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Aizawa and Shinso were shocked at seeing Todoroki in this place. From what they knew Todoroki was evacuated along with the majority of the people from the city during the early days of Bane's rule, but now he was here and in league with the Joker that made no sense. "Todoroki what are you doing here?" Aizawa asked as he heard a rough chuckle from the young man in front of him as he flipped a coin catching it in midair and smiled.

"Coin says I'm not telling you." He said as he went to release a large blast of ice only to be stopped by Aizawa's quirk his one eye glowing red as Todoroki reached behind him grabbing hold of his Springfield XD and fired off several shots making the heroes scatter into two groups Shinso and Aizawa moving to the white right side of the room and Lemillion and Inasa over to the left red side. Aizawa grit his teeth using his quirk in only one eye took more of a toll than in both and having that on top of the damage the Nomu did his quirk's timing was severely diminished. He blinked and in that moment Todoroki activated his ice creating a large wall to block Aizawa's view, but left him open to an attack by Lemiliion who appeared right in front of him his fist crackling with golden energy as he punched forward. Todoroki created a cloak of flames around himself thinking it would stop Lemillion, but the hero passed through his flames unharmed as his fist slammed into Todoroki's cheek sending him flying back before the dual quirk user created an ice wall to brace himself and opening fire once again his bullets passing harmlessly through Lemillion.

Todoroki growled as he noticed Aizawa scaling his ice wall with his scarf. He ditched the cartridge in his gun replacing it as he rolled to the left avoiding Lemillion as he popped off two shots at the hero who let them pass through him, but failed to notice he had blocked Aizawa's view of Todoroki and therefore was unprepared for the bullets slamming into his leg and shoulder causing him to fall off Todoroki's ice wall almost hitting the ground before Inasa managed to catch him in a wind cushion before placing him on the ground. Inasa turned glaring at Todoroki. Unknown to the others he also knew Todoroki and his father and now just as before he could see that burning hatred that father and son shared and it made him sick. He launched a volley of wind at Todoroki who countered with a stream of flames causing the wind to rise and punch a hole in the ceiling causing debris to rain down on the left side of the field.

Shinso stepped next to Aizawa looking at his teacher's wounds, they weren't fatal or anything, but both knew the implications of what just happened. They were in Overhaul's base and Aizawa had just been shot no doubt with one of Overhaul's quirk killer bullets. It was safe to say Aizawa could no longer cancel out Todoroki's quirk which was bad for their team knowing the explosive power Todoroki wielded. "Shinso use your brainwashing see if you can get him to talk." Aizawa said as he ripped the sleeve off his shirt and tied it tightly around the wound in his leg. Shinso nodded before fiddling with the dials of his mask. Todoroki was on the defensive holding off Inasa's wind with his fire and creating walls of Ice to block Lemillion's vision so he could get out of the way before Lemillion could land another heavy hit. All of a sudden he heard Aizawa's voice calling out to him. "Todoroki stop this, you're not a villain. Tell me what Joker did to you maybe we can help. You were my student it's my responsibility to help you." Todoroki smiled as he pressed a button on his wrist right as Lemillion smashed his fist into the younger boy's side slamming him all the way to the back of the room planting him solidly in the wall. Lemillion was panting a little as he heard a scream. He turned to the right and saw liquid nitrogen spraying from the wall it had sprayed over Shinso as the boy was snatched away from the wall by Aizawa who was taking cover behind one of Todoroki's ice walls.

On the other side Inasa was walking forward before a vent opened under him and flames erupted from it catching the wind user in an inferno. Inasa yelled using his wind to disperse the flames around him, but the damage had already been done as his suit was charred his hair was gone and the exposed skin of his face was a brilliant red and sizzling as he collapsed there on the spot. Lemillion turned around looking to Todoroki only to find him gone through a hidden door. Lemillion raced over towards Inasa before Aizawa shouted. "What are you doing go after him!" The former teacher said as he limped over towards Inasa. "I'll take care of these two, but you need to find Joker. This place was dangerous in Overhaul's hands, but in Joker's hands it's infinitely more so. You need to make sure this place falls under our control no matter what." Lemillion bit his lip before nodding and racing through the secret entrance.

