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Chapter 4

Next day

Hokage Tower

Minato was sitting in his office sorting through the various reports his ANBU had collected related to the investigation on the members of the civilian council, and it was not good. Most of them had practically committed treason by pilfering money from various projects meant to help the Shinobi of Konoha perform their duties better. A knock told him someone was outside

"Enter" Minato said, which revealed the person to be his secretary. She bowed to the Hokage and said

"Hokage-sama, there is a man named Tazuna from Land of Waves, who is asking to see you personally, in regards to a C rank mission".

"Didn't you tell him to go to the Mission Assignment Department, where he would get an appropriate team, pertaining to his mission?" Minato asked.

"I did Hokage-sama, but he insisted to meet you personally and said he wouldn't leave until he got a meeting with you". Minato's eyes narrowed in suspicion, Land of Waves had been quite for some time, except of the fact that almost all of the trade from Wave was now being regulated by shipping magnate Gato. Deciding to hear him out, Minato ordered his secretary to bring Tazuna in.

"Tazuna-san, why did you want to meet me personally in regard to a simple C-rank escort mission" Minato asked

"Hokage-sama, I have come to Konoha on the behalf of the Wave Daimyo to seek aid in removing Gato, who had taken over Land of Waves with the help of his goons and has effectively bankrupted its entire people. Even the Wave Daimyo is helpless as Gato had imprisoned his entire family with the help of our Daimyo's own Samurai forces who Gato bought. The only reason I was even able to travel safely to Konoha was due to some of the Samurai who are still loyal to the Wave Daimyo but they are very low in number and hence are unable to free him" Tazuna explained. Minato listened to his explanation but there were still some questions in his mind

"You said in your mission request that you need a Konoha team to escort you back to your home and also mentioned that you were building a bridge which would connect the main island of Wave to Fire country." Minato said, but the unasked question was clear, as to why lie to the mission assignment hall

"I had to mask it as a simple escort mission due to the fact that Gato would do anything to stop the building of the bridge as it would render Gato's shipping monopoly moot. Also the fact that if Gato suspected anything, he would most likely murder my own family along with the family of the Wave Daimyo, and even the Wave Daimyo himself. The only reason he hasn't until now is to not draw any attention to him. I was also given this scroll from the Wave Daimyo himself to give you Hokage-sama." Tazuna finished and gave the scroll to Minato.

After one of the ANBU who belonged to the Hyuga clan checked the scroll, Minato opened it and read its content. Wave Daimyo had written what Tazuna had already explained to him. In addition to that, Wave Daimyo had also said that he would agree to have an exclusive trade alliance with the Land of Fire. It was quite a plus factor as Wave was rich in resources and was also placed in a strategic location which was quite important to trade with the rest of the nations via sea and would put the Land of Fire in a favourable position if they had an exclusive trading contract with Land of Waves but it could also incite their shinobi nation rivals to get active as they would see it as Konoha getting way to powerful. Weighing the different pros and cons, Minato decided that the pros outweighed the cons.

"Very well, I accept Tazuna-san, I will assign you one of our best ANBU teams but they would work in the shadows to remove Gato and free the Wave Daimyo and would only show themselves if it truly necessary. I will also assign you a Genin team to keep up the ruse that you only came here to get a team for a simple C-rank escort mission" Minato explained after which he asked Tazuna to go and told him to come tomorrow to the mission assignment room to get a genin team for his escort mission.

"Call Tenzo, I have an assignment for him and his team" Minato said to one of the hidden ANBU in his office. With the ANBU gone, Minato thought about which Genin team to send with Tazuna. Most of the Experienced Genin-Teams were out on mission, while those that were currently available in Konoha were not led by Jounin who could handle the mission, If Gato decided to target Tazuna by missing-ninja like Tazuna said he would. When he thought about it there was one Genin team which was perfect for this mission- Team 7 led by both Kakashi and Kushina. Kakashi is a well-rounded Shinobi whose reputation was known throughout the shinobi world, while Kushina is as strong as him if he doesn't use Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Raijin Jutsu) with specialising in Kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu and her unique Ninjutsu derived from her usage of chakra chains. Even the members of Team-7 were nothing to scoff at; both Naruto and Naruko were High Genin to Low Chunin level while Sasuke was low to mid Genin level and he was sure even Sakura would have acquired some skills with both Kushina and Kakashi as their sensei. This also would hopefully give him a chance to interact with Naruto, something he had being shying from due to his own fears. But he would let the Jounin-sensei decide whether their team was ready or not


Naruto was meditating on training ground seven waiting for rest of his team, when he sensed someone coming towards him and recognised the chakra signature's as Sasuke's but it did not bother him as his interactions with the Uchiha had been professional even those were rare.

Sasuke had decided to come early to the training ground to do some practise and while he could practise in the private Uchiha training grounds but had decided to train in his team's training ground due to the fact that the training dummies in the Uchiha training grounds have been sent for repairs. When he saw Naruto already there he got an idea. He knew Naruto was stronger than him and with all training he had been doing, he wanted to test himself against Naruto.

"Hey dobe" Sasuke said still calling him dobe despite knowing that Naruto was stronger than him.

