Entering the apartment, Dr. Princess leaned against the door and stayed there for a while, breathing hard, as if she had just run for her life. However, her eyes were bright, and a grin of pure bliss enlightened her face.

When she walked into the apartment, it got even weirder. She threw her bag in a corner and did a couple of whirls in the middle of the room as if she was dancing to imaginary music. Finally, she stopped and rested against the sofa and heaved a sigh, "It's happening. It's happening for real," she proclaimed.

What? At that moment, I didn't have a clue about the gigantic step she and her Sweet Baboo were about to take. Dr. Princess left for her bedroom, and I started thinking hard on what she could be referring to.

I like Sweet Baboo, even if there have been times I just wanted to sneak into his home and bite his face off. He loves my friend, I know this; still, I saw Dr. Princess going through so much because of him.

Dr. Princess is such a precious human. Have you told why I call her that? Well, obviously she is a doctor, a neurobiologist to be precise. She is also a princess, a real one, with a tiara and everything! She cherishes her tiara. She polishes and takes care of it, and when she still lived alone,she would randomly wear it, even in her night attire, and then spend the night like that - a warm flannel robe, a good book, a glass of wine and her precious tiara.

I am sorry; that's beside the point. As I said, I like Sweet Baboo. Sure, he's the craziest person I have ever known, but I can't think of a better match for Dr. Princess. She has a particular personality herself, and it's made it difficult for her to meet people. Think what you want about him, I just know that ever since she met him, not only is she happier, but she even got to meet a bunch of new friends. I am grateful for her, and partially for myself as well: the days when the only visitors were spiteful monkeys with an addiction problem are over.

I remember how surprised I was when she first invited him here and ended up kissing him. It was also the day I first saw her really drunk, which made that night more interesting. He did not have the reaction one would expect though. He was confused, kind of blindsided, and possibly fascinated by her kiss (and the subsequent, not related, vomiting and passing out). He could have taken advantage of it; instead, he took care of her and respected her like a gentleman.

It took a little more time before they realized they were meant to be a couple. I witnessed several of their date nights. I heard Dr. Princess recalling to some of her new friends how their Valentine's day became incredible after he kissed her passionately in the middle of an argument. I even saw him spanking her once. That was weird.

If you wonder why I ever thought to hurt him, it's because it hadn't been all good until then. My poor Dr. Princess went through so much pain because of him. I remember this short, heavy call when she told him she needed a break, and then the poor thing sighed deeply and left for the bedroom. I heard the sobs.

It was even worse the day after. She returned pale, red-eyed, deeply upset. Not even able to go to the other room, she leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor, crying helplessly right in front of me. I would have given anything to say or do something to comfort her. I couldn't.

Those were terrible weeks for us. We were all so affectionate to Dr. Princess, and witnessing her being so miserable without being able to do anything made us feel so powerless. Every night, she cried. Oh, she tried so hard not to do it. Many days she even prevented it... as long the lights were on. You only needed to approach the bedroom door to hear her quiet sobs in the pillow.

This went on until a week before that fateful night. Dr. Princess brought home someone else. Funny guy, I have to admit. The English Giant, we call him. The reason is straightforward: he has an adorable British accent, and he is tall. Sweet Baboo is also tall, but that guy… he was monumental.

I admit it surprised me that she would want to deal with another man. She clearly still suffered for Sweet Baboo. And how long had they been dating? They talked like they already met other times. I caught glimpses of Dr. Princess smiling from time to time. Those smiles were not even close to the ones she used to gave that idiot Sweet Baboo, but at least she wasn't crying. We all have to give credit to the English Giant for this.

Even more surprising was what happened later that night when the Giant tried to kiss her. As if summoned by magic, Sweet Baboo's signature triple knocking at the door echoed in the living room exactly at that moment.

He was there to claim her back! It was incredible. He mentioned a song, heartworms and poodles, and finally declared his love to her, and so did Dr. Princess. Oh, and their kiss then! I internally screamed. I had never seen them kissing that way… with such hunger, with such love.