"I will Eraserhead!" He shouted as he left. Eraserhead continued to limp over to the smoking form of Inasa who thankfully was still breathing. He grabbed hold of the teen inhaling some of the smoke and coughed a little as he dragged the boy over to the ice wall. Once he sat Inasa down and looked him over he gave a chuckle and didn't know why.

"I must be in shock if I find this funny." He said before laughing some more and then increasingly more and more. Aizawa's eyes widened as he turned to look at the vent Inasa had collapsed on and saw it was still "smoking". "That's not smoke it's Joker gas!" He shouted still laughing more and more feeling his face stretch into a large smile as he fell back against the ice wall laughing wildly. It felt like Aizawa was suffocating any air he got was immediately expelled in laughter he clutched his throat as his legs kicked back and forth until his entire frame fell still with the trademark smile stretched across his dead face.

Nejire flew into the air to avoid the blast of ice while Suneater used tentacle fingers to pull himself out of the way. Pinky used her special move Acid Veil to block the ice attack protecting her and Uravity from the frozen onslaught. Above Killer Frost Nejire rocketed down towards the ice villain releasing her Wave Motion towards her as Suneater in perfect unison transformed his hand into a large clam and went to slam it into Killer Frost's side only for the villain to place her hands on the ground. "Ice Geyser." She said softly as spikes of ice rose out of the ground nearly impaling both heroes causing Nejire to release her wave motion prematurely shattering the ice and spraying shards across the area catching Suneater in it before he used his clam hand to block the brunt of it. Killer frost back flipped away creating an ice slide to glide around the two heroes shooting blasts of cold at Suneater and Nejire only to narrowly avoid a stream of acid by Pinky, but did not recover in time before Uravity clotheslined her knocking her off her slide and crashing into one of the frozen victims.

The four heroes regroup looking at their enemy as she slowly rose to her feet. "So this is Killer Frost." Nejire said as they got a good look at the villainess. She was wearing a white fur lined blue coat with blue and white striped leggings with white boots. Her white hair was cut short around her neck, but the most striking feature were her cold gray eyes it was like there was no life there at all. If the room wasn't already freezing her gaze definitely would chill them to the bone. Speaking of freezing Suneater noticed the slight shivering of Uravity and Pinky. "Nejire you and the other two should leave." He said stepping forward his clam hand transforming into a large crab claw.

"What? Suneater we can't just leave you! We'll take her down as a group." Nejire said rejecting the proposal immediately.

"You three can't take the cold in here. The longer you stay the more weakened you'll become. The animals I've eaten were mostly seafood they can take the cold better than you guys can. If you stay you'll get slower and slower, and the stamina you need for your power will be used up that much quicker now go I've got this!" He said as Killer Frost caught sight of her dead husband. Even though he was dead and she knew it his eyes still struck fear into her reminded her how pathetic and weak she was.

"No I can't fail Shoto again." She whispered to herself as she noticed the three girls running for the door at the end of the hall. "NOOOO!" She screeched sending a wall of ice towards the door narrowly allowing the three to pass through before she sealed it off. Killer Frost grit her teeth and grabbed her head as she twisted back and forth ranting and raving about her failure. "I'm not a failure, I'm not a failure. Stop I can fix this, I will fix this!" Suneater watched as ice started to crawl out from around Killer Frost's loss of control until Joker spoke again.

"Frost darling chill take a deep breath!" Joker said immediately shutting down Frost's temper tantrum. "It's fine I was going to ask you to leave those girls alive anyway, I'm sure they'd come in handy and they're just so cute! Joker giggled as Killer Frost regained her composure. "Just deal with the hentai reject over there and I'll make sure those girls' are well taken care of." Joker said before turning off the PA. Killer Frost took a deep breath and released it slowly it looked as if she was exhaling fog as the mist in the room began to grow thicker.

