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Naruto woke up fully rested and happy for the first time in a very long time. While it was true that he was at peace enough to meditate and gather energy so as to use it to teleport back home he was still not happy about it since he feared for the lives of his friends back on his home planet, but now he woke up surrounded by various women who he had taken to his bed and brought them to a state of sexual satisfaction that left them with smiles that were still on their faces. He recognized most of them, but there were a few women he had never met with two of them being married if the rings on their fingers were a clear indication of that. But they came to him not the other way around so he didn't feel bad about it.

He got up and left the women to sleep it off so as to go out and help the others in the city. He had seen the state that the people were in with the lack of resources to maintain themselves for so long. So he set up a booth where he waited for a bit for people to arrive. Once there he used his powers of creation to make ingredients so that people could go and cook a proper meal for themselves as well as their family. Word spread fast of what he had done and so the people began to crowd him so as to get the same which he was more than happy to give them. He also summoned up Shadow clones to aid others with other things such as medical aid as well as creating building materials to help repair things that needed fixing.

It was times like this that he was so happy that he was the Juubi since it provided him with so much chakra to use to aid those who needed it. He had helped so many and yet he was not feeling the slightest bit winded from all the energy used. This was mainly due to the fact that what he created was basic in nature so it was easy to produce large quantities of like he was doing now. Sure there were limits to his power such as the fact that he had to know the exact details of the item he created, but that was why he was making ingredients as well as basic materials since there was not much to know than what it was in the first place.

It was around noon that one of the married women he slept with the night before came to get some food as well, and she had brought her five year old daughter with her. The mother had a busty figure with silver tipped black hair while her daughter simply had black hair.

"Well hello there," said Naruto with a kind smirk on his face. The woman looked at him with a blush since she was a bit embarrassed about what had happened last night. She had been part of the staff of the hotel that Naruto had sent cooking materials to as a payment for cooking his food, and their boss had celebrated with a fancy cask of wine that he had been saving for the perfect moment. She had gotten drunk alongside her friend who was also a member of the staff only as a maid not in the kitchen. Her friend had mocked her lack of a sex life since her husband was shying away from it for the past five years. She had never told anyone that she was a beard since her husband was gay and had married her and slept with her to give her a child so as to make his grandmother happy that she would have grandchildren. So her friend had thrown the fact that the incredibly handsome hero of their country was here and that multiple women were on their way to screw his brains out and that she was going to join them. She basically tricked her friend into going and while she was embarrassed about it she had thoroughly enjoyed it since it had been so long since she had been touched.

"Hi," said the woman shyly as her blush remained. If anything, it only intensified as she spoke.

"You know," said Naruto with as he thought about it for a minute, "I have no idea what your name is, which is strange in the broad scheme of things given certain events that recently happened." The woman squeaked in embarrassment since him saying that was just that.

"My name is Delilah," said the now named Delilah.

"Well it's good to know the name of your friends," said Naruto as he leaned over the counter to whisper the second part of his statement, "especially one with such sexy benefits."

That bit caused her face to turn bright red as steam came out of her head. It took a minute for her brain to restart so that she could talk again.

"Can you please stop doing that," she asked sincerely since her body was getting a bit hot and it was making her uncomfortable. Plus the fact that her five year old daughter was standing right next to her only made it even more so.

"Funny that you say that," said Naruto as he smiled at her, "since less than twelve hours ago you were telling me the exact opposite as I did that one thing. You know what I am talking about, with my middle finger…"

"STOP!" shouted Delilah in even more embarrassment since this was not a conversation she wanted to have with her daughter standing right there next to the two of them. Her daughter knew Naruto as the hero of Spring Country, the one who put the current Daimyo on her throne by defeating the tyrant that proceeded her and saved Koyuki's life. This was the image she wanted her daughter to have on the man, not the far more perverted one that she herself had experienced firsthand less than a day ago.

"Alright," said Naruto with a laugh, "I was just having a bit of fun. So what exactly can I get for you?"

"Can I have candy," asked the little girl hopefully since she really wanted some.

"Well what is your name little one," said Naruto as he kneeled down and pat her on the head. She smiled as he did and looked him in the eyes.

