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//You walk on by//

//Without feeling to your stroll//

//You walk alone//


//It's just another contradiction//

//You're not alone//

//There's a place//

//You've run away//

//That is in your heart//

After a week of being pampered like a king by Quatre, his sisters, and the occasional Wufei when he could beat them all away, at his and Trowa's home on L4, Duo was even better than he had been during the wars. The conversations between him and Wufei lasted hours every night while they lay together in bed.

//In your heart//

//Your love again//

//There's a place to be afraid//

//There's another chain to hold//

//And you don't know//

//You need it by your side//

//Just let him know//

Duo found out things about the Asian that shocked him, like who would have thought that he had only wanted to be a scholar and have nothing to do with the war? He had refused to pilot Shenlong for Master O until his wife had died. Wufei had laughed when he told Duo that Meilan used to call him the 'Boarding School Brat', even after they had gotten married, and would only answer to Nataku when a person spoke to her. The reason he was so critical of other women was because there were few who could compare to Meilan's strength, anyone who came close was to be given just as much respect as her. Wufei had told him how much it had hurt when OZ had destroyed his colony right in front of his very eyes, how it had felt like he had died with it and everyone on the colony. How he wished he could do more than just rebuild the colony and offer a home to the remaining clan members, but a person can't bring people back from the dead.

//Your hell is when you dream//

//And I'm awake//

//Look into your heart//

//Deep in your heart//

//In your heart//

//Your love again//

//There is none for//

//Love is not afraid//

//In your heart//

//Your love again//

He knew that all too well. Duo had talked to Wufei about Solo and Sister Helen, how they had died in his arms just like Meilan had to him. He didn't even know what his real name was or if he even had one. Solo had called him Duo and he kept it, just as he took on Father Maxwell's last name after the church was destroyed. That was why he was Shinigami, because everyone close to him died and it was all his fault. Wufei hadn't been too happy about that particular comment and firmly reassured him that it wasn't true.

One day at the end of the week, Duo came sneaking into the bedroom they shared after spending the morning on a secret 'mission' with Quatre, both arms draped in bags that immediately got shoved into the closet. He went out on the balcony where Wufei sat, submerged in a book.

"Hey, 'Fei, whatcha reading? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Or American Psycho?" he grinned, flopping down on the bench beside him and throwing his arms around his shoulders.

"Very funny," Wufei replied dryly, smiling as he shut the book and took off his glasses. "It's Shakespeare."

"Ah, so Hamlet and Macbeth."

"No, actually it's 'Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?'"

"I would have never pegged you the type for romantic poetry," Duo smirked.

"Learn new things everyday, now don't you?" Wufei smirked back. "So what have you and Quatre scheming about all morning?" "Us? Scheme?" he widened his violet eyes innocently. "Now whatever would make you think we were -scheming-?"

"The fact that you were up before I was and came sneaking back into the room a few minutes ago loaded down with shopping bags is a blatant giveaway," he deadpanned.

"I know my stealth skills are a bit rusty, but yeesh...all right, all right," Duo stuck his tongue out childishly. "We're all going out for a night on the town. You -do- remember that promise you made me, ne? Well Q and I went out this morning to get us some spiffy clothes and tonight you, me, Q-bean, Unibang, Hee-chan, and the Lady Relena, when she gets here later, are going to have a good time."

"Spiffy clothes?" Wufei raised an eyebrow. "Should I be afraid?"

"Maaaybe," he grinned mischievously and kissed him on the cheek before hopping up. "Now I'm gonna go take a shower and clean up. No peeking at the stuff!"

Wufei smiled as he watched his braided lover bounce back inside. "'Thy eternal summer shall not fade, nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st, nor shall Death brag thou wand'rest in his shade...So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.'"

"Oi! Are you gonna come join me, or not?"

He shook his head amusedly. "I'll be there in a minute!" He picked up his book and glasses and went in to join Duo.


"Duo! You -are- insane if you and Quatre believe I'll leave this house dressed like this!"

Wufei stood in the middle of the bedroom three hours later with his arms crossed and his chest puffed out indignantly. The outfit the two conspirators had chosen consisted of tight, form fitting black leather pants that was set off by a loose silver silk shirt and black boots.

"What kind of place are we going to that requires a this kind of dress code?" His irritation was quashed when Duo came out of the bathroom in similar attire and looking pretty damn good, the exception being that his shirt was a soft amethyst color. "I take that back, if I'm anywhere near as appealing as you are at the moment, then I think I'll survive."

