"Miu and the other have already completed their missions and are soon returning." A serious voice was heard. "You two are to go to Academia and steal whatever you can from their databanks."

"You got it."

"Count on us, Uncle Isaac."

Two other voices were heard, one just as serious as the first one, while the other was more easy-going. The first voice continued, after making a pleased noise. "We'll be investigating the new Summoning Method we detected in Standard, Pendulum Summon. Fortunately, Ren has sped up the process significantly, so we were able to make some cards for you. The bad news is that there are only four for both of you, two for each, so you'll have to rely most of the time on your combos and your Extra Deck monsters. We'll have more when you return, hopefully with allies from Standard. You do remember the rest of your mission, don't you? After all, I sent the specifics to you before calling."

"See if Academia has any prisoners and liberate them if possible. It won't matter if there will be or not, since we are to go to Standard right after, alongside with whatever prisoner we free." The second voice replied, earning another pleased noise from the first voice.

Some time passed, with a strange noise breaking the silence for a second, before fading. "They have gone already, haven't they, Isaac?" A fourth voice, a feminine, yet regal one, spoke up.

"...Yes." Isaac replied. "We just cannot help but worry, can we, Eve?"

"...You are correct."

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Dusk Revolution

Arc 1 - Declaration of War

Chapter 1 - Disrupted Plans

Someone cursed. It would have been loud, if it weren't for the necessity of silence, as they were in the heart of the enemy headquarters. The speaker was a male teenager sixteen years of age, having messy silver hair with a few maroon highlights and yellow-gold eyes. He wore a black and blue unzipped jacket over a grey shirt, and black pants and boots. A silver pentagonal-shaped Duel Disk was strapped to his left arm, but it wasn't currently in use.

The youth stared intently at the computer screen he had hacked into, which showed information on Academia's plans. The Arc-Area Project, in which Akaba Leo would use the power of Fusion to fuse all dimensions into one, recreating the Original Dimension. "To do that… He'd destroy the very lives that began in the last fourteen years… Akaba Leo…" The youth muttered, his eyes smouldering with fury.

"So, we need to take these girls away from Academia's grasp, don't we?" A second voice spoke up, causing the male youth to turn to his side, where he could see his sister and partner for this mission. She had wavy dark red hair, reaching to her shoulders, grey eyes, and wore an indigo vest over a blue button-up shirt, a blue skirt, black stockings reaching under her skirt, and white boots. A dark green pentagonal Duel Disk was strapped to her left arm.

"Yeah, we do." The youth replied, shutting down the computer and rising to his feet, looking at his sister's eyes. "Hikari, you take Rin. I'll get Ruri, then after we meet up, you take the girls to Standard while I go after Serena."

"Righty-o, Yugure." Hikari replied lazily, before running off to the Eastern Tower. Shaking his head in exasperation, Yugure made to the Western Tower with haste, dark thoughts passing through his mind.

For he remembered what happened that day, fourteen years ago. He remembered his own part on the disaster. That was why, he'd assure the happiness of the Dimensions. He'd not allow Akaba Leo, the man he once saw as family, to ruin the lives of many people for his own selfish goal.

Soon, he arrived at the Western Tower, and was confronted by its guardian. "So, a knight arrives to rescue the princess?" The woman mocked, causing Yugure to narrow his eyes in annoyance.

"Look, lady, I'm in a bad mood right now, so if you value your health, you'll step away right now." He ordered, ready to activate his Duel Disk in the case of a duel, as it always happened.

"I obey no orders from you, boy." She instantly made a hundred-eighty at Yugure's rudeness, activating her own Duel Disk. "Since you're very obviously an intruder, I'll have to card you."

Yugure hmpf'ed, activating his Duel Disk and revealing a sickly green blade. "You can try, lady."


Yugure - LP: 8000

Diana - LP: 8000

"I'll go first!" The guardian spoke arrogantly. "I am Diana, and you'll feel the power of the goddess of the moon! I activate Fusion, fusing Guardian Baou and Moon Soldier Lady in my hand!"

The two monsters appeared on the field before swirling in a Fusion Vortex, as she chanted.

"When the shining moonlight hits the Flamberge, the two warriors become one! Fusion Summon! Descend, Lunar Keeper (LV: 7/ATK: 2100/DEF: 2400)!"

The monster appeared on the field, and Diana continued. "Lunar Keeper's effect! Once per turn, I can Special Summon a Keeper's Shield Token (LV: 1/ATK: 0/DEF: 0) in defense! And while I control a Keeper's Shield Token, Lunar Keeper cannot be targeted by attacks. I set a card and end my turn."

Yugure eyed the two monsters warily, before sighing through his nose as he drew. "My turn, then." His gaze suddenly turned sharp as he added the drawn card to his hand and grabbed another. "I summon Blood Hunter Deceased Warrior (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 4/ATK 1900/DEF 500)!"

Deceased Warrior was a spirit wearing torn and bloodied rags that resembled a nobleman's, and holding a broken sword. Its spectral guts were spilling from its stomach, and there was a hole where its heart should be.

"Deceased Warrior's effect." Yugure continued. "Once per turn, I can reduce the attack and defense of all monsters you control by 300 for every "Blood Hunter" monster on my field. Since there's only Deceased Warrior, you know the value (Lunar Keeper: ATK: 2100 》1800/DEF: 2400 》2100)."

"Next, I activate the Magic Blood Hunter's Mad Feast, allowing me to Special Summon a "Blood Hunter" monster from my deck for every monster you control with attack or defense lower than a "Blood Hunter" monster I control. Since you have two, I Special Summon Blood Hunter Grievous Shrieker (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 2/ATK 600/DEF 1100) and Blood Hunter Despised Necromancer (Dark/Fiend/Tuner/Effect/Level 2/ ATK 100/DEF 900)."

Grievous Shrieker was a poltergeist with a large mouth full of serrated teeth, and an open chest cavity, revealing exceedingly large lungs, that filled the entirety of its body above its waist.

Despised Necromancer was a demonic-looking former human, with a bloodied devil's horn jutting out of its left forehead through a hole it carved itself, and the right half of its face was a twisted mess, with an inhuman green eye and large fangs coming out of the remnants of its mangled mouth. It wore dark robes, and its skin was an inhuman grey, with sickly green veins running through it.

"How the hell can you use these monsters and not be grossed out!" Diana demanded, looking sick simply from looking at them.

"I designed them. Of course I can do so. Grievous Shrieker's effect activates. When this card is summoned, your monsters lose 300 attack and defense for every "Blood Hunter" monster I control (Lunar Keeper: ATK: 1800 》900/DEF: 2100 》1200)." Yugure said blandly, eyeing Diana as if she was an idiot.

"Next, I tune my Level 2 Tuner Despised Necromancer to my Level 2 Grievous Shrieker and Level 4 Deceased Warrior." He announced, the tuner transforming into two technological green rings, while the non-tuners turned collectively into six stars, that formed a line that went through the two rings, just before a white lightning bolt shot through them, as he chanted.

"Mad beast lusting for the red ichor, led by the powerful scent, emerge from the empty limbo. Synchro Summon. Level 8, Blood Hunter Crazed Werewolf (Dark/Fiend/Synchro/Effect/Level 8/ATK 2700/DEF 1900)."