Naruto just ignored him as he wasn't going to respond to a degrading name. Seeing Naruto ignore him angered Sasuke greatly but he kept himself in check and decided to call Naruto by his name

"Naruto" Sasuke said

"Yes?" Naruto asked opening his eyes and looked towards Sasuke curiously

"Fight me" Sasuke said

"No" Naruto said, and raised his hand when Sasuke was about to interrupt him

"At least not until one of our sensei are present. According to laws of Konoha Genin of Konoha can only spar either under the supervision of a shinobi of at least special Jonin rank or during Chunin Exams" Naruto explained making Sasuke nod in understanding.

After sometime all the members of Team 7 were assembled, when Sasuke saw his chance to have the spar with Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei, Kushina-sensei I would like to have a spar with Naruto" Sasuke said as he looked towards both his sensei. Kakashi looked towards Kushina asking for permission when Kushina gave him a nod. Kushina wanted to see whether Naruto would use his Sharingan on Sasuke or not, as Naruko was only able to force him due to her own Chakra chains.

Both Sasuke and Naruto stood facing each other with Kakashi in the middle of it

"Ok, this is just a spar that means no killing blows are allowed, if I see anyone of you going for the killing blow that would not only disqualify you but I would also make sure that you would be removed from shinobi corps and sent to Konoha's correction facility" Kakashi said as he looked into the eyes of both of the boys to make sure they realised that they were serious.

Both boys came forward and did the Seal of Confrontation, after which they distanced themselves from one another.

As soon as Kakashi started the match Sasuke charged at Naruto using chakra to increase his speed and was within Naruto's guard within seconds, aiming a brutal punch at Naruto's face. Naruto seeing this turned his body and redirected Sasuke's punch with his arm and punched Sasuke in the stomach with his other arm that took his entire breathing capacity for a short period of time. Sasuke had to move quickly as Naruto wasn't done; jumping back a few times he managed to give himself breathing space. Getting a new resolve, the Uchiha charged once again and started a close-ranged fight throwing punches and kicks using the infamous Uchiha interceptor fist, but Naruto was dodging all of them effortlessly. Naruto quickly got bored of the Taijutsu match, seeing a gap in Sasuke's defences he punched the Uchiha in the face sending him flying towards a tree, knocking him out. With that Naruto just walked away, while Kakashi went towards the Uchiha to see how much damage he had sustained. When he was sure Sasuke was fine, Kakashi turned towards Naruto, his visible eye narrowed.

"Naruto, this was just a friendly spar, you didn't need to be that hard" Kakashi said with an undertone of anger in his voice

"This was a friendly spar which is the only reason I knocked him out and not killed him. Sasuke needs to stop overestimating his skills and underestimating others. He needs to lose his arrogance, because it will one day get him killed, and what better way than to make him realise that his own teammates are more skilled than him" Naruto finished in a monotone voice, but Kakashi realised that Naruto was worried about his teammate, which made him happy and nodded towards Naruto while giving him his trademark eye-smile, while Kushina was also happy that Naruto cared for his teammates.

After Sasuke recovered, he was furious that he was beaten by Naruto so easily but decided to double his training to defeat him. Team 7 decided to go to the mission hall, Kakashi and Kushina had decided that there team was ready for C-rank mission, well three of the members were but Kakashi was unable to find anyway to break Sakura from her fan girls way and thought a C-rank might do the trick.

Hokage Tower

Team 7 entered the mission assignment for their mission with Kushina ready to ask for a C-rank mission, but they were surprised to see Minato there as it was rare for the Hokage to assign mission himself, but Kushina knew the reason as she had talked to Minato last night about the wave mission and given Minato her consent as her team was most probably the best choice for the mission as she and Kakashi could handle anything together. Add to the fact that an ANBU team would be accompanying them in the shadows reassured her that her team would be safe.

"Team 7 reporting for duty" Kushina said

"Ok, now team 7 we have a long list of D-rank mission" Minato started but was interrupted by Kushina

"I believe my team is ready for a C-rank mission, Minato-kun" Kushina said with getting different reactions from her students. Sasuke looked excited while Sakura looked like she was scared but tried desperately to hide it while taking a small step closer to Sasuke, Naruko looked determined while Naruto kept his face impassive

"Alright then, I have a perfect mission for you. It consists of protecting a civilian from thieves and bandits as he travels back to his homeland, in the land of Waves." He looked towards her secretary "You will go and bring Tazuna now"

"Hai Hokage-sama" the secretary bowed and left.

After a while the door opened to reveal an old man who looked tipsy for the time of the day and had a canteen of alcohol. Tazuna was a grey-haired bespectacled man with a large beard and dark eyes. He wore a sleeveless V-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals. He also carried a towel around his neck and wore a pointed hat on his head. He looked at the team with heavy scrutiny and frowned at what he saw.

