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Chapter 1

It was night time in Konohagakure no Sato, most of the people in the village were sleeping, while a few ANBU were patrolling the area. Suddenly alarms went off and news spread among the ranks that Uzumaki Naruto has stolen the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing and the Hokage has ordered immediate capture of Naruto.

As many of the shinobi of Konoha were searching for Naruto, Mizuki a chunin who works as an assistant teacher in the academy went to Iruka's home, knowing he had a knack of finding Naruto when no-one could.

As Iruka opened the door to his house when someone knocked on it, he came face to face with Mizuki who had a panicked look on his face and when asked why, Mizuki quickly told Iruka what has happened and both quickly went in different directions in search of Naruto.

Meanwhile deep in the forest surrounding Konoha we see one Uzumaki Naruto casually sitting with a large scroll on his lap waiting for someone. But there was a big change in Naruto who was sitting in the forest to the one the village was used too. First was the lack of horrendous orange jumpsuit that he is seen wearing, instead he was wearing a black t-shirt with a red spiral on the back and black ANBU pants. Also there was no large stupid grin on his face instead he had a blank look on his face which made reading him extremely difficult. But the biggest change was that instead of his usual goggles which he wore on his forehead there was a black forehead protector with Konoha's symbol on it.

Naruto had his eyes closed as he recalled how it all started


A seven year old Naruto Uzumaki was practising his aim by throwing practise shuriken and kunai at a target pole. His surrogate grandfather who also was the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha had promised him that he would be able to join the academy when he became 9 years old, so here he was preparing himself as much as he could for the academy. Unknown to him there were two groups who were watching him; one of two groups comprised of two shinobi belonging to the ANBU organisation of Konoha the first one was neko and the other was raven and both had personal reasons to ask for this assignment, seeing villagers hostility towards Naruto due to his burden the Sandaime Hokage decided to assign ANBU to protect him from villagers if they ever got bold as to try to hurt him physically, while the other group comprised of two Konoha chunin who had lost their parents in the Kyuubi rampage and were itching to teach the demon brat a lesson. The ANBU just assumed that the two chunin were doing their usual round hence didn't pay attention to them.

Naruto decided that he has trained enough and made his way towards a waterfall he discovered, to spent time alone. The two teams followed them but the ANBU decided to conceal their presence from both Naruto and the two Chunin.

Once they all reached the Waterfall the two Chunin attacked Naruto but Naruto was surprisingly able to dodge them and when they saw his eyes they were shocked as they were not the usual blue but were red with two tomoe in each eye. Before the two chunin could make sense of how he had Sharingan they were struck by the two ANBU.

"Neko-nee-chan, Raven-nii-san" Naruto said as he ran towards the Two ANBU and hugged them. What most of the people in Konoha didn't knew except the Sandaime Hokage was that Naruto was being trained by both Neko and Raven from the age of six when he activated his Sharingan while defending himself from a Chunin who attacked him due to his misplaced hatred. But before he could do any serious damage both Raven and Neko had rendered him unconscious while Naruto had collapsed but not before showing his Sharingan to both the ANBU. The chunin was made an example by the Hokage by executing him publically while it was decided by the Hokage that Naruto would be trained secretly by both Raven and Neko in shinobi arts. During the year both Raven and Neko revealed their identities to Naruto as Shisui Uchiha and Yugao Uzuki respectively. While Raven helped him with his Sharingan, Taijutsu and Genjutsu, Yugao taught him Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu.

When Naruto asked them why many civilians looked him with hatred all he got as an answer was that one day he would understand.

Tragedy struck when Naruto was 8 year old and the Uchiha clan was massacred by Itachi Uchiha. He remembered the week before the massacre when Shisui visited him and gave him a scroll with the promise that he would only open it after his death. When Naruto woke up the next day after crying himself to sleep he discovered that when he channelled chakra to his eyes he noticed his sharingan had evolved to its three tomoe stage, but something told him to channel more chakra and when he did it changed again. His iris had turned into that of a six pointed star while the appearance of a blooming flower surrounded it. Curious about his new form of Sharingan he opened Shisui's Letter hoping to find about more about his new eyes

'Dear Naruto, if you are reading this then I am most likely dead. I have written this scroll before embarking onto my latest mission. My latest mission is the most dangerous mission I have ever taken but it is highly important for the safety of the village.

