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Izuku Midoriya: Origin

"Can someone without a Quirk… …Become a hero like you?" The teenager had his eyes closed out of nervousness. How could he not? He was in front of the greatest hero in the world asking the most important question of his life. "Because I don't have a Quirk, I… Well maybe that's not the only reason. But I've always been picked on… That's why… Maybe that's why… I think that saving people is just about the coolest thing someone can do." He spoke nervously while playing with his thumbs. Then with passionate eyes, he raised his head with a big grin. "The way you save people with a fearless smile! I want to be the strongest hero, just like y— WHAAAAAAT?!"

In front of him wasn't the muscular man known as All Might, instead, there was a scrawny looking guy.

After the great shock of the boy, the man proceeded to confirm that he was indeed the great hero All Might; and then told him about his current situation, about the wound on his left side of his torso, the reason for his smile.

"Without power, can one become a hero? No, I should think not." All Might said without realizing how much damage he was causing to the kid. The scrawny man stood up and began to walk to the exit. "It's not wrong to dream. However… You need to be realistic, kid." Those words felt like a guillotine falling with all its might, cutting him in half. "If you excuse me," The adult tapped the pocket on his pants, where a bottle was filled with the sludge villain. "I have a villain to deliver to the police." He left the boy on the empty rooftop.

The teenager stood there with his open mouth, while his eyes were filled with terror; he was frozen. The pain in his heart and the lump in his throat didn't let him move an inch. He began to shiver as tears started to appear on his eyes.

This day was without a doubt the second-worst day of his life, the first one was when he received the news from a doctor that he wasn't going to develop a Quirk because of his pinky toe; and on that same day when he looked for reassurance on his mother, she said the words he wasn't looking for.

And now, today. Apart from what just happened, his entire class knew he was going to apply for U.A. High School, and made fun of him for it, and if that wasn't enough, his childhood friend and current bully —Katsuki Bakugo— didn't take it too well.

After staying ten minutes on the rooftop, the boy, Izuku Midoriya, was on the street on his way somewhere. He still had some tears on his eyes, which he was wiping away.

"Don't cry! You knew already, right?!" He scolded himself in his head. He began to rub his eyes with his wrists. "It doesn't matter; you are still a hero, Izuku. Now stop crying and put your best smile for her!" Taking his own words, Midoriya smiled as if nothing had happened. It was like All Might said. *Smile to stave off the overwhelming pressure and fear*

The student began to jog with a big smile to see her.


She wasn't a person but an animal, a stray cat to be precise; a female black cat that he met two years ago.

It was a normal day; he was on his way home. Like always, he was entertained in his notebook where he wrote everything about heroes, but then a noise took him back to reality. It was a meow.

The teenager looked everywhere, trying to find the source of the sound. When he heard it again, he moved his eyes up, finding a black cat stuck on a tree. It was clear that the animal couldn't find a way to climb down.

"Ah, it has to be pretty terrifying to be that high up." The boy wondered aloud. "I should call the firefighters." He pulled out his cellphone to do just that. "What? No way, the battery died. But I'm sure I charged it this morning. *Sigh* Do I have some change to make the call?" He reached his back pocket and when he touched it, he felt nothing, and that was a big problem. "Eh? Where is my wallet? Where? Where?" He inspected every pocket and even his school bag, but the wallet was nowhere to be seen.

Izuku began to worry more as the time passed until a meow stopped him right away. He looked at the cat again. "What am I doing? Someone needs my help… … But, what can a Quirkless like me do?" He wasn't confident, how could he? Everyone has been there to stop and shatter his dream. Then a memory came to his mind.

The debut of a certain hero: *A man was getting out of a big disaster; the strong looking man had a ton of people on his back, carrying them with a smile. He'd already rescued hundreds of people in ten minutes. "Fear not! Why, you ask? Cuz… I AM HERE!"*

Before Izuku could notice it, he was already a few meters away from the black cat, he didn't know how he had gotten that far, but that didn't matter. He extended his arm towards the cat. "Come here, kitty, kitty, kitty. D-don't worry, th-there is nothing to fear. Because I'm here." Izuku managed to put a forced and shaky smile on his face. He was afraid. If he fell now, he was as good as toast.