"What is the meaning of this Hokage? I hired shinobi to protect me, not small children barely off their diapers. That blond shrimp over there, you can't possibly convince me that he's a shinobi" the old man said keeping his pretence

Naruto heard snickers coming from Sakura while he could practically feel Sasuke's smirk. While his height wasn't saying much, the old man, their client, was pushing. Now he could think of many things to do in order to prove that he is a shinobi. Of course, many of the possibilities included skills that he just could not reveal yet. That said; he had settled for something more subtle. With a slight flick of his wrist, earning narrowed eyes from those who managed to follow his movements, a kunai travelled fast to the canteen that Tazuna was holding. In less than a second, the kunai went straight through the canteen, splashing all the alcohol at the old man instantly sobering him up. Sakura fell on her butt on the floor as the kunai passed mere inches from her nose. Sasuke looked at the blond in alarm, not remembering him being that good before while Naruko covered her mouth in surprise.

"It matters little whether you believe I am a shinobi or not…in the end, all it takes is that kunai going straight at your neck" Naruto said

Kushina simply scratched her head in embarrassment for her son and student.

"Ah Naruto-kun, we can't attack the client you know…" Kushina said while Naruto settled for a smirk, but bowed towards the client

"My apologies for attacking you Tazuna-san, I just felt the need to convince you that I'm more than capable to protect you from thieves and bandits." Tazuna hesitantly nodded, though he felt like the kid was placing a knife inches from his neck. Minato taking control of the situation, cleared his throat and addressed Team 7

"Ok moving on, this a C-rank mission consisting of protecting Tazuna throughout his travel back to Land of Waves. Go pack the supplies for the trip. You'll have two hours before you meet up with Tazuna by the gates"

Tazuna nodded and left the office as fast as he could, most probably to replace his canteen of alcohol.

"I'd like to speak with you Naruto" Minato said as he noticed everyone leaving. Naruto stopped but didn't turn around as the rest of team left to prepare for the mission.

"Would you turn around Naruto?" Minato asked. Naruto faced the Hokage with an impassive face

"How are you Naruto? And how is your training progressing with your mother?" Minato asked

"I am fine Hokage-sama. My training also goes well; right now Kushina-sensei is working on my strength" Naruto said in a monotone voice but made sure to emphasise their names and titles which made Minato flinch. Kushina had told him that Naruto never called her Kaa-san; while Kushina was able to put a strong front but he knew that it broke her heart.

"Very good" Minato said

"If that is all Hokage-sama, I would like to go and pack for the mission" Naruto said

"Actually yes, I would like to teach you a special technique. It is your birth right and as your father, it is my duty to teach you the Rasengan." Minato said

"I refuse." Naruto said with narrowed eyes as he unknowingly begin to leak KI while Minato was shocked as he thought that Naruto would at least be interested to learn from him, he is the Hokage.

"I do not need either your or Kushina-sensei help to fulfil my goals. The only reason I accepted Kushina as my sensei is because if I didn't I would have to join the genin reserves. How dare you think that after everything happened to me I would even think about accepting your help? Maybe it is because you don't know the extent of it. You think the people of Konoha love and respect you so much don't you? I will tell you exactly how they honoured your wish for me after you sealed the soul of Kyuubi into me and left me. While no one dared to attack me physically, that didn't stop them from verbally abuse me. One of the villagers said that my father was most probably just a bastard who slept with my whore of a mother and had me. You are one of the most powerful Shinobi to walk the shinobi nations and yet you left in the fear of one man. You let fear rule you and left your son while taking your daughter away with you. What would have happened if that man would have come and kidnapped me? Yes I know all about the Kyuubi incident Sandaime-Jiji told me everything. So much for the great Yondaime Hokage, who can't even make his own villagers follow his wish and protect his own son? The only reason the villagers changed their attitude towards me is not because they think it was wrong or because they love you, but because they fear you." Minato was shaking with rage and sadness at this but couldn't counter as everything Naruto said was truth while Naruto just ignored him and continued

"When I didn't fill my parents name in my academy form because I didn't know the names, the chunin instructor there just said that they probably abandoned me because I was just a bastard who his own parents didn't want. I just didn't know how right he was" Naruto said, the last statement barely above a whisper his voice didn't have any trace of anger but was full of sadness which made not only Minato but ANBU hiding in the office full of sadness as well as they used to guard him before Yugao and Shisui were assigned as his permanent guards. When Minato went to say something Naruto just left the office.

Minato was shaking with rage and sadness and as soon as Naruto left he unleashed such a monstrous KI that the hidden ANBU in his office were forced to reveal themselves and were on their knees gasping for air as visions of their deaths flashed through their eyes due to the potent KI. His own Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan eyes activated which he obtained after transplanting his Father's eyes; the same eyes he used to save this village from the Kyuubi and that masked man were spinning rapidly. That's it Minato decided, he would make the villagers whether Shinobi or civilians realise that how they treated Naruto was wrong not because he was his son but because it is wrong to treat anyone like that.

Village Gate

Naruto reached the gate after he had collected all the supplies necessary for a basic C-rank escort mission. Yugao had drilled it into him about how different missions needed different supplies, and how being under packed or over packed could lead to dangerous situations. When he got to the Gate he noticed Naruko was already there with Kushina, while waiting for the other members of the team. Soon Sakura and Sasuke also came.

As soon as they all gathered, Kakashi also came with the client and they were off to Wave country.

