Two Years Earlier

Yugure was in deep thought. Everyone he interacted with was so… Simplistic. And currently, he was trying to understand it. Why were they simplistic? Why did he find them to be simplistic? What could be classified as simplistic? So many questions, so little answers… If any.

He blinked, remembering an event a little while ago, that caused him to widen his eyes in realization. Hikari and the others had expressed disgust at something he later learned to be called the 'Path of Ashura'. Kill the few to save many.

A grin split up his face, as he finally understood why he knew himself to be different from everyone. Black and White? Ha! He was more of a Blue and Orange himself.

...Now to think of why the hell he considered Black and White to be simplistic, as it in itself held quite a number of confusions for him.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Dusk Revolution

Arc 1 - Declaration of War

Chapter 3 - Splitting the Focus

Present Time

The atmosphere around the Sakaki Residence was, for most people, extremely awkward. Sawatari was, for the most part, glaring bloody murder at Yuto, who was doing his best to not look at a smiling Ruri. Shun had already fallen to her, and was slumped over, crying anime tears over being severely scolded by Ruri for the first time ever since he beat up that boy that asked her out a few years back.

Yuya simply kept looking at everyone, struggling to keep himself together in the presence of so many people who shared the same face, while Yuzu kept alternating between looking from him to Yuto in wariness, looking at Ruri, Serena, and Rin in disbelief, and at her blinking bracelet in confusion. The last two were talking to each other quietly, Rin being an obviously completely unrelated person, while Serena was curious about the Synchro Dimension and was actually a little socially awkward, and therefore, did not notice the atmosphere.

As for the last four people…

Yoko and Mitsuki were chatting in the kitchen, their conversation background noise to the others, and some were confused as to why they didn't notice, or ignored, the atmosphere of the room. On the other hand… Yugure had been knocked out cold by Hikari, because, in her own words, 'He'd make a mess and probably piss of everyone here'. He was currently laying down in one couch, his sister diligently keeping watch and knocking him out again should he regain consciousness.

Hikari sighed as she looked around. She had talked to Yuto along with Rin and Ruri after they had landed right next to him after the dimensional travel (A part of her slumped in relief at not having to suffer through the emergency teleport. Who knows how many victims it would keep claiming), and had taken him away for some private words. There, she had found out he had attacked a few LDS duelists, in order to gain information on Academia, but stopped after deciding those from Standard were unaware of other dimensions. Unfortunately, Shun kept at it.

She shook her head, before turning to go back to keeping watch over the spot Yugure had previously been. A dark look crossed her eyes, as she knew that with Yugure, she had two ways of being, both being true to herself. When he was serious, act like a perky girl with boundless energy. When he was in his trolling mood, keep him in line with extreme violence. Besides, it wasn't like he wouldn't recover, what with his healing factor. She had it too, but it was weaker than Yugure, due to his power being stronger than hers.

"This, is extremely, utterly, and interestingly awkward, serious and funny at the same time. Respectively, of course." His voice rang out, causing everyone to whip their heads towards the source, but before they could properly react-


Everyone flinched in reflex at Hikari's… ministrations. Yugure was once again on the ground, sporting a rather large bleeding welt on his head, as Hikari returned the couch she had picked up to its rightful place, a few wisps of darkness escaping her hands and forearms. "Ow…" Yugure moaned, being very conscious. Well, his skull bones and head muscles and skin were several times harder than the others in his body, making him the literal definition of 'hard-headed'. It took several blows to the head for him to pass out. Hikari knew every way to make it quick. "Dammit, Hikari, did you have to use a couch..?"

"Did she…?" Shun blinked, not depressed at the lecture anymore, looking at Hikari with extreme wariness.

"Yes, she did grab the couch, lift it like it was incredibly light, and slam it down on Yugure's head." Serena bluntly stated, not at all affected by what just happened. She had seen worse in the Fusion Dimension.

"How is he still alive…?" Yuya wondered, looking at the crouching Yugure, who was cradling his head, with morbid curiosity.

"He is extremely hard-headed." Hikari replied, deadpanning as she clap-wiped her hands. "And by that, I mean in the literal sense. Trust me, I know exactly how much it takes to knock him out with a blow to the head. Nothing short of a skyscraper falling on his skull would do the job."

"That's… Completely unrealistic." Yuzu said, giving her a half-lidded gaze.

"But it's the truth, believe it or not." Hikari responded, sitting down on the couch she used as a weapon of attempted fratricide. Now, the atmosphere was mostly of bafflement and confusion at the siblings' behavior, a far cry from the awkwardness from earlier.

"See? I told you that there is a method to my madness!" Yugure protested, glaring at Hikari as he slowly rose, still cradling his head. "The atmosphere is not awkward anymore!"

"Stuff your madness into a bunker, lock it, and throw it in the deepest pit!" Hikari snapped back. "You act like an idiot, I punish you, and all's well with the world!"

As the twins began to bicker, Yuto looked at a baffled Sawatari, clearing his throat. "Look, for all that's worth, I'm sorry about what happened." He apologized, bowing his head under Ruri's narrowed eyes. "I mistook Yuzu there for Ruri, and I believed that, since you were from LDS, you worked for mine and Shun's enemy."

Sawatari gave him the stink eye, but relented, since it was a valid reason, and, he did apologize. "We'll have a rematch later!" He declared, a fierce look in his eyes as he looked at Yuto, who nodded in acceptance. "And I won't lose!"

Yuto smiled briefly. "I look forward to it."

Yuya blinked, finally remembering something. "Oh, yeah, Sawatari." The aforementioned person turned to him, raising an eyebrow. "Why did you come here to my house?"

Sawatari blinked, before chuckling nervously as he rubbed the back of his head. "Apparently, Mom's maiden name was Sakaki. So, I guess that means we're cousins."

Yuya and Yuzu blinked. Twice.


Everyone flinched at the volume.

"...So, this is what we know." Yugure said, now serious as he had explained everything about the Dimensions, the Nexus, and Akaba Leo's plans to everyone inside the house. "Me and Hikari have a vague idea about why he wants Ruri, Rin, and Serena, and presumably the other girls that share the same face, but it's irrelevant at the moment."

"I see." Kurosaki said, frowning and in deep thought. "But why? Why the Xyz Dimension?"

"...I don't know." Yugure admitted. "When I stole the files, I saw no mention of a reason for the Xyz Dimension to be chosen. It could have been Synchro, Standard, Ritual, or even Link to be attacked. But he chose Xyz. Why? Unfortunately, we will probably have no clue unless we ask him ourselves."

"You and Hikari had the dimensional travel technology. Can't you infiltrate Academia again?" Rin proposed, while Serena kept silent, in deep thought.

Hikari shook her head. "Nope! If it worked for us before, the guardians of the towers will have definitely notified the Professor, so they'll be prepared for us!"

"Actually, he knows Serena is with us as well." Yugure interjected, scowling. "That's why we were forced to use the emergency teleport. We were attacked as we were about to leave."

"Wait a second. If you were attacked and forced to use said emergency teleport…" Yuya began. "Does that mean we may have not found you and her?"

