!" someone called him.

"Oh hey there Max." Tyson said, still panting as Max headed towards him.

"Woe! What happened to you?" He asked, just noticing his friend's state condition. " We were being chased by Gramps because we took his rice balls." He replied, showing him his lunch.

"Wait—what do you mean, we?"

"Tala." He said simply, pointing at the red head.

"Woe!! When did you two meet!?" he asked, just noticing the team captain of the Demolition boys right beside him. "About three days ago, found him in our street, injured." The blue haired teen answered, his breath now steady.

"Really? What happened?"

And Tyson began to tell him what had happened those past events.

"Wow! So that means he'll be living with you?" Max grinned as Tyson had finished, mischief in his eyes.

Tyson nodded, being oblivious to see the look on his face.

Tala remained emotionless.

"And I take he'll be studying here as well?" Max said, eyeing at the uniform Tala was wearing.

"Yup! Ain't it just great!" Tyson laughed happily as he huggled™ (A/N: mix of hug and cuddle. Just made it up! ) a quite flustered looking cyborg who looks as thought he was about to faint from joy.

Max, being a good observer saw this; a smirk formed from his lips, " Yup, very interesting…" (A/N: Bad Maxy! .)

Tala sighed as he walked out from the principal's office, class schedule in hand.

"Now to find class A-10…"

Tyson's fanclub had begun doing their drooling instincts as the said worshipped, not to mention, oblivious bishounen had entered the classroom.

"Ohayoo minna-san!" he greeted chirpily at his classmates. "Ohayoo Tyson-sama…" his fangirls greeted him like a zombie because they were too hypnotized by his kawaii voice that their drool began to flood like waterfalls.

Tyson, being so naïve thought they were just being really nice to call him '-sama' and thought that they were just drooling because they were thinking about food at the moment. (A/N: *sweatdrop* ~_^)  

Kai and Rei were just sitting from their respective seats, admiring Tyson's innocence. A/N: *nods head*

Just when Rei was about to decide to greet the little blue haired angel, the door slid open, allowing one Hakkai-like teacher to enter the classroom.

"Ohayoo Minna-san!" He greeted as he settled behind the teacher's table. "Ohayoo, Hirada Sensei!" they all chorused. He smiled at them, gesturing them to all sit down. "Minna- san, it seems that today, we are yet to have another exchange student that would be joining us today." He paused, low murmurs filling the whole classroom. He took out a slip, adjusting his glasses as he examined its contents. "Eto… according to this information slip, he is a student coming from Russia and a relative of yours I believe Mr. Kinomiya?" He asked, looking at Tyson from the slip he was holding.

His classmates, including Rei and Kai gave him quizzical looks.

'It must be Tala he's talking about.' "Yes, sir." He answered.

Rei and Kai gave him a more confused look.

The teacher nodded, before going back to Tala's Bio slip.

"Wow! I didn't know Tala would be in this class too! This is great!' Tyson mused happily.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock from the door.

"Ah! That must be our new student! You may come in, Mikage." Hirada Sensei signaled at the boy behind the door.

The door slid open, Tala entering the classroom.

Kai and Rei had their eyes bulged out from their eye sockets, not believing what they are seeing.




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