Sakura was making small talk with Tazuna about Wave country, while Naruko was talking with Naruto well it was mostly Naruko talking while Naruto just replied to her but Naruko was just happy that she could make some bond with her nii-san, while Kushina looked at them happy that the siblings were bonding but there also was well hidden longing to her expression but she was able to hide it well.

'Fighting in a spar is a different, let's see how well would they do against a true enemy shinobi' Kakashi thought as he sensed two foreign chakra right in front of the group and signalled Kushina to not interfere unless necessary making her nod.

Soon the group passed a small puddle of water in the road, when they all felt a sudden burst of Chakra, the two shinobi appeared out of puddle with a single gauntlet on one of their hand connected to each other with a single chain. These were Meizu and Gozu, the demon brothers of the mist. The Kiri missing-nin sprang into action as soon as they spotted Kakashi in front of the group but before they could wrap their chain around Kakashi, both of them were yanked towards a tree due to a Kunai getting struck in their chain and before they could free themselves, they were wrapped in ninja wire with the end of the ninja wire being held by Naruto.

"Well done Naruto-kun" Kushina said as Kakashi went over to the demon brothers to interrogate them, which led to the revelation of the real need of Tazuna to the whole team as Kakashi and Kushina were already aware of it. Kushina then told team 7 the whole mission while leaving out about the ANBU as it could lead to their discovery or alerting Gato making him hire more shinobi protection. It also led to the revelation that the demon brothers worked with Zabuza Momochi, one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist, also known as the demon of the hidden mist. They decided to leave the demon brothers tied up to the trees and unconscious for the authorities to arrest them while Kushina sealed there chakra.

When they reached the shore, they took a boat from the border of fire owned by Kaji, who was an accomplice of Tazuna but was a cowardly man proven by the fact that he refused to start the motor of the boat in the fear that Gato would get to know about it. After leaving them on the shore of Land of Waves, Kaji leaves them immediately starting the motor of his boat.

"How far is it to your home Tazuna?" Kakashi asked

"Not far" Tazuna said "Only a couple of miles from here. This was the closest Kaji could land us without being spotted by Gato's spies inside the village".

The group set off for the bridge builder's home, the four young genin all felling tense, as if someone was watching them. Unknown to them they were being watched, hidden in the trees were a pair of figures; one was well over six-feet tall, dark hair and bandages covering lower half of his face. Strapped to the man's back was a massive sword that was as long as the man himself. A smaller figure standing next to the man wore a uniform with a white mask that hid its face with four wavy lines on the forehead part of the mask.

"That's Uzumaki Kushina and Hatake Kakashi" the taller man growled "if it were just Kakashi I could have handled him but Uzumaki Kushina, she is a legit S-rank shinobi, I had heard rumours that she faked her death along with her husband Yondaime Hokage and recently returned to Konoha; Seems the rumours were true."

"What should we do Zabuza-sama?" the shorter figure asked

"We retreat" Zabuza said," We can't fight both Kakashi and Uzumaki, even if we had the Demon brothers. And those brats are unknowns, even if they are brats. Let's go Haku; I have to call in some favours if we want to complete this job."

The shadowy shinobi leapt from their places and faded into the mist

"You noticed right?" Kakashi said

"Yes, it seems things are going to become a lot worse before it becomes better." Kushina said

"Tsunami, Inari! I am back" Tazuna called as they entered a two-story house.

An attractive young woman with long blue hair came rushing out of another room

"Father!" the woman cried as she hugged Tazuna "You're home"

"Yes, I am," Tazuna chuckled "and these brave shinobi are here to help us"

"Oh please come in" Tsunami ushered "Thank you very much for seeing my father home safely and for helping us with our situation"

"It is no problem, we are happy to help" Kushina said "Tazuna is there a place where we can all sit and discuss our next course of action"

"There is enough room in the kitchen," Tazuna said "Tsunami, where is Inari"

"He is down at the docks" Tsunami replied "He should be home soon"

With the Demon brothers

The two Demon brothers were unconscious when five Kiri Hunter-nin dropped on their location

"Finally found them" one of them said while one of them woke them up

As soon as the Demon brothers woke up, they were greeted with the site of five Kiri Hunter-nin and knew unlike Haku they knew these were the real deal but before they could speak, one of the Hunter-nin, they assumed the leader spoke

"No, we are not here to kill you, if we were we already would have, we are here on the behalf of the Godaime Mizukage, as Yagura the Yondaime Mizukage is dead, and before you ask why should you trust us, one we didn't kill you, while the ones loyal to the Yondaime would already have and two" here the Hunter-nin removed his mask, to show a middle aged man with blue hair which were styled in a moused-up manner. His left eye was blue while he wore an eye-patch on his right eye. He also wore a talisman in each ear with a kanji for a humble form of 'To hear' written on them twice on each side.

"Ao-sempai" Gozu said as he recognized the same who trained both of them before they were sent under Zabuza's command and the man who warned Zabuza to be patient before attempting coup on Yondaime with his team and said that they were still organizing but Zabuza didn't listen as he was too overconfident and prideful believing he would be able to defeat Yagura.