"No I won't let you!" Suneater shouted as he shot his tentacle fingers forward after Frost's silhouette and once he'd gotten a grip he snatched her forward only to find he'd grabbed one of her many victims around the room. "Stupid mistake!" He chastised himself as he began turning in a circle trying to find her, but as soon as he turned his back he felt a shooting pain in his leg and swung his arm narrowly missing Frost as she dodged back into the fog. Suneater looked down seeing he'd been stabbed through the right leg with an icicle. He hissed as he pulled it free seeing his blood pour down his leg onto the floor.

He looked around limping slowly trying to keep his guard as he saw a flash of blue and sent his tentacles out again only to yell as his fingers were impaled on ice spikes that had been positioned to where he saw the light. He grit his teeth as he felt a cut across his back seeing Frost and snapping at her with his crab claw slicing through her coat as she jumped back into the fog. He growled going after her. He knew it was a bad idea to chase after her, but with the way things were going he'd be cut to ribbons before he landed a solid hit. The blood loss and the cold weren't doing him any favors either. He was starting to get sluggish his reflexes decreasing drastically as he slipped on a trail of ice falling to his back and feeling his arms be pierced as Killer Frost drove icicles through them only to place her hands on his chest and began freezing him to the floor. Suneater tried to struggle against the imprisonment, but slowly lost more and more of his strength. The last thing he saw was Killer Frost smiling down at him sadly. "Sleep tight." She whispered before standing up and looking at the door she'd frosted over.

Present Mic standing next to earphone Jack both using their sound quirks to pin down Ibara as Shindo used his quirk to shake the ground uprooting the numerous plants in the room as they tried to attack the group of six. Froppy was jumping from tree to tree before using her tongue to try and wrap around Ibara who shot out her vines wrapping around the Frog girl's tongue the thorns digging deep into the delicate flesh of Froppy's tongue and threw here wide slamming her into Shindo and stopping the miniature earthquake. Nagamasa took Froppy's place sending several thick locks of hair to bind the plant user. He wrapped around her tightly bringing her towards him. "I've captured her!" He shouted to his teammates before turning around and feeling Ibara kiss him. He was shocked at first before his mind went blank and all he could think of was pleasing Ibara.

Poison Ivy smiled at him before speaking. "Put me down.", and immediately she was placed back on her feet as she stroked Nagamasa's thick strands of hair. "Good boy, now kill them." She ordered her new slave who jumped to do her bidding his hair stretching out to ensnare his comrades wrapping tightly around Ms. Joke, Earphone Jack, and Shindo. His hair was rebuffed by Present Mic's shouting and Froppy was nowhere to be seen. Shindo gripped Nagamasa's hair in his hands channeling vibrations through it in an effort to make the older student drop him, but the hair wasn't stable enough to absorb any vibrations to do any kind of damage. Ibara laughed as the three were slowly crushed under Nagamasa's grip before receiving a sweep to her legs as she was in midair Froppy's tongue grabbed hold of Poison Ivy whirling her around before body slamming her to the ground a large plume of dust erupting around the grounded Villain.

Present Mic sent a loud shout Towards Nagamasa sending the teen flying backwards into a tree making him drop his captives. As everyone regained their senses they saw Froppy on the ground sweating hard and green ooze spilling from her mouth. Ms. Joke rushed over to the young heroine as Present Mic cautiously stepped towards Nagamasa finding him in the same position. "They've been poisoned." Ms. Joke stated as she checked Froppy's pulse. "This isn't good Mic we need to get them help." Ms. Joke said grabbing Froppy in her arms and looking to her colleague. "Mic what are you doing we need to get out of here!" She shouted casting a glance at Poison Ivy finding her still unconscious.

"We can't all leave Joke you and Shindo take those two out of here me and Earphone Jack will continue forward we're this city's last chance we can't give up just yet." Ms. Joke wanted to protest, but Mic was right at least with Shindo she'd have a better chance of defending these two.

"Alright Shindo let's go." She said walking back out of the room as Shindo threw Nagamasa over his shoulder making their way back to the entrance.