Yugure nodded. "Possibly. Uncle Isaac back in the Nexus has yet to work out all the kinks in the dimensional travel system in our Duel Disks, so the exact location we arrive is never the same. At best, we have a general area, such as a city, or even a specific neighborhood."

"I see…" Yuya frowned.

"Dinner's ready!" Sakaki Yoko's voice rang from the kitchen, making everyone pause.

Sawatari blinked, and he looked out of the nearby window. "Huh. It's night already? Guess time passes quickly when you're engrossed in a conversation."

"...All in favor of pausing our discussion while we eat?"

No one disagreed, not with all the growling stomachs around.

Synchro Dimension

"Argh!" Someone shouted to the heavens, their voice reaching across the night sky over a large city of pillars, with highways connecting them, and run-down buildings on the base of the pillars, stretching all around them. The culprit was someone currently driving down one of the highways on a black and red D-Wheel, chased by two members of Neo Domino City's Security. "Why, just why!? First Rin is kidnapped! Then, Yugo vanishes while searching for her! And now, we're being chased by frigging Security outta nowhere!"

They were a male teen around fourteen years old with emerald green eyes, his head covered by a black and red helmet that hid his hair, and wore a black and red jumpsuit under a black jacket, and red boots. "Who knows? Now stop complaining and drive the fuck away!"

He was smacked in the head by his companion, a female teen around the same age as him, with sky blue eyes, her head covered by a dark blue helmet that hid her hair, and wore a dark blue jumpsuit with white accents and white boots.

"Ow!" He yelped, before rubbing his head and complaining. "Oi, Kira! Stop hitting me, will ya!"

"No." Kira deadpanned. "Now, go faster, Kuro, god dammit!"

"You will not escape the hammer of law!" One of the two Duel Chasers snapped. "Field Magic, on!"

[Speed World Neo, activate. Duel Mode, on. Auto-Pilot, stand-by.] Their D-Wheels announced, as Kuro's own D-Wheel activated, a blue blade sprouting to life.

"Fuck!" Kira cursed, glaring at the Duel Chasers. "Damned Tops, aren't you already happy with what you have!? Do you need to hoard everything to yourselves!?"

"Shut the fuck up, Kira!" Kuro snapped, but he was glaring at the Duel Chasers as well. "You're shouting in my goddamn ear!"

"Sorry." Kira winced, before grabbing her own Duel Disk and strapping it to her right arm. "Anyways, I'm going in too! I don't want to just stand by while you kick their asses!"

"Heh." Kuro smirked. "Let's go, old friend."

Kira grinned, said grin promising terrible pain on the Duel Chasers. "Yeah, let's."


Kuro - LP: 8000

Kira - LP: 8000

DC 167 - LP: 8000

DC 329 - LP: 8000

"I'll go first!" Kuro declared. "I summon Bixi, Dracomet of Water (LV: 2/ATK: 0/DEF: 2000)!" The monster appeared on the field.

"Next up, I activate the Permanent Magic, Leyline of the Dracomet! But I can't activate any of its effects for now." The card appeared on the field, and Kuro grabbed another card in his hand. "I activate Foolish Burial, sending the Tuner Monster Liwen, Dracomet of Light, to the Graveyard!"

"Furthermore, I set two cards and end my turn." Two face-down cards appeared briefly, before vanishing, as the turn passed to DC 167.

"My turn! Draw!" DC 167 drew. "I summon Jutte Lord (LV: 4/ATK: 1600/DEF: 1200)! And since Jutte Lord was Summoned, I can Special Summon a "Jutte" monster from my hand! Come, Jutte Knight (LV: 2/ATK: 700/DEF: 900)!"

"There it comes…" Kuro muttered, glad that damned Melissa Claire wasn't there to record this duel. Kira clicked her tongue.

"I tune the Level 2 Jutte Knight with the Level 4 Jutte Lord! Synchro Summon! Goyo Predator (LV: 6/ATK: 2400/DEF: 1200)!" The humanoid monster appeared on the field, and Kuro smirked.

"There it is. I activate my Trap, Curse of Dracomet!" The card flipped open, revealing a Normal Trap. "When a monster with a different Attribute than a "Dracomet" monster I control is summoned, that monster's effects are negated! Furthermore, I destroy a "Dracomet" monster I control and draw a card for every monster with the same Attribute as yours in your Graveyard!"

"What!?" DC 167 widened his eyes in surprise, as Kira smirked and DC 329 frowned.

"I destroy Bixi, and since both Jutte Lord and Jutte Knight are Earth monsters, just like Goyo Predator, I draw two cards!" Kuro drew, smirking at the cards, before adding them to his hand and continuing. "And since Bixi was destroyed by a card effect, I Special Summon a "Dracomet" monster from my deck! Come, Suanni, Dracomet of Fire (LV: 4/ATK: 1900/DEF: 0)!"

"Good, good. Keep it up, Kuro!" Kira said, grinning maliciously.

"Oh, I will." Kuro replied, smirking. "Since a "Dracomet" monster was destroyed while Liwen is on the Graveyard, I Special Summon it (LV: 1/ATK: 0/DEF: 0)!"

"Anything else?" DC 167 asked, gritting his teeth in frustration.

"Nope, go ahead, fucker!" Kuro replied with a shit-eating grin.

"You won't escape the force of law!" DC 167 shouted. "Battle! Goyo Predator attacks Suani!"

"Oh yeah, I did have something else! It's called "Suanni's effect"!" Kuro abruptly shouted. "During my opponent's Main or Battle Phase, I can perform a Synchro Summon using "Dracomet" monsters I control! I tune the Level 1 Liwen with the Level 4 Suanni!"

The monsters turned into a single green technological ring and four stars respectively, with the latter going through the ring in a straight line before a beam of lightning shot through the ring, as Kuro chanted.

"Ancient dragon of transcendent light, descend, here and now! Synchro Summon! Ascend to the Skies, Level 5! Wangtianhou, Dracomet of Origin (LV: 5/ATK: 0/DEF: 2800)!"

The monster appeared, and Kuro grinned. "A Synchro Monster that was summoned using Suanni as material gains 500 attack and defense (Wangtianhou: ATK: 0 》500/DEF: 2800 》3300)!"

DC 167 glared at Kuro, that grinned widely in return. "Leyline of the Dracomet's effect activates! Since I have two different attributes in my Graveyard, my "Dracomet" monsters gain 500 attack (Wangtianhou: ATK: 500 》1000)! Liwen is banished since it left the field after it was Special Summoned through its own effect, so unfortunately, it can't be three."

"Furthermore, Wangtianhou lets me add a "Dracomet" card from my deck to my hand, since it was Special Summoned. I add Creation of Dracomet. Now I have nothing else."

"I cancel Goyo Predator's attack." DC 167 spat. "I set two cards and end my turn."

"Finally!" Kira scoffed. "You take too long, Kuro. My turn!" She drew, 'accidentally' smacking Kuro's head with the motion.


