Upon returning to find his company in shambles, Mr. McMuscles decides to remedy the situation by selling out super hard and announcing a bonus PPV called Kaijufest, an event where every competitor must dress as a giant monster or robot, and battle in a ring filled with miniature buildings.

Mr. McMuscles attends in the costume used in the original Godzilla movie. He is hardcore enough to remain competitive in the suit despite how hot and cumbersome it is. He's just that goddamn manly.

Pat's costume is a Gamera-like turtle so he can hide in his shell like a big coward.

El Woolio competes as a giant Jerry the Predator; an allegory for the large place his fallen friend holds in our hearts. Also because he wouldn't have to cut his dreads for this one.

Liam's costume is a mutant lima bean. When asked for an explanation, he gives a handsome smile that has much the same effect as the memory eraser from Men in Black.

Max needs no costume as he can merge with Benny to become Maximilian von Bennywulf.

Bunnyhop is forced to commentate in a full bunny mascot suit. He is reluctant, but thankful his costume isn't just blackface.

The event is a great success, but Mr. McMuscles blows all the revenue on Godzilla dolls, forcing him to come up with another get-rich-quick scheme to save the company.