Present Mic watched as Joke and Shindo walked through the door before looking at Jiro. "Let's go." He said simply as the two of them walked past the villain Froppy had risked everything to beat and entered a new room.

Joker sat in her chair she was picking at her scars again she only did this when she was frustrated about something. She looked at the three girls, Lemillion and the two sound users making their way deeper into her Fun House. "They really are doing well aren't they Eri?" She asked as she looked to the little girl in her lap who nodded in agreement. "A little too well. Scarecrow take care of the girls, but bring them back alive understand?" She asked looking over the back of her chair as Scarecrow's eyes glowed with joy before back flipping out the door. "Now what to do about the pair of speakers?" She said rubbing her chin as she looked to the camera in Killer Frost's lair seeing that mother and son had reunited. "That'll be fun!"

Nejire led Uravity and Pinky through numerous halls until they entered a room of mirrors with several corridors branching off. "Oh man looking at all these mirrors is making me sick." Uravity said getting a sense of vertigo from the numerous mirrors reflecting the same image multiple times.

"Yeah the vertigo is real here." Pinky stated as the trio of women walked deeper into the room. "Which way should we go Nejire?" Pinky asked her elder as the blue haired woman looked around before shrugging.

"I suppose it doesn't really matter it's not like we have a layout of this place, and even if we did it'd be useless with all that Joker's done to it, so we might as well pick one at random and hope we can figure a way out." Nejire picked the center corridor and began heading down it. The mirrors were disorienting, but Nejire had learned a trick when it came to the hall of mirrors. If you kept your eyes on the ground it helped to keep you grounded bad part of that plan is that they were in enemy territory if she kept her eyes on the ground they could be attacked at any moment. "This totally sucks." She said as she caught sight of something in her peripheral. She looked up seeing a shadowy figure before it disappeared. "Hold on girls." She said as she looked at the floor in front of her spotting a branching hall to their right she slid against the wall of mirrors before blasting some of the mirrors near the corner so her opponent couldn't see her coming.

Nejire rounded the corner fast with her wave force charged and ready, but didn't see anyone until it was too late. Scarecrow had been hanging from the ceiling and blew something in Nejire's face causing her shot to go off target shattering several more mirrors. Scarecrow laughed maniacally as she disappeared further into the corridor. "That's like, 30 years bad luck!" She cried out as Nejire stopped, coughing and wiping her eyes as she looked back at her two partners her eyes widening in fear as she saw a monstrous pink demon with large horns and black eyes with fangs and claws rushing towards her. Next to it was some kind of pink and green goblin type creature they were both coming towards her full speed. "What'd you do with Uravity and Pinky!?" She shouted unleashing her wave force at both of them shattering all the mirrors in the hall as the pink demon dodged her blast by clinging to the wall it's claws melting the stone of the wall as the goblin like creature was showered with glass shards it's green blood flowing across it's body.

"You monsters where are my friends!?" Nejire shouted again as the demon launching itself at her spraying a substance from its claws, Nejire and having seen what its claws had done to the wall she was eager to get away from it by flying down the hall away from two beasts. What could have happened to the girls I can't believe I let this happen!

Ashido ran back to Uraraka looking at her friend covered in cuts and her own blood. "What the hell was that Nejire attacked us like we were the enemy!" Ashido shouted as Uraraka sat up slowly looking at Ashido.

"She must be under the enemy's control or maybe she's hallucinating. I saw some kind of gas or smoke come from the hallway right after Nejire rounded the corner. We have to help her before it's too late." Uraraka said as she stood up ignoring the stinging cuts all over her body as she and Ashido pursued Nejire.

Nejire dropped to the floor her energy was getting low she'd released a lot of energy recently and even though she was now sitting it felt like she couldn't catch her breath. Nejire raised her fist as she heard a footstep only to find Lemillion there. "Oh thank god Mirio, it's you!" She shouted happily hugging her best friend. "I need your help I can't find Pinky or Uravity and there are these monsters hanging around not to mention some kind of scarecrow person! Then Suneater told me to leave him behind to fight Killer Frost and I did and he hasn't come back yet!" She shouted speedily even more than her usual hyper fast talking.