The boy began to approach slowly. The cat, on the other hand, wasn't looking very friendly, it was hissing at him. It clearly didn't want him there.

With a firm conviction, the young boy proceeded, passing his hand under the animal's belly, trying his hardest to ignore the pain of the scratches and bites. The teenager put the cat against his chest, trying to hug it. "It's okay, it's okay. You're not in danger anymore. I'll protect you." His actions paid off, seeing that the animal was calming down.

As he got down of the tree, the animal immediately jumped off of him and started running, and finally getting out of sight in a corner of the street.

Izuku had the brightest face of his life. Was that how being a hero felt like? The warmth in his heart felt incredibly good.

Of course, he knew what he did wasn't anything out of this world, and probably no one was going to be impressed about it. Heck, if he told Kacchan, he would probably make fun of him, but Izuku didn't care. This was the right thing to do and he felt happy about it. He didn't even care for his bleeding hand… Okay; he should probably care about his hand.

That wasn't the last time he saw that stray cat. He encountered it again the next day, but at least the animal wasn't in a tree this time.

The boy and the animal locked eyes; the student found himself lost in those emerald orbs until a hiss brought him back, the sound was like if she was saying. "What do you want?" In an aggressive way.

Izuku crouched. "Are you hungry?" he asked, even knowing they couldn't comprehend each other.

Another hiss came out, which he interpreted as: "Get lost!"

"Wait here, I'll return in a sec." The green-haired boy got up and jogged away, leaving the feline there. A couple of minutes later, he returned as he had promised. "Here, eat up." He said with a smile, putting down a plastic plate on the ground. "It's takoyaki, I bet you'll like it."

With hesitation, the animal got close to the plate, sniffing it a little and then start to eat it.

The boy moved his bandaged hand toward the feline to pet it a little but was stopped by a hiss from the animal. "Ah, s-sorry, I won't bother you anymore."

A few minutes passed until the plate was empty, making a big grin to sprout on the boy's face.

He had his eyes closed due to his smile, but he opened them when he felt something rough on his injured hand. When his eyes opened, he found the feline licking him, looking at him with apologetic eyes.

He smiled again. "Don't worry; it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Besides, it's proof that I was able to rescue you." He petted it; the cat no longer seemed to be against it. "I'll call you, Neko… y-yeah, not the brightest name, s-sorry."

From that day on, he started meeting with the feline every day after school. It was a nice change of pace.

One of those days, he was looking for Neko; he had already bought some takoyaki, her favorite.

He found the cat on the other sidewalk of the street when the feline saw him; it began to jog in his direction, meowing happily, unaware of a car that was moving at high speed, but the boy did notice.

"Watch out!" Without even realizing, he was already in midair over the road. He embraced the cat and rolled away, narrowly dodging the car, which brakes abruptly.

From the driver seat, a man in a black suit came down. He wasn't happy. "You! Do you have any idea of what just happened?! You almost got yourself killed!"

Midoriya just bowed his head apologetically, without retaliating the yelling. Neko, on the other hand, was growling furiously at the man; the boy could almost hear her. "Fuck off! This is your own fault, stupid human!" The only thing that prevented her from tearing apart the man was Izuku, who hugged her tightly.

"Enough of this!" Another yell came from the car, but surprisingly it was for the man. "Didn't you see he saved that cat because of your reckless way of driving?" It was a woman, actually a teenager of about his age. She wore a red fancy dress, hinting she was someone important. She also wore red heels and jewelry. She had long black hair that was tied into a spiky ponytail with a single bang hanging on the right side of her face and onyx eyes that seems to resemble a cat.

"Ah, Miss Yaoyorozu, please forgive me!" The man immediately apologized, bowing.

Izuku's eyes were glued to the girl, who defended him; she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Without him noticed, a blush crept on his cheeks.

The girl approached him. "Are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?" She asked with a worried look.

Taking him by surprise, the boy snapped out of his trance. "Eh? Ah, yes, I- no. I m-mean, no, I-I'm not h-hurt or anything." He stuttered with a flush on his face. He was too nervous because that was his first time talking to a girl, and the prettiest he'd ever seen on top of that. Yeah, there was no way he wouldn't get nervous in front of her.