"Yes, I was sent by the new Mizukage to retrieve Zabuza and his team, as we have finally won the war against Yagura and his tyranny. Now I need your help to find him and convince him to come back to Kirigakure No Sato, I will also tell you the identity of the Godaime in front of Zabuza" Ao said while making everything clear. Both Gozu and Meizu nodded as the other cut the ninja wire and destroyed the chakra suppression seal on them. As soon as the Demon brothers stood up, the seven of them vanished.

Tazuna's home

The six shinobi sat down at the kitchen table with Tazuna and Tsunami

"Ok everyone listens up," Kushina said. "This mission, while it has had some unexpected bumps in the road, will only get more difficult. While we were making our way here, Kakashi and I sensed two people watching us."

"These two people did leave after observing us for a bit," Kakashi picked up the conversation there. "We can only surmise that these two were comrades of the Demon Brothers, and were waiting to ambush us."

"Why didn't they then?" Sasuke asked.

"Probably because they didn't feel confident taking on two Jonin," Naruto said. "A successful ambush means scoring the most damage while sustaining the least amount of risk to them. What's the point of an ambush if you get hurt or killed in the process?"

Kushina and Kakashi nodded at the explanation.

"Naruto is correct," Kakashi said. "Konoha's most recent information on the Demon Brothers was that they are aligned with Zabuza Momochi, a former Seven Swordsman of the Mist which was confirmed when we interrogated them. This mission is easily A-rank, could be even more difficult if Zabuza after seeing Kushina and I, decides to find more help."

"We are no way near ready for this type of mission," Sakura moaned.

"No you are not," Kushina said frankly. "But it is too late to change anything, so Kakashi and I are going to use this time to get you all as ready as possible."

"How can you possibly train us for this sort of thing?" Sakura asked.

"We are not sure," Kakashi admitted. "But this is the life you have all chosen, mission are not always cut and dry. Incidents happen on missions and circumstances will change, and not always for the better."

"I am sorry that I have dragged you all into this mess," Tazuna apologized. "But we are desperate, we had no other option. If the bridge is not completed then Gato will completely rule this land and continue to strangle its people."

"Don't worry Tazuna, we will do all we can to stop this scumbag," Naruko said. Tazuna gave the exuberant blonde a thankful smile.

"Anyway, tonight we will relax," Kakashi said "Make sure you all get a good night sleep because tomorrow, we hit the ground running"

After the delicious dinner provided by Tsunami, the Jonin sent their teams off to bed, while Tazuna made his way towards them

"Not to be rude Kakashi-san, Kushina-san" Tazuna begin "but what about our Daimyo and his family?"

"Do not worry about them, Tazuna-san" Kakashi said "The ANBU team sent with us is already on it" while Tazuna breathed a sigh of relief

As Tazuna went to his room to sleep, Kakashi was about to do the same but Kushina stopped him

"Kakashi, before the mission, Minato asked to speak to me privately about Team 7" Kushina started "About their skill level and how they interact with each other, after listening to everything he decided to make some changes. Naruto, Naruko and I will no longer be part of Team 7" when Kakashi looked like he was about to protest she held her hand up to stop him, "I don't want this anymore than you do, but Minato-kun explained his reasons for this to me. Our team is not the standard four-shinobi cell and while, that happens sometimes, we are the only that has two Jounin-sensei on it. Many of the shinobi would see it as favouritism, there is also the fact that this team doesn't have the right repo with each other, and before you say anything, we both know it's true. Hence it was decided that, Minato would create a new team which would be led by me with Naruto and Naruko, while you will lead team 7 with Sakura and Sasuke. We both would be getting a new genin which would be assigned to us by Minato-kun when we return." Kushina finished while Kakashi nodded, while sad that the first team to pass his bell test would be broken up, he knew it was for the best.

While Kushina and Kakashi were having their discussion, Naruto was in is bed sleeping but you could tell from the discomfort on his face that he was having trouble sleeping.

He suddenly found himself in a sewer and he was standing on water which came up till his knees. He looked around and could see a lot of pipes on the walls and ceilings. Suddenly he heard little tremors which sounded like breathing, putting him on alert and making him activate his sharingan.

He followed the sound and came upon the biggest cage he had ever seen. On the other side of the cage was complete darkness then suddenly a rumbling earth tremor filled the sewer and Naruto was suddenly gazing into two blood red silted eyes that bored into his very being.

"So..." the voice was so deep and heavy that it shook the room. The blood red eyes analysed him for a moment, narrowing when they saw the Sharingan and then continued "My jailor finally decided to grace me with his presence"

"So you are the soul of Kyuubi that was sealed inside of me by Yondaime-sama, but if it is so why is it that I can see and feel enormous amount of Chakra from you?" Naruto asked in a monotone voice while having an impassive face hiding his fear and curiosity.