"Nejire calm down first things first we should take care of these monsters, and scarecrow, then we'll put an end to Joker." Lemillion said as he stepped forward and Nejire turned seeing the two monsters.

"You're right Lemillion let's put these guys down!" Nejire shouted as she and Lemillion rushed towards the two beasts.

Uravity and Pinky rounded the corner finding Nejire, but she was with some kind of scarecrow, the two were talking as if they were good friends! "Who is that Uravity?" Pinky asked before hearing Nejire call out Lemillion's name.

"She's the one controlling Nejire Ashido. Listen I'll take on the Scarecrow and you handle Nejire you'd be a better match for her maneuverability then me." Uraraka said as Ashido jumped into action spraying acid at Nejire who dodged flawlessly before firing off another wave motion blast narrowly missing the pink teen. "Release Nejire from your mind control!" Uraraka said as she moved to engage Scarecrow who nimbly dodged around Uravity as if her punches were thrown in slow motion.

"How about I do this instead." Scarecrow answered breathing out more of her glamour mist, but Uraraka having seen this before held her breath as she grabbed hold of Scarecrow's arm and punched her in the face blood spraying across Uravity's hand and face. The young girl stopped cold as she watched Scarecrow fall to the ground dead.

"Uraraka what did you do?" Ochaco looked up seeing Nejire and Mina looking at her in horror.

"I-I didn't, no she can't be!" Ochaco fell to her knees pressing her hands against Scarecrow's wrist not feeling a pulse at all. "No I didn't meant to ki-kill-! You have to believe me please!" Uravity screamed tears falling down her face as she saw the judgmental looks of her friends as she began to cry harder.

Scarecrow smiled looking at the three girls standing in the middle of the room enjoying her glamour. The truth is the moment they'd stepped into this room they'd been in her world everything from the moment the door opened was by her design. She couldn't help but giggle evilly as she walked up to the three girls and shot each one in the arm with a tranquilizer of course that would break her illusion, but it didn't matter now their minds were hers to do with as she pleased. "What a beautiful nightmare." She said spinning in place and laughing.

Present Mic and Earphone Jack walked through a door and immediately regretted it. The room they entered was what one could only call the remains of a slaughterhouse. There was blood splattered over every surface. Present Mic made a point to only breathe out of his mouth while Jiro fell against a wall vomiting as she looked from one gory aspect to another. "Jiro pull yourself together! You need to keep calm and just push past this." He said swallowing as he walked past the couch and coffee table the only spots with no blood on them and into the hallway behind the couch. He then heard it the click guns and immediately sounded of with a scream of "No." His voice rocketed down the hall into the group of mind controlled men there with guns. Present Mic watched in shock as their ears exploded with blood, but not missing a beat opened fire penetrating the Pro with multiple bullets before he took cover.

"Present Mic!" Jiro shouted as she looked at the pro before her covered in blood as he coughed.

"Shit they got me with those bullets. You have to run Jiro these guys didn't even hesitate after having their eardrums destroyed by my screams. The mind control is too strong. Ibara didn't have this quirk in UA so this must've been done by Joker. Look get out of here, I'll hold them off while you go rendezvous with Joke." The pro said as he stood up hearing the footsteps of the men getting closer.

"Present Mic I can't leave you here, you don't have your quirk and you're injured we should both get out of here!" Jiro said trying to pull the older man with her only for him to shake her off.

"No Jiro I retreated once already in my life. At the battle of UA I got me and Eraserhead out of there along with a few others, but not as many as I should have. I swore that day that I wouldn't retreat again. NOW GO!" He shouted pushing her towards the door and tackled the first guy to round the corner and slugged him right in the jaw before taking cover behind his body as his comrades opened fire without a second thought at riddling their friend with bullets as Mic threw the body at them knocking their aim off. He looked to the side seeing the door open and Jiro's retreating figure. "Go kid." He said as he charged into the group as they opened fire on him.