The girl put her right hand on her chest and gave a sigh in relief. "I'm glad to hear that." But even after that, she still had a puzzled face. "Um, are you going to press charges?"

"Wh-what? No! no, no, no, no. N-no one is hurt so there's no point in that. D-don't worry." He negated with his hand while holding the feline with the other. The girl smiled with his response until some words came out of the boy. "Ah, it didn't survive."

"What?!" She freaked out, looking everywhere, trying to find the victim.

"Ah, so-sorry, it was my bad choice of words." Izuku apologized immediately. "I-I was saying that my t-takoyaki didn't survive." He pointed to the mashed food that was currently under one of the wheels of the car.

"J-jeez! Don't scare me like that!" She yelled at him with a pout on her face.

After a few seconds of silence, both teenagers began to laugh. Midoriya didn't have a way of knowing, but the girl was very thankful to him. She was a little nervous before because she was on her way to an important meeting and a good laugh was just what she needed.

"Lady Yaoyorozu, if we don't hurry, we're going to be late for the meeting." Speaking about the devil, the driver reminded her about it.

The young woman nodded with a smile. "Well, I'm glad everything is okay. Here, this is for your food." She gave him a handful of money, and then turned around and got into her car.

"Ah, wait! This is too much money for a… … …and she's gone. We didn't even exchange names." He said a little depressed. "Yaoyorozu…" He echoed her family name in a low tone and smiled. Overall, he was happy to have talked to a pretty girl.

He then lowered his gaze and looked at Neko in his arms. It looked mad with him for some reason. "What?" He asked, tilting his head a little. *Slap* The cat gave him a neko slap, making him squeak an *Ouch*. It was something cute but still, hurt a little.

After that day, their bond grew even more, and strong emotions didn't lack for long.

Izuku often found himself saving the feline from various things, such as a pack of dogs, other stray cats or even bad people looking for something to entertain themselves.

And soon after, the boy began to think of himself as the hero of that black cat.

On a rainy day, the animal was shivering because she had nothing to protect herself from the rain.

She was astonished when she noticed the boy in front of her with an umbrella over their heads with a big smile on his face. It wasn't surprising that the cat jumped on his arms.

They took refuge under a bridge until the storm stops; the same bridge where he would be attacked by a sludge villain, in two years, and then, saved by his hero.

When moments like this happened, the young man shared his life with the feline, he told her everything. About his childhood friend turning a bully, about him being Quirkless, about his dream… yeah, it was nice to open up to someone that didn't judge or neglect you because of the absurdity of your dream. It made him truly happy.

And like that, two years passed until the current day, where he was rejected by his biggest hero.

As usual, he had a plastic bag with a bowl of takoyaki in it. He has been roaming the area, looking for the animal without much luck.

Izuku proceeded to cross the street, making sure the light was green. But, without a warning, a car turned from a corner at full speed. By the look of it, it could be said they were thieves, and behind them were police patrols to confirm it.

They were going to hit him, if not because he felt something was pushing him away from the road. Everything happened in slow motion due to the adrenaline.

In midair, he rotated himself to look at the person who pushed him. But much to his horror, he found Neko there, in the air.

Everything went to normal as he saw how the thief car hit her and threw her up in the air. His eyes and mouth went wide in horror.

No longer than ten meters away from him, the thieves were caught by a Hero, but the teenager didn't care in the slightest.

"No…no, no, no, no…" With tears in his eyes, the boy began to crawl desperately on the direction of his companion.

When he reached her, he took it in his arms. It was still alive, but not for long if all the blood around him was an indicator.

"No, Neko, no, this is not happening… You're going to be alright, okay?" He began to lull her on his arms as uncontrollable tears fell from his eyes. "No, this is not happening, this is a dream, yeah, it has to be." He denied with his head desperately. "Someone… please, someone, wake me up." The boy gritted his teeth while squeezing his eyes.

"Meoow~…" Her voice made him open his eyes, forcing him to accept that this was the cruel reality.

He hugged her tight, whimpering and whining over her, feeling that if he stopped hugging her, she would disappear.

With her last drops of strength, the feline approached her head to the boy and licked his lips to finally let her head rest to never wake up again.