"I'm Hina and I'm five years old, "said the girl as she smiled at the man who returned it.

"Well hello there Hina," replied Naruto, "I can give you sweets, but only if your mother says I can."

"Please mom!" asked Hina as she gave her mom those pleading eyes that little children are able to utilize to get what they want in life. It was a bit unfair if you thought about it

"Well of course you can," said Delilah who was happy that she could give her daughter something to cheer her up in lieu of all that had befallen their country in the past three months.

"Well then little lady," said Naruto as he held up his hand. In a quick flash of light a large round rainbow lollipop appeared that he handed to her and as he did she took with childish glee. "Enjoy. But be careful so as to not ruin your appetite."

"I won't," Hina said as she hugged his leg before she ran off to enjoy her sugary treat in peace. Delilah could only smile as she handed Naruto the list of things she wanted him to make for her. He took a quick look at it and then channeled chakra so as to make the items she requested. Once formed he made a durable bag to carry them in. Delilah thanked him or his help, which he told her to think nothing of it, but did float the offer for her to come see him again later tonight. Delilah left in a very horny mood as she was walking away all the while thinking about taking him up on his offer…

While Naruto was busy helping people get their lost strength back by feeding them, Minato and Jiraiya were just finishing up their preparations for the plan they had started on hours ago. Minato was just getting used to his new arm that he had surgically attached by Tsunade and the pain had finally faded to a mere slight annoyance. What only the select few were fully aware of was the fact that Minato had a few brain dead clones of himself in his basement so that if there ever was a scenario where he lost a limb or vital organ he had the means to perfectly replace them. In this profession it never hurt to prepare for the worst situations. His house had not been affected like a massive amount of the village was since his property was not over any of the tunnels leading into the hidden ROOT complex beneath the village.

The moment that Jiraiya had helped Minato get to Tsunade so as to heal his arm, they made plans on how to stop Naruto before he became even more of a hindrance to their plans of domination across the Elemental Nations. They went to the Summoning realm to converse with the toads that then used their own oils to decrease the time that Minato felt pain with the new arm. Once there they got the toads to aid the two of them to create a complex seal that could be used to subdue Naruto long enough so as to place the proper seals that would then make him into the weapon that he was sired to be.

They put layers upon layers of seals down to make sure that Naruto would not escape this time from the fate his father wanted. So once they checked them as well as made sure to double check them, the toads all surrounded the area ready to use their own jutsu to subdue Naruto. Gamabunta had struggled to fight Kyubi years ago and nearly lost back then so he was not going to take chances here this time around. Now that Naruto had the power of all tailed beasts sealed within him, and while he didn't have the size to go with the power they would not take that chance and went overboard with the restraint.

Once everything was in place and fully prepared, Minato lifted his hand and slammed it down to activate the seal to summon Naruto with the aid of Jiraiya who had to reverse summon him. Naruto was still bound by the Toad summoning contract, which only helped them in the end by being able to do that… So as the seal activated and multiple colors of chakra erupted from it, Naruto appeared in the dead center of it before multiple spiked chains with spear tips pierced into his body. Naruto felt immense pain as he felt them dig into his body, but he didn't show it so that the man who sired as well as condemned him to his hellish life twice would not get any form of satisfaction from it.

"Well look who it is," said Naruto as he was forced to his knees since the chains retracted and held him in place. Naruto remembered these chains from when Minato had first tried to control him before he teleported to Shear. But unlike then these ones were real, not just in his mind like last time. "If it isn't the man who claims to be my father."

"Silence," said Minato as he punched Naruto hard across the face. The brat had been a nuisance for the past few months when he disappeared into thin air and Minato would make sure that he paid for it till the day he died. "I don't know how you escaped my control the first time brat, but you will not do it again since we have prepared for any and all possible outcomes."

"Man," said Naruto with a chuckle, "I knew you were sick in the head with the whole raping of my mother and manipulation of your own child to become a mindless weapon, but the gay father-son incestual bondage porn is far beyond the realm of disturbing. Sweet Kami you even got so many people or toads technically, to watch as you do the deed. Damn you are hardcore with your fetishes old man."