Lemillion smashed through a massive steel door looking into a small room the back wall covered in screens and sitting in front of them was none other than the Joker. She sat there with her wide smile greeting him as if they were old friends. "Well look who dropped in Harley!" Joker said standing up as she set Eri down next to her the two holding hands as they looked at Lemillion. "It's so nice to meet you Lemillion, I've heard soooo much about you. The new symbol of peace and at such a young age your mother must be so prou-!"

"Shut up Joker! You're a monster even more than Bane. I can at least understand his motivations no matter how cruel or brutal they seem he has a purpose, but you? I can't understand your madness you're sick!" Lemillion shouted as he looked to the little girl at her side, no doubt a hostage taken just in case.

"Twisted." Joker responded her long green hair shadowing her eyes.

"Excuse me?" Lemillion questioned trying to think how he could handle this. He wished he had Inasa with him with his winds it'd be a piece of cake to separate the two.

"I'm not sick, I'm twisted. Sick makes it sound like there's a cure. HAHAHAHA!" Joker cackled as she pressed a button and the screens behind her changed showing the various states of his comrades. Lemillion's jaw dropped as he saw the smiling corpse of Aizawa, the frozen form of Suneater, the glazed terrified looks on Nejire, Uravity, and Pinky's faces, and finally the bullet ridden corpse of Present Mic. "Don't worry I'll have the wind boy taken care of, but the other one he seems interesting I don't know what it is about him, but he interests me. The other five got away, but that was all part of the plan I needed some of you to get away, to tell the tale." She said as golden energy crackled around Lemillion.

"You MONSTER!" Lemillion shouted and for the first time in a long time Lemillion wasn't smiling as he disappeared through the floor coming up between Joker's feet and upper cutting the woman as he grabbed hold of Eri. Joker flew into the air before landing in a heap on the ground not far away. Lemillion looked down at the girl he had hold of. "You're safe now I'll get you ou-!"

"Noooo! Joker!" Eri shouted struggling against Lemillion's grasp before turning to face him her red eyes burning with anger as her horn grew several inches before Lemillion felt a pull throughout his whole body. Before he could even ask what was happening he was just gone. Eri looked at the spot where Lemillion had once stood before running over to Joker. The older woman was lying on her back some of her teeth missing and blood pouring from her mouth, but still she laughed. "Joker, Joker are you ok?!" Eri asked as she tried to pull her into a sitting position, but her meager strength was not enough.

"Don't worry Eri it only hurts when I laugh. Hehehe. Ow!" Joker said sitting up and noticing the absence of a certain hero. "Well that was rude, first he comes here unannounced with all his friends and then he's gone leaving us to clean up the mess. I've known hookers who get more respect! Hahahaha!" Joker said spitting out a few teeth as she stood up straightening her suit as she went to rendezvous with her team now Harley skipping happily next to her as she held her hand

Bane walked with his army at his back today was the day they made Overhaul pay for Magne's death. The crimson sunset behind them drenching all in its blood colored light. He stepped onto the path to Overhaul's home. "Should we not do this with more stealth Bane?" Dabi asked as he stood to Bane's left. Bane shook his head.

"I want him to see us coming, I want him to know the wrath he's brought down on himself and see there's nowhere to go." Bane said as he saw five figures running down the path towards them. Immediately several dozen guns were aimed at the figure. "Hold." Bane said as the group stopped a few yards in front of them. Bane smiled under his mask. "Ms. Joke what are you doing here?" Bane asked calmly as the woman who was carrying Froppy on her back shook in place facing an army of villains and Bane himself.

"Is that Tsu what happened to her?" Toga asked stepping forward to investigate the unconscious heroine.

"Don't come any closer! Shindo, Jiro get out of here and take Froppy with you!" Joke shouted tossing Froppy to the young woman who jumped off the ascending path sliding down the incline into the city followed by Shindo.

"Aw shit should we go hunting boss!" Leech asked excitedly looking over at the young boy and his two compatriots.

