"No I don't think you can be a hero without a quirk." Those words resounded in the head of young Izuku Midoriya. That what it always came down to wasn't it. You can't do anything without power; power was everything in this world. There were those who had it like Kacchan, and All Might and there were those who didn't like himself. Before Izuku knew it he was running full tilt down the stairs of the building he'd landed on after grabbing hold of All Might. His hero of a lifetime shut the door on his dream so easily. Izuku had felt powerless his whole life, but never before had he felt so weak! He burst through the stairwell door to the lobby and continued to run his legs burning lungs heaving until he was home standing before the door to the apartment he shared with his mother. Izuku panted his shirt soaked with sweat as he stumbled into the apartment on shaky legs as quietly as possible.

Izuku kicked his shoes off in the entryway and headed to his room sliding past his mother unnoticed and shut the door to his room. "Why am I so weak?!" He grieved leaning back against the door sliding slowly to the floor. He was surrounded by All Might Memorabilia, his idol. He couldn't stand it looking at that proud smile, knowing it was really there as self-gratification. "You revel in your power don't you All Might after all you're the symbol of peace." Izuku growled lunging forward to his desk and grabbing the nearest All Might figurine and hurled it against the wall watching its pieces break apart. All Might lay broken before his feet. "If only I could do that to the real All Might." He said as an idea formed in his mind.
Power was the status quo of this world and there were many ways to attain power, after all didn't people say knowledge was power? Izuku sat in his computer chair bringing up workout regimens. "I'll be powerful not just in body but mind as well. I'll show Kacchan-." Izuku shook his head. It was time he let go of that so called friendship. Katsuki was an asshole and it was only Izuku's weakness that let him believe the two were still friends. "I'll show Katsuki and All Might, that power is subjective."

And so it went Izuku pushed himself to the limit both body and mind training himself rigorously over the summer, weight lifting, running, alongside numerous hours of study everything from tactics, and martial arts to biology and chemistry taking a designated interest in the way the human body can be forcibly developed, such as unlocking the brain's limiters on the muscles. Izuku shed his small frame bulking it considerably with muscle coupling that with his growth spurt shooting him up from his 5' to 5'11". Izuku was hardly recognizable especially with his unruly green hair cut into crewcut. It was during his research that Izuku came across stories of the drug called "Trigger", a drug that boosted a user's quirk to its utmost capabilities.

"This is exactly what I need." Izuku said looking at his laptop as he did pushups. Getting into a sitting position Izuku brought up all the recent events and brought them up on a map from there he had a pretty solid search area. After all like any drug Trigger had to have a dealer. Izuku stood up closing his laptop and grabbing his jacket exited his room dressed in black cargo pants boots a grey T-shirt stretched taut across his chest and bumped into his mother causing her to almost fall before Izuku grabbed hold of her pulling her to her feet with one hand. Inko Midoriya was a stout woman so seeing her son pull her back onto her feet before she hit the ground with one hand startled her at the strength he now possessed.

"Oh I-Izuku are you h-heading out?" Inko asked bashfully. She'd hardly seen her little boy since school ended. He spent all his time in his room either working out or reading thick volumes on obscure subjects. She'd asked him where he'd gotten the money to afford all his weights and his answer had floored her. "I sold all that All Might junk." Izuku had idolized All Might to find out he'd sold it all and called it junk Inko was at a loss for words, it was only one big change after another. First the sale of his All Might collectibles, then the haircut, and workout regimen. It was like she was living with a stranger, and it hurt her to think of her only child like that.

"Yeah I'll be back later, don't wait for me." He said sliding past her and heading to the front door to put on his shoes. "Izuku you know I love you right?" She asked looking over her shoulder at her son. Izuku stopped his movements for a moment before standing up with his shoes on. "I know mom." He said as he walked out the front door closing it behind him without ever looking back. Izuku made his way deep into the city where the last Trigger incident had occurred as he did he went through the multiple photos the media had taken trying to single out the dealer. It was a long shot, but Izuku had done some studying on human behavior, and though he was no expert he believed himself competent enough to find something out of the ordinary.

Izuku stood outside the construction cordon looking at the destruction before him. Apparently this Trigger incident had resulted in a sound quirk going haywire casting massive shockwaves across the area and brought down several buildings. Izuku compared the photo the actual scene and spotted something in a video. There was a man in a suit carrying a briefcase, which in this day and age is as normal as one can get, but the way the man handled himself, while everyone was running and screaming this man never moved he just stood still and watched. Izuku smiled. "Found you." He said going through his pictures once again now that he knew who to look for.

Mayuri was walking along the sidewalk feeling rather pleased with himself. He'd managed to nearly sell out of his trigger. Of course his orders were just to give the stuff out, but why give when you can sell, besides either way the drug still got out there, but he had to be careful if the boss got wind of him selling this stuff he'd be turned inside out, which is why he was going to call it an early night tonight. Mayuri was walking past an alleyway when two hands shot from the darkness and grabbed him by his collar and slammed him up against the back wall of the alley. The force was enough to drive the air from his lungs. He gasped looking up at the large shadowy figure approaching him.

Mayuri reacted gathering saliva in his mouth and spit. Mayuri's quirk was acid spit self-explanatory really. His saliva was corrosive. The figure moved like water avoiding the shot before kicking him in his mouth. Mayuri felt his teeth shatter as blood flooded his mouth. He inhaled feeling bits of tooth fall down his throat as he attempted to scream only for an iron grip to close around his throat and hoist him against the wall. "Listen closely because I'm only going to say this once. I own you now and you're going to give me what Trigger you have now and a quarter of every order you get. Drop it in this alley and If you don't I'll find you again and next time you'll have more than a few broken teeth to worry about. Now shake your head yes if you agree."

Mayuri glared down at this guy he couldn't get a good look at him mostly because his vision was swimming from the kick to his jaw and the darkened alley wasn't doing him any favors. He would spit at this guy but his quirk only worked when he had pure saliva in his mouth with all the blood in his mouth his acid wouldn't be more than a slight itch and this guy was obviously strong enough to fold him up and stick him in his pocket if he felt like it. Mayuri shook his head and was immediately dropped to the ground. The guy grabbed his suitcase to open it before stopping and tossing it to Mayuri. Mayuri pursed his lips in disappointment. If he had tried to pry open the case it would have shocked the hell out of him, but apparently the brute had scoped him out pretty well.

Mayuri placed his finger into the key lock allowing it to scan his fingerprint and popped open. There were five vials left and he handed them over promptly. The guy stowed the vials in one of the pockets of his cargo pants and walked away. Mayuri gripped his mangled mouth in pain as he spit out more bits of broken teeth. Whoever that guy is I hope I never see him again. Fucking strength quirks!
Izuku walked back into his home at 3 in the morning and noticed the light was on in the living room. After kicking his shoes off he rounded the corner looking at his sleeping mother on the couch the remote on the floor as an Infomercial played. He sighed turning off the TV and picking up his mother bridal style before turning off the light.

Izuku placed Inko onto her bed covering her with the comforter. He sighed knowing what he was about to do would hurt her gravely, but he had to. If he stayed here he'd never be able to do what needed to be done. Izuku went to his room and began packing. Taking what cash remained from the sale of his All Might crap and several pairs of clothes. Izuku looked around the room one last time before heading out for the final time. Now that he had Trigger he could begin in earnest. He would show this world what power really meant. He would stand at the top of not just heroes, but villains as well. He would be the absolute power.