"No need to use that impassive mask of yours in front of me, I have been inside you since your birth. I have watched as the villagers ignored your existence, I watched as the old Hokage tried to keep you safe and take away the loneliness away, I watched as you were attacked for the first time when you unlocked those cursed eyes of yours, I watched as you were trained by those two who you call your siblings and I watched as you lost one of them. I also know how hard you try to stop yourself from failing for your cursed clan's hatred, but I know you will eventually fall for it as have the ones before you. Before I answer your question, on how do I possess my Chakra, I have a proposition for you" Kyuubi said

"What is it?" Naruto questioned

"I will show you my memories of the night you were born and before you say that it could be false, I promise on my honour as a Biju to show you nothing but truth and unlike you humans, we Biju take these oaths very seriously." Kyuubi said.

Naruto thought over it, summarising that he had nothing to lose and gave a nod to Kyuubi. As soon as he did, the whole place was engulfed in a white light and next thing he knew, he was above in the sky as he saw his mother giving birth to him and his sister as his father stabilised her seal. He saw as an old woman and an ANBU took both him and his sister while his father worked on his mother's seal. Suddenly a man with an orange mask with black flame like pattern killed the old woman and the ANBU and took him hostage.

He saw the whole attack from the extraction of Kyuubi from his mother to the attack on the village and finally when his father were able to teleport the Kyuubi to a location where he, Naruko and his mother were. He saw as his father put Kyuubi under a Genjutsu using his Mangekyo Sharingan but when Naruto looked closely at his eyes, he realised that they were not Mangekyo but the next stage i.e. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan while his mother used her Chakra Chains to hold the Kyuubi down. As Minato started the sealing ritual, Kyuubi broke off from the Genjutsu and attacked him and his sisters realising that he was about to be sealed, while both of his parents used their bodies as shields to protect them.

Naruto wanted to deny this, but knew it was the truth due to the Kyuubi. Next he saw his father complete the sealing ritual as what looked like Chakra in the form of fox enter Naruko while the he saw a spirit shaped in the form fox enter his infant body.

As Naruto thought about the sealing, he realised that it really looked like the soul of the Kyuubi was sealed inside him, while the chakra was sealed under Naruko, but that wasn't a reason to abandon him. As he focused on the memory again, and saw a blonde woman healing his mother and father, while an old man with long white hair was talking

"...to prevent this from happening again. The guy just disappeared without a trace. It was as if he never came here in the first place. We will be more prepared but we have to take precaution" The old man said.

"You're right, sensei. He infiltrated Konoha without anyone noticing and extracted the Kyuubi from my wife after she had given birth." Minato said as he held Naruko.

"Wait, wouldn't that result in Kushina's death?" The blonde woman asked in surprise.

"I was thinking the same thing, Tsunade, but for some reason here I am," Kushina said with a tired smile as she held Naruto.

"Maybe it was the way the masked guy extracted the Kyuubi out of her body. Do you remember anything of that, Kushina?" The old man asked.

"All I remember is pain, Jiraiya," Kushina said with a frown. "That's all."

"Just great," Jiraiya sighed and then turned to Minato. "This is bad, Minato. That man's attack was nearly flawless and he knew exactly what he was looking for. If his reasoning for attacking Konoha was its destruction then he did a pretty good job in coming close."

"I know. He knew exactly where to go without being detected and it's obvious now that his main objective was the Kyuubi." Minato said.

"Something tells me his not done with Konoha or us," Kushina said worriedly as she looked at her babies.

"You always have a knack of attracting the worse kind of enemies, Minato," Tsunade said with shake of her head.

"But I don't even know the guy!" Minato protested.

"Does it matter? You're the one who is well-known around the elemental nations and that's all it takes," Tsunade said evenly.

"You're right," Minato said sadly.

"Oh Kami, our children were nearly killed," Kushina said.

"That's not the only problem at this point," Minato said.

"What are you talking about?" Tsunade said.

"...Notice a big red demon fox missing? I found a way to alter the Shiki Fujin in separating the Biju's soul from its very own chakra. I sealed the chakra into Naruko and the soul into Naruto. Theoretically the result should have been my death, but I think since I performed a different version of Shiki Fujin my life was spared," Minato said.

"...I knew you were a genius but this? Even I have to admit I'm impressed," Jiraiya said in shock.

"Are you sure that's what you did?" Kushina asked in concern.

"I'm positive. I saw the soul and chakra separate from each other before sealing them into Naruto and Naruko." Minato said confidently.

"My poor babies" Kushina said sadly.

"Since I separated the two key aspects that make a Biju whole then I don't think the Kyuubi can be extracted without both children being present when it happens," Minato said.

"You mean you need both kids together to get the Kyuubi?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes." Minato looked at his wife seriously. "That man might come back and try the same thing again. That could end badly for Naruto and Naruko. We can't stay here if that is the case."

"You want us to leave Konoha?" Kushina asked in surprise.

"Yeah, it's the only way to protect the village and the children... That man could come after us for the children, and since he will need both kids to release the Kyuubi then..."

"I hope you're not suggesting what I think you're suggesting!" Kushina hissed suspiciously.

"I'm sorry Kushina-koi, but we can't take both children with us -"

"No! I am not leaving any of my babies! What the hell are you thinking, Minato-kun?!" Kushina shouted angrily.

"Hear me out. We won't be leaving anyone alone. Jiraiya and Tsunade can look after and train one while we groom the other," Minato said and shrunk as Kushina fixed him with a withering glare.

