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Chapter 1: Dawn Island Drama

Uchiha Madara's POV

This must be it

A big city with different structure than any of the villages in the Elemental Nations.

This is definitely new.

I can feel everyone staring at my direction. I would too if I saw a bruised man carrying another broken one thrice his size by the hair.

If the guards weren't busy, I am sure I would have been stopped at the gate.

"Excuse me, sir" A voice called my attention.

Turning I saw a two men dressed with white uniforms. Each carrying a cap that read "MARINES" in this dimension's language. They were the authorities here, capture pirates, bandits and the rest of criminals that existed.

This man, Porchemy, even through he was a brute, he carried useful information in that tiny brain of his.

"People have complained about a suspicious man with long hair carrying another injured one by the hair" One of the marines spoke

Ah… I see.

"I am sorry, Marine Officer. I was carrying this pirate to the closest Marine Headquarters"

I could probably destroy half this city with the amount of chakra I have recovered. It is slow, but my chakra coils are adjusting. In approximately a week and a half, I will be able to use my full power. For now, I will not cause more trouble than necessary.

"I see, then you are a bounty hunter"

"Something like that" I replied, let's use this "Bounty Hunter" persona until I can find new information about this place "Could any of you direct me to your headquarters?"

"Of course, sir" The marine nodded and started walking. With the other following him.

Seeing the obvious message, I followed them.

I followed silently the two marines. Watching the people around me.

None of them poses any threat to me. All of them civilians.

This is ridiculous.

Any moment a Shinobi could appear and launch one Jutsu and no one except the Marines would be able to do something.

Does any on these care for their pathetic lives?

Do they have so much hope in their protector to take care of their problems while they life a pathetic life filled with leisure and relaxation?

Even in Shinobi villages, civilians were able to wield weapons.

I have more experience in a single finger than a dozen of this peasants.

"We are here"

The waste of space signaled to a small building, no more than 3 floor with other people wearing the same uniform.

Well, time to see what this is about.

That wasn't a total waste of time after all.

I obtained the full reward of the man apparently because he was alive (Although barely).

I also managed to see other rewards, including his captain, whose bounty goes to 14 million.

I know where he is thanks to the big waste of space's memories.

Now I just have to make time until then.

First, I need to buy new clothes, find a place to stay, and think about the future.

I haven't thought about that before, but this world is different, the ugly man barely had any information about everything.

Only the things that can be taught in children's schools.

The rest is just memories of him fornicating, stealing and killing. Sometimes, the Sharingan can be both a blessing and a curse.

So, I need to find a place where I can find information as fast as I can. And if available, steal the knowledge from a well-educated that can tell me more about this world.

Or maybe dimension, I have blurry images of the fight with Kaguya, she was using my body as a recipient for her soul and the remnants still appear to be there.

Of all I can see, this can be another dimension she can travel to, or maybe the Six-paths sage did something to send me here, he had almost the same amount of power, and to say he could've transported me to another dimension must been in the possibilities.

But I was sure I died.

Did he revive me?

For what purpose?

I don't think I will have answers for that until I met him face to face.

For the moment, I have to buy or steal more adequate clothes.

There also seems to be this place where Bluejam was hiding, Gray Terminal, it seems to be interesting. A place where crime and junk exist without rest.

I could go for some stress reliever, and maybe help "Cleaning" the place. There is a couple of bandits with acceptable bounty on their heads.

That seems like a good plan for the moment.

One Week Later

Third-Person's POV

"So, Porchemy was captured? Is that what you are trying to say?" A growl combined with a question regurgitated in the scraps surrounding him

"Yes, Captain, it seems like it's the same man that has been hunting the people in Gray Terminal, long-hair and sharp features." Another man replied

"I see" The Captain growl, taking a pistol of his pocket he shot the man in the head.

With a wet sound, the man fell into the ground, wrenching it with his blood.

"Goddammit!" The Captain smashed his chair with his fist. The resulting sound alerting the other men around to stay away from the enraged Captain "I want every single one of you to look for this man as fast as possible, he is a danger to us. I want his head here so I can use it as a glory hole, do you understand?!"