"No we're not here for kids." Bane responded before stepping forward as Joke began to glow blue as all the gunmen began to laugh uncontrollably. "Is this all you can do?" Bane asked standing head and shoulders above the heroine who stared into his mask seeing her frightened face reflected in his lenses.

"I'm a hero, so do whatever you want to me, but don't you dare hurt those kids!" She shouted spinning on her heel and delivering a kick to Bane's arm not even budging the giant. Bane grabbed her leg and was about to crush it before Dabi shouted.

"She's worthy!" He said stepping forward looking at Ms. Joke. "I deem her a true hero." Bane sighed before flinging Joke off the side of the path.

"Very well Dabi. No one is to go after Ms. Joke or her charges. Is that understood?" Bane questioned hearing agreement from the ranks as he began to walk up to Overhaul's hideout.

"Do you think the heroes came to take out Overhaul and got the shit beat out of them?" Muscular asked chuckling a little.

"That'd be my guess. No doubt the heroes came here to take out Overhaul and his special Ammo, but it looks like they failed." Bane said as he and his warlords walked into the courtyard seeing the oddest gathering of people in front of him. Most were women ranging from a scarecrow like girl to a young man with two toned hair and a large scar over his left eye. "Who are you, do you work for Chisaki?" Bane asked preparing to fight as he heard the various movements of his people. A woman stepped out of the line with white hair and grey eyes.

"I am Killer Frost and on behalf of the Joker Family we welcome you Bane, Joker is eager to see you. I'll take you and only you to her." Killer Frost said walking towards the front door.

""Fuck that shit bitch! Where the boss goes we go!" Muscular shouted as two flames impacted one another in front of the large blond, one blue the other red.

"Don't insult my mother!" Two Face growled stepping forward as Dabi did the same the two staring at one another before Killer Frost stepped in between the two.

"Ivy would you please lead Bane inside I need to speak with my sons." Killer Frost said as she turned from Shoto to Dabi. "It's been awhile hasn't it, Touya?" Rei said stroking Dabi's face whose eyes were wide in shock.

"Mother?" He asked shocking everyone in the crowd. Bane centered himself. One task at a time. He thought to himself.

"I'll be fine, besides the Joker has been a morbid curiosity of mine I just haven't had the time to look into its good I'll get this out of the way, and well we do owe them for taking care of Overhaul for us." Bane said following after Ivy. "Besides if I don't call you or am not back in ten minutes wipe this place off the map." He ordered hearing a resounding "Yes sir!"

Bane walked down the hallway following the form of Poison Ivy. If he wasn't mistaken he was sure he'd seen this girl in the UA sports festival, but that was inconsequential now. They soon entered a living room he would assume with a coffee table and a couch. He looked around and noticed the hastily cleaned bloodstains across the walls, but what caught his attention was Joker as he looked at her he thought she was familiar, but the scarring threw him off until he remembered seeing old pictures of his mother and how thin she used to be. He grit his teeth as he looked into the eyes of none other than Inko Midoriya!

Joker smiled as she looked at Ivy. "You can go Ivy if Bane is to be here with no back up neither will I." She said as Ivy eyed Bane for a moment before taking her leave shutting the door behind her and just as the door clicked shut Joker leapt from the couch with insane speed and landed on Bane's chest squeezing him. Bane acted on instinct reaching to crush her head before a cry rang out. "IZUKUUUU!" Bane stopped his fingers just brushing her hair before he stopped. Joker rubbed her face back and forth against his chest armor smearing it with white face paint before looking up at him with tears in her eyes. "My baby boy! I've missed you so much! I looked so hard! Let me see your face." She said reaching for his helmet before his hand clamped on hers.

Bane looked out from his mask at her as Inko continued to cry. "Please just once I-I need to know!" she said jerking against his grip before he pushed her off him and reached for his helmet and disengaged the magnetic locks and pulled it off. Inko's eyes widened as she looked into the face of her son and grabbed hold of his head kissing him all over. Izuku's hair had started to grow longer he'd need to cut it again and she noticed the look in his eyes so deep and full of intelligence. "I knew it! Everyone said you were dead, but I knew you weren't and then I saw you on TV and I'm so proud of you!" She shouted hugging him to her chest. Bane was stunned before he pulled back.