"They are not objects to just experiment with. They're our children! OUR CHILDREN! Of all the ideas that you've come up with, Minato-kun, this is the worst!"

Minato's shoulders sagged. He began to see what she was talking about. He sighed. "You're right. We'll just have to figure out something else -"

"I support that idea," Jiraiya said.

Everyone looked at the old man with wide eyes.

"What?" Tsunade inquired warningly.

"It's solid. Since Naruto and Naruko can't be near each other yet then this is the best we can do. I think Naruto should stay."

"Don't start with that stupid prophecy garbage again!" Kushina shouted angrily.

"No, it's not that. I just think that it would be the right thing to do. I'm his godfather. It wouldn't hurt."

"To hell with that! It is absolutely ludicrous! You can't make such a huge decision based on a half assed belief that the children must be separated or that man would not only find them but release the Kyuubi as well." Tsunade fumed.

"We can't take any chances! If we make a mistake it could possibly result in Naruto and Naruko getting killed!" Jiraiya argued.

"Exactly what do you think would happen if that masked man came back and tried to take the Kyuubi from the child you left behind? It would still lead to the same result." Tsunade said.

"That's why we would be here. Minato and Kushina could protect Naruko and we could easily protect Naruto with the aid of Konoha. That man will not be a match for two Sannin!" Jiraiya boasted.

"You're right, sensei and this way we can be assured that both kids will at least be safe and the Kyuubi cannot be freed." Minato said.

"I refuse! What the hell has gotten into you! Don't make me slap you, Minato!" Kushina warned.

"Kushina-koi, we don't have much time to do this before people find out. It's the best that we can offer our kids at the moment. We won't be abandoning Naruto. He'll stay with Jiraiya and Tsunade -"

"And we'll tell him all about you guys and what great parents you are, right Tsunade-hime?" Jiraiya asked with a grin.

"This isn't right. This isn't right and you know it," Tsunade said seriously.

"We have little choice, Tsunade. Don't worry; he won't be in your care for too long. We'll be back for him when the time is right," Minato said.

"...I can't leave him. Please Minato-koi, don't make leave him. I love him so much. Don't make me do this," Kushina pleaded as she looked at her son who was in her gentle embrace. "Sochi-kun..."

"I'm sorry Kushina-koi, but we have to. We'll be back for him soon enough and we'll be a family again. I promise." Minato said with conviction.

"I just can't. He's my Sochi. Can't you see you're making this painful for me?" Kushina looked at her husband with a sorrowful gaze.

Minato's eyes soften. He understood what she was going through. It was really tough decision to make.

"He would never grow with us. He would never have that type of childhood that kids need. Can you really expect this to go in our favour? What if he grows to hate the parents that left him behind? I just can't deal with that. If you're so insistent in leaving for the safety of our kids and the village then...let me stay with him in Konoha," Kushina said.

"I would love that more than anything Kushina-chan but Naruko will need you," Minato said.

"What do you mean?" Kushina said.

"She only has the chakra of the Kyuubi. It's malevolent and malicious, adding to the fact that it does not have a soul and it will remain aimless with no focal point then Naruko could lose herself to the chakra indefinitely," Minato said.

Kushina understood immediately what Minato was implying, "You need my chakra chains."

Minato nodded his head grimly.

"Then why don't you stay with Naruto?" Kushina questioned.

"Because enemies would know that Minato's alive and that Naruto is his son. They'll come after the kid, no doubt about that," Jiraiya said seriously.

Kushina's mouth formed a thin line as the dreaded news was given to her. Will they ever get a break?

"If...If you're going to leave Naruto here then people should not know who his parents are. We can't have him live anywhere in Konoha where he could be an easy target either." Tsunade said.

"I own an estate just outside Konoha. No one else knows that it exist because of the Genjutsu that I put on it. You could use that place as a home to look after Naruto and train him to be stronger," Minato said.

"You want us to train him?" Tsunade questioned.

"Yes, I want you to teach him everything you know. I know you guys a very capable in making him a great shinobi." Minato said.

"This is so unfair!" Kushina cried. "Why do we have to do this? We can just stay in Konoha and see how things turn out!"

Everyone understood that Kushina was falling into desperation. She loved her children and as an Uzumaki family was very important to her.

No one noticed that Naruto's eyes had briefly opened, and they were red...

"I'm really sorry, Kushina-chan, but for the sake of Konoha and our children we have to do what's right. I-It isn't easy for me either. I love Naruto and this is hard for me too."

Kushina only whimpered as she looked down to her now sleeping son. The tears wouldn't stop.

"Don't worry, Kushina! He'll be in good hands!" Jiraiya said.

"...Promise me," Kushina whispered.

"What?" Jiraiya asked.

"Promise me, you'll look after him. You'll help him grow to be a responsible and loving boy. You'll tell him all about us and how much we love him. You'll train him to be the best shinobi he can be. You'll love him just as we do." Kushina was serious and made sure they knew it.

"Yeah…sure. I promise," Jiraiya said, a bit confused in Kushina's behaviour.

Kushina turned to Tsunade.

"...I...promise," Tsunade said, although her response was very unenthusiastic.

