Jacob Stone flipped through yet another of the innumerable books of art and architcture that the Great Library contained, making notes as he did so. The Annex's central room (with its large table) made an excellent place to spread out his materials, allowing him to compare information from the various tomes. The Annex itself was quiet with all the other Librarians ensconced in archives all through the Library, working on their own projects. Flynn and Baird, along with Jenkins, were walking through the lower levels, discussing better security for their valuable collections. Ever since DOSA's attempt to strip the Library of its magical artifacts by force and Nicole Noone's attempt to out right destroy the facility, Baird had been on a quest to make sure security was strengthened. Stone had chosen not to participate in the walk-through, knowing Baird - now the Library's Guardian - would work things out with the others. "Gives me some time alone" he thought, closing one book and opening another. "Been meaning to do this research for ages..."

Suddenly the Clippings Book, which had been mysteriously silent for weeks, began to rattle in its stand, light shining as pages were quickly turned. An eerie sound emanated from the book - as though the pages had come to life and were screaming. Stone stared, dumbfounded, as the sound from the now levitating book grew louder and louder. "What the hell?" he called out, trying to pull the volume back to its stand.

Behind him, the other librarians, Cassandra and Ezekiel, came skidding to a stop at the entrance to the room, watching in amazement as the Clippings Book fought to free itself from Stone's grip. "Jake - what are you doing?" Cassandra called out, her voice high and nervous.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Stone shouted down, annoyed. "This thing's about to take flight!"

The Annex's back door picked that moment to start to rattle - an indication that someone or something was trying to enter. "Are we expecting guests?" Ezekiel asked, eyes in the controls to the door.

"No! Now get your asses over here and help me hold this damn book down!" Stone called out, trying to maintain his grip on the volume.

The two younger librarians raced to help him, each grabbing on to a part of the book and trying to pull it down. "Maybe we should get Flynn?" Cassandra huffed, fingers cramping as the tome tried to wrestle free of her grip.

The back door suddenly began to revolve rapidly, the opened to a woodland scene that all three recognized. In the entrance was King Arthur, Lord of the Fae and his father, the warlord Vladimir. They stepped through and looked around, eyeing the struggle in the corner of the room with interest. "Is this a bad time?" Arthur quipped, watching the Librarians in amusement. Both he and his father were in their standard medieval-style garb - tunics and dark pants - with Arthur's longish hair caught back by a silver circlet around his forehead.

"Funny man" Stone snarled, pushing the book down onto the table. "This thing has just gone crazy and is trying to launch itself into orbit!"

Arthur eyed the Clippings book with interest. "Sile. Animæquior esto. Omnis bene est." he whispered, moving a hand over the book. "Be Still, Be at Peace. All is well." The book ceased to struggle, laying flat on the table with no further sign of life. "There - that's better."

"Do I want to know how you did that?" Stone asked, eyeing the book suspiciously.

"No" Arthur responded mildly. "You wouldn't understand it even if I could tell you. So - where is my old friend? I expected him to be puttering around at something when I arrived. He usually is."

Stone wasn't sure whether to laugh or be annoyed. It only made sense that the first person Arthur would ask about would be Jenkins. After all, as Galahad, the immortal Knight of the Round Table , Jenkins had once been Arthur's dearest friend and right hand in the fight to claim a kindom (and tame the wild magic surround it) for the man whose name he had borrowed, the man who would eventually be known in legend as King Arthur of the Round Table. "He, Baird and Flynn are downstairs working on security issues."

"Not for long" Ezekiel quipped. "We heard the Clipping book - and our books by the way - having a nervous breakdown all over the library. So I'm betting they will be up any second..." His voice trailed away as the Librarian, his Guardian and the library's immortal Caretaker skidded to a stop in the room.

Jenkins rolled his eyes at the sight of his friend. "I should have known it would be you" he said. "You simply can't make a quiet entrance anywhere, can you?"

Arthur laughed. "This isn't on me, Galais. Your clippings book was hit with a warning of something so dark appearing in the mortal world that it couldn't contain intself."

Vlad, in the meantime, had sauntered over to the table and was reading over Cassandra's shoulder as she looked at the new pages that had appeared. "Yes - I was afraid of this. Arthur, come see. It is as Christoph's crystal said - the book has been found."

"Book?" Flynn asked, a note of excitement in his voice. "What book?"

"Not one you will ever be able to house in this place" Vlad said somberly. "It's evil is so great that when and if you find it your only course of action will be to destroy it utterly."

"Destroy a book?" Cassandra squeeked. "But - we're Librarians! Shouldn't we be trying to preserve it, whatever information it contains?"

"Not this book, little librarian" Vlad said softly. "This book will be the death of many before you can contain it - and if it is not destroyed will be the death of you as well."

"What book is this?" Baird asked, glancing around her with concern.

"A book with an old and bloody history and is now alive again and out in a newly re-energized world of magic power. It is a black grimoire, the Book of Shadows that once belonged to the one of the first documented female serial killers. It is the book of spells belonging to Countess Elizabeth Báthory."