Crazed Werewolf was a deformed humanlike wolf, with bloodied fangs and red flames for eyes. Its bloodstained fur was of a dark grey, and it had large gashes through its body, through which its own broken bones jutted out.

"Crazed Werewolf's effect-"

"I activate my Trap, Admiration of the Keepers!" Diana interrupted. "By targeting a monster on your field that was summoned from the Extra Deck, I negate its effects and Special Summon two Keeper's Shield Tokens!" Two more tokens were summoned in defense with its null defense, as a blue sparkly aura covered his werewolf.

"Hoh?" Yugure raised an eyebrow, curious. "Interesting."

"Furthermore, your monster must attack all Tokens I control, or it will be destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase!" Diana gloated, grinning fiercely at Yugure.

Unfortunately for her, she did not get the reaction she wanted from Yugure. He yawned. "Is that it?"

"Why you… Just give up! With my invincible combo, it won't be long before your defeat!" Diana snapped, causing Yugure to look at her with an uninterested look.

"Lady, that combo isn't invincible as shit. A good Cyclone can destroy that Trap, plus a Black Hole or Thunder Bolt get rid of all monsters you control without even entering the Battle Phase." Yugure lectured her. "In addition, I can simply not enter the Battle Phase at all."

"You dare lecture me!?" Diana shouted, angered at Yugure's nonchalant attitude.

"Yes. Magic Card, Blood Hunter's Second Chance. By sending a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual or Link Monster from my field back to the Extra Deck, I Special Summon the monsters used as its materials back from the Graveyard." He bluntly stated, before playing his next card. Deceased Warrior, Grievous Shrieker and Despised Necromancer returned to the field.

"Since the targeted monster left the field, your Trap is destroyed. Now battle." Admiration of the Keepers vanished in a shower of yellow particles, as Yugure entered the Battle Phase. "Warrior, Shrieker, Necromancer, begone with her Tokens."

The three Tokens were destroyed, and Yugure sighed. "Now Lunar Keeper lost its shields-" It was at that moment that he noticed something. "...I assume it was Lunar Keeper's last effect?"

The reason for that inquiry was the fact that his monsters had all lost 800 attack each, and Diana's Life Points were 2400 points higher (Deceased Warrior: ATK: 1900 》1100|Grievous Shrieker: ATK: 600 》0|Despised Necromancer: ATK: 100 》0).

Diana - LP: 8000 》10400

"Yes." Diana replied. "For every Keeper's Shield Token destroyed, the monster that destroyed it loses 800 attack points, and I gain 800 Life Points. Now you see why there is no hope for victory!?"

Yugure kept silent, until he didn't. "...Despised Necromancer's effect. During either player's Battle Phase, I can perform a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual, or Link Summon using monsters I control. I once again use these monsters to Synchro Summon Crazed Werewolf." The 2700-ATK werewolf reappeared on the field, howling in pain from its injuries.

"What!?" Diana shouted in surprise.

"Crazed Werewolf's effect." Yugure said, looking bored out of his mind already. "When this card is Synchro Summoned, all monsters you control lose 300 attack and defense for every "Blood Hunter" card in the Graveyard. With my three monsters and my two Magics, the total is five, making the lost value 1500 points (Lunar Keeper: ATK: 900 》0/DEF: 1200 》0)."

"Now, Crazed Werewolf's second effect. By targeting a monster you control whose attack and/or defense is lower than is original value, you take damage equal to the difference between the original and current value, and my monster gains attack and defense equal to the damage you took."

As Lunar Keeper's attack and defense were zeroed, a far cry from its 2100 attack and 2400 defense, Diana took a whopping total of 4500 points of damage, that were also added to Crazed Werewolf's attack and defense (Crazed Werewolf: ATK: 2700 》7200/DEF: 1900 》6400).

Diana - LP: 10400 》5900

"You lose. Crazed Werewolf annihilates Lunar Keeper." Yugure deadpanned, and soon enough, the Fusion Monster was ripped apart, erasing Diana's remaining Life Points.

Diana - LP: 5900 》0

Yugure Wins!

Seeing his unconscious opponent, Yugure huffed. "I told you I was in a bad mood. Now, to bust Ruri out of her cell…"

Walking up to the door, he knocked on it. "Oi, you in there, are you away from the door?"

"W-Who are you?" A female voice asked in response, and he sighed.

"Just answer. Are you away from the door?" He said, deadpanning as he began to stretch his leg.

There was silence, before some footsteps could be heard going away from the door. "...Yes."

"Well, then, since I don't have the key…" Yugure said, winding up his foot. "Open Sesame!"

And he kicked the door open, most likely shattering the lock beyond repair. He walked inside nonchalantly, having placed his hands on his pockets right after he knocked. Looking at the wary girl inside, however, he did this best to give her a reassuring smile. Unfortunately, it came off as some sort of hesitant smile. The girl, that he correctly assumed was Ruri, had backed away from him, while also frowning at his strange smile.

"Who are you?" She asked, wary.

"I'm Yugure. Now come on, I'm busting you out of here." He gestured at her to follow him, and he began to walk away, crossing his arms behind his head. Upon not hearing footsteps, however, he looked back, to see Ruri with an utterly confused expression oner face.

"Why? Why are you rescuing me, someone you don't even know?" She asked, doubt lacing her voice.

Yugure kept silent for a while, before bringing his arms down and clenching his fists, as he shot a smouldering glare at the wall, a glare so heated that Ruri almost believed it would actually melt the wall. "...Because I know Akaba Leo's plan. And I know both the costs and consequences. That's why, I'm going to disrupt his plans as much as human, or inhumanly possible."

He softened his look, before gazing at Ruri with the ghost of a smile. "That's why I'm saving you. You are important to Akaba Leo's plans, and as such, I'll deny him its completion." He took a deep breath, before holding out a hand to Ruri. "So? Will you come with me, to a likely encounter with your friends in the future? To the possibility of a future peace?"

Ruri kept silent, before finally taking Yugure's hand, after grabbing a deck from the drawer near her bed at the prison. "You better make good on that promise." She said, earning a smirk from Yugure.

"Is that a challenge?" He asked, and Ruri couldn't keep the confusion out of her expression at the youth's change of personality, from uncaring and nonchalant, to fiery and gentle.

"If you believe it so." She replied.

Soon enough, they were both running down the tower's staircase, having blatantly ignored Diana's unconscious figure on the top, except for a very brief moment, and Ruri was busy trying to fiddle with the Duel Disk Yugure stole for her from Diana in the brief moment they did not ignore her.

"Oi! Yugure!" They looked up to see Hikari making her way to them, followed by a green-haired girl Yugure assumed must have been Rin. Once they reached each other, Hikari brought Yugure into a hug. "We've done it, brother!"

"Yeah, no. You know I'm averse to hugs." In response, he merely pushed her away, starting a rather amusing scene where Hikari kept trying to hug Yugure, but his hand on her face prevented that. He looked towards Rin. "You must be Rin. Has Hikari told you everything already?"

The girl hesitantly nodded, grasping the Duel Disk Hikari must have snatched from her tower prison's Guardian, as she and Ruri stared at each other's face. Yugure sighed. "Look, I may have an hypothesis for your identical faces, but this is not the time. Hikari, take them to Standard, as we agreed."