Do not worry Naruto. If I have passed on I want you to move on. You have already awakened your Sharingan and I know you will surpass everyone from our entire clan. You also have the same beliefs as the Shodai Hokage, the will of fire. You will not fall to the hatred that has consumed one too many Uchiha.

My only regret is that I will not be able to see you who i have come to see as my outoto become the most powerful Uchiha to grace the Elemental Nations. I want you to carry on my dream. I know that one day you will be the one who will liberate the Uchiha's Curse of Hatred.

Outoto, I have taken my eyes and sealed it into a stable glass chamber filled with Chakra Containment Liquid. The vial itself is in one of the compartments of this seal. If you should awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, do not overuse it. Eventually you will go blind. The only way to gain the powers of this Doujutsu is to implant new Mangekyo within your eyes .do not worry I have taken my Tou-san's eyes who also had the Mangekyo, Remember if you do awaken the Mangekyo, you must implant them into your own eyes eventually. I have also packed a seal which would help with the transplant; the instructions on how to use it are in the scroll


Also, go to the Naka River and head a few miles east from the usual spot where we used to hang out. You will find a ruin of sorts surrounded by Shinto threads and strings. Stand by the edge of the ruins and perform these hand seals, remember it can't done without the Sharingan and the person who enters it must be an Uchiha.

Tatsu - Ne - Tori - Mi - Inu - Tatsu - Uma - Ushi - Uma - U - Saru - Hitsuji - Tora - Mi

These are the hand seals for the secret entrance to the Uchiha Stone Tablet Chamber. I want you to go there and read it. It will explain a lot about the Uchiha Clan Ancestry and the Sharingan's abilities itself. Remember outoto, do not fall to the arrogance and hatred that has tainted our clan for so if you find this delivered to you by not me, you can figure it was Yugao. She also looks at you like her little brother.

I want you to know this outoto. I love you. Stay safe and grow up to be the fine shinobi I know you will be.

Your brother Shisui.'

Naruto was crying freely some time he Wiped his tears and promised himself to never fall to the curse of hatred. He sealed the letter again along with Shisui's eyes and the seal meant to help in the transplant.

After a week he decided to check out the Uchiha Stone Tablet Chamber. Walking towards its location he found the Shinto boundary and saw the cavern that was digging itself below into the ground. He stood in front of the cavern and activated his Sharingan and looked around carefully for anyone. Seeing that there was no chakra signature he took a moment to consider his next course of action, he decided to enter the shrine.

There he saw the Uchiha Stone Tablet Chamber, which was mentioned by Shisui in his letter. At first he was not able to read its contents, and then he activated his sharingan and saw that he could now understand what was written on the tablet.

The first contents of the stone tablets had contained general notes of the Sharingan. Its functions and abilities to copy any technique down to the last detail and make a perfect copy but had failed to mention the fact that there was no guarantee the copied technique would be as powerful as the original technique it was derived from. Shisui had explained this to him while training also contained information on the maturity of the Sharingan, stating the minute each Sharingan eye obtained three tomoe the Sharingan had been perfected.

The next content was the details on the life Madara Uchiha, how he played a huge part during the warring clan era, mostly fighting against the Senju clan leader, Hashirama Senju. Later he assisted his rival in creation of Konoha but lost to Hashirama for the title of First Hokage even with the help of Kyuubi. He couldn't read any further so he activated his Mangekyo Sharingan which stung a bit making him realise that he was not powerful enough to wield them

It also mentioned the ability of Mangekyo Sharingan's ability to control a tailed beast. While mentioning that the overuse of Mangekyo Sharingan would cause eventual blindness and the only way to escape it was to take another Mangekyo and transplant it.