Not to mention… that was the longest kiss. Ever. They had long make out sessions before, but that kiss - a league of its own. I sincerely thought they just didn't need air anymore. Even when they moved to the couch, they did not detach. Poor kids, how much they must have missed each other? They used to talk a lot and touch so little. They spent that whole night hardly speaking and never breaking their embrace. Eventually, they fell asleep together in the living room, still holding each other.

I am getting way off topic again here. Where was I? Oh right. Dr. Princess entered the apartment electrified about something, a state of such agitation I had never seen in her before. When she finally came back from the bedroom, it even got weirder. She was dressed up for date night (that's when she graces us all by leaving behind the grandma clothes and slips into some cute floral dress), still she kept behaving too oddly to be only that. Not to mention the lounge music and the candles that at a certain point popped up all around the living room. Sweet Baboo never seemed to be the sort of human who likes candles.

On top of everything, the more time passed that he was closer to arriving, the more Dr. Princess was nervous. It was clear how it wasn't just trepidation to meet her boyfriend. She kept forgetting what she had just done; her hands were shaking. She muttered something to herself occasionally. She beamed, and at the same time she seemed on the verge of crying.

"Birthday girl! Birthday girl! Birthday girl!"

She startled at Sweet Baboo's unique knocking. Then, instead of going to open the door for him, she laid down on the couch. Well, lying doesn't do justice to it. She definitely put herself on display. "Come in!" She said in an adorable voice. Oh Princess, do not ever change.

Well, too bad she forgot the door was deadbolted. Sweet Baboo peeked from the tight opening as she quickly went to let him in. He had flowers! He never bought her flowers. He once gave her a mushroom log, but actual members of the plant kingdom? Not even in our wildest dreams.

Once inside, he talked about chasing lost balloons and dinner plans with a gigantic loving smirk on his face. I am not sure how much she was paying attention to it. It wasn't easy from my position, but I spotted from the corner of my eye Dr. Princess arranging the flowers and then jolting slightly and smiling weirdly, fixing her hair, taking a deep breath.

They sat together on the couch. Dr. Princess was eager to open her birthday presents, and some nonsense went on about the way they pronounce 'give it'.

And then she said it.

"I know your present is… for us, to be intimate tonight."

I can't explain how I didn't fall off my shelf. How the creatures of the whole room didn't fall out of their places. That was pretty shocking news. They were about to mate! Honestly, I wouldn't have believed someone telling me this if I hadn't heard it myself.

They were two naïve virgins at the time. Of course she was so nervous! He seemed more confident about it. He asked for her explicit consent. Well, say what you will about Sweet Baboo, but he proved to be an honorable man.

Oh, and he really was ready for this. When she inquired about the reason he had chosen that night for them to take that huge step, he declared that it was to show her how important she was for him. And I thought the Heartworm declaration was sweet!

Still, I wasn't yet sure they would go all the way with it. I can't stress enough how much of a big thing it was for them. Many of my doubts shaded a bit witnessing the way they made out then on that couch. Hoo! Just know that Dr. Princess somehow ended up sitting in his lap, his hands all over her and especially on her thighs and hips, almost up to her breast. He had been a bit handy the previous week during the big reunion making out session, but those bold moves were brand new. Too bad they decided to stop and move that to the bedroom before he could reach second base…

They were leaving when Sweet Baboo asked Dr. Princess to sign a nondisclosure agreement. She tried to resist the idea and then quickly gave up to make him happy. My sweet, sweet Baboo. You should have had us sign one as well... Not that I would have respected it anyway.

They left hand in hand, smiling softly to each other. Once the bedroom's door closed behind them, it suddenly felt real. Dr. Princess led her Sweet Baboo in her bedroom, and she didn't even need the Tardis door! Their love had been enough.

I stayed in my spot for a while. Who knew what was happening for real in that room. What was I supposed to do? We didn't have a policy for this kind of situation. Kissing? Fine. Make out sessions? Fine. Discipline inducing spanking? Again, awkward, but fine. Mating? Not in protocol yet.

Eventually, my curiosity won and I discreetly left the bookshelf to come closer to the bedroom. Hopefully, they were too busy to realize the door was opened slightly.