"Yeah, yeah." The girl in question pouted at the lack of opportunity to bury Yugure into one of her infamous bone-crushing hugs, but she quickly recovered, and gestured at the two girls. "C'mere, we need to get away from Academia. Yugure will snatch our last goal and meet up with us in Standard later, enough time for me to be an exposition fairy."

Seeing as the two had been nothing but sincere so far, Ruri and Rin agreed, with the former shooting a look at Yugure before they teleported away in blue sparks. He sighed through his nose, before turning towards a large rock, narrowing his eyes at it. Honestly, it wouldn't take much time before he arrived into Standard. After all, if the silhouette he saw out of the corner of his eye while he fended off Hikari was the person he sought…

"I know you're there. Come out." He said, his low voice carrying through the silent coastal area, where the only sounds came from the sea, that was unusually calm during that time. Sure enough, the third girl with the same face came out from behind the rock, shooting a glare at Yugure. "Before you ask, it was a combination of dumb luck and your own carelessness that led to your discovery."

"Who do you think you are, coming here only to hinder our noble goal?" She demanded, raising her left arm, which contained her Duel Disk.

Yugure snorted. "Noble? You call mass genocide noble? You call killing people noble?" He shot his signature smouldering glare at Serena, cowing her. "You call destroying the lives of millions, if not billions of people, noble!?"

She flinched at that, before recovering. "And why should I believe you!? For all I know, you could be lying!"

Yugure blinked, suddenly cancelling his glare and making Serena stumble a little, as his glare had a certain psychological pressure to it that caused the target to feel as if here were an actual pressure over them. "Good point. I hadn't thought like that. But, I can prove my words."

"How?" She challenged.

In response, Yugure held out a hand. "Come with me and I'll take you to someone who will prove them. They are living proof that Academia's goal is not noble nor just."

"And for all I know, you could be leading me into a trap." Serena countered, growing annoyed.

Yugure deadpanned at her. "Girl, you're either coming with me voluntarily or I'll hoist you up my shoulder like a sack of potatoes and bring you with me by force. For the sake of my patience, please don't choose the second option."

Serena fumed for a few moments, before stomping over to Yugure and slapping his hand. "Fine! I'll come with you, if only to prove you wrong!"

Yugure gave a brief smile, before becoming serious and tapping away at his Duel Disk, Serena hovering impatiently next to him. "Okay, we'll be going to the Standard Dimension to meet up with my sister and the person who'll tell you the truth, so-"

He cut himself off as he caught something with the corner of his eyes once more. "Watch out!" He threw himself in front of Serena as a lightning bolt was hurled at them. He blocked it with his Duel Disk, which forcibly activated the Dimensional Jump, taking both himself and Serena, much to Akaba Leo's consternation, as the last thing he saw before they vanished was Yugure's yellow-gold eyes filled with anger and hatred boring a hole on his own eyes.

A while later, Yugure groaned, slowly opening his eyes. His eyelids fluttered as he struggled to keep his lunch in, as the mission had been set right after midday, and the emergency travel was quite a bitch to the stomach. Before he fully allowed his vision to settle, he focused on what his body was feeling, soon determining he was laying on a bed. A really comfortable one, at that.

Leaning on his elbows, he sat up, scanning the room he was in with narrowed eyes. It didn't have much decoration, only the bare essentials such as a bed, a wardrobe and a nightstand. A glance to his left made him revise his scan. "Scratch that, two beds." He muttered, having seen Serena laying down on another bed to his left. All in all, that led to a single conclusion that he thought the most likely.

Someone had found the two unconscious teens and brought them to their house, leaving them to sleep peacefully on their guest room. Quickly glancing around once more, searching for something in specific, he sighed as soon as he saw it. Since he didn't feel the familiar feeling of his Duel Disk on his arm, he assumed it had been taken away from him. Luckily, it had been placed on the nightstand next to his current bed, just like Serena's.

"Oh, you're awake!" An older, female voice made to his ears, and he snapped his head towards the door, seeing a young woman enter, giving him a pleasant smile. "When my son and his friend found an unconscious couple in the park, with one looking like they were burnt somewhat fierce, they were really worried. Though, seeing as your injuries are gone, I assume it was a duel that got you like that?"

He hesitantly nodded, a bit taken aback by the woman's somewhat cheery attitude. "Y-Yeah. I'm Yugure, and the girl on the bed is Serena. Thank you for allowing us to stay here while we slept and recovered." He replied, bowing his head in thanks.

"It wasn't trouble, really. I'm Sakaki Yoko. But imagine my surprise when my son told me the couple appeared out of nowhere in a flash of blue sparks, and that the girl had the exact same face as his friend." The woman, Yoko, smiled, before narrowing her eyes at Yugure, who blinked in surprise. "Thanks to my husband telling me about this all these years ago, from which Dimension are you two from?"

Yugure was flabbergasted. He assumed only the Fusion and Xyz Dimensions were aware of the others, thanks to the former invading the latter, and, in addition, the Ritual and Link Dimensions as well, in account of their comrades' intervention. "How do you know about them?" No use denying it, as her son told her him and Serena had appeared out of thin air.

"My husband, Sakaki Yusho, went to another one to search for his friend, who also went to another." She replied. "Before he went, he told me about this, in case he didn't return in time for his title defense duel."

"One question." Yugure's eyes narrowed, as his mind instantly went to a single person, who had been reported to have arrived in the Fusion Dimension three years ago. "Was your husband's friend Akaba Leo?"

Yoko blinked in surprise, before giving him a sharp look. "Did you see them?"

"Akaba Leo only. And if there's a person I could truly hate, it would be him." Yugure spat, hatred welling up inside him as his expression turned dark.

"Why so?" Yoko's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"It's a long story." He countered.

"I have all the time."

He sighed. "Well, then, get comfortable, because it is a long story…"

With that, he explained everything to her, from the Original Dimension, to the other Dimensions and what they had, as all she had was the bare basics, of Academia's massacre of the Xyz Dimensions, and of Akaba Leo's plan.

Yoko was obviously horrified, and demanded proof, that Yugure gave her by showing her the files he stole from Academia. Since they were hidden in his own Duel Disk's files, to prevent any possible hacker to find it carelessly, it took quite some time to find them. In the meantime, Serena awoke, and was heavily confused, along with annoyed at Yugure and shaken that someone from Academia would even attack her. He managed to convince her with his pictures of Heartland and the video of the invasion, that showed civilians that didn't duel getting carded.

When the explanation was finished, Yugure finally couldn't hold his urge anymore, and quickly asked for the bathroom, his face turning green as he placed his hand in front of his mouth, Serena following suit. Once his lunch was flushed down the toilet, he allowed himself to relax. "Damn, the emergency travel is a pain on the stomach…" He grumbled, supporting Serena, who had lunch late, and as a result, had a full belly right before the emergency travel, and therefore, the worst reaction.

"Can't it be made better?" Serena asked, pushing Yugure away as she managed to regain her balance, annoyed that she had to be supported by someone.

"Unfortunately, it's the suddenness of the travel that makes it so efficient and uncomfortable." He replied. "Before you complain, keep in mind that anyone with that function on their Duel Disks gets like this."

Yoko eyed them critically, before shrugging, a 'what can you do?' smile on her face. "Hey, you two. Come on, I'll make some food for you, since I assume that was your lunch."

Yugure covered his mouth and looked away slightly in embarrassment, while Serena just nodded in gratitude.