"I activate Triangular Formation of the Ice Barrier!" The Normal Magic appeared on the field. "By revealing three "Ice Barrier" monsters with different names in my hand, I destroy a card my opponent controls! I reveal Strategist, Fengshui Master, and Grenade to destroy the set card on the left!"

An ice spire shot from the Magic, revealing the Trap to be Dimensional Prison, before destroying it. "Furthermore, I Special Summon an "Ice Barrier" monster from my hand! Come, Grenade, Valiant Commander of the Ice Barrier (LV: 8/ATK: 2800/DEF: 1000)!"

"I Normal Summon Strategist of the Ice Barrier (LV: 4/ATK: 1600/DEF: 1600)! And since Grenade allows me to Normal Summon an "Ice Barrier" monster in addition to my Normal Summon this turn, I summon Fengshui Master of the Ice Barrier (LV: 3/ATK: 800/DEF: 1200)!" Two more monsters appeared on the field.

Kuro whistled. "Damn, Kira, you're on fire!"

Kira smirked in return. "More like 'on ice', but you know what I mean. I activate Strategist's effect! By discarding an "Ice Barrier" monster, such as Destructive Arts Master of the Ice Barrier, I draw a card!" She discarded and drew, before smirking at the card.

"I activate the Magic Medallion of the Ice Barrier, adding an "Ice Barrier" monster from my deck to my hand! I add Ganthara, Valiant Commander of the Ice Barrier!" She showed the card, before grabbing the other one in her hand. "I'll also activate another Magic, called Reinforcement of the Ice Barrier! With it, I draw a card for every "Ice Barrier" monster I control! With three, I draw three cards!"

She quickly restored her hand, smiling at the cards she drew, before hardening her gaze on the Duel Chasers. "I tune the Level 3 Fengshui Master with the Level 4 Strategist!" The Synchro animation played out, as she chanted.

"Freezing dragon of boiling anger! Rise over the barrier and harden your resolve! Synchro Summon! Storm through, Level 7! Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (LV: 7/ATK: 2500/DEF: 1700)!"

The icy dragon with red hues appeared, roaring and sending a chilling wind that made the Duel Chasers shiver. Kuro smirked. He really liked that monster. "Gungnir's effect! By discarding up to two cards from my hand, I can target that same number of cards you control and destroy them! I discard two to destroy Goyo Predator and your facedown!"

The dragon shot a blizzard that covered both cards, and when it vanished, they vanished with it. But DC 167 wasn't going to just let that happen. "I banish Goyo Protection from the Graveyard in order to Special Summon a "Goyo" monster from my Graveyard! I Special Summon Goyo Predator!"

"Not happening!" Kuro rebuked, flipping open his second set card. "Permanent Trap, Glare of Dracomet! During either player's turn, I can negate an effect up to the number of different Attributes in my Graveyard! I use my first time to negate Goyo Protection's effect!"

DC 167 grit his teeth, as Kira continued. "Moving on, since one of the cards I discarded was Watchman of the Ice Barrier, its effect activates! Since it was sent to the Graveyard by an "Ice Barrier" Synchro Monster's effect, I can draw a card for every Synchro Monster on the field! With Gungnir and Wangtianhou, I draw two!"

She looked at the cards she drew, before smirking. "I activate the Permanent Magic Ascension of the Ice Barrier! Once per turn, I can select an "Ice Barrier" monster I control, and Special Summon an "Ice Barrier" monster one Level lower from my hand! I select the Level 8 Grenade to Special Summon the Level 7 Ganthara (LV: 7/ATK: 2700/DEF: 2000)!"

"Three high-level monsters in one turn, with one of them being a Synchro Monster…" DC 329 muttered, before smiling a little. "She's good."

"Battle! Gungnir attacks you directly! Boiling Blizzard!" She pointed at DC 167, who clicked his tongue.

"I activate the effect of Jutte Guard in my hand!" He declared, showing the card. "By discarding it when a monster my opponent controls declares an attack, I can halve all damage I take until the End Phase!"

"Nope!" Kuro abruptly said. "Glare of the Dracomet negates it!"

DC 167 paled. That wasn't good. He was going to lose.

DC 167 - LP: 8000 》5500

"Go, Grenade, Ganthara! Attack directly!"

DC 167 - LP: 5500 》0

DC 167's D-Wheel broke down, letting out steam as it slowed down abruptly, making the other three duelists leave him behind.

"Due to Ascension's effect, if the monster Special Summoned by its effect declared an attack during the Battle Phase, I can add an "Ice Barrier" card from my Graveyard to my hand during the end of the Battle Phase." Kira said, smirking. "I add Reinforcement of the Ice Barrier and activate it, drawing three cards."

She looked at the cards, before setting two of them. "I set two cards and end my turn. Also, Ganthara allows me to select and Special Summon an "Ice Barrier" monster from my Graveyard! I Special Summon the Practitioner of the Ice Barrier I discarded with Gungnir (LV: 2/ATK: 1300/DEF: 0)!" She ended her turn with three cards in her hand, passing the turn to DC 329.

"And Glare of the Dracomet is destroyed at the End Phase of the turn it was activated." Kuro dutifully supplied, grimacing as his card destroyed itself. "But, since I used all its negates, I draw a card."

"You kids are good." He smirked. "Too bad I can't use my real deck. My turn! I draw!"

Kuro blinked. 'Real Deck?' He mouthed to Kira, who shrugged, as DC 329 continued. "I summon Jutte Lord, and activate its effect to Special Summon Jutte Knight from my hand!"

Kuro frowned. "The same move? Man, how lame."

"You call it lame? Then how about this! I activate the effect of Sasumata Gardna in my hand, lowering Gungnir's attack by 500 (Gungnir: ATK: 2500 》2000) and Special Summoning it (LV: 3/ATK: 1000/DEF: 2000)!"

Kira scowled. "Dammit." She hated when Gungnir, or any of her dragons, really, was weakened. They were her reason for continuing to duel, instead of just helping Kuro, Yugo, and Rin.

"Furthermore, I activate Star Changer, reducing Sasumata Gardna's Level by one (Sasumata Gardna: LV: 3 》2)! Now, I tune the level 2 Jutte Knight with the Level 4 Jutte Lord and the Level 2 Sasumata Gardna! Synchro Summon! Level 8! Goyo King (LV: 8/ATK: 2800/DEF: 2000)!"

Kuro clicked his tongue. "That monster… At least it's the only "Goyo" monster on the field."

"I activate Synchro Reward! For every Synchro Monster on the field and Graveyard, I draw a card! There are four, counting Goyo Predator on 167's Graveyard, so I draw four cards!" DC 329 raised his hand to five. "Now I activate the Goyo Call I just drew, allowing me to Special Summon a "Goyo" monster from my Extra Deck with a lower Level than a "Goyo" monster I control with its effects negated, ignoring it's summoning conditions!"

"...Okay, dammit." Kuro cursed, sighing. "He's gonna call Goyo Defender with that thing. And then two more."