"Yes, sir!" Came the reply of his crew.

The captain of the Bluejam pirates, who is also called Bluejam, grumbled. First Ace and Sabo stealing his treasure, and now this man meddling with his business.

He has heard about this man, who hasn't.

Nobody knows his name, only his appearance, but he has instilled fear in every criminal living in Gray Terminal and its surroundings.

7 days ago, everything went normal for the lives of the criminal in Gray Terminal, steal, kill, kidnap, rape and repeat.

Since there are more criminals than marines on this island, they don't do anything, and the nobles don't care since the criminals only attack the common civilian, the low-class citizens of small towns of villages in the island.

They were seemingly unstoppable.

Until that man appeared.

In a single day, more than hundred of criminals were killed. All of them in Gray Terminal.

Criminals thought at first it was an intern war. A fight between two of the dozen of gangs that exist.

But then, the day after it happened again. Another hundred of criminals killed, the place burned, cleaned off.

And this man did the same the day after, and the day after, same thing happening every single day for one entire week.

There were survivors, those who cowardly hid to survive another day. Unluckily, it seems this man doesn't want anything to survive his presence, so they were hunted down and killed almost instantly.

Those who had time to tell other said the same word.

Long-haired, Red-Fan and sometimes, red eyes.

There were different versions from different people, but all of them seemed to have the same thing in common, they cowered in fear, like seeing a demon that ate human-flesh and slurped human-blood.

It even seemed that this man let those ones escape for sick entertainment and then kill them for sport.

Now, everyone hides, hoping for the best. Praying to any deity that can hear them for the man to not found them.

But its only a matter of time before he finds them.

Its only a matter of before he finds him, that's what Bluejam thinks.

"That won't be necessary, Bluejam"

And turns out, he was right.

Everyone turned their attention to the unknown voice.

A man with long-hair, reaching his shoulder to the side with the back of his hair reaching his shoulder blades. He wore a blue high-collared shirt that splits down in his waist with ample sleeves, blue pants that reached the middle of his shin with bandages covering the rest and a white belt, sandals with ergonomic shape on his feet. His face showing an impassive young face that showed no emotion.

His posture relaxing against a piece of scrap that served as a wall for the moment.

He was the man they were talking about. The man that arrived into this world a week ago.

Uchiha Madara.

"You must be him, the one that has been clearing the people around here, right?"

"Yeah, that must be an accurate description of what I've been doing" He mockingly nodded to himself "Then, if you know that, you must know what I came here for, Bluejam"

"Yes" Bluejam's mind started working as fast as it could, although it wasn't that much, creating a plan to survive, if the horror of others had spoke of were true, then his chance of surviving is thin, paper thin "How about an offer?" Bluejam asked

"An offer?" The long-haired man asked back

Seeing that he got his attention, Bluejam continued. "How about you join us? You can have all the treasure we have collected, and be the Vice-captain of my crew, with my power and your power, we can conquer the East Blue, what do you say?" He was almost begging at the last part.

"How tempting" The long-haired man replied, the sarcasm of his words palpable. "But I have a better counter-offer"

"Really, and what would that be?"

Seemingly out of nowhere, Madara threw a knife that moved close to Bluejam's face. His ear sprouting blood from a small cut.

The knife embedded in the wall behind him.

Everyone turned to the knife and then to the man himself, whose face showed no emotion.

"You give up your pathetic lives and I'll make sure your deaths are as painless as possible"

"Grrrrr, KILL HIM" Enraged by the blatant mockery, Bluejam ordered his crew.

He thought that the only reason the long-haired man has caused that much deaths is because he has killed only rats that barely could wield a knife. A group of pirates with guns and pistols could be better at killing him.

He didn't know how wrong he was until reality hit him in the face.

A reality shaped like a knee and attached to the one and only Uchiha Madara.

The sheer force of the attack broke the chair he was sitting on and threw him to the wall.

The crew quickly threw themselves into the man with swords while the ones with gun fired.

The long-haired man moved out of the way of one attack and grabbed the attacker, using him as a human shield, moving him sideways to receive the bullets.