Later, Yugure and Serena were walking around Maiami City, after thanking Yoko for the food and promising to return after they found his sister and the two girls. Serena was oddly subdued after the revelations, but he guessed that was par for the course, since her worldview was shaken to its core. After all, from what he got from her files, he knew she lived practically her whole life in Academia, and both didn't know a life outside of it, nor of a truth other than Academia's.

He sighed, and glanced briefly at the hooded girl. Since Yoko had told them her son's friend had the same face as Serena, he saw fit to produce a hooded coat for her. Bless Real Solid Vision. He frowned. Damn, it looked like he'd have to comfort her… Screw that, he'd shove that task to Hikari when they met her. Women were the single thing he had literally no clue about, so he guessed that a woman would understand another.

He looked around, and noticed they were getting curious looks from the passersby, but a subdued glare from him made them turn away hastily. And bless his mother for teaching him how to properly glare at someone or something. Seriously, her glares were the stuff of nightmares, especially her smile… Yugure involuntarily shuddered. His uncle Ren was subjected to The Smile one too many times, and is genuinely afraid of his own glare.

After searching for a while, Yugure noticed a masked person standing nearby, as they approached an alley. Noting down the Duel Disk on that person's arm's shape, and comparing it to Luna's description of the Xyz Dimension's Duel Disk, he quickly came to a single conclusion, matching up everything that he knew before he came to it. Someone from the Xyz Dimension had come to Standard. They were likely after Akaba Reiji, Akaba Leo's son.

...And both were possible allies. Well then, time to lay down the bait, as he noticed the masked person had their focus trained on one of LDS' instructors, thanks to the information he managed to gather last time he came to Standard. "I never thought that after leaving Academia, it'd take all this time to find Hikari and the others…" He grumbled, loud enough for both Serena and the masked person to hear. He sighed loudly, before gesturing at Serena. "C'mon, let's search the alleys, maybe they are hiding there to avoid detection from LDS."

"...Okay." Serena agreed, shooting him a curious look. After they entered the nearest alley, the one where the masked person had gone into, likely to prepare an ambush. "Why did you say that out loud?" She asked, giving in to her curiosity.

"I found someone from the Xyz Dimension." Yugure whispered in response. "You can likely get your answers from them. Plus, they're a possible ally."

They stopped in the middle of the alleyway, and Yugure looked around. "Oi, come out. I know you're there, why do you think I said those words loudly earlier."

"...Are you from Academia?" The person asked, coming out from his hideout with his Duel Disk activated. The voice was decidedly male, and due to the Duel Disk, Yugure safely assumed he wouldn't be leaving without dueling him.

"My answer doesn't matter, does it?" He remarked, activating his own.

"You're right it doesn't, Academia Scum!" The person exploded, as the Duel Disks connected.

Serena flinched away at the loud noise, causing Yugure to frown. Based on the files, Serena was headstrong and confident, so why was she acting subdued? Shaking his head to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, both him and the masked duelist drew their hands. "I'm Noroi Yugure. May I ask your name, Xyz Refugee?"

"Kurosaki Shun. Listen well, because that is the name of your executor!" The masked person, Kurosaki replied, as the duel began.


Yugure - LP: 8000

Kurosaki - LP: 8000

"You may go first." Yugure conceded, after looking at his hand. Similarly to his previous duel, it wasn't one that allowed him to form a proper defense on the first turn.

"Very well." Kurosaki took it. "I Summon Raid Raptors - Tribute Lanius (LV: 4/ATK: 1800/DEF: 400), and activate its effect! Since this card was Summoned this turn, during the Main Phase, I can send a "Raid Raptors" from my deck to the Graveyard! I send my Mimicry Lanius, and activate its effect, banishing it to add a "Raid Raptors" card from my deck to my hand! I add Raid Raptors - Nest!"

Yugure frowned at that, noting down the play style of his opponent's deck. Probably swarming for Xyz Summoning, but he was unaware of the Xyz Monsters' effects. "Next, I activate the Magic Swallow's Nest, tributing the Level 4 Winged Beast Tribute Lanius, in order to Special Summon a Winged Beast with the same level from my deck! Come, Raid Raptors - Vanishing Lanius (LV: 4/ATK: 1300/DEF: 1600)!"

"Vanishing Lanius' effect! Once per turn, I Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Raid Raptors" from my hand! Come, Fuzzy Lanius (LV: 4/ATK: 500/DEF: 1500)! Now, I activate The Permanent Magic Raid Raptors - Nest! Once per turn, if I control two or more "Raid Raptors" monsters, I add a card from said archetype from my deck to my hand! I add Singing Lanius!"

"That's a great combo." Yugure genuinely praised his opponent, impressed with the Raid Raptors' abilities.

"Praise all you want, you won't escape your doom! With the Level 4 Vanishing Lanius and Fuzzy Lanius, I build the Overlay Network!" The two monsters became streams of energy, before diving into a yellow galaxy, a blue beam of energy shooting from the center right after, as Kurosaki chanted.

"Avian hunter of the afterlife, seek the truth with your dark eyes, and grasp glory with your sharp talons! Xyz Summon! Take flight! Rank 4! Raid Raptors - Force Strix (RNK: 4/ATK: 100/DEF: 2000/OU: 2)!"

The monster appeared, as Yugure's opponent continued. "Force Strix's effect! Once per turn, by detaching one Overlay Unit, I can add a Level 4 Dark Winged Beast from my deck to my hand (Force Strix: OU: 2 》1)! I add another copy of Tribute Lanius! Next, since the card I detached was Fuzzy Lanius, I can add another copy of the monster from my deck, since it was sent to the Graveyard!"

"He summons these monsters while also keeping his hand consistent…" Serena said, eyeing the duel critically. "I do not understand why he doesn't summon a stronger monster, but that style is an efficient one."

True to her words, Kurosaki's hand was currently at five. However, it was about to become two. "Since I control a Xyz Monster, and a "Raid Raptors" monster, I Special Summon Singing Lanius (LV: 4/ATK: 100/DEF: 100) and Fuzzy Lanius from my hand, respectively! Furthermore, Fuzzy Lanius doesn't allow me to summon any monster that is not a "Raid Raptors" monster, but I see no problem with that."

As he said that, Force Strix grew in attack and defense (Force Strix: ATK: 100 》1100/DEF: 2000 》3000). "Plus, Force Strix gains 500 attack and defense for every Winged Beast on my field other than itself! Next, I activate Raid Raptors - Sanctuary, drawing two cards since I control three "Raid Raptors" monsters!" He drew, raising his hand to four.

"Next, I activate the Permanent Magic Sparrow's Gathering!" The card appeared on the field. "Now, every time a Winged Beast monster is Summoned, I draw a card! After this, I use Singing Lanius and my second Fuzzy Lanius to Xyz Summon another Force Strix!" The Rank 4 Xyz Monster appeared again, both copies having 600 attack and 2500 defense, due to there being two Winged Beasts on the field. "I detach Singing Lanius from my second Force Strix to add Raid Raptors - Retrofit Lanius from my deck to my hand, and I draw a card thanks to Sparrow's Gathering (Force Strix #2: OU: 2 》1)!" His hand size was back at five.

"Finally, I activate Xyz Treasure, drawing two cards since there are two Xyz Monsters on the field!" Seeing the cards he drew, he set one of them on the field, before ending. "I set one card and end!"

