Audrinas's story information please read!


I've been watching DCAU( DC animated universe) episodes for the billionth time and I was watching Ace's death in JLU episode twenty-six " Epilogue" when I thought of this idea(horrible of me I know).

This will be my first BNHA story/one-shot, so bare with me.

This is gonna be a Justice League Unlimited parody in case your asking.

Of course the art cover does not belong to me, I just put some words in it( XD).And no I don't own any of these fandom. You can find that on my account AudrinasoftheStorm17 Wattpad of course.

I'm gonna try to add another chapter to W. I. A. pretty soon. College started for me so I'm gonna be even more occupied, but I'll try( if anyone's reading of course).