After the last bullet was defended, he moved his hand to his sleeve and took out knives like he did before, then threw them to all the men with firearms piercing them in the head, neck and heart with inhuman precision. Even by using a special trick of clashing knife with one another he killed the pirates aiming from behind.

With the long-range attackers taken care of, the only "Threat" are the close-range pirates.

Without breaking a sweat, he dodged the attack and retaliated with a neck cracking fist and a cranium crunching kick.

The battle took only seconds, each one of them dying with a simple fist or a kick.

Bluejam saw this and tried to stand to move, but the damage to the head was worst than he thought, even trying to stay conscious hurt, yet he gripped to it like a lifeline.

"That wasn't even a warm-up" Madara commented.

"You…... Who are you?" Bluejam weakly asked

"Doesn't matter" He walked up to the struggling pirate and without a warning kick him in the head leaving him unconscious.

Grabbing the considerable tall man and placing him in his shoulder, he went out of their hideout.

Gray Terminal is now more secure than ever than to this man's efforts, the criminal diminished by the dozens, and the waste by the tons. He single-handedly did what the marines couldn't, clean Gray Terminal. There is still a dozen of criminals hiding, it's just a matter of time to find them and exterminate them, then salvage their belongings and burn the trash.

Some criminals decided to hide in Mountain Colubo, a place close to the Gray Terminal.

Now he is known as the savior of Goa, or the cleaner of Dawn Island for some reason.

Not that he cares anyway.

He manages to steal weapons from the criminal laying around, and at night he moved through Goa Kingdom's lacking security with ease to steal a couple of clothes that then he with thread and needle he also stole from another store, sewed into the clothes the Uchiha symbol.

It doesn't matter if you are an international criminal, a rogue Shinobi, or a murderer. If you are an Uchiha, you must carry the Red-Fan in your back, that is law for the red eyed clan.

After that Madara decided to cut his hair. To long hair might prove a nuisance in a battle against fierce opponents. And the only reason the didn't cut it before is because he was an old man that barely had strength to move, let alone fight. And when he was revived using the Edo Tensei by that man called Kabuto, his hair was brought back with him. So now that he had the chance, he decided to trim it until if reached acceptable standards.

But that is topic for another time, now, he needs to focus of the prying eyes that followed here. Someone is watching him outside, whoever it is, hasn't a single sign of malice, meaning it isn't a threat, or is very good at hiding his malice.

"It seems the famous cleaner showed up once again"

The young looking Uchiha quickly turned to the presence; he noticed the appearance of the now identified male.

He was an elderly man with long, grey, unkempt hair that goes down to his shoulders, missing a tooth and has thick eyebrows that almost completely cover up his eyes. He is wearing a long, brown hat that is slightly frayed along its brim and wears sunglasses with orange lenses and a black rim on top of his hat, what appeared to be a dark blue cloak that trails along the ground was resting on his shoulders.

The long-haired man quickly noticed the man's appearance, clearly well cleaned, meaning either a non-criminal or a criminal with standards.

Although, the elder man seemed to exude presence, invisible presence hidden beneath a steel gate that could open at any moment.

"I've heard a lot about you, youngster" The old man spoke

"As have many others" The long-haired man replied.

"Well, you don't see a man taking care of Gray Terminal in less than a week every day, or even a man with Haki in the East Blue, that's rarer, noshi"

The long-haired man ignored the words the elderly looking man spoke until it came into an unknown word.


"Yeah, maybe unconscious, but you have been using Haki for your fights against the criminals"

"And how exactly?"

"Evading and predicting your enemies' attack before they event happened, that is a part of Haki"

The long-haired man heard the elderly's explanation and came out with his own hypothesis.

That isn't Haki, that was him using his Sharingan, but Madara wasn't going to tell him that.

He was sharing new information without knowing it.

Let him continue

"I see, I did think that was something weird that happened to me"

"See" The elderly looking man replied "How about this, you need help training your Haki, I can give you a small training course, noshi"

"There must be a prize for this, I assume" Rule #1 of negotiation, nothing is free

"How about this, you buy me booze and I teach you how to use Haki" The elderly man seemed glad that he didn't heard a no.