"Finally. My turn." Yugure remarked, drawing a card. "I activate the Magic Blood Hunter's Sudden Assault, Special Summoning a "Blood Hunter" monster from my deck if you control more monsters than I do. Furthermore, your monsters lose 300 attack and defense for every Level the summoned monster has. I summon Blood Hunter Vengeful Revenant (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 5/ATK 2200/DEF 1600), with a Level of 5, meaning your Strixes lose 1500 attack and defense (Force Strix x2: ATK: 600 》0/DEF: 2500 》1000)."

"What?" Kurosaki exclaimed, while Serena's eyes widened.

Vengeful Revenant was spectral-like being that resembled a zombie, with its skin full of wounds and decaying, a "skin-and-bone" appearance, no flesh to be seen, sunken eyes that glowed with an eerie green light, many missing teeth, and wearing torn and bloodied rags.

"Furthermore, Vengeful Revenant's effect activates. Since it was Special Summoned, your monsters lose 300 attack and defense for every "Blood Hunter" card banished or in the Graveyard. Also, I activate its effect, sending it to the Graveyard once per turn. And since Vengeful Revenant is instantly Special Summoned when it is sent to the Graveyard, your monsters lose 300 more (Force Strix x2: DEF: 1000 》400)." Yugure said, as Kurosaki's Xyz Monsters lost even more defense.

"Battle. Vengeful Revenant attacks the first Force Strix you summoned."

"I activate my Trap! Raid Raptors - Readiness! This turn, my "Raid Raptors" monsters cannot be destroyed by battle!" Kurosaki countered, his Strixes' wings blocking Revenant's claws.

Yugure clicked his tongue. "I set two cards and end my turn. At the End Phase, your monsters regain their lost stats (Force Strix x2: ATK: 0 》600/DEF: 400 》2500)."

"My turn!" Kurosaki drew. Before he made any move he stared at Yugure, that couldn't see his eyes and face under the bandana and goggles. But he guessed Kurosaki was most likely glaring at him.

"After I win, I'll force you to tell me where Ruri is!" He declared, making Yugure smirk and snicker.

"I have a better idea." He proposed. "After this duel ends, I'll actually take you to her, since she arrived in Standard a few hours ago."

"What!?" Kurosaki exclaimed.

Yugure's smirk turned malicious at that. "I'm sure she would be delighted to see her brother."

"You bastard…" His opponent growled at that. "I activate the Permanent Magic Rank-Up Climbing! Once per turn, I add a "Rank-Up-Magic" from my deck to my hand! I add Rank-Up-Magic Raid Force, and then activate both my Force Strixes' effects, adding a second copy of Vanishing Lanius and Booster Strix to my hand, and since a second Fuzzy Lanius was sent to the Graveyard, I add the last one (Force Strix x2: OU: 1 》 0)!"

"Rank-Up-Magic?" Serena parroted, not having been aware of the Xyz Dimension's signature evolution of their Summoning Method.

With that, Kurosaki's hand raised to nine. "Next, I activate Raid Force, targeting my first Force Strix and using it to Xyz Summon a "Raid Raptors" monster one Rank higher!" The galaxy appeared, as Kurosaki chanted.

"The unseen bold falcon. Reveal your wings' unknown power here and now! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Come forth! Rank 5! Raid Raptors - Étranger Falcon (RNK: 5/ATK: 2000/DEF: 2000/OU: 1)!"

The monster appeared, as Kurosaki drew one more card thanks to Sparrow's Gathering, keeping his hand at nine. Yugure's smirk turned into a calculating gaze, as he looked warily at Kurosaki's field. "Magic Card, Otherworld Xyz! I use monsters with the same Level in my Graveyard or Banished Zone to Xyz Summon! I use my banished Mimicry Lanius and the Tribute Lanius in the Graveyard to Xyz Summon my last Force Strix (Force Strix #1: ATK: 600 》1100/DEF: 2500 》3000|Force Strix #2: ATK: 100 》1100/DEF: 2000 》3000)!"

"Three copies? Then again, that is an useful search engine…" Yugure muttered.

"I draw a card from Sparrow's Gathering and use my third Force Strix's effect to add a second copy of Mimicry Lanius from my deck to my hand by detaching the first copy, that I once again banish, this time to add Napalm Dragonius from my deck to my hand." Kurosaki continued, as his hand size increased to eleven.

"Next up, with Nest's effect, I add Singing Lanius from my Graveyard to my hand!" He grabbed the card, raising his hand to twelve. "After this, I activate Rank-Up-Magic Skip Force, targeting my second Force Strix without materials to Xyz Summon a "Raid Raptors" monster two ranks higher!"

"Prideful falcon. Spread your wings, dyed in the blood of heroes, and charge through the path of revolution! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Appear! Rank 6! Raid Raptors - Revolution Falcon (RNK: 6/ATK: 2000/DEF: 3000/OU: 1)!"

The monster appeared, Kurosaki drawing a new twelfth card from Sparrow's Gathering. "I activate Raid Force's effect on the Graveyard! By banishing itself plus a "Raid Raptors" monster, I add a "Rank-Up-Magic" from my Graveyard to my hand! I banish Fuzzy Lanius to add Skip Force!"

"Now, I activate Étranger Falcon's effect! By detaching one Overlay Unit, I target a monster you control and destroy it! Begone, Vengeful Revenant!" The ghostly zombie shrieked, before succumbing to Étranger's beam. "Furthermore, you receive damage equal to its attack points!"

Yugure - LP: 8000 》5800

"You do remember Vengeful Revenant returns instantly if it's sent to the Graveyard, reducing your monsters' attack and defense by 300 for every "Blood Hunter" card in the Graveyard, right?" Yugure deadpanned, but Kurosaki wasn't fazed by it (Étranger Falcon: ATK: 2000 》1700/DEF: 2000 》1700|Revolution Falcon: ATK: 2000 》1700/DEF: 3000》2700|Force Strix: ATK: 1100 》800/DEF: 3000》2700).

"Revolution Falcon's effect! Since one of its Overlay Units, that is, its only one, is a "Raid Raptors" Xyz Monster, I can once per turn, target a monster you control, destroy it, and deal damage equal to half its attack! Once again, vanish from the field, Vengeful Revenant!"

"I don't know your plan, and I don't think I will like what it is…" Yugure muttered, while Serena looked on in confusion as Kurosaki's monsters were weakened further and Vengeful Revenant resurrected.

Yugure - LP: 5800 》4700

Étranger Falcon: ATK: 1700 》1400/DEF: 1700 》1400|Revolution Falcon: ATK: 1700 》1400/DEF: 2700 》2400|Force Strix: ATK: 800 》500/DEF: 2700 》2400

"And finally, I activate the effect of Raid Raptors - Seeker Lanius in my hand, sending it to the Graveyard to make it so a "Raid Raptors" Xyz Monster I control can attack directly! I target Étranger Falcon!"

"I was right." Yugure deadpanned.

"Battle! Étranger attacks you directly!" Yugure brought up his arms to block the beam, and was sent back skidding quite a few meters, after which the beam stopped, and Yugure struggled to stand up, his legs trembling from the strength of the attack, and having to block it himself.

"Damn, these things are no joke…" He remarked, falling to his knees.

Yugure - LP: 4700 》3300

"Yugure! Use your Traps, damn it!" Serena scolded him, to which he sent a small grin in response, irritating her with his nonchalant and carefree attitude.