"What..." was all that Minato could say since how was someone supposed to act when told that? Or a better question is just who the hell was ever asked that in the first place?

"How do you even know about that kind of thing," asked Jiraiya who was just as shocked as Minato was when Naruto said that but had managed to clear his mind quick enough to ask the question.

"Honestly," said Naruto with a bit of grin as one of his eyebrows lifted up, "a while back I met someone who I found attractive named Haku. But then I learned that the person who I assumed was a woman was in fact a man in woman's clothes and it made me question my own sexuality for a bit. So I did a bit of research into what it meant to be gay and looked at a few yaoi manga. Didn't like it and shortly after I learned I was one hundred percent straight."

"Wow," said Jiraiya since that made his head hurt for a second, "but that doesn't matter since you are no longer a person, you are a weapon and will have no free will of your own when we are done with you.

"Yeah," said Naruto sarcastically which pissed off both Minato as well as Jiraiya since they wanted the boy to be terrified about losing and struggling in vain and yet he was not doing what they expected. "You tried that once already over the course of sixteen years and yet that failed. Do you really expect to finish what you started without years of time to prepare?"

"Listen here brat," growled Minato in rage that the boy had such a mouth on him and was disrespecting him.

"Ouch," said Naruto with a smirk on his face. "Such an insult. Let me know when you come up with something original you poorly packaged pack of horse shit."

Minato responded the way that Naruto had expected him to with a punch to Naruto's face. Naruto didn't feel it since he was so very weak when compared to him.

"Mmmm, harder daddy," said Naruto with a laugh. Minato pulled out a kunai to slice up his face since he had enough of Naruto's provocation. "I've been such a bad boy. Punish me…"

"Minato," said Jiraiya as he held Minato's arm to stop him from doing just that. "Seal him up first then take the time to carve his face."

"Your right," said Minato as he took a deep breath and calmed himself since he could not do this if he was pissed off about it. So he and Jiraiya got into position along with all the toads themselves. Once in said positions they began to channel chakra through the massive seal that they put Naruto in, and as it activated they heard as Naruto began to scream in pain as what appeared to be red colored electricity coursed through him in a manner that was visible to others. As he screamed, the massive seal began to shrink as the process of controlling Naruto began to take place.

"You won't break me!" shouted Naruto in pain as Minato smirked at his suffering.

"We don't want to break you Naruto, "said Minato simply while still maintaining that grin, "We simply want you to obey your master like you were always meant to do." Within a minute of this statement, the seal had finally shrunk and then implanted itself on Naruto's forehead. Naruto slumped forward with a blank look on his face as they finished up what they were doing, and as he did those who saw this waited to see if the seal had taken full effect. So far Naruto did not do anything other than kneel there so they undid his bindings since they had finally controlled their weapon.

"Naruto," said Minato as he walked forward to give his first orders to his newest tool of destruction, "can you hear me."

"Yes master," said Naruto emotionlessly without looking up. This made Minato smirk as he looked at Jiraiya whose face matched his own. So much time and effort had gone into this seal and it had paid off since they now had their weapon to use to end this war once and for all.

"Good," said Minato as he held Naruto's head so that the boy was forced to look him in the eye, "now you will do as I order from here on out. Do you understand me?"

"Yes master," said Naruto, once more in an emotionless tone of voice.

"You are to go to the Spring Capital and kill all the various leaders of the new Resistance," said Minato commandingly, "and bring me Koyuki herself alive. I plan to make that bitch pay for not submitting to her superior and when I'm done with her she will know her place at my feet."

"I advise against that master," said Naruto, who was still speaking in an emotionless way that would have made Itachi proud if he was still alive to this day.

"What is this," said Jiraiya since Naruto should not be questioning orders like that, just taking them exactly as ordered to. That was how they made the seal to work. But before he could say anything else, he as well as Minato stiffened as they felt their bodies no longer being able to move. They looked down to see that their shadows were connected to Naruto's and that said person was now smirking maliciously as he took a step back. He performed a hand sign with made four separate copies of himself that formed a square so as to erect a barrier between the three of them and the toads who were just finally overcoming their shock that the seal did not work like it should have.