Madara for his part narrowed his eyes and thought about the possibilities.

This Haki was something new, maybe he could learn it and use it. Maybe is just what they call Chakra in this dimension, of maybe this man is a crazy drunkard.

Madara can't smell alcohol on his breath, and his Shinobi senses show him he isn't lying or deceiving him.

A decision was made.

"I accept"

"Good, by the way, my name is Naguri, nice to meet you, noshi"

"Uchiha Madara"

"Well, this is great, noshishishi"

Time to see what this is about.

After delivering Bluejam's barely functional body to the Marines, who graciously received it and gave him the bounty money, that Madara discretely hid in a seal on his arm. Madara moved to reunite with Naguri.

Though, one the trip, he noticed the Uchiha curse at full power.

The women in Goa Kingdom clearly had a taste, and Madara clearly worked it completely.

Strong, handsome, young and Elegant.

Strong because he is known as the savior of Goa Kingdom, he has cleared more than 5 hundred criminals that resided in Gray Terminal and its surroundings.

Handsome, because he is an Uchiha, and that itself make him more than average in all senses, and with his youth regained, his body could be more adequate.

Young, to the women, but Madara himself is at least 100 years old or more.

Elegant, the way Madara carries himself shows class and noblesse. Being a leader of the Uchiha clan he had to know how to carry himself with elegance enough to showcase superiority and dominance, just like must nobles of Goa Kingdom.

All said, Madara has received in all the times he visited Goa invitations for dances, has been asked out a hundred of times, and has been offered to meet a Noble's daughter or any female relative.

Walking quickly out of there maintaining his bloodthirst and his growing headache and ignoring some of the women that tried to invite him to whatever useless festivity they try to invite him.

Madara arrived to Gray Terminal, where he reencountered with Naguri.

"You came back, Madara"

"Yes, but I haven't brought the booze yet"

"It doesn't, you can buy it after the classes"

"Alright then, what is this about?"

"Noshishishi, you youngster and speeding through life without restraint"

Madara resisted the urge to correct him about his age, but nonetheless, Madara grumbled in response to Naguri's teasing.

"Very well, let's start with what is Haki is a power that lies dormant in all the world's creatures. It is basically willpower manipulated. Think of it the act of continuing forward without fear or doubt. From this, Presence, fighting spirit, and intimidation manifest themselves to your aid, noshi"

Madara listened to the conversation and noted the difference and similitudes between this and Chakra. Chakra was both Physical and Mental energies combined in one, this seems to separate both of them to obtain a different kind of result, or it is a completely different concept whatsoever by using only the mental energies.

"How do I obtain this power, Naguri?"

"Although you have already manifested it, you haven't used it conscious, so we will need to train your senses"

"And how exactly?"

Naguri just smiled and took out a blue blindfold "Cover your eyes with this and I will try to hit you with my hammer"

Madara noticed the walking cane Naguri used was in fact a wood-hammer the moment he saw him. A Shinobi must always analyze his opponent for any hidden weapon or seals that contains weapons.

Looking from the blindfold to the elderly looking man, Madara couldn't help but notice the shit-eating grin sprouting from the face of this "Teacher"

Seemingly not backing down, Madara conceded.

"Fine, let's get this over with"

"Excellent, noshishishi"

One Week Later

As it turns out, Naguri's training was proven to be successful.

Madara with his honed senses evaded the attacks without using the so called Haki. But Naguri on the other hand seemed to now where he was going to evade, even though Madara with his abilities could predict an attack from a distance even blindfolded.

Naguri explained that using his Haki he "Predicted his Prediction". Meaning Naguri using this strange energy managed to predict that Madara would predict his attack and acted accordingly.

That taught Madara two things.

First, Haki, or at least Kenbunshoku Haki (Color of Observation Haki) could work as a Sharingan, even as advanced as a Mangekyou Sharingan. Since Naguri told him the story of him fighting against someone with his Kenbunshoku Haki trained to the point that he could see into the future.