"Revolution Falcon, attack Vengeful Revenant!" Kurosaki declared, his monster flying high up in the sky.

"But it has higher attack than Revolution Falcon." Serena remarked in confusion, Kurosaki eyeing her in speculation before answering.

"Whenever Revolution Falcon battles with a Special Summoned monster, their attack and defense becomes 0! Revolutional Air Raid!" The Winged Beast carpet-bombed Yugure's field, destroying Vengeful Revenant and dealing yet another blow on his Life Points.

Yugure - LP: 3300 》1900

Yugure lowered his arm from its position protecting his face, and eyed Kurosaki with a new-found respect. "Okay, this is the first time someone who took the first turn damaged me so much, to the brink of an OTK. You've earned my most sincere respect, Kurosaki Shun."

Kurosaki scoffed. "And why should I care about respect from Academia members, after what they did to my homeland? After their genocide of the defenseless people and children of Heartland!?"

"You shouldn't." Yugure agreed, as internally he had a shit-eating grin. Kurosaki did a double take at his words in confusion, as Vengeful Revenant returned, weakening his Winged Beasts for the last time (Étranger Falcon: ATK/DEF: 1400 》1100|Revolution Falcon: ATK: 1400 》1100/DEF: 2400 》2100|Force Strix: ATK: 500 》200/DEF: 2400 》2100).

Shaking his head, Kurosaki continued. "Now I-"

"Hold up." Yugure interrupted, wobbling to his feet as one of his set cards sprang up. "Trap Card, Blood Hunter's Sadistic Pleasure. By healing all damage I took during the Battle Phase, you receive half that amount as damage, and I draw a card for every monster that attacked. Since your Rank 5 and 6 monsters battled, I draw two."

Yugure - LP: 1900 》8000

Kurosaki - LP: 8000 》4950

"So that's why… You wanted him to deal damage, didn't you!?" Serena exclaimed, looking at Yugure.

He smirked. "Damn straight."

"Why you… I Normal Summon Vanishing Lanius, and use its effect to Special Summon Napalm Dragonius (LV: 4/ATK: 1000/DEF: 1000)! And since it was Summoned, Napalm Dragonius deals 600 damage to you!" Kurosaki shouted, the two monsters appearing on the field, as he drew two cards from Sparrow's Gathering.

Yugure - LP: 8000 》7400

"And I now use them to build the Overlay Network!" Kurosaki built up for a fourth Xyz Summon, as he chanted.

"Blade with crimson light! Set flame your thirsting wings to light my soul! Xyz Summon! Take flight, Rank 4! Raid Raptors - Blade Burner Falcon (RNK: 4/ATK: 1000/DEF: 1000/OU: 2)!"

The monster appeared, and Kurosaki continued. "Since you have 3000 or more Life Points than me, Blade Burner gains 3000 attack points (Blade Burner: ATK: 1000 》4000)! Next, I activate the Magic Raid Raptors - Tactical Retreat! By shuffling two or more "Raid Raptors" monsters from my hand to my deck, I add two "Raid Raptors" Magic or Traps from my deck to my hand! I shuffle Tribute, Retrofit, Singing, Fuzzy, and Mimicry to add a second copy of Readiness and Raid Raptors - Pride Screech! I set two cards and end my turn." With that, he ended his turn with six cards on his hand, four monsters on the field and five cards in the backrow. A solid formation, which made Yugure smirk.

"Now that it's the End Phase, your monsters' attack and defense return to normal." He concluded, eyeing the monsters curiously as their stats raised (Étranger Falcon: ATK: 1100 》2000/DEF: 1100 》2000/Revolution Falcon: ATK: 1100 》2000/DEF: 2100 》3000/Force Strix: ATK: 200 》1100/DEF: 2100 》3000).

"My turn, I draw." He drew, raising his hand to six, and he smiled as he noticed the card he drew. "I summon Blood Hunter Grievous Shrieker (LV: 2/ATK: 600/DEF: 1100). Then, its effect activates. Since it was summoned, all monsters you control lose 300 attack and defense for every "Blood Hunter" card I control. Since there are two, namely Revenant and Shrieker, your monsters lose 600."

Kurosaki growled as his monsters were once again weakened.

Étranger Falcon: ATK: 2000 》1400/DEF: 2000 》1400

Revolution Falcon: ATK: 2000 》1400/DEF: 3000 》2400

Force Strix: ATK: 1600 》1000/DEF: 3500 》2900

Blade Burner Falcon: ATK: 3000 》2400/DEF: 1000 》400

"Now, I activate Revenant's effect, sending it to the Graveyard once more. And thanks to its effect, I Special Summon it." The monster vanished and returned once again, reducing the stats of Kurosaki's monsters even further, with there being two "Blood Hunter" cards in the Graveyard.

Étranger Falcon: ATK: 1400 》800/DEF: 1400 》800

Revolution Falcon: ATK: 1400 》800/DEF: 2400 》1800

Force Strix: ATK: 1000 》400/DEF: 2900 》2300

Blade Burner Falcon: ATK: 2400 》1800/DEF: 400 》0

"Next, it's the Magic Blood Hunter's Mad Feast, that allows me to Special Summon a "Blood Hunter" monster from my deck for every monster you control with lower attack or defense than the "Blood Hunter" monster I control with the highest attack and defense." He explained, sighing as he noticed he didn't have enough space. "Since all of your monsters have attack lower than my Revenant's 2200 points, I can Special Summon four monsters."

"But you only have three zones open." Serena pointed out, making Yugure shoot her a dry look.

"Thank you for informing me, Captain Obvious." He said sarcastically, causing Serena to tilt her head in confusion. She muttered the words in question, not knowing what to make of them. "That's why I'll unfortunately only be able to summon three monsters. Come, Blood Hunter Despised Necromancer (LV: 2/ATK: 100/DEF: 900), Blood Hunter Deceased Warrior (LV: 4/ATK: 1900/DEF: 500), and Blood Hunter Hungering Spirit (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 10/ATK 0/DEF 0)."

Hungering Spirit was a beast-like opaque spectre, having a mostly humanoid body shape, but with its head being that of a tiger, its skin that of a dragon, and skeletal limbs and tail.

"Now, battle." He declared. "Vengeful Revenant attacks Blade Burner and Deceased Warrior attacks Étranger Falcon."

"I activate both copies of Readiness in my field and Graveyard!" Kurosaki rebuked. "With the first, I prevent all of my "Raid Raptors" monsters being destroyed by battle, and by banishing the second, since I have a "Raid Raptors" monster in my Graveyard, I negate all damage I take this turn!"

"All damage?" Yugure blinked. "That means effect damage is out of the running as well… alright. Despised Necromancer's effect. During the Battle Phase, I can perform a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual or Link Summon using "Blood Hunter" monsters I control. I will perform an Xyz Summon."

"What!?" Serena and Kurosaki exclaimed, not expecting that. "Moreover, what the hell is a Link Summon?"

"Furthermore, Despised Necromancer lets me target a monster I control, and all "Blood Hunter" monsters on my field have their Levels become that monster's, since I chose an Xyz Summon. I target Hungering Spirit, therefore, all my monsters become Level 10."

