Alright. So here's the gist. I been noticing more and more people checking the stories out. So if you want to see most if not all the stories they are on Ao3. Same pen name nickname or handle what ever people call it. I call it screen name lol.

Yes Phantom of the Thrones is on it and it's being re amped. Seeing I lost two chapters and my drive for it completely flat line I'm hoping once it's up I can commit myself to finish it and let people see how each story ties one another.

Changes of time is complete on Ao3 and working on the next book on it.

Why I'm I leaving Fan fiction ...well for a site that say unleash your imagination they have lots of rules that force author to reel back in fear of deletion and ban. Again this been going on for almost a decade on Fan Fiction will it stop nope. Just recently in Feb some stories disappeared and people are upset but also authors who took their time feel their work down the drain.

Seeing what is going on and if your ideas and pairings doesn't match to the majority. You are targeted or ousted has it happen to me I can't say personal yes and no but I been subjected to a few admin and mods in the past. Hence one of the many reasons I left the Naruto community seeing how Toxic it has become.

Besides the point that I'm getting at. I hope more authors and readers will continue to follow my work. Will I leave Fan fiction I have built a network of friends, authors and more on this site. Which I'm thankful for very thankful, Brown Phantom, Leaf Ranger, Vfsnake and Mr Royalc and more. I will always check my messages and always give a lending hand.

I always said our imagination is someone else story. Why not share it and I have done it. But it seems today some people don't want us to share our imagination and that's sad because I read great stories here.