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Mac's Apartment

' I can't believe I just did that…I'm so stupid! stupid marine. I called him and now he's coming here and I just had to say it was an emergency'

Mac was pacing back and forth in her aprtment, anxiously awaiting Harm's arrival. She wanted to see him, and called him and told him to come over immediatley, because it was a life or death situation. 'stupid marine'. she kept thinking to herself. ' Oh god…he's going to be here in a matter of minutes…so what's my excuse for an emergency?… I needed you to cook…no… I needed you to..ah shit! forget it'. Mac just sat down on her couch and decided to wait there for Harm.

Harm's Car 5 minutes for Mac's Apartment

" Hey Bud, it's Harm"

"Oh hey sir. What's up? Is there something wrong? You sound worried"

"Actually I just got a cal from Mac, she said it was a life or death emergency, I just wanted to inform someone that I might need some help, but I'll call you after I get to Mac's."

"Ok sir. Keep me informed"

"Thanks Bud." Harm hung up his cell phone, and proceeded to do 90 mph to Mac's apartment. ' Finally I'm here' he thought to himself. He ran as fast he could up the stairs and to Mac's door.

he knocked.

'shit he's here'

"Mac it's Harm are you there?"

"Yeah..um the door is unlocked". Harm burst the door open and ran to Mac's side and sat on the couch so he was even with her face.

"MAC!!! Are you ok? whats going on? What happened? Did someone hurt you? Tell me who it was and I'll kill em' I tear his throat out!"

"Calm down flyboy! I just..I mean I umm.. I feel realy stupid."

"What? What is wrong?"

"I needed to see you." Mac managed to mumble these wwords, blush and turn her head away from Harm all at the same time.

"That was the big emergency?"

"Yeah. Im sorry, I didn't meant to worry you and I'm really sorry an-

Harm cut her off . He pulled her close in a deep and passionate kiss. It lasted a good 2 minutes before they both pulled up for air.

" No need to be sorry, I was waiting for an emergency, just like this one." Mac couldn't help but laugh. She was blushing a deep shade of crimson, and Harm kept flashing his flashy flyboy grin.

"I…I…I love you Harm, and I can't wait 5 years, let alone and eternity."

" You won't have to, for one little A.J.'s 5th birthday is in a few days, and two eternity can wait. I'm here with you, tonight. I love you Sarah."

Mac giggled. She stood up and started to walk towards a dark bedroom. Harm asked frantically "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to where eternity should last" She smiled and turned around. Harm followed, a little confused by her statement. "Mac?"

"yes flyboy?" She was laying on the bed wrapped in an almost see thorugh sheet. "Well wonderwoman, that was fast."

" I like fast"

"Well I'm glad, because I just happened to be extremely fast"

"Really, well don't keep me waiting" Harm smiled and realized he was still fully dressed. 'Good one, there's a beautiful naked marine covered only by a sheet, and I'm standing here in all my clothes.' It took him all of five seconds to remove his uniform. He slowly crawled into bed next to Mac. She had the most beautiful yet evil grin across her face. " Hi there".

"Hi." He smiled. There was a knock at the door.

"Damnit! Harm wait there. No one knows you're here. Shit where are my clothes." Not thinking she grabbed Harm's naval uniform top and threw on his boxers. She walked out of the room before he could tell her that he had called Bud.

Mac stormed over to the door. " Just a minute". She opened the door and a ever so worried and scared Harriet Sims-Roberts was standing there.



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