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A/n: AU - Takes place at the end of Harry's first year.

Chapter 1

"Potter! Detention!" Harry sighed. It was to be expected really, after all Snape did hate him. And he only hated him because his father was James Potter.

Yes, indeed, Severus Snape did hate Harry Potter because he was Harry POTTER. He knew better though, he knew who Harry really was and everything was about to change.

That evening came way to quickly for Harry's liking and for the second time that day he made his way down to the dungeons, this time to serve detention with Snape.

To his immense surprise Malfoy was also in the room and the two boys glared daggers at each other. "Stop that this instant!" Snape's voice commanded. "You will behave civilly to each other or you will face the consequences. And I can assure you that you will not like them."

Harry was the first to give in. "Yes Sir ... Sorry Malfoy." The strange thing was that he actually meant what he had said, he had meant for them to be just words but suddenly they had meaning.

Snape was now looking expectantly at Malfoy. "Sorry Potter," Malfoy spat out reluctantly.

"Draco, this is your last warning," Snape told him.

"Yes, Sir."

Harry was confused, wasn't he supposed to be here for detention? And why was Malfoy here? He was Snape's golden boy while Harry was his whipping boy, right?

"Care to share your thoughts Harry?" Snape asked gently, much to Harry's surprise.

"No Sir," he told his professor whilst keeping his gaze on the ground.

"Very well, maybe you will feel different later," Snape, told him almost kindly. "For now though, I have something important to tell the both of you. Take a seat."

Both boys sat immediately.

"You should know that Voldemort has once more regained strength," Severus told them bluntly. "And you also need to know that I am a follower."

Harry was staring at him as if he had gone mad and Draco had a slight smile on his face. However, it was Harry who found his voice first. "Why? Why are you telling us all this?" he asked.

"Because you need to know Harry," Severus sighed. "And because you're both my sons." Severus couldn't see anyway to break it to the two of them lightly.

"What?!" came Harry's startled yelp.

"You have got to be joking me!" Draco all but yelled. "That would mean that a mudblood-lover is my brother!"

"And what makes you think that I'd want to be related to you, Malfoy?" Harry shot back.

"THAT IS ENOUGH!" Severus made them both jump. The potions master leaned forward and pulled Draco to him. He turned the young man round and placed two hard swats on the top of his thighs. He then repeated his actions on Harry.

"I will not have the two of you talking about each other like that, understand?" Severus asked them.

"Yes Sir," they both whispered, neither daring to look at him

"Oh and Draco, yes you and Harry are brothers. Twins in fact, and identical ones at that," Severus told them.

"Identical?" Draco spluttered and looked over at Harry.

"Charms!" Harry exclaimed. "They're charms on us to make us look different, aren't there?" he asked his potions teacher, still not quite willing to accept that this man was his father.

"Well done, Harry. Yes there are charms placed over yourself and your brother to alter your appearances. Your mother was very good with Charms."

"Who was our mother?" Draco asked.

"Lily Potter." Now he definitely had the two lads attention. "Voldemort did not know until it was too late otherwise he would never had attacked Godrics Hollow. However, I have spoken to him recently and the three of us are welcome in his fold."

"Even me?!" Harry just had to gasp. He was the one who had brought about Voldemort's downfall after all.

"Yes, even you. Voldemort has different ideas now. He is now on about building a pure race of wizards. Now come along. You shall be sharing a room in my quarters for the time being and it is time that you went to bed," Severus ordered.

"But it's only half nine!" Draco protested.

"Are you going to argue with me on this matter, Draco?" Severus asked lightly.

"No Sir," came the timid reply.

Once at Severus' quarters they were ushered into 'their' room. It was large and decorated in silver and black. Two beds were situated next to each other with a small dresser in between them. Severus left them so that they could change into their nightclothes, both of which were black.

They changed silently and climbed into their beds. Harry took of his glasses and placed them on the dresser. He then turned his face away from Draco's bed.

After about ten minutes Severus came in and blew the candles out, bidding them each good night. In the darkness Harry heard Draco sniff. "Are you alright?" he asked shyly.

"Of course I'm not alright! Why should I be alright? Everything I knew has just been taken away from me!" came the harsh whisper back.

"Been taken away from you?! I've grown up believing that I was an orphan! My bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs! And then when I discover that I'm a wizard, I also discover that I'm the-boy-who-lived! Not easy! And now the Professor who hates me has just told me that he's my father and that my twin brother is also someone who hates me! And you think that this is difficult for you!" Harry exclaimed, not knowing what had taken over him.

"The cupboard under the stairs?!" came back Draco's shocked reply.

"Yeah, lets just say that my, our, aunt and uncle don't like magic. And we also have a cousin, Dudley, who hates me," Harry told him.

"Brilliant! Just what I need! relatives who hate magic!" Draco grumbled.

"Hey! I grew up with those relatives! If anyone has something to complain about, it's me!" Harry protested.

Draco dissolved into laughter and had to muffle the sound using his pillow. This is turn set Harry off. They both heard footsteps outside their room and held their breath. Luckily for them, Severus turned and left after standing and hearing no noise.

Draco waited another minute before whispering "That was close."

"You're telling me!"

"So... we're twins, amazing!"

"I wonder what we'll look like without the charms on," Harry thought aloud.

"Identical," Draco told him.

"No points for you there, pointing out the obvious," Harry told him.

Draco muffled his laughter again. They both knew that if they kept this up they were going to be in major trouble before the night was over.

"I can't believe that professor Snape is my, our, father!" Harry confided in his twin.

"Same here."

"I also can't believe Voldemort is back. For some reason I don't think that Father was telling us everything, but will it be wise to ask?"

"Probably not? What do you think a race of pure wizards means?" Draco asked.

"Who knows? We'd better get some sleep, we've got classes tomorrow," Harry said.

Both of them closed their eyes and when Severus checked on them in an hour's time neither one was aware of him, not even when he dropped a kiss on to two foreheads.

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