Izuku began to cry loudly towards the sky, like if he was cursing everything. "What is this day?! Why did this happen?!" It was like if the world itself was telling him to quit trying being a hero. Why was he alive? What was he born for? What was his purpose?

Memories came to his mind: *"So Deku, the Quirkless wonder thinks he can play hero, huh?"* The first one was from Kacchan when they were kids. *"I'm afraid there's no hope for him"* The second was from the doctor that told him he was Quirkless. *"I'm sorry Izuku, I'm sorry."* The third was from his mother. *"It's not wrong to dream. However… You need to be realistic, kid."* And last, his hero, All Might.

This was too cruel. As he cried more, more of his heart crumbled. Being a hero? What a foolish person he was to have such a dream. He couldn't even protect an animal, how did he expect to save people? He was worthless. He should have followed what Kacchan said. He should have jumped from the rooftop, expecting to have a Quirk in the next life.

Nobody responded to the boy's cries. Everyone was cheering the hero who stopped the thieves; no one had noticed the boy except for said hero.

The man ignored the people around him. He had his eyes wide open, looking at the boy meters away from him, crying for a cat. The hero gritted his teeth underneath his helmet and clenched his fists. "I wasn't fast enough!" The Turbo Hero 'Ingenium' scolded himself.

He couldn't approach the boy either; he had nothing to say that could comfort the teenager. "I'm sorry." That was everything he could say in his head. It was frustrating. He fulfilled his duty as a hero, but was he really a hero when he couldn't even comfort a kid?


"I'm home…" Izuku Midoriya announced himself.

"Welcome home, Izuku." Inko Midoriya responded, approaching the door to see her son. "Dinner is going to be ready in—" She stopped in mid-sentence when she saw the looks of her son. "What happened to you?!" She asked worriedly.

Izuku's uniform was stained with dried blood, his hands were covered in dirt while his nails bled a little; it was like if he had dug something with his bare hands. But what concerned her most were his eyes. They were red, which indicated that he had been crying a lot recently, they were also empty, devoid of light. If it wasn't because she heard his voice before, she would believe he was dead.

"Sorry, mom… I'm not… I don't have appetite… I'm going to be in my room, I want to be alone for a while." The boy passed her mother on the way to his room, leaving Inko perplexed. It's not until the door of his room closed that she reacted again.

"Izuku, tell me what happened!" She pleaded on the door of his room, but he didn't answer. She could've entered his room, she knew the door wasn't locked but decided to follow what her son told her.

The green-haired mother sat on the sofa, turning on the TV, maybe that would help her ease her anxiety.

On the news, a reporter was interviewing a hero. "Ingenium, what can you tell us about this case?" The reporter asked.

"I'm sorry; there are things I want to think about… There's still a long road ahead to become a better hero." The Hero's response impacted every reporter, he sounded… depressed.

Inside of Izuku's room, the boy was on his bed in a fetal position; both of his hands were covering his eyes, trying his hardest to stop the tears that were falling from them. The boy was broken in so many ways, that he didn't know what he was anymore.


[Sawano Hiroyuki – Cage]

The young Izuku opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was blue, blue like the sky; no, as a matter of fact, he was looking at the sky.

He sat up and saw that he was on a cloud. "Am I dead?" The boy wondered out loud.

He stood up and looked at his surroundings; without a doubt, it was the sky. He spotted something far beneath him, it was his city.

"If you had a Quirk, would you protect them?" A feminine, almost angelical voice echoed around him.

"Even if I have to put my life on the line for them, yes." The boy answered calmly without taking his eyes from the city below, the words came out of his mouth naturally.

"I see… So, do you want power?" The feminine voice asked again.

"… … No." He responded.

"Oho~ Why not?" The voice sounded curious.

"What I want is the capability to protect them; power is just one of the means for it," Izuku answered.

"Umu, umu. Then, you want to be famous, right?" The questions continued.

"I want to be recognized." His voice was almost like a whisper.

"Is there a difference?"

"Yes, I don't care if I'm admired, what I want is for people to feel safe when they see me." He confessed.

"Eeeh~ What about the money?" the voice continued.

"What about the people?" He questioned this time.