"What happened to you?" He asked tracing the scars on her face. "Who did this?" He asked getting angry. He'd stopped being Izuku, but even he wasn't able to neglect his mother's pain.

"It doesn't matter I took care of it and now I'm going to take care of you, whatever you want I'll do it. I now know you can be anything Izuku hero, villain whatever you want I'll be there to make sure it happens. I'm the Joker and I'm here to put a smile on your face! Hehehehe!" Inko said looking at her son as she felt a presence at her back. "Oh and this is Harley she's really excited to meet you! I've been telling her everything about you." Joker said placing Eri between them. The little girl looked up into Bane's eyes before hugging his leg.

"It's nice to meet you big brother Izuku." Eri said hugging his leg tightly. Izuku placed his large hand on the girl's head engulfing it in his palm.

"So Izuku what's next?" Joker said her eyes glowing with joy as Bane smiled.



The chairman of the Hero Association; Kunikida was in another meeting with the board. They'd been going round and round for the past few days since Ms. Joke returned badly injured telling them the mission was a failure. "We need to end this send in the JSDF and wipe them out this is no longer something we can handle delicately!"

"The villains have an entire city at their disposal not to mention those blasted monsters standing at the gates. We'd never be able to sneak in the kind of fire power we need to wipe out that infestation! We're better off blowing them up!" At that moment the office door opened and there stood a battered Eraserhead. The entire room went silent in shock at the hero's appearance after being declared dead.

"Eraserhe-!" Aizawa threw out his hands throwing knives into each board members neck watching them bleed out as he moved towards Kunikida who reached for a gun under his chair only for Aizawa to slide across the table kicking Kunikida in the chest and knocking the gun from his hand before holding a knife to his throat.

"Let's stop there I'm not here to kill you I'm just the messenger." Aizawa spoke as his face began to melt off as he reached into his pocket pulling out a phone and dialing a number as the form of Toga Himiko in her hero suit was revealed. "Oooh it's ringing!" She said as she turned the screen to face the Kunikida as it showed Bane's face. Kunikida paled at this.

"Hello Chairman it's good to speak with you hopefully Toga wasn't too rough on you." Toga pouted behind the phone.

"Aww Bane that's mean!" She said pouting as she let go of Kunikida.

"Don't do anything stupid Chairman we have your daughter. People are so trusting of heroes it's really easy to kidnap them with someone like Toga on our side." Kunikida grit his teeth.

"You're bluffing!" He shouted angirly

"Are you really willing to take that chance, Chairman either way I'm here to tell you that I got your declaration of war. You sent your heroes into my kingdom to take out one of my allies, so now that you've fired the first shot I will march my army of villains across all of Japan and break you all over my knee, and when all is said and done you will know that this was your fault."

Kunikida growled. "You bastard! You talk about waging war on this nation and tell me it's my fault. I'll have the JSDF bomb you before you take a step outside of your so called kingdom!"

Bane laughed and nodded. "Go ahead that's probably your best bet, but if you do, know that your daughter will die too as well as all the "innocent" people here, and even if you do I'll be safely away by then and you'll have killed all those people for nothing. Do what you will it won't stop me!" Bane shouted as the call ended and Toga jumped off the table.

"Yeah I'm walking out now if you try anything Bane will throw your daughter naked into the streets, and you can imagine where it'll go from there. Anyway bye!" Toga said sauntering out of the room leaving the Chairman to sit and await the coming horrors.

A/N And that's it all folks! Like I said the continuation of this story will be Joker Inko and it will answer all those questions about what happened in that year as well as Inko came to make her family, and then Bane's war on Japan, but that story won't be out for a while. As you all can see I'm a fan of the Dabi being a Todoroki theory. I'm taking a break from the MHA fandom with my next story an Adventure TimeXStar VS the Forces of Evil crossover which will be out next Saturday. I hope you all enjoy it as much as this one.