Casual mirage

Izuku was taking a day off, walking around the mall. He had come with friends but they had spread out in groups. "Yet, I'm alone?" He cringed to himself. He knew it was bound to happen, like always. "Whatever." He was checking out some accessories, like headphones, phone cases, and the sort. He reached for a chibi All-Might keychain. Someone else had reached for it too. Their hands almost touched but they both stopped, noticing the other's approach.

"S-Sorry. Go ahead." Izuku retracted his hand and turned his body with a cheerful bounce. He faced the person next to him. His eyes widened. 'Her again?!'

She was wearing a grey beret. A thick black collar around her neck but it was loose. A pink, deep saggy V-neck that exposed her cleavage. One side of her shirt had lazily slid down the shoulder, showing off her soft skin. She had black leggings revealing her bodacious figure, with matching boots to add to the messy hot flair.

"Thanks, this keychain is like totally lit, huh?" She dangled the All-Might keychain against her face as she bounced in place. Her cool smirk sent shivers down his spine.

He tried to clear his throat and not freak out. "Hey, Camie." Gulp. 'Oh god, I never even thought of running into her in such a normal way!'

The girl's ear perked at the mention of her name. She stared at him intently. Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion. "Do I, like, know you?"

Izuku almost dropped his jaw. "Haaah?" He fixed his shocked expression before reminding her. "I'm Izuku Midoriya. We met during the licensing exams."

Her head tilted, not following. Her eyes grew bright with an epiphany. "Oh, then that must mean! Wait, so you met my imposter? That's, like, totally crazy! What happened? I got to know fam!" She nodded with her body, her arms by her bosom, excited.


Eventually, they sorted everything out. She explained how she didn't take the exam and was allowed remedial classes. He explained what happened during the exams. He was uncomfortable talking about the part where he was alone with her imposter. Camie's hyped personality got him to cave and go into detail. "Why didn't anyone tell me that, that wasn't really you..."

"So that must have been a pretty crazy trip! I wonder why my imposter was so interested in you." Camie had leaned close to Izuku's personal space, observing him for any particular reason.

"Um, I-I don't know." Izuku scratched his cheek, looking away from her. She was too close to him and if he glanced her way, he would definitely get a clear view of her breast. His face grew a light shade of pink after he accidentally got a peek.

Camie straightened her body up, after her evaluation of Izuku. "Hm, I kinda want to find out though. Say, what are you doing anyway?" Camie, the always social bug, started to get friendly with him. She figured her imposter had good taste.

Izuku sighed in relief when he got his personal space back. "I'm actually here with friends, just hanging out."

She rose an eyebrow, looking for any friends he mentioned. "Really? But you're, like, all alone." She pointed out.

He sagged his shoulders and dropped his head. "Yeah, I know. Everyone's doing their own thing."

Camie burst out with some giggles. "So they ditched you?" She ended it with a teasing smirk.

He grew a sweat drop of irritation. "Y-You're not wrong though..." So he couldn't retort with a decent reply or excuse.

"Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you ditch them back, hang out with me for a while." She offered.

"But we promised, we'd meet at the food cour-" He was interrupted. Her hand grabbed his and dragged him along.

"C'mon, let me just pay for this! I was always curious about what happened during the exams. Besides, you're, like, kinda cute."

His face steamed up. "C-Cute?" And he let himself be dragged as his mind tried to process what she just said.

She let out another fit of laughter. "And adorable." She was going to have some fun today.

They each paid for an All-Might key chain and walked out of the store.

"Selfie!" She proclaimed. She squeezed her body close to Izuku, holding out her phone. "C'mon let's show off our matching key chains!" She had a full-blown smile. Izuku had a sheepish, embarrassed, one. He was trying to focus, but she was literally pressing her flesh against his. They both held the keychains next to each other. Her smile grew and she took the photo.


And then she took another with a different pose, but still just as close to him. She encouraged him to try different poses too. He was hesitant at first but slowly got more and more comfortable.

"These are great, I can't wait to post them. Hey, you should add me. Here, I'm about to send you a friend request and tag you in the pics."

Izuku nodded his head vigorously. He anxiously waited, staring at his phone. He got the notification and accepted her request. "Got it, Camie!" He said a little too excited, he genuinely was having a good time with her. "Added you."

Within seconds he got another notification of the pics she posted. His face flushed red. 'She was really close to me!' He mentally beat himself up for looking so lame and flustered in the pics but hit like on them.

"Yo, let's ditch the mall. I got this sweet chill spot I want to show you."

"Ara, a-are you sure?"

"Totes fam!"

She clasped his hand again and led him out of the mall. Izuku held back his own nerves. He held determined eyes. He was having a good time without his friends and Camie was a fun person to be around. He felt like he didn't need to try hard around her. He could be his quirky self and she took it in stride, going along with it.

He matched her pace, walking beside her instead of being dragged. Yet, their hands were still lingering together with a trickling grip of their fingertips. Izuku turned his head to Camie and smiled. She was caught slightly off guard at his confidence. A dash of scarlet sprinkled her cheeks but she smiled back at him.

'And I thought, she was really cute, just being herself, not really caring about others or the scene... A moment just between us. For whatever reason, it felt special.'

They were perched on the ledge of a skyscraper. "Wow, the view up here is amazing!" Izuku was awed at the city skyline.

Camie let out a boastful agreement. "Yup, this is like the best place to watch the sunset. Speaking of which..." She nodded her head to the orange sky and purple clouds.

Izuku switched his eyes from the city to her as she spoke. His mouth opened and he let out a breathless gasp. The sun was radiating her blonde hair with a precious glow and the gentle wind caused it to flutter gracefully around her face. Her eyes had this innocent twinkle he never imagined she could express. She turned her face away from the sky and faced him as well. She tilted her head, rose her shoulders, closed her eyes... and smiled.

His eyes widened at the serenity of it all. 'She's beautiful...' The light from the setting sky projected an everlasting sight in front of him he didn't want to escape from. His little mirage created by her.

She leaned towards him. Their silhouettes were together, mimicking the embrace they had just shared.

He didn't realize what happened until she pulled away. She smirked at the expression plastered on his face. It finally hit him and his cheeks burned as he stuttered. "D-Did you? Did we? I mean-" He was fumbling hard, now.

She laughed at his impaired state of mind. "What's a matter, never kissed a girl before?" She teased, placing her hand on her beret to hide her blushing facade.

"N-No that's not it. I've had a girlfriend before. I was just caught off guard. I-I mean, technically, we're strangers!" He explained his obviously confused situation.

"We were strangers. Not anymore." She scooted closer to him. "But I bet you never had a girlfriend like me before." She giggled, keeping her eyes on the setting sun. Izuku joined her sky gazing, trying to relax at the current situation.


"Wait... girlfriend?!"