"Shadow Possession Complete," said Naruto with a smirk.

"How the hell are you able to use this jutsu!" shouted Minato in rage that Naruto had turned the situation around like this and now it was he as well as Jiraiya who were bound instead of Naruto.

"Allow me explain in a manner that you could possibly understand," said Naruto as he flicked Minato between the eyes, which he saw infuriated him beyond the levels of what should be possible but he really didn't care about it. "You tricked me, or more precisely you had Jiraiya trick me since your cowardly ass was in hiding at the time, to merge all the Biju into my body with a jutsu of your own creation. In doing so they merged once more into the Biju they were before they separated which was known as the Juubi and was essentially the physical manifestation of the mother of all chakra. So when I merged with all the Biju I became the new Juubi, and as such I have access to all bloodline abilities both old and new, even those of the ones of clan's who have become extinct. All I need to do is know how they work and I am able to use them."

"Impossible," said Minato in anger.

"Really," said Naruto with a raised eyebrow as his left eyelid rose up. He saw as the toads were trying to break through the barrier that he had erected so their conversation was not interrupted, but like he wanted they were failing so hard at it. "Because I have and am currently doing so. How do you think I infiltrated the mind of Inochi so as to communicate to you that I was back in the first place? I used his clan's mind transference jutsu to achieve this and he had no idea that I had access to such power so he had nothing up in his mind to block me when I did it."

"So you mean to tell me that you can't be controlled," said Jiraiya who was pissed that all their work had failed to produce the weapon they wanted to control.

"Actually that is exactly what I am telling you," said Naruto with a chuckle, "since you made me into what I am, I am essentially godlike in power. Yet even with all this power, I don't let it go to my head and aid the people while you would simply use it to enslave them instead, like a tyrant."

"It was my destiny to rule over this land!" seethed Minato, who was struggling as hard as he could to try and break free from the bindings he was under, but no matter how hard he tried he was incapable of budging in the slightest. This disturbed him quite a bit since he had been in this situation before as he trained with Shikaku but he was able to break out of that. So this was a clear sign that Naruto was far stronger than he had anticipated he would be. "I am the Child of Prophesy!"

"And that means what to me," asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "that I should obey your every command because you were told that you would rule. Sweet merciful Kami… I swear if I ever get an ego like yours I would just end my life."

"I will not be denied what is my birthright!"

"Funny choice of words there," said Naruto as he chuckled to himself, "since I am doing just that and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it."

Minato would have said more to try and either insult Naruto or something along the lines like that, but Naruto placed his palm onto Minato's chest. Before more could be asked since that seemed like a strange thing to do out of the blue, his arm sparked with electricity that shot through it into Minato himself. Minato screamed in pain as he felt the electrical current shoot throughout his body. Naruto simply smirked as the area was awash with the light of his attack. He saw through his peripheral vision that the toads were now launching jutsu at the barrier in a desperate attempt to break through it but were unsuccessful. Hell even Gamabunta tried to cut it with his blade but it still did not work as the force of the blow blasted the blade out of his hand since the force put into it was countered with even more.

"Stop it now!" Shouted Jiraiya in rage to see his student, whom he saw as the son he never had since he was never married.

"And why should I?" asked Naruto as he listened to Minato's screams of pain. They were like sweet music to his ears and he honestly wondered if this was how the villagers felt all those years ago when they hurt him. If so, he could understand why they did it since he got a good feeling from hurting the man who screwed his life over tenfold. "Do you have any idea how many times I begged for people to stop hurting me? Why should your old perverted voice be heard over my own when I was nothing more than a small child?!"

Naruto then increased the voltage of electrical energy that he sent coursing through Minato. While Minato screamed louder, Naruto made sure that it was nonlethal since he wanted to make him suffer, not kill him…

"How does it feel father," said Naruto in disgust. He spat out the word 'father' in disgust since he did not like to think of this man as such, but he did so to piss the man off something fierce. "How does it feel to know just a small percentage of my pain that you allowed to happen in an attempt to beat loyalty into me? Do you know how many times I have been stabbed? Shocked? Burned? Poisoned? Gutted? Run through? Do you know what that does to a child? DO YOU!?"