"Nyehehe… …Would you kill someone if you saw yourself in an unavoidable situation?" It sounded serious this time.

"I ... I'd like to save everyone, but even someone like me knows how foolish it would be something like that. I know the moral implications about killing, but like every hero is not entirely good, every villain is not entirely bad, so even killing is not completely bad, in some situations, death can be seen as an act of mercy or a necessary evil. The problem is that it's hard to discern the line." He finished.

"Wow, deep, but you haven't answered my question." The voice said.

"I would try to avoid that unavoidable situation," He answered.

"And if you couldn't?" It pressed him even further.

"I would try to find a way out of it."

"And if there isn't?"

"I would delay it until someone else helps me until someone else finds it. I don't have to be alone in this." He concluded.

"Then if you knew your answer, what was all that stuff you said early for?"

"I wanted to sound cool, I guess." He answered with a little smirk, and he knew the voice was smirking as well.

"Have you lied to me?"

"I don't think I could lie to you."

"Will you smile for them?"


"Will you smile for me?" That was the last question.

The teenager turned around with the brightest of smiles on his face, giving it to the woman that was behind him, the woman was smiling back at him.

"I had the feeling it was you… Neko." Izuku said with a gentle look on his eyes.

The woman was wearing a black dress that went down to her ankles, she was barefoot; actually, she was only wearing the dress. Her skin was like porcelain, her hair was black and long, falling to her waist from were a slender black tail came out. On top of her head, two black cat ears twitched ever so slightly. "Geez, couldn't you think of a better name?" She mocked him.

"I…I know…" His voice began to crack as tears started to overwhelm his eyes. "I'm sorry." He covered his eyes as his legs falter, falling on his knees.

She approached him, kneeling in front of him, embracing the fragile boy. "You were always a cry baby."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't protect you… I couldn't save you." He couldn't stop crying.

"What are you saying?" Tears were now presented in her eyes. "You saved me so many times that I lose the count."

They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity.

"What is this place? Where am I?" Izuku asked, already calm.

"I call it your inner mind, I suppose." The woman replied.

"Why am I here? How are you here?" Now he asked the questions.

"Isn't that obvious? You're here because I want to give you a Quirk." She said with a smile. "And~ I am here because I can. Remember the kiss I gave you?"

He nodded. "The lick on my lips." He pronounced.

"Yeah…" She said with a blush. "Oh, come on! You should feel happier about it; it was from a beauty like me!" She started shouting when she didn't saw a reaction from him.

"You were a cat." He said.

"And so what?! It's still a hundred times better than eating a stupid strand of hair!" She was really energetic.

"What?" He asked, really confused.

"Never mind, the thing is that I'm going to give you a Quirk, okay?" She said a little exasperated.

"Okay," The boy smiled. "What is it?"

"Good. The Quirk is called 'Feline', it's not like the Quirk 'Cat', got it?" Izuku nodded, reminding himself to write down everything later. "This Quirk will give you access to the capabilities of all the feline family, but even more awesome." Izuku couldn't help but look impressed.

"And that would be?" He asked, really excited.

"Nyehehe, glad you asked, I'll give you some examples. First, the strength of a tiger, second, the speed of a cheetah, after that is the agility of a lynx, and that is just the beginning. You also have the bite of a jaguar."

"That sounds awesome!" Izuku commented.

She continues. "The libido of a lion." She said.

"No, I don't think I need that one." He said deadpanned.

"Sh, that was one of the best." She muttered. "Well, there's all the abilities that the feline family shares, you know, like climbing and all that. There are other amazing abilities that I'm going to inhibit for the time being." She explained.

"Why?" Izuku asked curiously.

"Because you're still not ready for them, of course." She scolded him. "But I can give you a hint." She showed him a mischievous grin that would put in shame the Cheshire cat. "Think in every superstition there is about our family, our genealogical tree and even mythology."

He nodded. "I don't quite get it, but everything sounds incredible." He said enthusiastically. "Are there any drawbacks?" He asked.

"Ummm~" Neko moved her hand to her chin, trying to think on any. "I guess that would have to be the primal instincts, so be careful with those laser pointers, balls of yarn, catnips and all that. Oh and watch out for those heat seasons." She said with her right index finger up.