When Naruto was ten years old he had figured out his Mangekyo's ability as it came automatically to him. He had Amaterasu (Heavenly Illumination) in his right eye and Tsukuyomi (Moon Reader) in his left eye, but as the tablet said he was slowly going blind from the overuse of his eyes so with the help of Yugao, he transplanted Shisui's eyes into his own. He had gained Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. His original eyes had changed to accommodate the new ones. No longer did his resemble a flower blooming. Now they resembled something different. His iris had been a six pointed star but now they resembled a triangle with three finely pointed ends while the flower surrounding it had morphed. Before there were six petals surrounding the six pointed star, all six had melded and become a total of three different shapes. If those three shapes were put together, they would form a regular iris.

For three years in the academy Naruto played the fool as he was told by the Sandaime to not show his real skill set until becoming a genin where he would come directly under Hokage's authority.

Flashback End

Now here he was waiting for Mizuki, earlier that day Iruka and Mizuki had failed him due to his incapability of performing the clone technique but he had sensed a Genjutsu being performed on him by Mizuki but did not dispel it as it would look suspicious. Later that day when he was about to go to Sandaime about this but was approached by Mizuki to pass an alternate exam by stealing the forbidden scroll of sealing. After getting the details from Mizuki, Naruto went straight to Sandaime and told him everything; where the Sandaime decided to give this Naruto as a mission to capture the traitor with proof.

So here he was waiting for the traitor with a fake forbidden scroll of sealing. Suddenly he sensed a chakra signature approaching him which he recognised as Iruka's.

"Naruto, what the hell were you thinking stealing the forbidden scroll of sealing, and what happened to your clothes" Iruka shouted seeing Naruto in a completely different attire and with a calm expression on his face.

Naruto not wanting to put Iruka in any danger put him in a sleep Genjutsu through his Sharingan and hid him behind one of the trees.

After a few minutes Mizuki came with a large Fuma Shuriken on his back

"Mizuki, for trying to make an academy student steal the Forbidden scroll of sealing you have committed treason and hence are arrested for your crimes, surrender peacefully" Naruto said in a cold tone unlike the usual happy tone he used

Mizuki just stared at him and then started laughing maniacally

"And you would be the one to arrest me, you don't even know the truth about yourself" Mizuki said

Naruto didn't let it show on his face but he was intrigued by what Mizuki was talking about, but he knew now was not the time, hence he just disappeared while Mizuki was laughing and reappeared behind him using body flicker technique and knocked him off .

After that he woke Iruka up and told him to call the ANBU and said that all would be explained in the Hokage's office.

Once both Naruto and Iruka had reached Hokage's office, the Sandaime explained everything to Iruka about Naruto's training by two ANBU while not telling him about their identities while also telling him why Naruto behaved like he behaved in the academy. Naruto then asked about the truth that Mizuki was talking about during their conversation, to which Sandaime replied that he would tell him when he came for his Ninja registration next week. Sandaime also gave him his pay for the B-rank mission he completed.

A week later

Naruto was wearing his new clothes consisting of a blue half sleeve t-shirt and black pants. He had shuriken pouches tied on both his shoulders while a kunai holster pouches were strapped onto his right thigh. Said costume would have cost him a fortune had he not gone with the Sandaime, while he bought most of his things under the use of Henge, the Sandaime insisted that he would go with him to buy him clothes as a gift for the start of his shinobi career.

As he was making his way towards Hokage's tower to submit his ninja registration documents, he was greeted by Sarutobi himself outside of the tower, because Sarutobi never had his meetings outside his office, let alone his tower. It was also the way Sarutobi looked at him, he was sure he saw pity and guilt in those old eyes.

Then afterwards he was directly taken to the Hokage's office with Sarutobi telling him that he would take care of it while he took his documents. Sarutobi also apologized for what was about to transpire, although the twelve year old didn't know what to make of that. When they got to the office, Sarutobi told Naruto to keep an open mind and he hoped that Naruto could one day forgive him before opening the door and changing his life forever.

When he walked into the office he was greeted with the view of the Yondaime, The Yellow Flash, his true hero, sitting in the seat that would originally be Sarutobi's place; there was a woman with him too, with long red hair and two kids at her side. The first was a girl looked no older than three years old and had short red hair like the woman. The other looked about his age and had a lot of similar physical qualities that matched his oiroke no jutsu. He was surprised to see his hero alive and well...

