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Stardate 2116.352

I have been studying The Logical One for years and have become accustomed to his unconventional habits, so his desire to abandon them was quite puzzling. This man, who previously rejected the prospect of leaving the sanctuary of his habitat and recoiled from all forms of physical contact, was in favor of co-habitating in a new environment with a female of his species.

After moving in with The Nurse Chapel Emulator, there was an adjustment period as he settled into a new routine. His meal schedule has become somewhat less rigid, and it appears he does not favor one side of the sofa over the other, but he still prefers to keep some semblance of homeostasis. Perhaps the most obvious is his strict bedtime schedule. Each night the lights are out at precisely 2200 hours, and they do not awaken until 0600 hours the following day.

Tonight's deviation from the schedule is illogical. After a mere two hours of lying in bed, during which time he did not reach the rapid eye movement stage, he raised himself into a seated position. The constant checking of his wrist watch appeared to invoke an inward struggle that I could not comprehend.

At precisely midnight, he awoke his mate in an exuberant state that I have rarely seen him express, which included blowing a shrill horn, an unfortunate disservice to my sensitive Vulcan hearing. Her sleepiness and confusion was quickly replaced with excitement as he presented her with a three-dimensional detailed anatomical image of his cerebrum. This was followed by an unsanitary exchange of saliva, much different from any other lip lock I have witnessed from the pair. There was a sense of urgency, with The Logical One even climbing on her, until an interruption from the neighbors halted their activities.

Following their much quicker than anticipated return, I sensed a discernible shift in the atmosphere. The Emulator informed her mate she had a surprise to get things back on track and emerged six minutes later wearing a black robe and holding a wand. At first I suspected she had joined forces with a band of alien lifeforms and considered calling for reinforcements, but I quickly discovered the attire and wand were merely movie props that would pose no danger.

The Logical One uttered, "Wowza!", an expression I am unfamiliar with. My visual assessment of his widened eyes and the quickening pulse of his jugular vein determined he was excited. The mood shifted again when he discovered she purchased the props in his absence. For someone who claims to be unaffected by his emotions, irritation comes easily to him. I would suggest he practice Kolinahr to suppress these feelings.

Upon agreeing to dismiss the argument, they resumed the action from earlier, only this time from a standing position. I do not often experience the emotion of surprise, but as his hands slid down to her gluteus maximus, pressing his reproductive organs to hers in the process, I felt my jaw slacken and my eyes widen.

Their actions were short-lived. A second interruption came in the form of knock at the door. The Emulator sighed, pulled her robe closed over the flimsy garment beneath, and ran to the door. Her brief conversation with the intruder was muffled, but I distinctly heard the door slam, effectively ending the visit. I watched her race back to her mate's outstretched arms, but the gesture was in vain. The neighbors interrupted again, and after quickly changing into her usual attire, they exited the apartment.

Several hours passed before their return. Both exhibited signs of a positive mood. The Logical One was dressed in his robe, and this time it was he who held the wand, waving it and chanting some peculiar incantations. The Emulator lowered her voice to a husky whisper and asked to see his other magic wand. He appeared just as bewildered as I felt. Why would one need multiple magic wands? Would not a single wand be powerful enough to perform any magical feat?

She whispered an explanation, causing his face to redden. It appears her use of the term was used metaphorically. What happened next was quite intriguing. He crushed his lips to hers, their arms tangling as they explored each other's shoulders and backs. When they paused to catch their breaths, The Emulator took a half step back.

I could almost feel his blood boil with mating lust as she reached for his pants zipper. When he stepped out of the garment, I caught a glimpse of some familiar faces. Seeing my likeness plastered across his briefs was quite disconcerting, but it would have been worth the discomfort to see the look on the Captain's face or hear Sulu's "Oh my!" had they been present.

The Emulator lowered her gaze and murmured her appreciation, though I did not fully understand when she told her mate she didn't even have to use The Levitation Charm on him. He responded by calling her a naughty vixen before pulling her to his chest.

Their lips collided as their hands wandered over each other's bodies. His fingers crept closer to her hips. He fumbled with the zipper of her skirt then wrapping his arms around her, they slid under her shirt to unhook her brassiere. The aroused couple broke apart just long enough for her to slip out of her clothing. I averted my gaze when she stood before him topless. It wasn't until I heard them kissing again that I resumed my observation.

With his hands covering her breasts, she threw back her head and moaned as he massaged them. He took a moment to shrug out of his robe and shirts before pressing his whole body against hers. Flesh against flesh they stood with only their undergarments as a barrier. Without breaking contact, The Logical One backed them to the bed where he toppled onto it backwards. From my vantage point on the bookshelf, I could not see her expression, but that was not necessary. She voiced her enthusiasm of being on top quite clearly.

One hand slid beneath her silky fabric to knead her gluteus maximus. She responded by grinding herself against him. Slowly he made his way to her apex. After a sharp inhalation, her breathing quickened. The Logical One's breathing escalated as well when The Emulator's fingers sought out his reproductive organs.

In a shaky voice, he moaned, "Oh, Amy, you naughty vixen!"

The phrase was repeated multiple times, each time louder than the last.

Pon Farr is a very private ritual. I wanted to look away, but I was mesmerized by the sight and sounds. Finally when he reversed their positions and they removed their remaining clothing, I squeezed my eyes shut, but I could still hear their moans of pleasure. The decibel level in the room increased with each thrust. I plugged my ears with my fingers, but that only muffled the sound. I really should invest in some earplugs should this situation occur again.

I waited until a few minutes passed after they reached their climax before I chanced a peek. Mostly covered by a blanket, they lay panting, he on his back, she resting her head on his bare chest. When Vulcans engage in Pon Farr, they part ways after the deed is done. The fact that The Logical one was content to cuddle with his mate leads me to believe he is more human than I thought.

Signing off,
S'chn T'gai Spock