"Oh, I do believe that you're competition enough," Duo purred, eliciting an adorable blush from the Chinese teen. "The only thing that would make it even were if you were to..." He pulled out his rubber band, letting his ebony locks flow around his shoulders, "...leave your hair down. It goes a lot better with the ethereal look than your tight ponytail."

"Ethereal, hm? Well, tonight is your night to celebrate, so whatever you want, you'll have," Wufei smiled and kissed him softly.

"I will definitely be getting my way when we get home," Duo said seductively. "Because as sexy as you look in those clothes, I just wanna say 'screw everyone else' and take them off."

The flush crept back into his cheeks. "Later, wo ai, later. Right now it's time to celebrate with 'everyone else', then we can have our own little party."

"I'm gonna hold you to it. Let's go find the others before I change my mind," Duo took Wufei by the hand and dragged him out into the corridor. In the foyer, the other two couples were already waiting. Upon their entering the room, Quatre and Relena whistled appreciatively.

"Who is this man and what have you done with Wufei, Duo?" the blonde Arabian teased.

"Honestly, you people are going to give me an inflated ego if you continue with this nonsense."

"That's still Wufei," Trowa smirked.

"So what's this place we're going to again?" Relena asked, taking Heero by the arm as they all went outside and got into a limousine.

"It's a really nice nightclub called the Elixir, and since it's one of Q- man and the Unibang's favorite places to go, it'll be awesome for sure," Duo replied cheerfully, looking quite comfortable as he leaned back into Wufei's warm embrace.

"I'm glad you have such faith in us," Quatre said amusedly.

"Hell, look at the number we did on 'Fei! If we can make -him- look drop dead gorgeous, then I'm willing to have faith in just about anything."

"Ah, I suppose I was only mediocre before, now I'm up to your standards," Wufei quipped.

"I don't know, you are pretty naïve when it comes to things like that," Heero joined in. "I had to practically beat you to get you to realize your feelings."

"I never noticed," he replied dryly.

Relena chuckled. "Come on, boys, play nice."

"Aw, but that takes all the fun out of it," Duo pouted.

"It's fine. I'm in too good of a mood to lower myself with childish bickering."

"I was wondering why he's in such high spirits," Trowa remarked suggestively.

The former Deathscythe pilot winked lecherously. "If you really wanna know..."


"Oh, would you look at that! We're here already!" Quatre cut in purposely, receiving a very grateful sigh from a beet-red Relena and Wufei as they came to a stop.

Inside the club was a large dance floor lined in moving sapphire lights, surrounded by matching tables and cushioned seats. The room was lit by blacklight, making any fluorescent color stand out considerably, and to enhance the effect further, strobes were set in each corner, giving the club a surreal feel to it.

Quatre and Trowa led them to a booth in one of the corners where it was more secluded and they didn't have to worry about anyone bothering them.

"I love this place," Quatre smiled. "You can leave your identity outside the door, come in here and relax."

//I knew how it felt to be another one in need//

//Of someone to show me the way//

//Until you saw a part of me//

//That nobody else could see//

//And my life hasn't been the same...//

Duo grabbed Wufei by the arm and pulled him up out of the seat. "Come on, dance with me 'Fei!"

His charcoal eyes went wide, "Uh- I don't think that's such a good idea, I don't even know how to dance-"

"Hey, if you can do all that crazy martial arts stuff, it'll be easy," Duo reassured.


"No buts!"

//You make me feel lucky as I can be...//

//You make me feel...//

He stopped in the middle of the dance floor and stood in front of his Chinese lover. "Here. First, you put your hands here-" Duo took his hands and placed them around his waist, "-and I put mine up here-" He wrapped his arms around Wufei's shoulders, holding him close. "See? I told you, it's easy. Now the only thing you've gotta worry about is stepping on people's feet."

When Duo smiled brilliantly at him as they danced, Wufei felt that same strange, new emotion flare up in his chest from the first time he had smiled that way at him. Butterflies replaced his insides and suddenly it seemed like nothing else mattered than to be where he belonged...with Duo.

//No more dark days//

//Only sun rays//

//No more hard ways//

//With you today//

//You make me feel lucky as I can be...//

//You make me feel...//

"Duo..." Wufei wrapped his arms tighter around his waist and captured Duo's lips with his own in a sweet, passionate kiss. "...I love you."

He searched deep in his obsidian gaze with expectation. "Do you really mean it?"

"From the depths of my soul, wo ai," Wufei brought up a hand to caress his face. "I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

Glowing, Duo's expression almost split in half with the largest grin imaginable as he launched himself at him and returned the intense kiss. "I love you, too Wufei."

//You make me feel...//

//You make me feel as lucky as I can be...//

//You make me feel...//

After that night, the voices never came back again.


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