But what happened next shattered his image in the Yondaime.

"Ah! Naruto, I'm glad you're here," Minato said with that foxy grin that Naruto couldn't help but compare to his own.

"Look at you, so handsome already. You have your father's looks alright," the redhead woman gushed.

"... Father?" Naruto registered that word pretty quickly because as far as he knew he was an orphan and his parents died.

"That's right son! I told you he'd take after me didn't I, Kushina?" Minato said looking at his wife.

"Tch, whatever; he still has my face," Kushina playfully jabbed, never noticing what a grave mistake their antics had made.

"Naruto, I'm sure you're familiar with the Yondaime Hokage, and this is Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze. They're your parents," Sarutobi finished with a grim expression.

Naruto just stood there in shock for a long time. He didn't move nor look like he was breathing. That kind of behaviour worried his parents.

"Sochi, are you okay?" Kushina asked, looking concernedly at her son.


"Now I know what you must be thinking: How come it took us this long to come home? Well, with Jiraiya and Tsunade taking care of you, we just figured we'd wait a while and train Naruko a bit more. Why I bet those two Sannin had been beating you to the ground with how serious they were when it came to training. Oh yes! I'd like you to meet you two sisters!" Minato said gleefully as he indicated to the older sister holding the little redhead.

"Is that Naruto-nii-san?" The little girl asked her older sister softly.

"Yes Narumi-chan, that's Onii-san," Naruko said warmly to her, rocking the little girl gently. She walked up to Naruto and stood at a respectable distance and cleared her throat.

"Hello Naruto-nii-san. I'm Naruko and I'm your younger twin. This is Narumi and she's the youngest of us. I've been waiting to meet you for so long Nii-san and I'm so honoured," Naruko said. She smiled brightly at her brother and bowed.

"Haha! They've always wanted to meet you ever since we told them they had an older brother. Gosh, it seemed like yesterday when the Kyu-"

"That is enough Minato!" Sarutobi cut in. He understood Minato's excitement in seeing his son after all the years he staged his death and left Naruto in the hands of Tsunade and Jiraiya. But Minato didn't know of what happened while he left Naruto at the mercy of vengeful villagers, who despised the 'Kyuubi brat', nor did Naruto know about the Kyuubi altogether, and Minato was just digging himself a bigger grave with every word he spoke.

"What is it Sarutobi?" Minato asked.

"I told you to hear me out before you did anything but did you listen? No! You have no idea what you've done. You have no idea what a grave mistake you and Kushina made," Sarutobi said with a frown.

"What are you talking about Sarutobi," Kushina questioned confusedly.

"...So you know them?" Naruto asked, his bangs covering his eyes from everyone.

"Yes Naruto, I know Minato and Kushina and I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am for not informing you about them," Sarutobi said sadly. He wouldn't be surprised if Naruto hated him; hell, right now, he hated himself. He only knew about Minato and Kushina's disappearance after the Kyuubi attacked. He found a letter stating that Minato had trusted Jiraiya and Tsunade to look after their child together since they were both the child's godparents. They would train Naruko on controlling the Kyuubi's chakra, under the knowledge that Naruto only had the soul; Minato sealed a part of the Kyuubi in both children, but it didn't work out that way.

"He couldn't say anything because it was an S-rank secret, sweetie," Kushina cooed.

"And I'm sure you know all about that since you're in the ninja academy, if what I read is correct," Minato said, looking at a paper with a proud smile.

"Minato, we really need to talk. These are not happy times and I'm sorry to say that things didn't go the way you hoped all those years ago." Sarutobi said, staring down at Naruto in sadness.

"Am I free to go, Sarutobi-sama?" Naruto asked emotionlessly.

"But Sochi-"

"Yes, you're free to go Naruto and I'm sorry," Sarutobi said, ignoring the furious look Kushina sent his way as Naruto left the office.