Minato was in too much pain to answer since the electrical current was making it impossible to speak coherent words…

"It's hard to believe that we are related since you seem to not be able to take the pain as I have always been forced to do my entire life. But then again you are just a pathetic Namikaze, and unlike you I have the Uzumaki genes in my body to counter yours."

It was finally at this point that Naruto finally ceased his attack. Minato stopped screaming in pain, but his body was still twitching as he fell to his knees and his face slumped down in defeat. Naruto grabbed Minato by the head and forced the man to look at him.

"For so many years I struggled to overcome my weaknesses so as to prove to others that I was strong and that they were wrong to see me as the demon that was once sealed in my body. But through the worst times I was able to make friends all over, the very same friends that you have either seen fit to kill off, imprison with the intent to break their spirit in one way or another, or planned to do so like you ordered me to do to Koyuki when you assumed that I was under your control. But I do not answer to you, nor will I ever for as long as either of us lives."

As he finished his bit of monologue, a portal appeared behind Minato. When Naruto had been 'subdued' by the seal, he had not felt a single bit of pain from it and had simply acted as if it was hurting him. That was what the men he was dealing with wanted to see so he gave it to them so that they would assume he was controlled and come close enough to use the Shadow Possession jutsu without them dodging it in some way. While he had been screaming he used his senses to find Minato's house in the real world and pinpointed it easily enough since he knew where it was. He did so to open this very portal that he was using now.

"You tried to take everything from me father," said Naruto with a shake of his head, "and while in the end you failed to complete your task you still managed to kill quite a few of those who I called friends. So now I will take a page from your book and return the favor. I am going to tear down this plan that you spent so many years working on and destroy it in its entirety. Then I am going to find all whom you care for and eliminate them. And when you have nothing left Minato, but that oversized ego of yours, then I will kill you."

With that last bit being said, Naruto roundhouse kicked Minato upside his head into the portal, which then closed once he was through since Naruto did not wish to follow him in any way.

"Where did you send him?" demanded Jiraiya since he truly wanted to know on the off chance he could escape and then aid him so as to make a plan to stop Naruto in the near future.

"I simply sent him home to recover," said Naruto with a shrug of his shoulders.

"You expect me to believe that you sent Minato to his house," asked Jiraiya with a growl since he honestly thought that Naruto was fucking with him as he said that. "Out of all the places you could have sent him, and you expect me to believe that you simply sent him there? Why?"

"Because it is the perfect place to put him," said Naruto with a grin, "he spent so much time and effort to make his home into the equivalent of a fortress of sorts. All the seals he put on it to keep intruders out, the fact that no one would expect to look for him there and even if they thought to it wouldn't matter since no one else can get in that is not of his blood."

"Me and Tsunade can get in as well too you little shit," spat out Jiraiya in rage.

"Really," said Naruto as he closed his eyes for a second before he smiled, "I honestly did not know that, but it really doesn't change anything since Tsunade is not in the village due to going to the Fire Capital to get the medical supplies she needs to heal those who are currently and you yourself will not be leaving here alive so there will be no one to aid Minato as his body painfully recovers from the damage I have done to him. Just like I did for so many years since doctors in that village refused to do so. So picture it in your mind, which I know your perverted ass has trouble doing since all you care about is naked woman. Minato, safely in his own home, lying on the ground incapable of moving his body for quite some time without anyone to aid him since no one even knows he is in his own home. Let's see how fast he can do it by himself without a demon sealed within his gut like I had."

"You will pay for this!" said Jiraiya as he tried even harder to break free from his bindings. "I don't know how, but I will make you pay!"

"Yeah yeah," said Naruto as he limply waved him off since he was not a threat to his person in any sort of way. He then channeled power into his hand and recreated the very device that had been used on him to restrain him back on Shear. He threw it at Jiraiya and saw as the multiple metallic limbs shot out and wrapped around Jiraiya as he dispersed the Shadow Possession Jutsu. Like when it had been used on him, it shocked the shit out of Jiraiya, and Naruto could literally smell the moment he shit himself from the surge of electricity coursing through him. "You stay right where you are. I want you to witness as I kill off your family like you did to mine."