Despised Necromancer: Level: 2 》10

Deceased Warrior: Level: 4 》10

Vengeful Revenant: Level: 5 》10

Grievous Shrieker: Level: 2 》10

"And now, with my five Level 10 monsters, I build the Overlay Network." The yellow galaxy appeared, and the monsters went through it, as Yugure chanted.

"Eternal reaper from the other side, emerge to collect the red ichor of doomed souls. Xyz Summon. Rank 10, Blood Hunter Vicious Shinigami (Dark/Fiend/Xyz/Effect/Rank 10/ATK ?/DEF ?/OU: 5)."

Vicious Shinigami was a grey-skinned demon wearing an oversized black kimono, with dirty white hair covering its head and face, two blood red glowing eyes visible through the bangs. It wielded a black katana and a bloodstained black scythe.

"Unknown attack and defense?" Serena wondered.

Meanwhile, Kurosaki was fuming. "You dare steal our summoning method!?" He spat at Yugure, hatred smouldering on his eyes.

However, he was ignored, as Yugure smirked at Serena, before turning back to the duel. "Vicious Shinigami gains 1000 attack and defense for every Overlay Unit it has. With five, it gains 5000 points (Vicious Shinigami: ATK: ? 》5000/DEF: ? 》5000). Furthermore, I use Shinigami's effect to attach Blood Hunter Bloodstained Maria to it as an Overlay Unit from my hand (Vicious Shinigami: ATK: 5000 》6000/DEF: 5000 》6000)."

"6000 attack points… That's a powerful monster." Serena remarked.

Yugure smiled a little at her words. Despite his outward expression, he had great pride on his monsters and was quite relieved that neither Serena nor Kurosaki had commented on their appearance. "Now, Vicious Shinigami attacks Blade Burner Falcon. And thanks to its own effect, Blade Burner's own effect is negated and it is attached to Shinigami as an Overlay Unit after damage calculation."

"What?" Kurosaki widened his eyes, not expecting something like that, as Vicious Shinigami's ATK and DEF rose to 7000.

"Also, Hungering Spirit's secondary effect activates when its used as a tribute for an Extra Deck Summon plus Ritual. Therefore, Vicious Shinigami attacks again, negating and attaching Revolution Falcon (Vicious Shinigami: ATK: 7000 》8000/DEF: 7000 》8000)." The second Falcon was attached to Yugure's monster, raising its stats further.

"I enter my Main Phase 2 and activate Vicious Shinigami's effect, detaching Bloodstained Maria to reduce your monsters' stats by 300 more (Étranger Falcon: ATK: 800 》500/DEF: 800 》500|Force Strix: ATK: 400 》100/DEF: 2300 》2000)." Yugure continued, confusing Serena and Kurosaki.

"But what's the point?" Serena asked. "The Battle Phase is already over and their stats will return to normal at the End Phase."

"Didn't you pay attention when I specified the monster I detached?" Yugure retorted. "I banish Bloodstained Maria from my Graveyard and target Étranger Falcon. Now, you receive damage equal to the difference between its original and current attack or defense, whichever is higher. But since it's the same, it doesn't matter, really."

Kurosaki - LP: 4950 》3450

"With that, I set a card and end." The set card appeared briefly, leaving Yugure with two cards in his hand. "As such, your monsters have their stats returned to normal (Étranger Falcon: ATK/DEF: 500 》2000|Force Strix: ATK: 100 》600/DEF: 2000 》2500)."

"My turn! Draw!" Kurosaki drew, before looking at his hand. "I activate the Quick-Play Rank-Up-Magic Revolution Force, using Étranger Falcon to rank it up to a "Raid Raptors" Xyz Monster one Rank higher!"

"Another Rank 6, heh?" Yugure grinned nonchalantly, confident in his ability to counter Kurosaki.

"Rank-Up Xyz Change! Take flight, Rank 6! Raid Raptors - Revolution Falcon - Airraid (RNK: 6/ATK: 2000/DEF: 3000/OU: 1)!" The retrain of Revolution Falcon took to the field, making Yugure blink in surprise.

"I… wasn't expecting that." He conceded, shrugging.

"Then you won't be expecting this!" Kurosaki exclaimed. "Airraid's effect! When this card is Xyz Summoned, I target a monster you control, destroy it, and deal damage to you equal to the monster's attack!"

"...Yeah, I weren't." Yugure deadpanned, before shrugging again. "Oh well, what can you do?"

"Oi! Can't you set cards do anything!?" Serena shouted, frowning.

"Nope." He replied, before grabbing a Trap Card in his hand. "They're meant to counter battle damage and destruction, not the effect version of them. I really should've set this card…"

Those were the last words he spoke before Airraid's bombs detonated upon reaching Vicious Shinigami, depleting Yugure's Life Points in a flash. Well, damn. He mused. Not how I pictured this duel would end. Guess I've been winning one too many duels lately, and got overconfident.

Yugure - LP: 7400 》0

Kurosaki Wins!

"...In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have attached Bloodstained Marie." Yugure mused as he stayed sprawled on the ground, nonchalant even as Kurosaki stomped over to him and lifted him by his collar, Serena hovering near them with uncertainty, not having expected Yugure's loss.

"Now, make good on that promise, scum!" Kurosaki spat, making Yugure sigh and point to his left.

"There. I've noticed her watching our duel ever since your second turn." Kurosaki blinked, before he dropped Yugure as he was tackled by a ballistic Xyz missile.

Serena blinked, before turning to where Yugure had pointed, and saw two of the girls she had witnessed talking to Yugure back in Academia, accompanied by a boy with a clothing style similar to Kurosaki's and the girl who tackled the latter. She heeded Yugure's gesture to lower her hood, and stayed where she was as the sole girl that did not have the same face as her approached her downed companion.

"What's the verdict?" She asked, nodding at Kurosaki, who was hugging Ruri fiercely, the other boy hovering near the two.

"...He's strong." Yugure said, after a few seconds thinking. "A great asset for when we fight against Academia."

Hikari nodded in acceptance, gesturing at Rin to come closer. "For now, we need more allies here in Standard. Just what we have here won't be enough." Yugure's words rang true. Just the seven of them won't be enough to oppose Academia should they invade Standard in search of Serena, Ruri, and Rin, and as such, they needed people who would be willing to fight.

But, there was one thing that was bugging Serena, and she just couldn't help but voice it, shooting Yugure a look. "Just how long are you going to stay laying down on the ground?"

"...It's comfy."

Okay, I'm sorry for reposting Dusk Revolution yet again, but it's because I wasn't happy with how the previous version turned up. The Blood Dragons, while being an archetype I took pride in, it just didn't really work like I pictured, and don't even start with the naming... Ugh. Plus, Yugure and Hikari's personalities just weren't something I was comfortable with, and I felt everything was just... Forced.

Alright, OC Card time.

Yugure's Cards:

Blood Hunter Deceased Warrior (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 4/ATK 1900/DEF 500)

Effect: You can target a monster your opponent controls; Lower its ATK and DEF by 300 for every "Blood Hunter" monster you control until the End Phase. If your opponent declares a direct attack while this card is on the Graveyard; Special Summon it, but it is banished next time it leaves the field. You can only use each effect of "Blood Hunter Deceased Warrior" once per turn.

Blood Hunter Grievous Shrieker (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 2/ATK 600/DEF 1100)

Effect: When this card is Normal or Special Summoned; Target a monster your opponent controls, and lower its ATK and DEF by 300 for every "Blood Hunter" monster you control until the End Phase. When this card is attacked by your opponent's monster; You can reduce the Battle Damage by 300 for each "Blood Hunter" card on the field. You can only use each effect of "Blood Hunter Grievous Shrieker" once per turn.

