Hagrid and Mary Poppins both went to Hogwarts and were expelled in their 3rd years. In this story, Harry has been shunned from the wizarding community for an unknown reason.

Mary glanced at the clock on the wall. He was late again, unsurprisingly. Fascination with those tame dogs the Muggles were so eager to own.

She could see his point. It seemed so ridiculous, so lavish to own a canine. So why did she think them so cute?

A knock sounded on the door, pulling her out of her thoughts. Mary ran to open it, revealing a tall, shaggy man holding a pink umbrella. She stood there in the doorframe, her arms crossed, left foot tapping angrily. He smiled guiltily.



"Sorry I'm so late. Traffi' jam."

"You don't drive any type of motor vehicle."

"Caught in th' act, I suppose." Hagrid tried to sidestep Mary. She stepped in front of him, blocking him from entering.

"Jus'-Jus' let me in, okay?"

"What happenned?"

"Wha' d'ya mean, wha' happened?"

"Why, Hagrid, were you so late? You were supposed to meet me here hours ago."

"Skeeter," he said gruffly. "She wanted to hear 'bout Harry."


"Ya know her, Mary. She always looks fer some sort o' story."

"I hope you denied everything."

"O' course, o' course."

"Are you sure?"

"Would I ever lie t'ya?"


"Don' answer, Mary. Ya know tha' last time wasn't on purpose."

"But it happened, Hagrid. That should count for something."

"Mary," he said, tracing her cheek with his rough, calloused hands, "it wasn't on purpose. How was I ta know th' giants ain't great friends in them Skeeter's eyes?"

"I know," she said, falling into his shoulder. "I know."

They stood there, each holding the other for fear of letting go, for quite a considerable time. His breathing was short and raggedy, hers long and even. Their lips met each other and stayed there for many, many seconds.

"Oh, Hagrid," she murmured into his arm, holding back tears. "Why? Why does she-she-she even do it? Why? Why?"

"I dunno, Mary. Why don' we jus' go inside an' have a cup o' tea? Chocolate, too. Always makes me feel better."

"Let's," she agreed. Together, they walked into the small hut on the edge of the grounds of a school from which they were both expelled from so many years before.

Mary sat at the rounded, worn table, her hands clutching a steaming mug of freshly brewed tea. Hagrid sat across from her. His eyes squinted, scrutinizing her carefully.

"Mary, there been somet'ing I need ta talk t'ya about."

"What is it, Hagrid?" she asked slowly and wearily. "What is it?"

"Well, Mary. I'm not really sure how ta ask ya this, see. But-" (and here he got down on his knee, a pleading stance), "will ya marry me?"