"Exactly! I summon Goyo Defender (LV: 3/ATK: 1000/DEF: 1000)! And since all monsters I control are Earth Warrior Synchro Monsters, I Special Summon two more Goyo Defenders, but they cannot attack this turn!" Three identical monsters appeared, causing Kuro to frown. Kira, on the other hand, remained impassive.

"Now battle! Goyo King attacks-" DC 329 began, before Kira interrupted him.

"As long as I control another "Ice Barrier" monster, Level 4 or higher monsters cannot attack thanks to Practitioner's effect!" She stated, grinning widely.

DC 329 clicked his tongue. "I set two cards and end my turn. And due to Synchro Reward's effect, I discard my entire hand."

"And back to me!" Kuro drew, looking around for a way out of the highway. Seeing none, he clicked his tongue, and accelerated, making their opponent accelerate as well to try and keep up. Looking at his five-card hand, he made his move. "I activate the Magic Summoning of the Dracomet, Special Summoning a "Dracomet" monster from my deck with a different Attribute than a "Dracomet" monster I control! Wangtianhou is a Light monster, so I Special Summon the Earth Attribute Bi'an, Dracomet of Earth (LV: 3/ATK: 1600 》2100/DEF: 0)!"

"Now, I tune the Level 5 Wangtianhou with the Level 3 Bi'an!" He declared, his monsters doing the standard Synchro Summoning animation.

"That Synchro Monster is a tuner!?" DC 329 exclaimed in surprise.

"Ancient dragon of blinding light, descend, here and now! Synchro Summon! Ascend to the Skies, Level 8! Gongfu, Dracomet of Brightness (LV: 8/ATK: 2300 》2800/DEF: 2600)!"

The golden serpentine dragon with a dark red mane appeared, roaring. "Gongfu's effect! When it is Synchro Summoned, I can target cards on the field up to the number of original Attributes on the Wyrm monsters used as materials! With Earth and Light, I shuffle Goyo King and one of your Goyo Defenders back to your deck!"

"Goyo King's effect! When a monster was Summoned to my opponent's field, I can tribute a "Goyo" monster and take control of a Level 8 or lower monster my opponent controls! I Tribute one of my Goyo Defenders to take control of Gungnir!" DC 329 countered, revealing Goyo King's effect. "Furthermore, I activate my set card, the Trap Breakthrough Skill, targeting Gongfu and negating its effects until the End Phase!"

Kuro and Kira cursed in tandem. That guy was good. Better than most Duel Chasers they fought. Kuro narrowed his eyes. Well, Gongfu wasn't the only thing he could do. "Since Wangtianhou left the field, I can Special Summon a "Dracomet" monster from my deck! Come, Taotie, Dracomet of Evil (LV: 5/ATK: 2200 》2700/DEF: 0)!"

"Next up, I Normal Summon Jiaotu, Dracomet of Darkness (LV: 2/ATK: 0 》500/DEF: 2000)! And then, I tune the Level 2 Jiaotu with the Level 5 Taotie!"

"Ancient dragon of overflowing evil, descend, here and now! Synchro Summon! Ascend to the Skies, Level 7! Yazi, Dracomet of Wickedness (LV: 7/ATK: 2600 》3100/DEF: 2100)!"

The black dragon appeared on the field, roaring.

"Goyo King's effect!" DC 329 abruptly cried out, startling the two.

"It's not once per turn!?" Kuro shouted, widening his eyes.

"I tribute a second Goyo Defender to take control of Yazi!" DC 329 declared, causing Kuro to chuckle.

"Sorry, but you can't target Yazi with card effects. And even if you could, a monster Synchro Summoned with Taotie cannot be taken control of!" Kuro revealed, smirking.

"Then I'll just take control of Gongfu!" The serpentine dragon briefly vanished, before reappearing alongside Gungnir.

"Kuro?" Kira asked, her voice flat and her expression blank.

"Gotcha." He looked back, narrowing his eyes at Gungnir. He knew how much the monster meant for Kira. That's why he'd ensure it would no stay on their opponent's control.

He looked at his Graveyard, seeing that he had Water, Fire, Light, Earth, and Dark attributes in it. He knew Kira would prevent her cards' destruction, so he had no qualms on using Leyline of Dracomet's last effect, that needed five different Attributes on the Graveyard. He closed his eyes for a moment, before opening them, resolve to win shining on them.

"Leyline of Dracomet's effect! Since I have five different Attributes in my Graveyard, I can send this card to the Graveyard in order to destroy all cards on the field!" He declared, the highway cracking, golden light emerging from the cracks.

"What!?" DC 329 exclaimed, not expecting such an effect from a Permanent Magic he had dismissed.

"Trap Card, Blizzard Ring of the Ice Barrier!" Kira said, revealing her Trap. "If an "Ice Barrier" monster I control would be destroyed by a card effect, I can tribute another to prevent my cards from being destroyed by card effects until the End Phase! I tribute Practitioner!"

A blizzard enshrouded Kira's field, as both Kuro's and DC 329's fields became bare when the golden light erupted from the cracks, disintegrating all cards on both fields. Soon, the golden light died down, leaving a destroyed highway behind.

"Since Yazi was destroyed by a card effect, I Special Summon a Wyrm monster from my deck in defense position! I summon a second copy of Jiaotu!" The strange plated monster appeared again. "Then, I activate Path of the Dracomet, shuffling three "Dracomet" monsters in my Graveyard into my deck, and drawing two cards! I shuffle Jiaotu, Yazi, and Gongfu!"

He drew his cards, raising his hand to four, and looked at it. "Jiaotu's effect! By discarding two "Dracomet" cards, such as Pulao, Dracomet of Wind, and Creation of Dracomet, I can Special Summon two "Dracomet" monsters from my deck, one with zero attack, and one with zero defense! I Special Summon my second copies of Bixi and Taotie!"

"And since Jiaotu is a Tuner…" DC 329 muttered. "A Level 9 Synchro? Or, he'll summon a second copy of Wangtianhou and go for a Level 10 Synchro… Wait, my math is wrong with the latter."

"I tune my Level 2 Jiaotu with the Level 2 Bixi and the Level 5 Taotie!" Once more, the summoning animation played out, as Kuro chanted.

"Ancient dragon of ascended spirits, descend, here and now! Synchro Summon! Ascend to the Skies, Level 9! Chaofeng, Dracomet of Phantoms (LV: 9/ATK: 2800/DEF: 2200)!"

The multicolored feathered serpentine dragon appeared, roaring.

"As long as Chaofeng is on the field, you can't activate effects of Dark and Water monsters!" Kuro declared. "Next, I activate Transcendence of the Dracomet, drawing a card for every different Attribute in my Graveyard!"

"And with Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Light, and Dark…" Kira grinned, eager for their opponent's punishment.

"I draw six!" Kuro drew, raising his hand to seven. "Then, a "Dracomet" Synchro Monster I control gains 300 attack for each Attribute there is (Chaofeng: ATK: 2800 》4600)!"

"Now battle! Chaofeng attacks you directly!" Kuro declared.