Jiraiya's eyes opened wide as he heard Naruto say that since no one other than Hiruzen knew about that fact. He remembered that day perfectly, and to be honest he relished it since he had been the main reason that one of the most powerful clans had perished. Him! The man who was orphaned to the point he didn't even know his own parents and he had been the cause of their demise.

Jiraiya had known his presence; much less the ANBU that had come with him weren't going to be welcome in Whirlpool since the Second Shinobi War put their entire clan on edge. The man came through the secret passage by an armed escort of no less than ten Uzumaki. Yet even with all the extra security, Jiraiya was still able to fulfill his mission.

The thing was, Hiruzen had given the order to secure Kushina, and at the same time make sure she was among the few Uzumaki left among the clan in the future after the war was over. Jiraiya didn't question his sensei and Hokage on the issue. If anything, he agreed with the man since Whirlpool was getting well known, and very powerful in their own right. It wouldn't be long before they were actually acknowledged as their own Shinobi village. Minor village mind you for right now given it was all clan members in it, but in the future? Who really knows?! They might become a sixth major Shinobi village. No one wanted that. Six was one number too many in Hiruzen's mind when it came to major villages. Five villages was the cut-off point and the Uzumaki Clan had no business adding themselves or even trying to add themselves into the mix.

It had been time for Konoha to cut its losses. They had the Kyubi Biju, but needed a new vessel to use it. The Uzumaki Clan had the new vessel and the sealing ability to ensure the Biju was placed in the new vessel safely. The problem at hand was the Uzumaki Clan would ensure the seal was designed to hold the Biju, but not unleash its power. Hiruzen frowned upon that last part and so did Jiraiya. The other villages weren't doing that so why should they? It was one of the reasons Jiraiya was here. To not only secure Kushina, but see some of their work on Fuinjutsu so he could devise a way to alter the seal placed on Kushina in the future to unleash the Kyubi's power on Iwa or Kumo. He knew the Uzumaki Clan would frown at this since if they learned of his intentions toward what they considered to be the abuse of Fuinjutsu.

Fortunately, for Konoha and Jiraiya anyway, they wouldn't have to deal with such moral annoyances anymore from the Uzumaki Clan shortly after they left here with their prize.

And as history would show, their sick plan to eradicate nearly an entire clan had succeeded…

And Jiraiya forever reveled in the knowledge that he made it happen…

Naruto then dispelled his Shadow Clones and began to walk towards Gamabunta, who had hopped back now that he had his sword back in his hand.

"Ah," said Naruto with a sinister grin that disturbed the toads, "so the boss of the toads summons has seen fit to honor me with his presence. I don't know whether to be thankful or simply hurl out my insides since I detest your existence with nearly every fiber of my being. But I think I'll just settle for killing you."

"Bold words for such a small brat like yourself," said Gamabunta before he blew smoke that covered the area before he swung his sword down to cut Naruto. He heard no sounds after he brought his blade down, so he assumed that he was successful. Yet before he could do anything else, multiple chains flew out of the smoke and held him down in place. While normal chains would not be of much use since he had a naturally slippery body, these ones had barbed wires to them so they pierced the skin in a manner that the more he struggled the deeper they would dig in.

"Not so fun when you are chained down is it you fucking asshole," said Naruto with a growl, "but something is missing from all this… now what could it be? Oh I know!"

Naruto then held up his hand, and in the air a massive statue made of marble formed. This one was colored crimson and took the form of Kurama. Naruto then slammed his hand down hard; dropping the statue onto Gamabunta's back causing him to lay flat on his stomach as his legs gave out from the sheer weight of the damned thing.