They weren't yet, but definitely both were way too focused to see anything else but each other. Dr. Princess had just come back from the bathroom, wearing the shortest nightgown I'd ever seen on her (it wasn't really that short, it's just we are really not used to see much above her ankles).

Sweet Baboo waited for her under the covers in his undergarments. I- I was sure he had never looked at her in such a way.



They greeted each other. His eyes kept roaming over her. I didn't think there was much lust in that. Mostly, he was admiring her. He was in awe.

"So, um… should I get under the covers with you?" She shyly asked. He agreed, and Dr. Princess reached him there. Oh, I had forgotten how cute she is without her glasses on. With the fancy hair she had for the night, I bet Sweet Baboo couldn't resist her. She was absolutely a cutie.

I wondered what she was thinking in that moment. There must have been a thousand different emotions in that bright, oily head of hers. I guess she was happy, excited, curious. She most surely was also nervous, scared, insecure. While he never took his eyes off her, she now seemed unable to look back at him. She was anxiously scrambling the bedsheets and holding them close to her, almost like she wanted to cover herself.



They said again, together. I was mostly surprised by how resolute he seemed. I always thought he despised human touch, and although he had grown to love Dr. Princess's, mating with her was definitely a huge step. Earlier, he explained the reasons that had led him to his choice. I would have understood if he freaked out a little. Instead, he kept staring at her with those eyes full of pure, unconditional love.

"Why are you shaking?" Sweet Baboo asked, "Are you cold?"

"I'm just, um... really nervous."

Nervous was an understatement. My poor child was trembling like a leaf.

Sweet Baboo seemed surprised by her answer anyway, "Why?" he inquired, worried.

Finally, Dr. Princess turned to him, "Well… I've been waiting for this for so long… I've just... built it up in my head. I don't know what to expect," she admitted.

Sweet Baboo adjusted himself on the bed so he could face her better, and kindly shrugged, "Neither do I," he conceded, "But… we can find out together."

He had found the very best thing to say to reassure her. Oh boy, if that was right. In that moment it must have sounded even more powerful than any love declaration.

Her face softened, and she smiled softly. "Okay," she simply said. Then she rested her hand on his cheek, and they closed their eyes before exchanging a chaste, yet eager, kiss. I suddenly felt guilty for watching such an intimate moment, so I left.

Despite my best efforts to give them their privacy, they did whatever they could to capture my attention. Being primates like me and my sisters, I knew I needed to expect some kind of noise from that bedroom. But Dr. Princess… let's say I didn't imagine she could be that vocal. And they say monkeys are loud! In the time I remained in the living room, I heard her screaming his name at least three times. I also heard a few interrogatives 'Why?' from his side, but this is another story. No, really, what he was inquiring about? Mating isn't exactly rocket science.

It was a little after her third scream when I checked back to see what was going on. I mean, that was intense. Sweet Baboo either was superb at it, or she was dead now.

They seemed very much still alive. From my secret spot behind the half-closed door, I could see Sweet Baboo moving over Dr. Princess more and more frantically. He held her leg to thrust as deeply as he could; funny sounds came from both. That's how humans usually mate. Except I was sure on average it didn't last so long? I heard screams for hours by then.

They exchanged complicity looks and loving smiles. He rested his forehead on hers and stole a kiss.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I love you, too."

Both closed their eyes. Dr. Princess hung on his shoulders while Sweet Baboo buried his head in her neck as she cried again that night. It didn't take long before it was his turn.

He caught his breath while he was still over her, and she placed small kisses on his face from time to time. Once he recovered, he rolled away to lie next to her. He must have missed her contact already as he immediately reached for her hand to hold it.

They remained that way for a while. Dr. Princess had a grin larger than her face. He looked relaxed and satisfied. I wondered if he understood how badly he had underestimated the joy of lovemaking.

It was time to return to my home in the library. What a view, from the top shelf! In the new home, I ended up in the bottom one. I don't complain though; I am glad they still found a little place for me, a silly statue of a monkey playing cymbals.