Second, imagine combining Kenbunshoku Haki with the Sharingan. The Sharingan already gives its user the ability to predict movements before they even happen and read minds. Kenbunshoku Haki can read "Intent" and presences, coupled with the ability to read emotions. Combining the two will help Madara not only feel people at a distance like a Chakra Sensor, but also detect any emotions, like a S-Rank sensor.

Of course, Madara managed to unlock his Haki on the third day, he wasn't called an Uchiha prodigy for nothing.

Madara playing with this new type of energy was something exhilarating. Like discovering Chakra and doing a Jutsu for the first time. The power held in his hand felt amazing.

Although, Madara at first needed time to acclimate to this new feeling, and he evaded going to Goa Kingdom for some time.

The first reason, the banshee screaming Fangirls.

The second, with his new ability to feel emotions, Madara's senses overloaded with the amount of negative emotion that dripped from almost everyone in the cursed Kingdom.

That to nobles having rotten hearts and black as carbon souls, they usually received people with a smile while holding a knife close to hand in case something happened that required them to cut off the alliance.

All of them, just money crazed people hoping for someone to fall for they to take their place.

Just like flesh eating vultures.

After that Naguri instructed Madara to train the second type of Haki, Busoshoku Haki (Color of Arms Haki). The only instruction that he gave him was to make his spirit take physical form and use it as an armor. He also gave a demonstration, in which Naguri used his wood-hammer to crush a piece of metal into scrap.

Madara used his Sharingan, and combined with his Haki, he managed to see how the energy flowed into the hammer, it was covering by it like a mantle. Madara also noticed the brown hammer turning metal colored, which Naguri explained was an advanced version of Busoshoku Haki that he will explain later on.

It took Madara 2 days to learn that technique.

Naguri congratulated Madara for that. And then the next 2 days Madara trained with Naguri where he taught the Uchiha how a fight against Haki users work, and how to maintain Haki in battle.

Madara thankful for this new ability decided to invite Naguri to the booze he had agreed to.

The elderly man for his part told Madara about the third type of Haki, Haoshoku Haki (Color of Supreme King Haki)

The rarest types of Haki.

Naguri decided to tell him about it while they walked to Foosha Village.

"You mean to tell me you don't know if I have Haoshoku Haki"

"Haoshoku Haki isn't something you can just unlock and train. It is something you are born with"

"I see"

"Welp, we are here, noshi" Naguri commented.

Madara's first impression of the village was…. Sleepy. Calm. Even the windmill outside seemed to be lazy at doing its work as it moved slower than a normal windmill.

This strange feeling of coziness was something Madara has never felt before.

Even in his hideout in Gray Terminal he had all his available senses at full power while sleeping.

Not even in the Uchiha compound he has felt a place that exuded this amount of tranquility, as even in a heavily guarded place, someone might try to kill you.

This is new, and Madara doesn't know if he likes it or he hates it.

"Let's go Madara, there is this famous bar with a beautiful bartender, noshi" Naguri moved to the town.

"Hm" Madara for his part replied in auto-pilot while analyzing any structure in the town. Not liking how relaxed the people around him are.

Even with his emotion sensing he can only feel good emotions coming from the village's people. Quite the contrast with Goa Kingdom.

Naguri guided Madara to a place called "Partys Bar". A wooden structure with a white/blue sign that seemed to have time existing in this village.

The elderly looking man opened the batwing door while Madara followed.

Quickly analyzing the people inside, Madara saw only civilians spending their money in the alcoholic beverage, nothing truly important.

Then moving his eyes around, he noticed the bartender of the place, young woman with brown eyes and black hair, an orange blouse with black sleeves. He couldn't see more of her attire thanks to the bar where she pours alcohol to the customers, but so far, she seems civilian.

"There you are, Makino-chan" Naguri greeted the young girl.

The girl now presented as Makino turned to the elderly male with a smile.

"Naguri-san, is good to see you" The black-haired girl greeted, she then noticed Madara following behind the old man and showcased her kind smile. "I don't recognize you, are you new here?"

"Hm" Madara only nodded in response.

