This next chapter is going to be a different pace. I know I'm skipping the majority of their schoolwork, and I'm sorry for that. Please enjoy the next chapter.

Mina and Tsuyu walked out into the courtyard and saw Ochako and Katsuki sitting under a tree. Looking at each other, the two nodded before walking towards the two. Standing over the two, Tsuyu croaked and the two looked up, "What the hell are you two doing here?" Katsuki snapped and narrowed his eyes as sparks formed on his palms, "Well frog face, pink slut! What the hell do you two-"

"Katsuki," Ochako looked up and frowned, "Don't. It's not worth it,"

Katsuki groaned as Mina sighed and shook her head, "We want to know why you would do that to Midoriya." The two looked up as Mina crossed her arms, "Ochako, you and Midoriya seemed happy and-"

"Can't you two just ignore us like Deku is doing?" Ochako shook her head, "You even said that there was nothing for-"

"For you and Midoriya to talk about," Tsuyu croaked, "But we would like to know why you would do that to someone like him," Ochako sighed as her gaze fell, "Kero, Ochako? What-"

"It's…like I said, he never gave me a challenge, he was too timid during our relationship, but…I wanted to see a movie one weekend and he, of course, canceled at the last minute. I was upset, understandably, but I still went where I ran into Katsuki. He was going to ignore me when he saw how upset I was an-"

"Don't try lying, round face," the tree looked up at Katsuki and the hotheaded blond groaned and looked away, "I mean…yeah I wanted to ignore you, but I didn't want Deku to beat the hell out of me, not that he could,"

"Anyway," Tsuyu and Mina looked at Ochako as she continued to speak, "We went to see the movie and he even offered to walk me back to my room. We started to see each other in secrecy from that day and I found out that Katsuki isn't as mean as he tends to be. He's kinds an-"

"And you're saying that Midoriya wasn't," Mina arched a brow, "Midoriya is the nicest, most considerate guy in our class and you went behind his back and slept with his childhood friend…who does that? What warrants something like that?"

"Like I said, Deku was too timid and Katsuki gave me a challenge every now and then and…he was there when I heard that my parents were in an accident…they're fine, but-"

"Did Midoriya know about your parents?" the air grew still as Ochako looked away and Mina took a deep breath, "Midoriya isn't a mind reader. He wouldn't have known your parents were in an accident if you didn't-"

"He's not good when it comes to something like that," Ochako shook her head, "So I went to Katsuki and…well…one thing led to another and…I found out that-"

"That you'd rather cheat on your boyfriend then see if he couldn't offer any type of support, said your prayers before going to bed that night and this affair went from secret to half our class knowing," the four looked back and Ochako's eyes widened when they saw Izuku standing a few feet behind Mina and Tsuyu, "Well…it was fun, and knowing the reason is a load off my mind,"

"Deku-" Izuku ignored the usual hot-tempered teen as he turned and walked away without uttering another word. Mina and Tsuyu looked at each other before turning around and followed the One for All user in silence, leaving Katsuki to awkwardly comfort Ochako.

I had a different piece for the reasoning, but I'm thinking about scrapping and rewriting this bit, only because I think it could be written better…please enjoy.