"Trap Card, Chilling Rage of the Polar Ocean!" Kira spoke abruptly, her set card flipping open. "When a monster declares an attack, it gains 500 attack for every Water monster in the Graveyard! With two in Kuro's and six in mine, it gains 4000 attack (Chaofeng: ATK: 4600 》8600)!"

An icy aura covered Chaofeng, as it gathered energy in its mouth. "Go! Transcendent Tempest!"

DC 329 - LP: 8000 》0

Kira and Kuro Win!

As DC 329's D-Wheel broke down and the two youths left him behind, he smirked. "It was nice to see you again, kids." He muttered. "And we'll meet again."

Unaware of DC 329's words, Kuro and Kira exhaled a sigh of relief in tandem. "Fuck, that was completely unnecessary." Kuro grumbled, revving up his D-Wheel and accelerating, searching for a good spot to jump from the highway.

"You tell me." Kira scowled, putting her arms around Kuro as he accelerated, not wanting to be thrown away by the momentum. "Now come on. Let's go home."

Kuro grimaced. "Yeah… Let's."

Xyz Dimension

"Mei! Kisuke!" A young man called out amidst the chaos, as civilians and duelists alike ran away from Academia's assault. He had black hair and dark blue eyes, and wore a dark green long-sleeved shirt, torn black pants and dark green boots. A black and purple Duel Disk was strapped to his arm. "Come on…!"

Ever since the start of the invasion, Academia had been relentless with its attacks, only retreating when its own soldiers tired out. The Diamond Branch of Heartland Duel School had been annihilated, while the Heart Branch had gone into hiding, Anna being the contact between the hiding branch and the Spade and Clover Branches. Now, however, Academia seemed decided in annihilating the Spade Branch next, what with they deploying the Tyler Sisters.

"What the hell!?" The young man exclaimed, clutching his head. "It's as if we have a traitor- Wait."

A traitor! Of course! That was how they managed to deliver such a crippling blow to Heartland's Duelists! The young man shook his head. No time for that. He's in the middle of the fighting, he needed to find his friends!

"Dad! Haruto!" Or not.

"Kaito!" The young man said, running full throttle towards Clover's strongest duelist, who just stared brokenly at the carded members of his family. "Dammit!"

"Masaro…?" Kaito asked, looking at the young man as he stood between his crouched form and the Obelisk Force members that had carded Haruto and Dr. Faker. "What…?"

"Run, Kaito! I'll take care of them!" Masaro snapped, before activating his Duel Disk, the Obelisk Force members doing the same in turn.

"Well, boys, looks like we have a nice prize here!" Red said, grinning.

"I'll say!" Green laughed. "Not only we delivered a blow into Clover's best duelist, but we have engaged one of the Top Priorities!"

"Top Priorities?" Masaro parroted, confused.

"Oh, you don't know?" Yellow mocked. "What am I saying, of course you don't know! A Top Priority is a duelist that is dangerous to Academia's noble goal! Both you and Tenjo Kaito are Top Priorities, Yamazaki Masaro!"

"Who are the others!?" Masaro demanded, glaring at the Obelisk Force. That wasn't good. He was a target.

"I don't know why we should tell you." Yellow admitted. "But you'll soon be eliminated, so I think I can tell you the others. They are: Tsukumo Yuma, Kozuki Anna, Kamishiro Ryoga, Kamishiro Rio, Mizael, Vector, Byron Arclight, Kurosaki Shun, and Hirako Yuto!"

"Most of them are from the Heart Branch…!" Masaro widened his eyes. So that was why they went into hiding!

"But enough talk!" Red barked. "Let's eliminate him!"


Masaro - LP: 8000

Obelisk Red - LP: 8000

Obelisk Green - LP: 8000

Obelisk Yellow - LP: 8000

"I'll go first!" Masaro stated, before any of his opponents had the opportunity to do so. Their scowls and growls of displeasure were enough for him to know it was a good move. "I summon Verz Castor (LV: 4/ATK: 1750/DEF: 550), and activate its effect, allowing me to Normal Summon again! Come, Verz Heliolope (LV: 4/ATK: 1950/DEF: 650)!"

"Two Level 4 monsters." Green said, narrowing his eyes.

"It's coming." Red stated.

"Now, with my two Level 4 monsters, I build the Overlay Network!" Masaro declared, a yellow galaxy appearing in front of him, as he chanted.

"Chilling dragon of boiling wrath, succumb to the corruption and spread your dark ice over the horizon! Xyz Summon! Descend, Rank 4! Verz Ophion (RNK: 4/ATK: 2550/DEF: 1650)!"

The dragon appeared on the field, roaring in anger.

"As long as Verz Ophion is on the field, neither player can Special Summon Level 5 or higher monsters!" Masaro said, glaring at his opponents.

"And that monster is the reason Yamazaki Masaro is a Top Priority." Yellow stated, narrowing his eyes at the monster that defeated many members of Academia.

"By detaching one Overlay Unit, I add an "Invasion" card from my deck to my hand thanks to Ophion's effect." He continued. "I add Sudden Invasion of the Corrupted, and activate it! With it, I Special Summon a "Verz" monster from my Graveyard and another from my deck! Come, Verz Heliolope and Verz Kaitos (LV: 4/ATK: 1750/DEF: 1050)!"

The monsters appeared on the field. "Now, with my two Level 4 monsters, I build the Overlay Network!" The yellow galaxy portal appeared, as Masaro chanted.

"Earthen knight, succumb to the corruption and spread your false chivalry over the horizon! Xyz Summon! Descend, Rank 4! Verz Nightmare (RNK: 4/ATK: 950/DEF: 1950)!"

"I activate Xyz Treasure, drawing two cards since there are two Xyz Monsters on the field." He drew, and looked at his three-card hand. "I set two cards and end my turn!"

"My turn!" Red stated. "Draw! I activate the Magic Antique Gear Assault! With it, since my opponent controls more monsters than I do, I Special Summon three "Antique Gear" monsters with the same name from my deck, but they cannot declare an attack! I Special Summon Antique Gear Hound Dog (LV: 4/ATK: 1000/DEF: 1000 x3)!"

"Verz Nightmare's effect!" Masaro interrupted. "When my opponent Special Summons a monster, I can detach an Overlay Unit to change it to face-down defense position! Go! Corruption Intimidation!"

His monster swung its sword, causing a gust of dark wind to force the three Hound Dogs into face-down defense.

"Tch!" Red clicked his tongue. "I set three cards and end my turn!"

"My turn! I draw!" Green drew. "I also activate Antique Gear Assault, Special Summoning three Hound Dogs!"

"Corruption Intimidation!" Another swing, another gust of black wind, and the new Hound Dogs were changed into set monsters.

"But now your monster has used up its effect!" Green smirked. "I set three cards and end!"

"I draw!" Yellow declared, drawing a card.

"Trap Card, Corrosive Violence of the Invasion!" Masaro abruptly stated. "By banishing a "Verz" monster on the field, I can destroy all Magic or Trap cards my opponent controls, and prevent them from setting any Magic or Traps for the rest of this turn! I banish Verz Nightmare!"

