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Christmas Magic All Year Round: Chapter 2 – How Does Santa Do It?

The airport intercom was busy announcing delayed flights. Passengers grumbled about the delays, but also how everyone was stuck in the airport rather than heading to their destinations. Hermione's mother made a phone call, yet seemed quite worried. In the back of Hermione's mind she thought about how this had in the last few months seemed to become a rather normal thing. Everyone seemed frustrated with what is going on. While there were quite a few people stranded in the airport, there weren't the tons of people she'd seen when they first entered the plane back in England.

Snow fell outside of the airport, but the entire place was blanketed with white, white snow. Hermione found herself staring out at the snow as the flakes fell towards the ground. Her brown eyes took in the snow as her mother slept waiting for whoever was going to pick them up, yet Hermione couldn't help but wonder how Santa got Christmas presents to children. Normally this would make her doubt due to the fact her parents taught her to think in a very logical fashion, yet she in fact saw the big man outside of the airplane window.

It was as if the world of magic suddenly opened up to her.

Magic seemed like a wonderful thing given the fact science seemed like such a rigid thing which didn't allow for miracles. With everything that happened over the last few months she found herself wondering a wide variety of things. Why did her father say he wasn't her father? Why did the adults always talk in silence and not tell her what was going, such as having cancer? She was a bright girl and knew what this in fact meant. How was she supposed to have Christmas in the airport and how was Santa supposed to find her?

Despite her head hurting she found herself pulling a notebook out of her mother's purse. She'd never written a letter to Santa before, but suddenly she found herself wanting to. She pulled out a pencil and began writing.

Dear Santa,

My name is Hermione Jean Granger. I have never written a letter to Santa before, but I've also never believed in Santa. I believe because I saw you tonight. You were outside of the plane. I guess seeing is believing. I am eight. I have cancer, but my parents refuse to tell me I have cancer. My daddy says he's not my daddy. We aren't spending Christmas together. I am in an airport. How do children at the airport get their Christmas presents? That's what I want to know.

Sincerely Yours,
Hermione Granger

Hermione finished writing her letter and frowned. She wondered how she might get the letter to the North Pole. She stood up on her feet while her mother continued sleeping before heading over to the attendant. A few other adults stood there complaining while the noise made her head hurt. Hermione took a deep sigh and found herself rather pleased when someone noticed and let her through. "Is there a mailbox?"

"A mailbox?" The rather tired attendant of the front desk seemed quite pleased with the different request.

"I'd like to mail a letter to Santa please."

"Oh. Let me take care of that for you." The attendant looked under the desk and found an envelope and stamp. "Do you have an address?"

"No. Does Santa needs an address?"

"No. Santa knows when you are sleeping after all, so he knows where all good little girls are as well."

"Even if they are at the airport?"

"Well, he also knows where they are going to be, so you need not worry about him finding you."

The woman took her letter and put it in an envelope. She pointed over at the mailbox and Hermione headed over despite the fact she was in fact feeling a little dizzy. She slipped the letter in, but stood on the tiptoe looking in wondering when the magic would kick in. The idea of magic in fact awed her for some strange reason yet finding out about Santa made a soft emotional ache begin cropping forward. She continued standing there as her eyes began to droop.


Her mother's voice almost made the young girl topple over, but she turned to look at her rather distraught mother. "Don't wander off like that!"


Her mother took her hand and drug her away. They sat back down waiting for someone who continued not to come. The night sky was dark, but snow continued falling outside. Hermione frowned and yet wondered what would happen next. Her mother sat there for a short period of time. "Are you hungry?"

"I guess."

"This time stay here. I will go and get you something to eat while we wait for the bus. It is being delayed because of the storm."

Hermione would have nodded her head if it weren't for the fact this would have made her head hurt. She instead frowned as her mother headed away. The snow continued falling, yet she couldn't help but hope Christmas wouldn't be the awful experience she was expecting it to be. The other people didn't seem bothered by the child by themselves and seemed far more concerned with their own worries. Christmas cheer was lacking, making Hermione wonder if the few dozen of people she saw watching the doors would prevent Santa's magic from working due to lack of cheer.

Letting out a deep sigh she found herself closing her eyes. The airport continued making announcements over the intercom which in turn made Hermione's head throbbed. In the back of her mind she kept thinking about the concept of magic and that something was missing. Her mother came back and handed her food which obviously came from a vending machine. "Sorry Hermione. None of the airport stores are open. I'll make it up to you somehow, someday. I'll make all of this up to you."