"This is for Kurama," said Naruto as two more chains shot out of his back, but these ones shot downwards and dug into the ground. Gamabunta felt as they neared him and feared that Naruto would use them to pierce a vital organ since he was incapable of dodging his attack in any sort of way. He would have tried a jutsu of some sort, but the chains that bound him were suppressing it so that he could not do just that. But Naruto didn't do as he thought, and instead let the power gather like water in a puddle. Once there was enough energy underneath Gamabunta, he slammed his hand into the ground, and out of it sprouted multiple blades that pierced him all over skewering all of his organs. There was no chance in hell that Gamabunta survived the attack, and that was the whole point of doing this.

"And now that your boss is dead," said Naruto as he conjured up multiple kunai made of energy that he threw onto the ground like he did in Spring. Portals opened up all around him where he threw the kunai, and with them open he roared to call his children. One by one they all began to come through the portals, with the toads looking at the monsters in fear since they were unlike anything that they had ever seen in their lives. "I promised my children a meal, and I heard that frog legs were a delicacy in certain places. So my children devour them all!" And with his permission, his children began to spread out and consume the toads. They tried to fight back, which was only natural, but Naruto had spent quite some time evolving them to the point where they were now immune to the elements that the Toads flung at them.

His children did a wonderful job at killing them, with a dozen of them swarming the Elder Toad himself and eating him alive by ripping chunks of his flesh to consume as he screamed in pain. The Toads who managed to flee the scene and made it to one of their many underground holes to hide fared no better than the rest since the Wraiths were a slippery bunch and followed them down the same holes and consumed the toads who truly believed they were safe. Naruto stood there and admired the work his children were doing, with the genocide of the Toads as well as the complete destruction of their home itself to its entirety.

"I really have to thank you Jiraiya," said Naruto finally as the screams were beginning to dies down, meaning that the Toads' numbers were dwindling to a mere trickle.

"Why," asked Jiraiya angrily as he cried in sadness. He was forced to watch as the Toads were slaughtered before him and could do nothing to aid them. "Why would you possibly thank me?!"

"For helping me do all this," said Naruto with a smirk, "since even though I was still on the Toad Contract, I could not come here without help. The Toads were able to hide their presence from me, and I couldn't find them via meditation like I wanted. So I did all I did with announcing my return while knowing you and Minato would do this. You would try and reverse summon me when you assumed I least expected it and try to bind me with seals once more to make me your weapon. But you can't bind the forces of nature to your will you foolish man, and like that I too can't be bound. But as a parting gift, I will tell you the truth and state you were so close the first time you did it."

"I am in no mood for jokes," seethed Jiraiya, who felt as though Naruto was mocking him right now in some way.

"I am not joking," said Naruto honestly, "the seals you placed on me in my youth almost worked to make me a weapon, but there was something you didn't count on when you put them in place. When my mind was nearly controlled, a seal I had been given by a friend of mine from the past activated and countered all the ones placed on me to the point I could break free from your control. But while I assumed I knew who gave me such a seal, I was wrong. I thanked my old friend Shion for gifting me the seal, but he told me she had never gave me such a thing. It turned out my mother sealed a part of her spirit in me as did Minato, but to prevent his spirit from stopping her, she used her energy and implanted a false memory of gaining it from Shion since no one would question a gift from a priestess since what do they know about seals? Her plan worked and when the final parts of your plan were enacted, her seal activated and I was freed with all the power you wanted to control for yourselves. So while you burn in Hell, which is where you are going by the way, remember to never underestimate the Uzumaki Clan. You may have been the main factor behind their demise, but we always get even."

Naruto then whistled as he took several steps from Jiraiya. One of his Goliaths came over and roared before he began to breathe fire at the man who was scared colorless while still on his knees. Jiraiya died from burning alive, and then the Goliath swallowed the man whole once the screaming stopped. Naruto pet his child in appreciation of his work, but he stopped as memory coursed through his mind.

He fell to his knees as tears came out of his eyes. He was not sure why he was crying, but the memory became clearer and he learned why. He saw Iruka, who was bound and beaten something fierce with all the telltale signs of torture that Naruto had come to learn firsthand over the years in his youth. What made the situation worse was that Iruka's life force was fading fast and he was very near death at this point of time. Naruto used his abilities to find his exact location and immediately teleported there…

All the while hoping beyond hope that he was not too late to save him…