"Kuh-!" Red grunted, as both his and Green's set cards were blown away by another gust of black wind.

"That does nothing to me!" Yellow stated. "I also activate Antique Gear Assault! Come, Antique Gear Hound Dog!"

"Trap Card, Other Dimension Rebirth!" Masaro's second set card flipped open. "I Special Summon a banished Xyz Monster and attach this card to it as an Overlay Unit! Come, Verz Nightmare!" The monster reappeared on the field.

"Wait… That means-!"

"Yes!" Masaro interrupted Yellow. "Nightmare! Corruption Intimidation!"

Three more Hound Dogs were set, and since Yellow couldn't do anything else, he just ended his turn.

"My turn!" Masaro drew, looking at the two cards on his hand. "I activate Xyz Sacrifice, banishing a Rank 6 or lower Xyz monster I control in order to draw a card for every Rank it has. I banish Nightmare to draw four cards! Furthermore, I detach the last unit from Ophion to add Pandemic Contagion of the Invasion to my hand."

"Moving on, I Normal Summon Verz Kerykeion (LV: 4/ATK: 1600/DEF: 1550)! And I activate its effect, banishing Verz Heliolope from my Graveyard in order to add Verz Castor from my Graveyard to my hand. And since this effect resolved successfully, I can Normal Summon a "Verz" Monster. Return to the field, Castor!"

The warrior reappeared, and Masaro wasted no time in using its effect, Normal Summoning Verz Olanta (LV: 4/ATK: 1650/DEF: 1250). "Now, with my three Level 4 monsters, I build the Overlay Network!"

"Chilling dragon of the three spears, succumb to the corruption and spread your dark blizzard over the horizon! Xyz Summon! Descend, Rank 4! Verz Ouroboros (RNK: 4/ATK: 2750/DEF: 1950)!"

The corrupted three-headed dragon appeared on the field, roaring.

"Verz Ouroboros' effect! By detaching an Overlay Unit, I can activate one of three effects. I activate the second, sending a random card from your hands to the Graveyard!" He stated, the dragon roaring as an orb was consumed. The results were both Red and Green having only one card on their hands, while Yellow had four.

Masaro looked at his four-card hand, and smirked. "I activate the Equip Magic Unrelenting Darkness!" A dark miasma appeared around Ouroboros, causing it to roar. "I can only equip it to the Dark monster with highest attack I control. Now, Ouroboros can attack every monster my opponent controls once each, but it cannot attack directly if it does."

"That means…!" Red gasped, widening his eyes as he read the card's effects on his Duel Disk.

"Yes!" Masaro snarled. "But before that, I'll activate the Permanent Magic Tenacious Force of the Dark. Now battle! Verz Ouroboros, attack all set Hunting Hounds!"

"But they're in defense position, so we'll take no damage!" Yellow cried out, sweating nervously at the menacing monster.

"No." Red interrupted. "Unrelenting Darkness allows the equipped monster to inflict piercing damage."

"That means…" Green did some quick math on his head. "We each take 5250 points of damage!"

"Exactly!" Masaro grinned viciously. "Go, Ouroboros! Infinity Dark Blizzard!"

Red, Green, Yellow - LP: 8000 》2750

"Now, Ophion will attack you!" He pointed at Yellow. "And thanks to Tenacious Force of the Dark, once per turn, if a Dark monster I control battles, it gains 300 attack for every Dark monster on the field! With two, it gains 600 (Verz Ophion: ATK: 2550 》3150)! Go! Dark Frost Burn!"

Yellow - LP: 2750 》0

"With this, I end the Battle Phase, Ophion's attack returning to normal (Ophion: ATK: 3150 》2550). I set two cards and end my turn, with Unrelenting Darkness' final effect allowing me to draw a card for every two monsters the equipped monster destroyed by battle. With nine, I draw four cards." He looked at the cards and smirked, while mentally noting the monsters on his Graveyard, that is, Kerykeion and Kaitos.

"My turn!" Red drew, nervous. Yellow had just been one-turn-killed, and he and Green had been dealt huge damage. Looking at the card he drew, he sighed in relief. "I activate Antique Gear Dismantling Compensation! With this, I draw a card for every "Antique Gear" monster on my Graveyard that was sent there on the previous turn! With my tree Hounds, I draw three cards!"

Masaro narrowed his eyes. That meant Red could possibly issue a comeback.

"Furthermore, I activate Antique Gear Double Imitate, Special Summoning two copies of Antique Gear Hound Dog from Yellow's Graveyard with their effects negated!" The two mechanical dogs appeared on the field.

"And finally, I release both Hound Dogs to Advance Summon Antique Gear Dire Wolf (Earth/Machine/Effect/Level 7/ATK 2700/DEF 1500)!" A large mechanical wolf appeared on the field.

"Dire Wolf gains 300 attack for every "Antique Gear" monsters in each player's Graveyard. With nine, its attack is effectively doubled (Dire Wolf: ATK: 2700 》5400)!" Red stated, causing Green to smirk and Masaro to frown.

"Battle! Antique Gear Dire Wolf attacks Verz Ophion!" The wolf charged. "In addition, when Dire Wolf attacks, the opponent cannot activate Magic or Trap cards!"

Ophion was the wolf's unfortunate victim, as Masaro shielded his face from the aftermath.

Masaro - LP: 8000 》5150

"I activate the Quick-Play Rank-Up-Magic Invasion Force!" Masaro's first set card flipped open. "I Special Summon a "Verz" Xyz Monster that was destroyed by battle this turn, and rank it up into a "Verz" Xyz Monster with a higher Rank! Return, Ophion, and become the stepping stone to victory!"

Green started, with wide eyes. "What!?"

"A Rank-Up-Magic!?" Red exclaimed in surprise.

The corrupted dragon returned, before turning into a stream of dark purple light and going inside of a yellow galaxy, as Masaro chanted.

"Frozen dragon of the cold prison, be unbound from your shackles to spread the corruption beyond the horizon! Rank-Up Xyz Change! Descend, Rank 8! Counterverz Tiamat (Dark/Dragon/Xyz/Effect/Rank 8/ATK: 3750/DEF: 2950)!"

A three-headed white and icy blue dragon covered in sharp dark armor appeared, letting out a resounding roar that paused the fighting for a moment. Many members of the Resistance recognised it as Masaro's monster.

"Tiamat?" Kaito wondered, being rooted to the spot since Masaro had appeared to confront the soldiers who carded his father and brother. "That dragon…"

Red clicked his tongue. "I set a card and end my turn!"

"My turn!" Green stated, drawing a card. "I activate Antique Gear Junkyard Fusion! By banishing "Antique Gear" monsters from both players' graveyards, I can perform a Fusion Summon! I banish Yellow's three Hound Dogs plus one of mine!"

"Mechanical hounds who carry the ancient spirits, flock together and become one with new power! Fusion Summon! Appear now! Level 10! Antique Gear Chaos Giant (LV: 10/ATK: 4500/DEF: 3000)!"