"Let him be, I bet he is just shy in front of beautiful women, noshishishi" Naguri teased while doing a small laugh, that his Haki let him feel Madara's irritation made the old man laugh harder. "This Uchiha Madara, you might know him as the cleaner of Dawn Island"

"You are the cleaner of Dawn Island?!"

Giving Naguri an stare at telling everyone there the title he annoyingly received, he decided to see what this title implied to normal citizens of the island.

"Yes, that's the title most gave me for what I've been doing this two weeks"

"I see, then thank you for what you've been doing, thanks to you bandit attacks have decreased considerably"

"I was just procuring an income for myself"

"Oh, and why is that?"

"I came here two weeks ago when I landed in the shore after the ship, I was traveling in sank"

"I see, how unfortunate, but at least you arrived safe and sound"

"I guess"

"Then what do you want to drink" Makino asked the two as they sat in the bar.

"I will have a cup of Rum, if you don't mind"

"If you have Sake then I will have the bottle and two cups"

"Two cups?" Naguri asked

"It's my own business"


From below the counter, she filled a cup full of Rum for Naguri, then took a curve bottle as two small cups and placed it in front of the Uchiha.

The Uchiha served himself in one of the cups and drank the alcoholic beverage.

It burns his throat, but the alcohol barely touched his system. Years of training against poisons and condition of the body make even the strongest beer might as well be a cup of tea for a well-trained Shinobi.

"It is to your liking?" Naguri asked


"Adequate he says! Noshishishi!" Naguri laughed

"So" Makino started "Madara-san, can I inquire why you asked for a second cup?"

"It is not your concern" Madara's voice was firm and signaled she should stop asking.

"Ohh, alright, I'll go serve another customer, if you need something don't forget to ask" Feeling a little bit down at the rudeness of his answer, Makino turned to other customer.

Naguri watched Madara with a critical eye, and after taking a sip from his own drink he spoke "I have seen those eyes. And felt those feelings. Let me guess, a lost friend, or something like that?"

Naguri didn't need and answers. Madara's emotions sensed through Haki helped the old man look for the answer.

"I know that feeling of lost, Madara" Naguri replied after a moment of silence, looking to his drink with nostalgia "I was once part of a crew"

"A pirate crew, I guess"

"You are right youngster, the Wood Hammer-Pirates, we were strong, but unfortunately, we were met with the one that would become the King of Pirates"

"You mean Gold Roger?" Madara's week of information gathering helped him get the information he needed to know for him to pass as a normal citizen of this world/dimension. He didn't correct the man on his age as he took a moment to process the importance of that piece of knowledge

"That's right, the very same" Naguri smirked "And he totally beat us, destroying our ship completely without breaking a sweat. I offered my life for the lives of my crew"

"I guess he didn't accept since you are sitting right here drinking"

"No, he just walked away without saying a word, and after that our crew disbanded"

"I see" Madara took the information in while looking into the older looking in a new light, fighting against the man that was known as the King of Pirates is one thing and surviving another day is another.

"Yeah, I dream to meet my crew again in the future. I want to travel the world again and start my adventure one last time"

"How do you plan to do that?"

"Well, I've been gathering materials to build a ship" Naguri then turned to the Uchiha "What about you Madara, what is your plans to the future?"

"Who knows" A truth spoken from the Shinobi.

Madara doesn't know what to do after completing his training of Haki, he has read about the Grand Line and the adventure it encloses.

Obviously, he would never become a Marine.

Just the thought of following one of those lazy and self-entitled Marine Captain he met before make his puke.

And apart from that, he would have to work for the nobles of the world. And according to what he has read and learn by stealing a pair of memories here and there makes him think of the nobles in the elemental nations.

After that, the two turned into a silent comfort while writing their alcoholic beverage.

"Makino, we are here!"

That was until three kids broke into the room with smiles on their faces

"Ahh, Long-Haired Guy!" The unforgivable voice of Luffy called to the Uchiha.

"Hello, Luffy" Madara on the other hand was preparing himself for the upcoming headache he knows will come.

"You are the guy that saved Luffy!" The other black-haired kid with freckles shouted looking to Madara and pointing with his finger.