Blood Hunter Despised Necromancer (Dark/Fiend/Tuner/Effect/Level 2/ATK 100/DEF 900)

Effect: (Quick Effect): During either player's Battle Phase, you can perform a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual, or Link Summon using "Blood Hunter" monsters on the field, including this card. Once per turn, you can target a "Blood Hunter" Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual, or Link Monster on the Graveyard, while this card is on the Graveyard; You can banish this card and Special Summon the targeted monster, but it's banished at the End Phase. You can only use one effect of "Blood Hunter Despised Necromancer" per turn. When this card is used for a Synchro, Fusion, Ritual, Xyz or Link Summon, you can activate one of the following effects:

● Synchro: Target a Synchro Monster in your Extra Deck and one or more "Blood Hunter" monsters you control; Subtract the targeted monsters' Levels from the Synchro Monster's, and change this card's Level to the result.

● Fusion: This card can be used as a substitute for any 1 Fusion Material whose name is specifically listed on the Fusion Monster Card, but the other Fusion Material(s) must be correct.

● Ritual: This card can be treated as the entire tribute for a Dark Ritual Monster.

● Xyz: Target a "Blood Hunter" monster you control other than this card; All other monsters, including this card, become the same Level as the targeted monster.

● Link: This card can be treated as two tributes for a Link Summon.

Blood Hunter Vengeful Revenant (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 5/ATK 2200/DEF 1600)

Effect: If this card is on the Graveyard; Special Summon it. When this card is Special Summoned, all monsters your opponent controls lose 300 ATK and DEF for every "Blood Hunter" card banished and in the Graveyard until the End Phase. Once per turn, you can send this card to the Graveyard.

Blood Hunter Hungering Spirit (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 10/ATK 0/DEF 0)

Effect: You can target a monster your opponent controls; Special Summon this card (From your hand), and equip the targeted monster to it. This card gains the ATK and DEF of the monsters equipped to this card. If this card destroys a monster by battle; Equip the destroyed monster to it. If this card were to be destroyed by battle or card effect; Destroy one of the equipped monsters instead. If this card is used as a tribute for a Fusion, Synchro, Ritual, Xyz, or Link Summon, the Summoned monster gains the following effect:

● This card can attack two monsters your opponent controls during the Battle Phase.

Blood Hunter Bloodstained Marie (Dark/Fiend/Effect/Level 3/ATK 900/DEF 1100)

Effect: You can target a monster your opponent controls; Destroy it, and deal damage equal to the destroyed monster's Level times 300, and your opponent's monsters' ATK and DEF are lowered by the same amount. You can banish this card from your Graveyard; Target a monster your opponent controls and deal damage equal to the difference between its current and original ATK or DEF, whichever is higher. You can only use each effect of "Blood Hunter Bloodstained Marie" once per turn.

Blood Hunter Crazed Werewolf (Dark/Fiend/Synchro/Effect/Level 8/ATK 2700/DEF 1900)

Effect: 1 "Blood Hunter" Tuner + 1 or more Fiend Non-Tuners

When this card is Synchro Summoned; All monsters your opponent controls lose 300 ATK and DEF for every "Blood Hunter" card on your Graveyard until the End Phase. You can target a monster your opponent controls whose ATK and DEF are lower than their original value; Deal damage equal to the added difference between each stat's original and current value, and this card gains attack and defense equal to the damage dealt. You can only use each effect of "Blood Hunter Crazed Werewolf" once per turn.

Blood Hunter Vicious Shinigami (Dark/Fiend/Xyz/Effect/Rank 10/ATK ?/DEF ?)

Effect: 2 + Level 10 "Blood Hunter" monsters

This card gains 1000 ATK and DEF for every Xyz Material it has. You can target a "Blood Hunter" monster in your hand; Attach it to this card as Xyz Material. You can detach any number of Xyz Materials from this card; Your opponent's monsters lose 300 ATK and DEF for each one. You can only use these effects of "Blood Hunter Vicious Shinigami" once per turn. When this card battles your opponent's monster; The opposing monster's effects are negated, and it is attached to this card as Xyz Material after damage calculation.

Blood Hunter's Mad Feast (Magic/Normal)

Effect: If your opponent controls one or more monster(s) whose ATK or DEF is lower than a "Blood Hunter" monster you control; Special Summon a "Blood Hunter" monster from your deck for each of said monster(s). You can only use this effect of "Blood Hunter's Mad Feast" once per turn.

Blood Hunter's Second Chance (Magic/Normal)

Effect: You can target a Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Ritual or Link Monster you control; Return it to the Extra Deck (Hand if it is a Ritual Monster) and Special Summon the monsters used as its materials, but you cannot activate Magic or Trap cards until the End Phase.

Blood Hunter's Sudden Assault (Magic/Normal)

Effect: If your opponent controls more monsters than you do; Special Summon a "Blood Hunter" monser from your deck, and lower the ATK and DEF of all monsters your opponent controls by 300 for every Level the summoned monster has. You can only use one "Blood Hunter's Sudden Assault" per turn.

Blood Hunter's Sadistic Pleasure (Trap/Normal)

Effect: At the end of the Battle Phase; Gain LP equal to the amount you lost during the Battle Phase, and inflict damage to your opponent equal to half the amount gained. If your LP is lower than your opponent's; Banish this card from the GY and gain LP equal to the difference between yours LP and your opponent's.

Kurosaki's Cards:

Raid Raptors - Seeker Lanius (Dark/Winged Beast/Effect/Level 2/ATK 200/DEF 600)

Effect: You can target a "Raid Raptors" Xyz Monster you control; Send this card from your hand to the GY. The targeted monster can attack directly. This card can attack directly, and when it attacks your opponent directly, it gains 1000 ATK for every "Raid Raptors" Xyz Monster in your field and GY.

Sparrow's Gathering (Magic/Permanent)

Effect: When a Winged Beast monster is Special Summoned; Draw 1 card. You can shuffle any number of cards from your hand to the Deck; Add Winged Beast monsters from your deck to your hand up to the amount of cards you shuffled. You can only use this effect once per turn.

Rank-Up Climbing (Magic/Permanent)

Effect: You can add a "Rank-Up-Magic" Magic Card from your Deck to your hand. You can banish an Xyz Monster from your GY; Add a "Rank-Up-Magic" card from your GY to your hand. You can only use one effect of "Rank-Up Climbing" per turn, and only once that turn.

Otherworld Xyz (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Target any number of monsters in your GY and/or Banished Zone with the same Level; Special Summon a Xyz Monster from your Extra Deck with a Rank identical to the Level of the targeted monsters, ignoring its Summoning Requirements (This Summon is treated as an Xyz Summon). Attach the targeted monsters to the summoned monster.

Raid Raptors - Tactical Retreat (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Shuffle 2 or more "Raid Raptors" monsters from your hand to your Deck; Add two "Raid Raptors" Magic or Trap Cards from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Raid Raptors - Tactical Retreat" once per turn.

Raid Raptors - Pride Screech (Trap/Counter)

Effect: If a "Raid Raptors" monster you control would be destroyed by a card effect; Negate the effect and destroy that card.