"Battle! Antique Gear Chaos Giant, attack Verz Ouroboros! Furthermore, Chaos Giant is unaffected by Magic and Trap effects, your monsters cannot activate their effects during the Battle Phase, it can attack all monsters my opponent controls, and inflict piercing damage! You're finished!" Green gloated, grinning victoriously.

"No." Masaro abruptly stated. "As long as Tiamat is on the field, Level 5 or higher monsters have their effects negated."

Green widened his eyes. "What!?"

"Tenacious Force of the Dark's effect! Ouroboros gains 900 attack, with three Dark monsters on the field (Ouroboros: ATK: 2750 》3650)! Furthermore, my Permanent Magic prevents Ouroboros' destruction!" Masaro declared, glaring at his opponents.

Masaro - LP: 5150 》4300

"Tch!" Green clicked his tongue, glaring back at Masaro. "I end my turn with this (Ouroboros: ATK: 3650 》2750)!"

"My turn!" Masaro drew. "Ouroboros' effect! By detaching an Overlay Unit, I activate its first effect, returning your Chaos Giant to your Extra Deck!"

Green paled. He was now defenseless. He hadn't drawn any Quick-Play Magics, Traps, or Hand Traps. "Tiamat's effect! By detaching one Overlay Unit, I can banish a Dragon monster from my Deck or Extra Deck, and in turn, banish a monster you control! I banish Verz Bahamut from my Extra Deck in order to banish your Dire Wolf!"

With both members of the Obelisk Force defenseless, Masaro went for the kill. "Battle!"

"I activate the Permanent Trap, Fusion Trench!" Red declared, his set card flipping open. "Only Fusion Monsters can declare an attack!"

Masaro's expression hardened. "And do you think I didn't plan for this, scum? I activate the Quick-Play Magic, Pandemic Contagion of the Invasion! Now, "Verz" monsters I control are unaffected by Magic or Trap Cards!"

"That's the card you added through Ophion's effect on your last turn…!" Green grit his teeth in anger.

"Exactly! Now meet your end, scum!" Masaro shouted, anger and hatred coursing through his mind and twisting his face. "Suffer like you made the denizens of this dimension suffer! Ouroboros! Tiamat! Attack them directly! Infinity Dark Blizzard and Frozen Creation of Darkness!"

The two monsters roared, before Ouroboros flapped its wings, generating a large dark-colored blizzard, and Tiamat unleashed a sea of blackened frozen mud.

Red and Green - LP: 2750 》0

Masaro Wins!

After seeing Red and Green vanish into the blue particles, just like Yellow had done, Masaro sighed as he deactivated his Duel Disk. He turned to look at Kaito, before helping the elder youth get to his feet. "You heard them. We're targets."

"What should we do, then?" Kaito frowned. The sounds of battle around them was slowly vanishing, as members of the Resistance were either carded or escaped.

"...Leave. Wander through Heartland and find the Heart Branch." Masaro stated grimly, as Kaito pocketed the cards of his family. "They hid so that the other Top Priorities wouldn't make them a bigger target. We should reach them to do the same and not paint a target on the rest of the Resistance's backs."

"...Lead the way."

Masaro nodded, before he and Kaito ran away from the fighting, drawing as many attention from the Academia soldiers as possible, in order to create a distraction for the Resistance to escape. "Come, Verz Ophion! Dark Frost Burn!"

"Come, Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon! Cipher Stream of Destruction!"

If they weren't enough, then their monsters surely were.

"So? What should we do?" A young man asked, crossing his arms behind his head. He had messy black hair and emerald green eyes, and wore a black jacket with gold trims over a black t-shirt, white sweatpants, and black sneakers. He wore a shield-like sea green Duel Disk with beige trims.

One of his companions frowned, deep in thought. "I don't know, Ryuuken. You somehow managed to calm down Yuri from his rampage upon discovering that his surrogate sister had been kidnapped, but the Professor is likely to keep you, and by association, us, here in Fusion. At least for the next few days. If only to keep Yuri in check."

Said companion had messy silver hair tied in a ponytail, grey eyes, and wore a black jacket over a gray shirt, light blue jeans, and black and white shoes. He was currently leaning against a wall, his arms crossed. Ryuuken frowned in response to his companion's words, before sighing. "You're probably right, Kanjo. Dammit. By the way, where's Raijin? I noticed he wasn't with you."

Kanjo deadpanned at Ryuuken, before pointing at a seemingly random direction. As the black-haired youth looked in that direction, he adopted the same deadpan look as Kanjo. Raijin was a dark green-haired youth the same age as the former two, with blue eyes, and wore a dark blue hoodie, black pants and white shoes. And he was currently glaring at nothing.

"Honestly, he's like one of these anime characters obsessed with revenge." Kanjo grumbled, lowering his arm. "I didn't want to babysit him, but no, someone has to run damage control."

Ryuuken patted his friend's shoulder, a sympathetic expression on his face. "Sucks to be you. Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to check on Yuri."

"Don't embarrass him." Kanjo replied tiredly, not taking his eyes off Raijin. "Last time you did, I had to listen to him complaining about 'Ryuuken-nii'. Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't turn psychotic, what with Sanders down there."

Ryuuken gave Kanjo a 'no promises' smile, that soon vanished as he walked away, memories shooting past his head, in particular one that was the catalyst for Yuri's current personality. Said boy with glowing purple eyes, the shadow of a large demonic dragon emerging behind him as he confronted someone with the same face as him.

...Ryuuken would not allow that to pass.

Heyo. SoulMatter here, with the newest chapter of Dusk Revolution. This time, I'm starting by emphasizing the fact that this fic, much like Dawn of Twilight, from Haoh Ryu Z-ARC, has many characters. Seriously, go read that fic. It's awesome. Ahem! Back to Dusk Revolution. Here, I have pretty much derailed a nice part of canon by having Yuya meet up with Kurosaki and Yuto properly. You may argue that I had already done that with the girls' rescue. Yes, I did. But with this, canon has been derailed even further. There will be an explanation for Yuzu's bracelet not teleporting one of the boys away down the line, don't worry.

Anywho, this chapter introduces us to Kira, Kuro, and Masaro, wielders of the Yang Zings, Ice Barriers and Evilswarms. Their duels were fun to write, even with me focusing on other drafts, and I genuinely liked writing them, what is a first to me. Usually, I don't really like writing duels with actual archetypes, but these ones were actually fun.

And now, my favorite characters of Dusk Revolution: Ryuuken, Kanjo, and Raijin. They'll be recurring antagonists, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! Now, onto the OC Cards! Happy New Year, everyone!

Kuro's Cards:

Summoning of the Dracomet (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Target a "Dracomet" monster you control; Special Summon a "Dracomet" monster with a different Attribute from your deck. If you have five or more different Attributes in your Graveyard when this card is activated, you can draw a card for every different Attribute on the field. You can only activate one "Summoning of the Dracomet" per turn.

Transcendence of the Dracomet (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Draw a card for every different Attribute in your Graveyard; After this effect resolves, if possible, target a "Dracomet" Synchro Monster you control. It gains 300 ATK for every different Attribute. You can only activate one "Transcendence of Dracomet" per turn.