"So, I am told" Drinking Sake to at least calm himself a little, Madara turned to the kids.

Luffy was already recovered from most of the wounds in his body and wore the same type of clothes he had when he was in captivity, and plain shirt, trousers, sandals, and of course, the characteristic straw-hat that adorned his head.

Ace wore the same type of clothes as Luffy, except for an elbow guard on his left arm.

The other kid was different. A blue jacket with shorts, a cravat on his neck and a missing tooth on his face. The most distinctive feature was a Top Hat with googles attached to it.

Madara noted the last kid as the way he entered, even though it was as boisterous as the other two, carried finesse included in a noble person. The hat seems to include this as it appears to be made of fine materials.

'A noble escapee maybe?' Madara thought

"I forgot to introduce you to my friends, long-haired guy" Luffy cheerfully spoke "These are Ace and Sabo, my best friends" Luffy signaled to the other two kids, who walked in front and saluted the man.

"Nice to meet, you" Sabo replied

"Hmm" Ace for his only nodded.

"Just to be cleat, my name is Madara, not "long-haired guy", that Luffy's brain can process that information is not my fault"

"Don't worry, we understand that Luffy is retarded"

"Hey, don't call me redarted!"

"It's retarded, Luffy" Makino corrected and then turned to the two boys "And don't call Luffy that, Ace, Sabo"

The boys immediately blushed and apologized to Luffy in front of Makino.

Madara new that was just banter between them, so he just returned to drink the last of his cup and save the bottle.

"How have you been doing lately, Ace, Sabo, Luffy?"

Makino asked.

"We are having trouble in the mountain" Ace replied

"How so?"

"Ever since that "Cleaner" appeared most bandits have moved to the forest and we are having trouble keeping them away from our treasure" Sabo continued

"Oh" Makino then turned to Madara "Then how about you help them, since you are basically responsible for that"

The three kids saw Makino turning to Madara and asked "What does he have to do with any of this?"

"Well, Madara is Mr. Cleaner you just told me about"

"Ehhh, Long-haired guy is "The Cleaner"?" Luffy asked

"I'm been called like that" No use refusing in front of them, they will just pester him for eternity.

"Then how about you help us get rid of the bandits of the mountain, and we will give you some of our treasure" Sabo replied

"So, you are basically hiring me to take care of the bandits in Mt. Colubo?"

"Ehhh, maybe?"

A shinobi works for however pays him, seeing only profit in this situation, as he can extract from the bandits the information about their money or weapons. He wins a lot more.

Besides, leaving bandits run away from him strikes his ego. When he says "No Survivors" he truly means it.

"I will do it. But after I take care of some personal business"

Madara then moved his hand to his sleeves and produced money from a hidden seal under his wrist.

Placing the money on the table he took the bottle of Sake and the two cups.

Naguri sensed the feelings Madara was released, so opted to leave him go alone without saying anything.

"What a strange guy" Luffy commented.

"Mokuton: Moku Choukoku (Wood Style: Wood Sculpture)"

Using his Chakra, Madara sprouted from the ground a couple of roots that started molting into his desired figure.

In front of the figure a small tree trunk cut to resemble a table.

Madara placed the two cups in the wood table and served two drinks.

Moving one of the drinks in front of the figure he made, he lifted his cup with a somber look.

"I've been thinking about what you said. Having other people follow behind me, that was my weakness since the beginning. I thought leading people was just a useless way of commanding. But you saw it different. You saw that leading was the only way one could achieve feats that no one could achieve alone"

He drank from his cup and placed it on the table.

"Now, this is a world where many leaders and their crew fight for the tittle of King of the Pirates. Where leading is a requirement for greatness. Maybe this is why I was sent here, maybe this is why I woke in this place. A place for me to learn how to lead other people. To become a leader. Maybe…"

He turned to the wood figure.

"Anyway, I will try to change, to do my best in this place. And although we couldn't in person, I think this can work as sharing a drink with a friend"

He stood and closed his eyes.


Walking away, he left the Hashirama's wood sculpture behind. A filled cup with Sake in front of it.