"What?!" The green-haired boy screamed. That last one was the most alarming.

"I know you're not a female, but your powers are coming from me, so they're still a possibility. The problem is that I don't know when the first ones will start, it could be this year or in five. So, be careful, because you're going to look more attractive to the opposite gender." She warned him.

Izuku was covering his red face with his hands. So basically, he is a walking horny time bomb.

"Well, don't sweat it, Izuku." She continued. "With training, everything is possible and speaking of training; you will have to do a lot of it. This is not a free boost or anything, so if you really want to achieve the true potential of this Quirk you'll have to train hard. Understood?"

The boy nodded, showing a serious face.

"Oh, and by the way, there are some rules I want to state." Izuku gave her all his attention. "I want you to grow some backbones, do you hear me? We, the feline family, are proud, and we don't tolerate anyone who thinks less of us, so, show some confidence, okay? It's really painful to watch you." The woman said with an exasperated expression. "Ah, but I don't want you to become like that prick of your childhood friend. I encountered him once, and you know what he said to me out of the blue as soon as he saw me?" Izuku gave her a worried look. "'What are you looking at, dog face?!' He called me 'Dog. Face.' How am I a dog? Ahggg I want to tear him apart right now!" The feline woman was really steamed up about it.

"Yeap, that's Kacchan." The teenager said in his mind.

"So, any other thing you want to know?" The black-haired woman asked now that she had calmed down.

"I… I would like to know about you…" He said with a fainted smile. "I told you everything about myself. Now, I want to know you."

She gave him a gentle smile and nodded. She sat down on the soft cloud, making herself more comfortable, Izuku did the same. "Well, where do I start?" She looked up, contemplating the blue sky. "I was born in the Takoba municipal beach park, but all the garbage there made it impossible to live… …"

Her story was long, Izuku didn't know how much time he spent there, but he didn't care, he paid her all his attention. It was an enjoyable time.

"… … And now we're here." She smiled at him, finishing her story. "Okay, I think that's all the time we have." She got up, noticing the sad expression on the boy's face. "I'll see you later, Izuku." She smiled at him.

"Wait, Later?" His voice was one of total disbelief.

"Of course, you dummy. I will be living here from now on. I am you Quirk after all." She beamed him a grin.

"Wait!" Izuku exclaimed. "Why…Why are you giving me this Quirk?" He said in a melancholic way. True be told, if he had to choose between a Quirk or that she was alive, he'd choose her without a second thought.

"Nyehehehe, what stupid questions you ask…" A tender smile sprouted on her face. "Because… You can become a hero, Izuku" Those words immediately put tears in the boy's eyes, he grabbed his heart. "I want everyone to see the great hero you are…" He fell on his knees again, those words that he desired so much to hear, were finally being pronounced. "Because… …You are… … My hero (Boku no hero)" He began to cry like a baby as the wind blew on his face. Everything around him was turning white. "When you've done everything, I will be waiting for you here. Now, go save them… Izuku."


The boy opened his eyes slowly, calmly. The first thing he saw was the ceiling of his room. He sat up and the first thing he noticed was the damp on his eyes as some tears fell from them. He moved his right hand to touch his eyes, but when he did. "Ouch!" He whined, feeling that something pricked him.

When he saw his hand, he found that his nails were really sharp and pointy; they were more like claws now, exactly like the ones Neko had when he saw her on his dream.

Something behind him moved swiftly; when he turned his head he found a black tail with green highlights, just like his hair.

"Izuku! What happened?!" A worried Inko burst in from the door. "I heard you scream—" She froze in place when she saw her son, or to be honest, his new physical changes. Sharp nails, a wiggling tail, cat ears on his head that moved cutely, two marks like tattoos on both cheeks resembling cat whiskers, but overall, his eyes… They looked like two big emeralds, his irises were bigger and his pupils were narrow.

The look of disbelief wasn't only on Inko's face, but on Izuku's too.

The boy looked at his right hand again. "It wasn't just a dream." He said on his mind, then suddenly, his claws extended out of nowhere, making him fell down of his bed with a scream.

"I can't believe you doubted me for a second!" The same feminine voice rang inside his head with indignation.

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