Curse of Dracomet (Trap/Normal)

Effect: When your opponent Special Summons a monster with a different Attribute than a "Dracomet" monster you control; Negate its effects, and if you do, draw a card for every monster with the same Attribute as the Summoned monster in your opponent's Graveyard. You can only activate one "Curse of Dracomet" per turn.

Glare of Dracomet (Trap/Permanent)

Effect: During the turn this card was activated; You can negate your opponent's card effect once for every different Attribute in your Graveyard the moment this card was activated. During the End Phase, destroy this card, and if you negated the same number of effects as there were different Attributes in the Graveyard when this card was activated; Draw a card. You can only activate one "Glare of Dracomet" per turn.

Kira's Cards:

Watchman of the Ice Barrier (Water/Spellcaster/Effect/Level 5/ATK 2000/DEF 200)

Effect: If this card was sent to the Graveyard by an "Ice Barrier" Synchro Monster's effect; Draw a card for every Synchro Monster on the field. Monsters your opponent controls cannot target "Ice Barrier" monsters you control with card effects. If an "Ice Barrier" monster you controls is attacked by your opponent's monster; It gains 500 ATK.

Reinforcement of the Ice Barrier (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Draw a card for every "Ice Barrier" monster you control.

Ascension of the Ice Barrier (Magic/Permanent)

Effect: Once per turn, you can select an "Ice Barrier" monster you control; Special Summon an "Ice Barrier" monster with a lower Level from your hand. During the end of your Battle Phase, if a monster Special Summoned by this card's effect declared an attack, you can add an "Ice Barrier" card from your Graveyard to your hand.

Blizzard Ring of the Ice Barrier (Trap/Normal)

Effect: If an "Ice Barrier" monster you control would be destroyed by a card effect; You can tribute an "Ice Barrier" monster you control to prevent all other cards you control from being destroyed by card effects until the End Phase.

Chilling Rage of the Polar Ocean (Trap/Normal)

Effect: When a monster declares an attack; It gains 500 ATK for every Water monster in both players' Graveyards until the End Phase, and it cannot be destroyed by battle, except by a Fire monster.

DC 167's Cards:

Jutte Guard (Earth/Warrior/Tuner/Effect/Level 1/ATK 100/DEF 300)

Effect: When a monster your opponent controls declares an attack, you can discard this monster; Halve all the damage you take until the End Phase. During your opponent's Battle Phase, if this card is in your Graveyard, except during the turn it was sent there; Banish his monster from your Graveyard, and if you do, end the Battle Phase. You can only activate one effect of "Jutte Guard" per turn, and only once that turn.

Goyo Protection (Trap/Normal)

Effect: If a "Goyo" monster you control would be destroyed by battle or card effect; Negate its destruction and draw a card. You can banish this card from your Graveyard; Special Summon a "Goyo" monster from your Graveyard in attack position.

DC 329's Cards

Synchro Reward (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Draw a card for every Synchro Monster in either player's field and Graveyard, but send all cards in your hand to the Graveyard during the End Phase. You can only activate one "Synchro Reward" per turn.

Goyo Call (Magic/Normal)

Effect: If you control a "Goyo" Synchro Monster; Special Summon a "Goyo" Synchro Monster from the Extra Deck with its effects negated from your Extra Deck, ignoring its Summoning Conditions, but it cannot declare an attack.

Masaro's Cards:

Counterverz Tiamat (Dark/Dragon/Xyz/Effect/Rank 8/ATK 3750/DEF 2950)

Effect: 3 Level 8 "Verz" monsters

Level 5 or higher monsters on the field have their effects negated. Once per turn, you can detach one Xyz Material from this card; Activate 1 of the following effects:

● Banish a Dragon monster from your Deck or Extra Deck; Target and banish a monster your opponent controls.

● Banish a Level 4 or lower "Verz" monster from your hand; Target and banish cards from your opponent's field and Graveyard for every Level the banished monster had.

Sudden Invasion of the Corrupted (Magic/Normal)

Effect: If you control a "Verz" Xyz Monster; Special Summon 2 "Verz" monsters, one from your Graveyard and one from your deck with their effects negated. You can only activate one "Sudden Invasion of the Corrupted" per turn.

Xyz Sacrifice (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Target a Rank 6 or lower Xyz Monster you control; Banish it, and draw a card for every Rank it had.

Unrelenting Darkness (Magic/Equip)

Effect: This card can only be equipped to the Dark monster with highest ATK you control. The monster equipped with this card can attack all monsters your opponent controls once each, and if it does, it cannot attack directly during the Battle Phase it attacked a monster. The monster equipped with this card can inflict Piercing Damage. During the End Phase; Draw a card for every two monsters the equipped monster destroyed by battle.

Tenacious Force of the Dark (Magic/Permanent)

Effect: If a Dark monsters you control would be destroyed by battle; Negate the destruction. Once per turn (Quick Effect): If a Dark monster you control battles, it gains 300 ATK for every Dark monster on the field until the end of the Battle Phase.

Rank-Up-Magic Invasion Force (Magic/Quick-Play)

Effect: Target a "Verz" Xyz Monster that was destroyed by battle and eiter sent to the Graveyard or banished this turn; Special Summon it, and if you do, Xyz Summon a "Verz" Xyz Monster with a higher Rank than the Summoned monster from the Extra Deck, using it as material. If the monster is summoned successfully, your opponent's Xyz Monsters lose 1000 ATK for every Xyz Material they have.

Corrosive Violence of the Invasion (Trap/Normal)

Effect: You can banish a "Verz" monster you control; Destroy all Magic and Trap cards your opponent controls, and they cannot Set any Magic or Trap cards until the End Phase.

Other Dimension Rebirth (Trap/Normal)

Effect: Target a Dark Xyz Monster on your Banished Zone; Special Summon it in attack position, and attach this card to it as a Xyz Material. You can only activate one "Other Dimension Rebirth" per turn.

Obelisk Force's Cards:

Antique Gear Dire Wolf (Earth/Machine/Effect/Level 7/ATK 2700/DEF 1500)

Effect: If this card was Advance Summoned; This monster gains 300 ATK for each "Antique Gear" monster in either player's Graveyard. When this monster declares an attack, your opponent cannot activate Magic or Trap cards until the end of the Damage Step.

Antique Gear Assault (Magic/Normal)

Effect: If your opponent controls more monsters than you do: Special Summon up to 3 monsters with the same name from your deck. You can only activate one "Antique Gear Assault" per turn.

Antique Gear Dismantling Compensation (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Draw a card for every "Antique Gear" monster in your Graveyard that was sent there the previous turn. You can only activate one "Antique Gear Dismantling Compensation" once per turn.

Antique Gear Junkyard Fusion (Magic/Normal)

Effect: Fusion Summon an "Antique Gear" monster by banishing "Antique Gear" monsters from either player's Graveyard. You can only activate one "Antique Gear Junkyard Fusion" per turn.