Kushina looked at them for a moment and then nodded, "We'll send letters every month with presents for you to pick up. I want you to send us letters on Naruto's progress every month. If they are problems then you must inform us immediately. I don't want my Sochi to grow up alone or unwanted," Kushina said.

"Yes," Jiraiya said in exasperation. However, Tsunade only looked away in thought.

"Then we have an agreement," Minato said with a hint of excitement.

"I really don't like this, but if you're right Minato then we can't endanger anyone," Kushina said and proceeded to repeatedly kiss Naruto's forehead. She looked at her son. "Kaa-chan loves you."

"And Tou-san loves you," Minato added with a grin as he rubbed Naruto's head.

The image started to distort until they view changed and Naruto found himself back in the mindscape. He looked around in surprise.

"What happened next?" Naruto asked the Kyuubi

"Nothing important, now the answer to your question of how do I possess Chakra, if I am only the soul of the Kyuubi. You see, when your father performed an alternative version of Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal), he thought he sealed my Chakra into your sister, while sealing the soul into you. But what really happened was he divided my Chakra into half, as we Biju are beings of Chakra, our soul is not different from our Chakra. So the Yang half as it represents the life energy took the form of pure Chakra, while I, the Yin half as I represent the spiritual half took the form of the spirit. Your father had good intentions, depending on how you look at it, but he didn't fully understand the Biju" Kyuubi said.

Naruto thought about what the Kyuubi said and what he saw, even if the memory was true, that give his family a reason to just abandon him and give him to someone else to raise him, but on the other hand his father just wanted to protect his family and the village.

No, Naruto decided, even if everything was truth, even then he won't forgive them and especially not his godparents who decided to abandon him. He would talk to both of them though, as everyone should be given a chance to explain them, but if he didn't like their explanation, then there wouldn't be any more chances. All these thoughts went through his mind as his sharingan spun rapidly. He still had one question though,

"Why did you show me all these memories? What do you gain from it?" asked Naruto

"First, I don't like anyone making their decisions without having full facts since most of the humans judged us Biju this way. Second, I am composed of Yin chakra, I am more cooperative but it doesn't mean I fully trust humans, especially of your clan with those cursed eyes even though due to my chakra mixing into your own has made your eyes more powerful than any other Uchiha in the past. And finally, since I showed you the truth of the night of your birth, I was hoping you would allow me access to your senses as it gets boring around here, and change the state of your mindscape, it is unbefitting of me." Kyuubi explained.

Naruto thought about it, and was in favour of allowing the Kyuubi access and change the state of his mindscape, as even he didn't like his mindscape as a sewer but he still had some questions.

"I agree to all of your demands" Naruto said choosing the word demands rather than request, knowing it would be good to play to the Kyuubi's ego which was proven correct from the smirk on Kyuubi's face, "But I don't know how to do all of those things? And would you have access to my senses all the time? Also, what do you mean by more cooperative?"

"You just need to think, to do all of those things as it is your mindscape and no, you can cut me off whenever you want, as I said it your mindscape. Finally I am more cooperative than my other half, my Yang chakra, as it more dominant of us two. I kind of feel bad for your sister but eh, this is what your father chose." Kyuubi said

Naruto then left his mindscape after making the appropriate changes making his mindscape represent the forest around Konoha, and giving Kyuubi access to his senses. He knew as soon as he woke up he would have to talk to Kushina about it

Kyuubi became comfortable to his new surroundings, which were much better than the sewer as he started at place Naruto was at before going to sleep.

Next Morning

As soon as Naruto woke up, he knew he had to talk to Kushina about what he learned. So as soon as he was done with his morning routine, he went outside the room he saw Naruko seating on the sofa reading a scroll. As soon as Naruko saw Naruto she smiled towards him

"Good morning, Nii-san" Naruko greeted

"Morning, Naruko. What time is it?" Naruto said

"It is still pretty early in the morning; Tazuna is going to leave for the bridge in the afternoon. Kaa-san said we will be accompanying her for his protection while Kakashi-sensei protects Tsunami and Inari as Kaa-san suspects Gato might target them. Kakashi-sensei will also train Sakura and Sasuke today."

Naruto nodded at that information and was about to ask Naruko about Kushina but before he could,

"Nii-san" Naruko said "Kaa-san also informed me that once we return to Konoha, we and Kaa-san will be removed from Team 7 to form a team of our own with a new member while Kakashi-sensei will be taking both Sakura and Sasuke with a new member of their own"

Naruto just nodded at that information and then asked "Naruko do you know where Kushina-sensei is?"

"She is currently in the guest room Nii-san," Naruko said, as she saw Naruto go towards, Kushina's room.

"Nii-san, where are you going? Sakura and Sasuke are training outside, we could join them." Naruko suggested

"Not right now, I need to talk to Kushina-sensei" Naruto said

"Will you tell me?" Naruko asked cautiously, knowing her relationship with Naruto was rocky at best

"Not yet, may be after I talk to Kushina-sensei" Naruto answered as he went towards her room, but before he hid he gave a small but sincere smile to Naruko, causing her to gasp and filling her heart with hope that she could still get her nii-san back.

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