After that Naruto just locked himself in his apartment and as added protection sealed his home with the most powerful security seal he knew. He ignored the pleas of the villagers who were apologising to him. On one hand he was happy to know the identity of his parents but that happiness was only there for a second before it turned into anger the next moment as his own parents had left him, abandoned him in a village that hated his guts just for a stupid reason. Sarutobi had told him that his father to which he replied that the man isn't his father so Sarutobi with regret in his eyes continued, that the Yondaime had sealed the soul of Kyuubi into him while sealing the Chakra into Naruko, while explaining to him that he left him in the village under the care of his godparents, Jiraiya and Tsunade of the Sannin but both of them left for reasons unknown to him, the next day when he came to visit. He listened to everything and just said to leave him alone. He just couldn't stay mad at Sarutobi for too long, the old man had been there for him, while he also had lied to him, he had done so to protect him. As for his Godparents who had both broken his parents trust and abandon him, if he ever met them, he would tell them just how much of a failure are they as opposed to how the history books portray them. Now came onto the part of his parents, he decided to be indifferent to them and treat them as he would treat any stranger, he knew he felt Hatred in his heart towards his parents but he had promised Shisui he would overcome the curse of hatred.

Word got around about the Yondaime's return and the village celebrated in the honour of their hero, even after it was revealed he faked his own death. But the celebrations were short term as Minato expressed his disappointment and fury for what they did to his own flesh and blood, a lot of villagers were confused on that but Minato soon cleared that up with the shocking declaration of Naruto being his son.

Kushina went on a rampage beating and sending anyone who ever treated her son badly, it got so bad that she was restrained and put to house arrest by Minato himself. Kushina in her anger said that he didn't care about their son to which Minato replied that he would gladly put himself in their son's position if ever given the chance, he also added that while he had to protect the villagers as he was the Hokage again, didn't mean he wouldn't punish them, as many stores who refused or threw their son out belonged to Namikaze Family which was a good 65% of total shops in Konoha and had decided to fire those people while declaring that anyone who hired them would lose business with Namikaze owned firms. This led to a lot of people being fired and going poor, when they asked why were they punished so harshly all they got as a reply was why didn't they serve Naruto fairly and no one wanted to speak of Naruto as 'demon brat' in front of his own parents.

Both parents knew they messed up and they even tried putting the blame on Jiraiya and Tsunade, who weren't present, but a heartbroken Naruko told them it was as much as their fault for trusting people that weren't family to Naruto's care and they should have kept track on what was happening to him from the beginning instead of blindly trusting someone with their own child. The family knew they deserved nothing but hatred from the boy but they were resolute to do whatever it took to get Naruto in their lives again.

Hokage's office

Currently Minato was sitting on the Hokage chair while seeing the list of Genin Graduates of this year.

"Okay, after long deliberation. I have decided on the Jonin that will be assigned to the passing genin," Minato said

"Team one will consist of..."

"... Since there had to be changes because of the addition of my daughter to the roster, I have decided that Team Seven will consist of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and Naruko Uzumaki-Namikaze with Kakashi-"

"I want to be in that squad," Kushina said suddenly as she appeared in the room holding papers.

She had been helping Minato with his paperwork ever since he came back to being Hokage and it left her no time for her children. She desperately wanted to mend the shattered bond she had with her son, she would never stop thinking of herself as a horrible mother until she did. This was the biggest opportunity she had because now she could see Naruto all the time. She felt so disgusted with herself for being so careless when it came to her baby. If Jiraiya and Tsunade ever showed their faces here, she would make sure to make them suffer but right now, Naruto was more important. She will be there for him and no one was going to stop her, not even her husband.

"Kushina-sama, I've already been pick-" Kakashi was cut off with a glare.

"And I should care why? I want to be on that team," Kushina said looking at Minato seriously. No one even thought of opposing and she was glad for that.

"Kushina, Kakashi was hand pick-" Minato was cut off with Kushina's chakra flaring.

"I don't care if Kami herself was chosen! I want to be on that squad, NOW!" Kushina shouted and everyone knew there was no stopping her; besides, she also had the right to request a squad since she was a qualified Jonin.

"I got a headache," Shikaku said. He understood why Kushina was doing this. When she was pregnant with the twins, she had always expressed her deep love for them before they were even born. So to find out that her own son had a horrible life growing up must have been a huge blow to the loving woman. This was so troublesome.

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